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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Playing the Game

group FamiliarEnough 2017-12-10

Ryan looked up, "Ben, ask me a truth question." "He so doesn't like to lose," Karly said as Drew took off toward the kitchen, around the dining room, toward the bedrooms and back to the living room. Karly reached forward and picked a card out of the dare box and handed it to Drew. Drew picked up a dare card and handed it to Ben to read. "He usually provides pretty clear direction," Karly answered smiling as Ryan placed his hands over Drew's butt cheeks and began to squeeze and massage them. She handed Drew the card and pulled her lacy shirt down along with the cups of her bra exposing her supple breasts to the room. Ben reached forward and chose a dare card and handed it to Karly.


A Friend's Girlfriend Gets Frisky

group MikeyDred61 2017-12-10

She was moaning underneath me and we were fucking at a fast pace....when suddenly the door from the kitchen opened up and my friend Mark stood there looking very surprised. Before long we had migrated to the bed and we all began feverishly removing our clothes.I started kissing Carleen on the lips while Mark worked his way down, kissing her breasts, stomach, thighs, and finally he was between her legs licking her pussy with a passion. " are making me cum...." , she moaned as she took one hand and grabbed Mark's head and pulled his head tight against her pussy. I alternated licking Carleen's pussy and sucking on Mark's cock. "Oh god Mark fuck me", Careen moaned and Mark replied with "I'm going to fill your pussy up with my hot cum."

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 05

group bustyalix 2017-12-09

Coach Blue was like a dog, panting and tongue hanging out as he pressed his face into the window of Paula's SUV. He hadn't even turned his head to face Paula when he spoke, but he was almost breaking his neck trying to look at every big breasted woman that passed; especially those wearing tight jeans, booty shorts, or short skirts. Inside the store Paula was busy gathering ingredients for tonight's dinner, Coach Blue seemed to be being dragged wherever the tent in his pants was pointing. Coach Blue was sitting alone in the kitchen, thinking about whose tits were bigger -- Nina's or her mom's -- when Paula walked in. Paula wrapped her arms around Natalie's waist and stepped close to her, their bras touched and Coach Blue's dick became instantly hard.



group SINderella65 2017-12-09

I feel your now hard cock at my pussy...I raise my hips letting you slide inside my still dripping wet hot pussy...she squirms from under me and we both get on all fours in front of you with our asses to you....our pussy's and asses are completely yours for the taking...I feel your cock enter me again but you quickly leave me only to hear her moan softly and I know she is feeling what I just have...I feel your cock slide back into me deeply and now your moans are covering begin fucking us both deeply and your cock is even harder then I feel your cock enter me I push back against you letting you in as deep as you can go...


Our First Anniversary

group WayneGibbous 2017-12-09

As I held Renee's legs high, I inserted the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and began taking little 'mini-strokes' in and out of her, just moving only an inch or two, it's a favorite of Robin's, she loved these strokes along the most sensitive part of her pussy so I decided to try it out on Renee. I got up and knelt between Renee's legs and put my cock up to her pussy as she lifted up off my wife for long enough to say, "Oh, yes, Dave, fuck me, honey, happy anniversary," and went right beck to sucking my wife's pussy.

The PhD Student

group AlexRed 2017-12-09

Ryan's hand was now pushing hard against the back of her head, forcing her to accept more and more of his massive bulging cock, even while his other hand reached down to grip and squeeze her other tit, groping hungrily at the chubby mass with his fingers. Alex sitting behind Nora, fingering her clit and pussy while massaging one chunky tit, and Ryan looming over her from the front, his hand gripping the back of her head while he fucked her chubby mouth. She felt her naked, flabby ass being fully exposed to the open air for the first time and then moaned in spite of herself at the feeling and sound of a big, heavy hand landing down on it hard, smacking her bare cheeks.


Molly and Jess

group RandyCross 2017-12-09

Whichever way I look at it, I've had a pretty dull night apart from seeing Molly, so I go home, make a cup of tea and my bed beckons. Molly jolts in surprise, and looks over her shoulder, smiling as she sees Jess standing there, transfixed. I can't see what Molly is doing, but my cock is still enveloped in wetness, Jess is working herself into a frenzy and I'm starting to think it's not going to take long before I explode into Molly's mouth. Molly takes up a position beside her friend and squeezes and caresses her boobs, more and more aggressively as Jess starts to head towards a second orgasm. Molly leans across Jess and offers her boobs to her friend, who instinctively takes the nipple into her mouth and starts to suckle and play.



group cactusjack0584 2017-12-09

Nicky got up and walked over to Denise and whispered, "I'm a hands-on adjuster, is that okay?" Denise nodded and Nicky moved her legs into the proper place and continued the class. Nicky retook her place and said, "Okay class this is a form a relaxation I learned when I was in California last month." I looked at her questioningly as she continued, "Now class, this is your decision but I urge you to at least try." She paused, "We are going to do our final few poses naked." Without missing a beat she reached to her waist and took off her shirt in one sweeping motion.


Emily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 01

group ErosBard 2017-12-09

All of them eyed me with savage, animal lust, especially the camera guy, who panned slowly from my feet to my face, taking time to linger on my breasts, one of which was completely covered by Steve's hand as he held me from behind. The smell of it just inches from my nose made me even hornier as the next guy in line picked up my legs and placed them on his shoulders, fucking me violently until he pulled his condom off of his cock and dumped his delicious seed into the pool in my waiting, eager mouth. Each guy took his turn fucking my sloppy pussy and when they were done, each man poured his load into my mouth, which had a hard time holding it all.

Best Girl Friends Ch. 02

group redjules 2017-12-09

Luis exited to find the table and while they waited for him to return Jack said "I don't think you have been punished enough yet, and my hand is sore." Looking at her hot flushed face and bright green dilated pupils, so sexy when she was turned on he kissed her hard on her plump swollen lips before adding, " I think you need a little more discipline!" "Remove your belt Luis," ordered Jack, before adding "you may remove your clothes too if you wish." He had decided that Suzy needed (and probably wanted) something a little more severe to bring her under his control, and he was going to enjoy watching the young man administer it to the naughty vixen.


Ally Ch. 06

group BadJ 2017-12-09

Krystal had moved onto Derek's lap and he was licking into her open mouth with loud wet noises. Derek copied Dre and tried to see how much of Krystal's mammoth tit he could engulf. It was a beautiful sight, her on the couch shorts opened, large wet cunt glistening, his black mouth eating a white tit. Dre observed Derek's nipple stretching routine and decided to see how Ally would react. Dre wanted to get on Ally's good side so he released her tortured tit and knelt between her legs on the floor. Ally's ass was gaping a little, but Dre wanted her more relaxed. Lance said, "Mouth, ass or cunt?" Ally refused to answer. Ally was being double penetrated by Greg (ass) and Todd (pussy).

Bi Experience

group 2017-12-09

Well John started by getting down on my cunt while Mark fed me his cock while my head hung over the bed upside down. As John ate my pussy Mark stood still as I sucked on the head of his cock and he stroked it. They were happy to oblige and I watched as they sucked one another's cocks and balls, fuck each other in the ass and in the end jerk off in each other's mouth. Then they switched places but I got a surprise when John without warning pushed his swollen cock right into my asshole. Then John pushed his cock into my pussy and Mark pushed his into my asshole.

Swinging Lifestyle Initiation Ch. 04

group Sweetcheekss 2017-12-09

Mike spotted Rick and Sheila coming from one of the downstairs bedrooms. When I came back to the livingroom, Rick and Sheila were sitting across from Mike. Sheila stopped kissing Rick and moved her lips down to his chest. Rick’s eyes watched her slowly moving her head towards his stiff cock. She moved her mouth slowly up and down his cock, her lips making little slurping sounds. Rick and Sheila were still kissing; Rick’s cock was relaxed. Rick hated the malls, all that walking and carrying shopping bags wasn’t his idea of a good time. Sheila made the remark that Mike probably came up with the ballgame idea just to get out of going shopping with us.


The Local Ch. 02

group Spikile 2017-12-09

I’m Claire- this is Lisa- Micci described you perfectly-” Lisa was tall and slim, with her dark hair pinned away from her face, and a pair of frameless glasses accentuated her pale blue eyes. Neil watched them huddle round Claire, and turned to Lisa as he felt the pressure of her eyes on him. As they finished their espressos silently, their eyes locked on each other, and Neil’s thoughts fastened on Lisa, she spoke softly: “Why don’t we go home and watch DVD’s with Claire?” Neil and the two women watched with rapt attention, and Lisa massaged his full balls as Claire rubbed him slowly with her fingers, exploring the size of his cock...


Sara's Friend Ch. 4

group Hea_2_sta 2017-12-09

Giving one soft lingering kiss on the base of her neck Keith looked up again in Sara's eyes, reached up and slowly pushed the door over her head open. Slowly starting to move his hand again on Sara's pussy, he watched Michelle as she reached for the dress, pulling it up, and sliding it over her head. He slowly smiled again looking over Michelle's naked body as his hand worked on Sara's Pussy. Michelle looked at her friend Sara seeing her lost in sexual pleasure as Keith's fingers played with her pussy. She slowly started to stroke it up and down as Keith groaned, loving the feel of Michelle's soft warm hand tightening over his cock.


The Difference

group Ashson 2017-12-09

"Oh, yes." Harry remembered his uncle prosing on about good works and a chance to help those less fortunate and to shut him up he'd told Mrs. Swinton to take on two of the girls. Making one last attempt at being a gentleman, Harry told the girls that if they preferred, he could insist that Mrs. Swinton explain the subject to them. With Ellen fully nailed at last, Harry paused and thought about continuing his lecture but quickly saw that the pair of girls were too busy concentrating on new feelings to listen to him. "The only way for you to know would be to try with a different man, but as Lord Harry said, you should keep this sort of activity until you are married.

First Time for Santa

group ronniefletcher 2017-12-09

I told him i had an major horn thinking about what they are up to and that i was getting in to join them, he just smiled ,said i was mad but to work away.I bounded back up and slowly turned the handle of the door to be confronted by a truly amazing sight my wife and Anna were kissing the face off each other and Anna had her hand down Jill's fishnet's rubbing her fanny ,at this stage i didn't know what to do other than stand there and pull out my cock.

A Cumming of Age Nude Wedding

group sirhugs 2017-12-09

If Constance was in a playful mood, she might retort that maybe Patience would truly rather Constance elect to fly the Sapphic flag, saying "I think what you really want is a hottie like Sarah Milton to lick your clit. Afterwards, alone in her room that night, Constance sometimes wondered if she was excited more by the thought of tasting Peter's semen, or of sticking her tongue deep inside her sister, trailing carefully through all her folds, extracting each morsel, and ensuring that at the end, Patience got a further deeper orgasm by Constance nibbling at her clit in the secret way she knew her sister liked best. Despite Patience's resolve to spurn Constance's lust, in this moment before the wedding, the sisters shared a kiss which was all consuming and passionate.


Lynn Shell Tells All

group adultflame 2017-12-09

You know my s****r and I are not your average girls. I Love the feeling when a man takes his hard cock and rams it up my cant. Last night I had sex with one man who fucked me like that and every time he rammed it inside me my feet dangle and I could feels his cock throbbing inside me. I love to dress sexy and have a man rip my clothes of me and f***e me to suck his cock until he blows his load and I swallow every drop. Many people may look down on Amber and me because we love to share our bodies with both men and women but I feel so good after sex and so satisfied.

Becoming the Snow Princess Ch. 02

group Kusanagi 2017-12-09

In fact, that's where I learned how to screw." Shoji was smiling (no question about what he was thinking), but Reiko looked a little stunned. I felt Shoji's hand moving across my ass, but I continued working on Reiko. I was trying to decide whether to shallow his cum-wad or spit it out, then Reiko was there with the camcorder, doing a close-up of my face, so I smiled, let about half of Shoji's cum dribble out of my mouth and onto my chest; then I swallowed the rest. "How can I do this shit seriously," I said, "with a naked cameraman standing there saying 'let's do it.'" Shoji looked down at himself, and both he and Reiko started laughing.


Sofa So Good Ch. 01

group Lei Feng 2017-12-09

My left hand was grasping tight to an erect cock, swollen head glistening in excitement, belonging to unzipped Simon, sitting on my left. The film just starting was the traditional one, of the high-powered business woman who really was a sexual superstar underneath her staid exterior, and as she first harangued the pool boy, and then let him undo her blouse, and pull her big breasts out of the red frilly bra, there was a zing of connection within my body, and I reached to stroke my erect right nipple through my bra and blouse.

My Initiation Pt. 04

group Brit1986 2017-12-09

The slap caused me to wince, but Andrea flung her head back in joy and mumbled in German as Brad plunged his tongue back into her ass hole ringed by small coils of dark hair. Andrea was forced to step backwards; I held onto the sofa for my life, secretly casting my eyes to the enormous tombs of art literature on the coffee table to remove my mind from the impossibly sensitive head of my own cock: I needed to keep my orgasm at bay. Nothing delicate now, I started pounding her pussy hard, switching my attention between her face and Brad's continuing assault on Andrea's stretching ass hole. Andrea was already licking her ass off Brad's cock, running her tongue across it like an ice cream cone.


A Miracle

group extreme_hetro_sex 2017-12-09

Suddenly Elena put her hand in her purse and gave me a red colored card and said, "If you want to do something about your current sexual drought, you can come at this address next Saturday." Lisa came close from behind and whispered in my ear,"She like it rough." I heard that and grabbed Rose's breasts. I rammed my dick into Rose's pussy, she gasped for air and screamed,"DO ME, FUCK ME HARD." I put my hand on her breast and started ramming my cock in and out of her pussy. Rose grabbed Lisa's face and kissed her hard and said," Now it's your turn, come for us."


Mary's fantasy part 2

group nigel52 2017-12-09

I had the perfect view of my slut wife being fucked as I held her ass cheeks wide so that John could bury his dick to the base in her cunt. John was now really pounding my whore wife, with a grunt he pushed up on tip toe and buried his prick deep into her cunt, I could see his balls moving as he came into Mary, she slumped forward I almost thought she had passed out until a low moan came from her lips. Holding his hand high in the hair he called to the group, “She’s fucking minging!” Two lads pushed her to the wall and lifted her dress, meekly Mary stone face, spread her legs as they exposed her cunt, and began to take photos with their mobiles.