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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fucking His Married Classmate Ch. 2

group DkGy 2017-12-10

As Big D walked into the bedroom, his eyes grew large when he saw his buddy lying in bed with Nita's naked, moaning body next to him, her hand wrapped tightly around my swollen dong, with thick, milky white cum dripping from between her well-developed, wide-spread and well-fucked legs as well as out of the corners of the woman's well-fucked mouth, writhing uncontrollably with a large vibrator pistoning in and out of her well-lubricated cunt. A groaning dark-haired, big-breasted black woman sitting on top of one stud's huge cock, her beautiful brown thighs spread wide, thrusting back and forth, while another rotated his swollen member in and out of her sucking mouth.

Psychology 201

group MsViolent 2017-12-10

You body ached to touch it, to feel its smooth hardness in your hand. All you want is the feeling of his hard cock in your hand. As it does, your date takes your other hand and moves it toward Joe. You don't stop him, you don't resist. Joe opens his eyes and looks toward you, then down at your hand pressed against his cock. Taking your free hand, he moves it back between his legs, closing your fingers around his hard cock once again. Your date opens his eyes and looks down at his soft cock and your cum filled hand. With his cock still in your hand, Joe looks across your body and smiles.

The adult theatre 2

group jason1000 2017-12-10

My astonishment came wehn suddenly i felt another hand on my laready over excited penis.I tunred to find a guy had sat himself next to me, his pants were down, his cock was out, hard and thick and with his left hand he was stroking away whilst his right hand was now helping me - well to say th least i got a surpirse, but one that i was pleased with, so as Pauline and Dianne continued their sexual orgy, i turned to allow my new friend easier access to my now leaking penis.

P.O.B. (Patent Orgasmic Babysitter)

group L.Fortune West 2017-12-10

He's got his face buried in Katie-Anne's little pussy... Dave's actually is looking motivated for a change, as he pumps his finger in and out of Katie-Anne's pussy. I open my eyes to have a look up and see if Katie-Anne likes having her pussy licked by a woman. I'm still licking Katie-Anne's little pussy, which is lovely and warm and getting juicier all the time. He's ejaculating into Katie-Anne's sweet little mouth and he's real pleased about it too. They're kissing and Katie-Anne is all embarrassed again but she's also obviously proud of getting my other half off in her mouth. I've come up for air and I want to give our little baby girl a long sweet kiss.

The Sitter Ch. 2

group stosh79_00 2017-12-10

I went in the room and the only one there was Tina she said that she had told the kids to get ready for bed, they were upstairs. She asked me if I wanted to sit on the couch with her, I said all right and sat down and we were watching the ten o clock news. Anyway Tina said I would like Scott (boyfriend) and Chris (brother). They were getting ready to leave, when Tina said hey boys you want to see Kelly's tits. Tina pulled Scott's pants and underwear down and started stroking his cock and kissing it. I said only if I can wash yours...then Tina's hands found there way back to my tits and she...

David the Cleaner

group thorbet 2017-12-10

He watched me wanking and asked where I was going to spurt and I told him into the hand basin then wash it away. He looked a bit surprised but took his hand away and let me just masturbate him then after a little while asked if I would like him to do the same to me. He told me he'd wanked off a couple of times thinking about what we had done before and also when he had been fucking his wife he had thought about it and had cum strongly. She pushed me away as she said she wanted to cum when we both did and she wouldn't be able to manage another one after that, so David suggested we went to the toilet.

My Wife's Cousin Ch. 03

group off2bed 2017-12-10

I turned to switch on my reading lamp, and kissed Jennifer, my wife's eighteen year old cousin. Angie kept her fingers working on Jennifer's pussy as we each kissed her cheek. My wife quietly went out the front door, and when her car had pulled out of the driveway, I turned toward Jennifer and just watched her sleeping. I had no idea if Angie had come into the house or not, but I pulled my cock out of Jennifer gently and moved to her side. Angie flushed, washed her hands, and poked her head into the bedroom, blowing Jennifer a kiss. Jennifer was sitting in a spot where I could see between her legs while Angie couldn't, and I saw my cum all over her thigh, dripping onto her robe and darkening it.

White Spruce

group _SoS_ 2017-12-10

The smell of the white spruce candle drifts to the couch. The hot things bound up in the trust that comes from love and letting go in to the other person, She realizes this, because her attention paused the day dreams due to the fabric being pulled has her nipples feel the soft, soft fabric of her shirt against them. A cute girl, balancing precariously on her knees as she laps long slow strokes between the bound thighs. There's a pause as he pulls back, an eye brow cocks again and a knowing look as he's smelt her, even under the candle's scent. Idly, she ponders telling him that she doesn't love the white spruce candles. The curiosity of what new things he has dreamed up does not hurt too much either.

Hawaiian Birthday Party

group bill4672 2017-12-10

The night of his birthday, Gail sent Mike, Brian, and Jimmy on ahead to the beach, where they were to build a fire to fend off the slight chill of the night air. Mike smiled when he saw her, and she could feel how much he wanted her, but she moved toward Brian and Jimmy while Janet and Karen danced in front of her husband. He was already naked, his hard cock sliding between Karen's tits, his head under Janet's skirt, she could only imagine, licking Janet the way Jimmy was licking her. The thought of those men, strangers, watching them fuck, made Gail come hard, and her clenching pussy brought Jimmy to a noisy climax as well.


The Party

group Many Feathers 2017-12-10

Even as we sat sipping our drinks, watching Jill as she happily peeled off her blouse, now sitting there in just her bra, was the fact that Jack, rugged and quite manly looking as he obviously did, and was...could be in any way shape or By now, Jill had moved back over in order to watch us a bit more closely, and upon seeing the overflow, as Kate now sat back, grinning, though blushing a little, it was a nice, unexpected surprise when Jill leaned over and with her tongue, slurped up the few droplets off my wife's tits that had spilled.


Nurse Carrie

group Carrienurse 2017-12-10

When she finally did get her top back on Lisa's boyfriend and his friends had decided that guy's night was going to be spent there. As the two guys began to near climax Carrie said she wanted them both to cum on her tits. He was enjoying this and as he neared climax Lisa stopped and asked if Carrie wanted to feel his amazing cock in her. Carrie still craving cock enthusiastically said yes and took his whole 10 inches easily (especially after being fucked by the big dick earlier). Lisa watched as her boyfriend came inside and once he pulled out she quickly ate the creampie and told Carrie that she needs to have more pool parties.

Threesome Curiosities

group gratifyher 2017-12-10

She began to open the slit of her dress up the left leg a little too high… far enough for me to notice her G-string, took hold of my hand and pulled it under. Kristine leaned forward and licked this all up, then kissed him to seek out any excess cum still in his mouth. This slow, painstakingly teasing fuck went on for twenty minutes, while Scott watched from the other end. Scott moved forward to feed on his wife's unattended left breast and help grope the right one while they kissed. He stood up out of the water, his 8" of erect cock dripping on Kristine's right shoulder, as she licked his balls moving up the shaft.

Blown Glass Pt. 02

group MMuradUmar 2017-12-10

Again I went down on my hands and knees, but this time, I felt like an animal, sopping up scraps left for me on the ground. Next she looked at me and then at Murad's sticky hard dick and simply said, "Clean it off." I got down on my knees and sucked her fluids off of his manhood. "I see how much you like sucking dick," she said as she reached over and touched my hard cock. "Cum for me, boy," he said softly into my ear and instantly grabbed both of my nipples with his hands and pressed his still engorged cock against my naked ass.



group T KINGDOM 2017-12-10

Or, was it just how he said, big, clean, beautiful décor, sweet women everwhere, and a great place to learn about sex? Without any warning said to me, "Jerry, follow me." She took me to room that I never saw before, with a huge bed, it looked to be bigger than any king sized bed I ever saw. We quickly got dressed, and headed out to the main room, to have a drink, and calm down before the plane touched down. To the left of Easi a huge, very expensive looking 18 hole golf course. They looked so long and smooth I could of fucked her right then and there, no questions asked.


My Playmate Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-10

Anna intently studied me for the next several minutes as her right hand pumped up and down, experimenting by trial and error to determine the proper force and speed to apply, using my audible moans as indicators. Anna pulled back and started jacking my shaft with her right hand while the head was just barely inside of her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip. Anna cooed at me when she felt the head first nudging her wet lips to the side, and then she was holding her breath as the first inch burrowed its way forward. Then, when Anna wrapped her legs behind me and started tugging me into her, I knew that she was feeling the joy of her first act of making love.


GB Club Ch. 04

group Merlin_6 2017-12-10

“Now that we are all completely horny I need to ask you a question?” Irene states, “How do you feel about eating the cum like the guests did?” “Cory, that means you need to eat cum out of my pussy!” Joan warns Cory. “Oh yes, I like to tease a lot!” Joan whispers as she runs her right hand over her breast before it descends down to her pussy. I know I’d like at least nine to ten fucks tonight!” Julie informs Cory. I figured I’d have to eat the cum out of Joan but” Cory pauses slightly before finishing her thought, “I thought if I was having sex I’d get so excited I would like it and make the guys want to invite me.”


Brazil Resort

group bufffreak 2017-12-10

She rolled onto her back and I moved in between her legs and began licking around her pretty pussy AS I fucked Yasmine, Rosanne moved into view and played with herself. I spent the rest of the day fucking these girls, playing in the water and showering. Mario seemed to be cleaning me very well as I looked at the two girls frolicking in the beach. I’m looking at two beautiful naked girls and getting stroked. Soon Mario was sucking me and stroking me as the girls played. Mario moved in behind me and I could feel his little dick against my ass Yasmine turned up the music and she and Rosanne cheered on Mario

The Sweet Taste Of Deep Desire

group milli214 2017-12-10

A few minutes later, we were all in a position where I was on my hands and knees and Murry was behind me also naked, licking my wet pussy and Josiah stood in front of my naked, with his cock in front of my mouth and I grinned, pushing my head forward and his cock bursted into my mouth and I brought a hand to stroke it and rub it. "Idea." I said and I could hear Josiah chuckle and I stood up, motioning for Murry to sit down and he did as I sat ontop of him, my tits in front of his face and I went onto my knees on his lap, his cock positioned below my pussy and I motioned for Josiah to kneel behind me and I licked my finger and quickly fucked my ass as I grabbed Josiah's cock and put it against my ass.


group DJ LaSexy 2017-12-10

Since she would have to go with Sara into the ladies portion of the bath area, Alexis called over the black guy, whose name was Darrel to help Evan out with this part of the tour. On the other side of the tub Sara saw a mirror image of the steam baths she had just walked through, only it was filled with wet, naked male bodies instead of women. As Evan felt the muscle man’s tongue slide over the head of his cock, he watched as the three girls moved together for a very wet three-way tongue kiss. The man sucking his cock stood up and told Evan that he wanted to be fucked in the ass too.

The Visitor

group rydia57 2017-12-10

"No, I said my eyes closed...I looked down and massaged the hair on his chest...just one other." I sat on the side of the bed and began to pinch my nipples thru the gown. When I came to you guys that day and told you about the story I was writing, he did like the rest of you and put in his two cents, then he added...there's gonna be sex, right?" Shayne had no idea I had already thought about that.... Then you and Shayne pulled my gown up and he started sucking on my nipples so hard I was delirious. Then you came in and shook hands with him and said "Come by anytime." Shayne hugged me and I felt that stubble massaging my face...(sigh) and he left."

My dirty threesome

group Pattybridges1915 2017-12-10

You're getting hard already?" She said as she starts to lick his dick. "We're going to get you nice and hard, so I can fuck you infront of your girlfriend." She turns to me and says, "you slut" and starts to make out with me. "OhOh mmm" *as I bite my bottom lip* "nice and deep baby, just how I like it." I start to grind on his dick as he plays with his girlfriends pussy. "Fuck Hun, you're so wet" I lick her till she starts to squirm and grab at the sheets. Hun touch your dick again" she puts in deep and I scream "FUCK" and she pounds my little pussy. I lick her ass and get ready to start fucking her.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 54

group SteveWallace 2017-12-10

I began the fingering as KC and Sandy worked on Janet's tits, sucking and loving the taut, sensitive breasts as she moaned in acceptance and pleasure. In tears of joy, she told Sandy that she MUST have The Experience, and then asked me to fuck the daylights out of her because she loved me so and wanted my sperm deep inside her to carry forever. Before we left the living room, I had Janet and Sandy eat out the cum that Melanie and KC had left in them from the men they'd been with earlier. A couple of hours later, Janet, Troy, Dan, and Sandy went out for brunch and a tour of the city for part of the afternoon.


Nude Beach Introductions

group Newstarter50 2017-12-10

Finding his way to a flat area of rock some thirty feet away from the Bull and his partner, John proceeded to set about laying out his space for what he hoped would be a good afternoon of sunbathing au naturel, perhaps with a swim or two in the Adriatic later to cool off. John was slightly short sighted and didn't have his glasses on, but from what he could make out, it looked as if the Bull had his hand between her legs, probably just rubbing in sun cream, thought John. A moment later as John looked on, the Bull pulled out of her mouth and directed her to a rocky wall less than three yards from where John lay stroking his cock, now in full view of the Bull and his willing partner.

Space Station XXX

group shyguy70 2017-12-10

If any spunk or pussy juice was to reach the air intakes then everyone in the Zero-Bay would get some thanks to the re-circulating pumps. I tell Kenny and he shoves me in one more time and holds me there while I cum deep in her snatch, this sends Sandy over the edge once more and, at the sound of our double orgasm, Kenny’s cock starts to twitch and pump his load straight into the vacuum tube. This breaks free and is fortunately launched in the direction of Sandy and Kenny who have been watching my antics and the path of those lonely drops of my cock-juice that Sandy pumped from me earlier.