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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Reunion Party Hostess

group chrissieCD 2017-12-09

"OK let's back up a little." Kelly said "If you are trying to pick us up to fulfill your three-way fantasy I got a newsflash for you." Warren gave her a quick peck on the lips and said "Linda, I want you to met my new lady Warren then said "Chrissie has graciously agreed to assist me in my fantasy of fucking a shemale and Kelly has decided "I assure you have nothing to worry about ." he said as his right hand slipped down to carefully hike up my skirt a little in order Linda's hands began to move slowly and lovingly up Kellys' legs. around cupping Kellys' butt cheeks in her hands as she buried her face in her cleanly shaven pussy.

Purple Room

group readcarefully 2017-12-09

"Very nice to finally meet you, Carlos," Shannon said as she shook his hand softly. My panties were getting moist as I listened to Carlos speak while I watched Shannon and her husband greet people around the room. For what felt like 5 minutes we stared into each other's eyes thinking about how he was going to fuck me from behind as soon as possible. Usually at home I'd have emptied a container of lube to fuck Carlos this steady, but staring at Shannon gave me all of the lubrication I needed. Oh shit, I'm Erica and Erica is holding this man's dick by his wife's lips while my husband stares from beneath my boss' dress.

Halloween With Sinnndy

group sinnndy 2017-12-09

Billy and I started mingling with the guests, I ran over and gave Jodi a big kiss hello, she was dressed as a schoolgirl, her hair in pigtails, short plaid skirt, white shirt, she looked sexy. I knew I had to get this over a bit quicker than I really wanted, so I started pumping his cock firmly with one hand and sucked as much of his head that I could fit into my mouth. He went limp for a while, but I started talking dirty to him telling him how much I need his big cock and how badly I wanted his cream shot up high inside of my pussy.


Answering a Random Post

group oldhippie1949 2017-12-09

Didi and Ken sent me a nice letter telling me how much they liked my stories and my pictures. As we walked I learned that they had owned three boats in fifteen years, that he and Didi were able sea people and that they handled the boat together but sometimes, on long trips or with large parties, they brought on crew. While Ken started her up, Didi refilled our drinks from the bar located just behind the controls. I felt another hand join me and I looked up to see Didi slid next to us and joined our kiss. Sheila rolled off me and I saw that Didi was riding Ken's cock.

Michele's Mistake - 7

group THIRDCOAST 2017-12-09

Master Marcos, the owner of the club, takes a wooden paddle and whacks a service sub on her ass. Basically, it’s just like the c***d’s game where you move when the caller yells out “green light” and you stop when you hear “red light.” If you’re caught moving during a red light, you have to go back to the starting line. Terri and ann felt like this was the time to make our break for the punishment table. While Master Marcos was exploring between my thighs, Daddy was rubbing my breasts and teasing my nipples. Master Marcos is again striping my back and ass, while Daddy is hitting my breasts. When Master Marcos reaches down to cup my hanging breast, I start moaning around his cock.

Cheating Together - Part 2

group Sugardaddy6969 2017-12-09

Ken walked with Becky to the elevator and when the doors closed he said; "suck my cock!" Probably married to some guy like your husband but she is doing a nice big black cock now." Ken said as pulled Becky closer. Ken sat back in a chair and slowly stroked his cock as Becky began to blow the young man. "I think our neighbors are fucking again!" Becky said with a giggle as Ken pounded her pussy. Ken picked up the phone and noticed that Jenny had sent him several “selfie” photos of her and Jim nude including one of her sucking his black cock with obvious cum seeping from her mouth.

And a Stripper Makes Three

group MissyGinCT 2017-12-09

My lover slides his hands up my thighs and pulls gently at my nether lips until he finds my throbbing clit. Almost instinctively she knows we are heading to the point of no return and she doesn't wan this ride to end any more than we do, so she withdraws her finger from inside my cunt, then brings it to her lips and licks my lover and my juices off of it. Suddenly I feel my lovers hands on my breasts, teasing my nipples, pinching and rolling them in his fingers. The stripper sucks my clit into her lips and slides her finger back inside my cunt sending me into a writhing spasm.

Revenge of the Cuckold

group magas911 2017-12-09

On Tuesday I had been told to be home on Friday night as Mr. Big Dick was coming over and he wanted me to suck him before he fucked my wife again. As Mr. Big Dick got out of his car I said, "Comstock Street," and hung up. I told her that I wanted her to go shopping and buy some sexy stuff to wear next time he came over to fuck her. A few seconds later she came to and said, "Oh God Honey, That's so big it hurts all the time." As we walked away from the picnic table Martha said, "Am I going to walk all the way back to the car naked like this?"

Notorious Ch. 07

group BondiLisa 2017-12-09

I kept smiled and looked him in the eyes as I took his cock in my mouth and slid all the way down the shaft until my face was pressed against him. Again I followed his instructions and began to bob my head up and down on his cock, gliding my lips and tongue along the length of his cock, faster and faster with every thrust, until I was rapidly slipping my mouth up and down his shaft as he let out soft moans with each movement of my head. "And Tony was telling us how he got the life sucked out of him, and we were wondering when you were going to give us our presents," Chris said. After Chris had finished cumming, I swallowed his load and began to gently lick and suck the head of his cock.


The Interview Part III (The End)

group 2017-12-09

"Ever had a nice big black cock in your pussy Jessica?" I didn’t answer him, I just moaned as Dave fucked me and Sam bent down underneath me and began to play with my tits; fondling them and sucking on them. "No you hot slut, you would have made me cum in your mouth and as much as I want to see you swallowing more of my cum, I don’t want to deny you of having your first big black cock in your nice pussy." He looked up at Dave. "Hey guys you want to hold on to her since she had never had a cock like mine interview her I may push her off the desk." Sam and Dave smirked, moved around the other side of the desk and placed there hands on my shoulders.

Slutty Day at the Office

group MrPovey 2017-12-09

She pressed forward a little raising herself to meet Paul's fingers and as she did Lee took the opportunity to quickly unzip his fly and, after a moments struggle, freed his hard cock. He lowered her onto his cock, sliding straight in, deep, and she moaned loudly as he moved his hands to her hips, pulling her hard down each time she raised herself. Each time she lifted off Lee's cock her tits bounced in the Lacy material until they had worked free and Paul took a hard hold of both nipples between his finger and thumb, and squeezed. He pulled the knicker material aside, wet and sticky with Lee' cum till her reddened puffy pussy lips glistened in front of him and with no more finesse he plunged into her hard and deep making her call out.

A Surprise Massage Ch. 02

group Maverickusn 2017-12-09

We each helped her, making sure that she stayed in the center of the table and when she lay back, she looked at each of us with the most incredible smile, reached her hands out and squeezed our very hard cocks. She asked me to oil her hands please and when I did she immediately reached for our cocks again and began to stroke both of us as we continued to massage her tits and clit. She motioned for Jeff to come closer and she took his cock in her hand again and began to stroke him and rub the precum that was flowing all over his thick head.

Eight Marines in a Hot Orgy

group BuckJones0001 2017-12-09

Even though Jake knows that Kansas will turn out to be the party dick, Snake is unaware just how big Kansas gets when someone starts working on his ass. Soon, the clothes are on the shelf, and Jake is taking H's soft, recumbent dick into his mouth and begins playing with it, feeling it slowly gain more of life's eternal liquid, bloating out into a young hard Marine cock, enjoying the attention it is receiving. Kansas sits down; Sarge falls to his knees and continuing with the relaxed pace of the evening slowly begins sucking Kansas as Antoine stands on the edge of the bed. The five guys have now encircled the trio of the muscular Sarge sucking the party dick, Kansas, who, in turn, is sucking on Antoine.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers

group SteveWallace 2017-12-09

For those of you unfamiliar with the baseball analogy in dating, that meant that we started to pet in a way that stimulated some of the sexual parts of our bodies, more specifically Sheila's (and the next night, Fran's) breasts and my crotch, although everything was perpetrated outside of our clothing. I reluctantly gave up an entire evening of eating Fran's pussy (and to hopefully make it to home plate) to accept her invitation to drive out to the suburbs and meet her family - her mother, father, and two sisters. I picked up Fran in front of her apartment at six that Saturday evening and we started the forty-minute drive out to the town of Dillon to her family's home.


The Job Interview

group oldeman 2017-12-09

"Let's go into the office and get started," said Vickie as she took Erica by the hand and led her to the office. Frank took the chair, and Vickie sat on the edge of the desk facing him. While Vickie was climbing on the desk, Frank had removed his pants and boxers to make Erica's "job" a little easier. When Erica saw Vickie's heels contact the arms of Frank's chair, she pictured that perfect pussy at just the right height and saw the wisdom of the office furniture. Erica shook as her hand worked its magic, Frank shot an amazing load of cum into her mouth, and Vickie almost left the desk when she exploded.

Memories of a Holiday Slut Ch. 07

group SimonSays1 2017-12-09

He fucked my mouth with his tongue, his hands on my ass as he held me to him, his eyes never leaving the sight of Tom's cock moving in and out of Lucy's hot body, of her pussy slips clinging to him. Matt reached under her and rubbed her clit as they fucked her, as Tom reached for her breasts and nipples, as we fucked and sucked and kissed and licked, as two cocks drove into Lucy. Lucy smiled at me, kissed me softly, and then went off to join Tom. Matt moved behind me as I lay on my side, his hard cock pressing against my ass, and then between my thighs and into my waiting pussy.


1st Swing

group stevesthe1 2017-12-09

Debbie is blond with a fantastic arse and great tits showing through a tight shirt, and Julie has been flashing enthusiastic looks at the impressive bulge in Rods pants. As Julie knelt in front of this new man, I moved behind her and suddenly pushed my huge cock hard and deep into her cunt which was wetter than I'd ever known. Each time I thrust harshly into her, Julie was pushed forward and had to swallow still more of Rods stiff cock. Julie rocked as two hard cocks burst powerfully into her at the same time, mine pushing deeper than ever into her vagina as Debbie milked my dick perfectly and Rods filling her face with hot cum.


group DeepValley 2017-12-09

And Shirley husband George had freed his erected penis from his trousers and placed it in my wife's mouth, who obviously hungry, sucked it under quit horny sounds of pleasure. "Probably she has another hungry mouth," George stated and gave Shirley's hand, which was busy between Sam's tights, a salacious look. Again I saw Sam with Shirley and George enjoying themselves on a sunlounger. And Shirley told me real nasty things, like how good the gardener had stretched her pussy and that she need my really badly to continue. "I can imagine that," I murmured, very well aware of how horny it made me, to know how much my wife had enjoyed George's dick in her mouth and pussy.

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 01

group Liquor69 2017-12-09

Connie reached over and gently put her hand on the side of Anne's face, looked her right in her eyes and told her that the only desert she wanted was Anne's sweet pussy up on the table so she could taste her wet sweetness. Her lips on her clit, her hands on her nipples and my cock deep into Anne's throat, she begins to ride Connie's face, her hips pick up a rhythm that Connie just loves, feeling her grind her soaked pussy hard onto Connie's pretty face. Connie's tongue glides into her velvet core and Anne goes wild, grinding, bucking, fucking that tongue while her nipples are being stretched and her throat filled with pounding hot cock.

Five Star Service

group pinkybare 2017-12-09

That's what you want to isn't it?" she said as her hands began to rise up my things and feel the heat from between my legs. "Fuck, you're so wet." Kate said softly, and I closed my eyes again as she began to gently rub her two fingers over my clit. Kate sat astride me with both her breasts now hanging in my face and I greedily grabbed both of them squeezing them together and enjoying the sensation of her hot sweaty smooth skin in my hands and grazing her nipples with my lips. "Ohhh yeah." Kate replied "So you think we should sort out this problem?" she said placing my hand on his still rock hard cock.

Second Threesome

group Jason X 2017-12-09

They tie me securely to the bed and Joanne places a large pillow under my lower back pushing my hard cock way up in the air. The sensation is incredible - I feel a sexual wave of pleasure flow through me as Joanne takes long firm licks up the base of my cock and my wife continues to lick and suck on my balls. My wife then moves to the dildo on my chin, kneels above my face and starts to massage her clit. My wife Screamed and came on the dildo - She lifted herself off and pushed her pussy into my mouth as she continued to cum. Joanne screamed enjoying the sensation of finally being filled up with hard cock.

For Rebecca: two

group nefftit 2017-12-09

“Good”, said Becky, “Now fuck it like you mean it” as she said this she pulled the dildo almost all the way out until just the head was inside Katie. Pretty soon Becky began to cry out “OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” Stefan could hold back no longer and came deep inside Becky’s asshole. Stefan pulled out of Becky and saw his cum ooze out of her ass and slide down the strap on. Stefan moaned and groaned into her pussy as Becky began to really fuck him, forcing the entire dildo up his ass. He could no longer hold back and said “I’m goanna cum.” At the moment Katie began to suck his cock, this sent him over the edge and he had a massive orgasm.

The Italian Stallion Ch. 11

group sexynursechef 2017-12-09

Mario arched his expressive thick eyebrows as he asked, amused, "WHO am I feeding tonight?" Lisa grinned and explained that her friend and lover, the Stripper Brittni was flying in on her dime to spend a Spa weekend and meet the Italian Stallion who her friend always gushed about. Mario spread Brittni's asshole wide and put his hot satiny tongue inside her rectum as Lisa licked her clit and spread her cunt lips open, slipping her jelly cock along her lips. "Oh, oh oh," Brittni moaned as she watched Mario go from eating her ass to just gobbling up the Banquet of the Chef's incredibly beautiful pussy. He alternated between licking and sucking Lisa's clit to fucking Brittni's ass with his tongue.

The Blindfold

group Rummy-the-Diva 2017-12-09

I told Sheila that her fantasy was about to come true, and when she started to question me, Rick touched the tip of his cock to her lips. Rick had his hands on her tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers, his eyes fixed on my wife’s mouth engulfing his cock. Rick was now holding Sheila’s head in his hands and pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, while I slammed her pussy as hard as I could. Rick was stroking his cock back to life and I sat down on the bed next to Sheila and licked and sucked her tits. She was begging Rick to fuck her, telling him she wanted to feel his big cock in her hot pussy.