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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Orgasm At Last

group The Kitty 2017-12-09

The ice was broken when Jane spurted out, "So, have you guys done it before." Ed and Michael enthusiastically said yes but further qualified not all at the same time. Michael took the initiative and began to kiss Jane and undressed her. In between stroking Michael and blowing Jerry, Jane let out another command--FUCK ME. Michael went to Jessie while Jake and Jill sat watching the spectacle. Jane rotated her hips to meet Ed's thrusts and continued to stroke Michael and Jessie. Henry demanded that he only enter Jill but allowed her to blow Ed, since she had already sucked Michael's cock. Jessie and Michael started the motion and fucked Jane in her two holes.

White Trash Ch. 01

group jomar 2017-12-09

I plopped down in a tattered and wobbly aluminum folding chair, gave Tina x-ray eyes up and down then gave Peggy her turn and said, "Damn Peggy, that halter top makes your tits look so fucking ripe and juicy I just want to pluck 'em and take a bite." "Fuck you, asshole, you don't know shit about us," Peggy said with heat behind her words, slammed her beer down and crossed her arms, her freckled tits mashed together and threatening to spill over her skimpy halter top." I kept fucking her ass at a steady pace, grabbed Tina's greasy hair and pulled, said, "Get up here slut, get your cunt over this bitch's mouth."

Busted Ch. 04

group StallionKinge 2017-12-09

I had to break off from Alex when I heard Eve begin to cry out that sound we all know and love, that of a woman in passion nearing her climax. Allie leaped onto Alex, and Eve jumped on me, dragging me to the floor and pinning me down like a wrestler. I turned and looked at the others, and Allie was shoving her cunt into Alex's face, and stroking him up for her mouth. I wondered if he was going to take me, but Allie hijacked him first, excited by the sight of that straight-up cock, and probably not a little bit jealous that he was playing with me instead of her.

Unexpected Threesome

group FDAG 2017-12-09

Terri lays down on the bed, sticking her ass up and running her hands along her sides to her waist, where she hooks her thumbs into her panties and slowly slides them down her tight ass, a little at a time. what about you, Tommy?" Terri pulls a hand from behind her head to rub her pussy. "Eating you out is one thing, but you don't touch my man!" You shout, hopping onto the bed, hooking your arms in Terri's armpits and pulling her off of my throbbing cock. At the same time, I thrust up into you every time you come down onto my cock, feeling the friction of your tight cunt and moaning into Terri's.

One Night in San Antonio Ch. 01

group blondewaitress 2017-12-09

Anton rose for a cigarette, inviting me to join him at the other edge of the patio overlooking the river, and I followed slowly, as much to get control over the boiling in my blood as to make sure that the couple still sitting at the table had time to notice my firm round ass as I walked away. She licked her lips and cocked her eyebrow, then rose up again onto her knees and slipped the boy shorts down her lithe thighs, her own brunette landing strip mirroring my blonde one, pulling the panties over the boots and letting them catch on one heel, dangling carelessly in the candlelight.


Glory Hole France 1

group ilonka88 2017-12-09

through the hole in the wall, I saw a large black cock before I never sucked into black guys, I started to suck him beat him on the chest it was great until it sucked I did not get cum on her lips and breasts sperm were many I rubbed her chest neck face and was struck by the fact that sperm obtained from black guy in Dirk looked different guys and shoved their members I sucked each of pleasure and cum rubbed on the chest and face but I sucked black members of pleasure cum that was on my chest and lips I hand ground in their pants so that they infiltrated the pussy though she was wet but did not want me to win through the wall

XXX Theater fun!!- True story

group Naddy3 2017-12-09

I felt her pussy and tits thru her dress and she pushed hard back against my hard dick as I stood behind her. Soon I pushed her dress straps down and she eased the top down below her tits, exposing them to my groping and John's stares. I bent to suck her nipples as I felt her pussy thru her dress, keeping hiking the hem higher but not to her pussy. I suckled her nipples gently (after being cautioned, lol) and kept moving her bunched up dress lower below her waist and toward her pussy. I asked her if she'd like to move around to the front of the wall and sit so I could suck her pussy.

They Are A-OK Ch. 35

group fantasyhunter2 2017-12-09

My curiosity about island ways temporarily derailed my plan to seduce Nateal into love making. I continued licking and tongue fucking his ass for a long while before slipping two fingers into his body. In addition, the idea that he would be hurt that I would fuck others seemed contrary to the way the islanders lived. As for you being enough for me, you already know that I fuck lots of different people and have no reason to expect such a thing!" I insisted rather more angrily than I felt. Greg's concern for Nateal rekindled my own fears about setting in motion things that could ultimately lead the youngest Ortiz to be unhappy living the expected life of an island man.


Crescent Moon

group greendemon3 2017-12-09

A breast in each hand, he kisses her passionately on the lips, while I devour her from my seat. With my palm turned upward and resting against my chin, I slowly curl my fingers in and out while increasing the intensity of my sucking. She releases Jeremiah's cock from her mouth and begins to cry out, "yessss, oh God yessss! I draw out my fingers and move my hands to her ass cheeks supporting and kneading as her convulsions slow. I am still seated, caressing her breasts and stomach, my head laying gently on her lap. Her head lowers to my chest and she sucks on each of my nipples in turn as she unbuckles my pants.

Blindfolded Gangbang

group MrsCanyon 2017-12-09

Victor and three of his friends got out of the car and walked up to Tracy, who was still tied and blindfolded. One guy wound fuck her pussy while another would be using her mouth, and the other two would have her hand wrapped around their dicks keeping them hard. The second thing was that the guy fucking my wife, dismounted, pulled his condom off his dick, told my wife to open her mouth wide, and then squeezed the cum out of the condom into her mouth. By this time Tracy was out of control, moaning loudly and urging the guys on, telling them to fuck her harder, to come in her cunt and her mouth.

Former Geek is Now Successful Ch. 01

group LaPatitMort 2017-12-09

It was time, Susan and Ellen got to know my adult, off-work side. I felt her willingly let her tongue slide across my cock as Ellen made sure it was pumped in and out of her sucking sheath. I could feel Susan's lips suck at my shaft when it slipped slightly out and follow it in burying her face into Ellen's delighted clit. Before I could fully enjoy Susan's appreciative kisses, I felt another pair of lips close over my cock, suck and then move away to lick at the wetness Susan and I had smeared over each other. Susan, held my head kissed me passionately and asked, "Why did you really push us away and not want to continue.

The Wedding of Jane and Tony

group Kalavo 2017-12-09

Jane and Barb headed for the kitchen while Pavel and Sofia watched them leave. Jane asked me what I thought and I replied, "She looks good enough to eat!" Sofia blushed and smiled. After a few moments, I pulled her up to her feet and lead her to the living room, where I laid down on my back on the sofa and said, "Sit on my face while you do that because you do look good enough to eat!" Sofia straddled my face and lowered her freshly shaved pussy onto my mouth. Jane looked up at me and said, "I think Pavel is onboard, how about Sofia?" Jane asked Sofia how she liked her first experience with women and she replied, "It was nice, though a tongue is a tongue.


Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 02

group hotorangecouple 2017-12-09

My beautiful, loving wife took a foot long cock while I fucked her ass and she sucked off another guy. She wanted to fuck you when she met you in the bus." I started telling her about me teasing Diane talking about Pete's cock in the bus. "So, come over here and tell us, we've got 20 good minutes before Pete and Mike start looking for us." "That was so fucking hot, I want to see your cock in her mouth, right now." This from the sweet, innocent Lainy. Kerry and Pete have had sex with one other couple, but seeing Diane last night, the two of them started talking and each saw a knowing look in the other.

My First Bi-3some Ch. 02

group norm55 2017-12-09

I decided to take a chance and slid down onto my knees next to Ann. I settled into a position with my right hand on Mark's thigh facing Ann and that beautiful cock of Mark's was only inches away, I was un-certain of his reaction, would he just stop and end this session or worst still go ‘soft' on us. With Ann holding Mark's cock I put my mouth over the tip pushing the foreskin back as far as possible letting my tongue lash away at the underside, I could feel his cock pipe, it was hard, this was a loaded gun ready to fire a broadside – I said to myself. While Mark was in the shower I spoke to Ann asking ‘who had their finger up my arse', not me she said, and started to laugh a little.

Condominium Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2017-12-09

Amber teased me in two ways: first, talking about Crystal and what a hot fuck I could expect from her, and second, describing how easy it would be for her to get picked up and laid by hanging out in the bar at the hotel. Sean also loves you, and he's right here with Amber, who also loves you." Wisely, Crystal didn't go further, but I knew where her head was at; she loved me more than any other person in the universe by leaps and bounds. After Crystal cooled down a little, I explained that she had to make really passionate love to Sean when they got home, and she had to tell him that she loved him more than anything.


They Play - I Win

group eaminx 2017-12-09

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be the dominant partner very often; my greatest pleasure is pleasing my man, and feeling him cum hard & deep inside me. After my next orgasm- larger than the last, so my jaw goes stiff for a minute, and my stroking hands squeeze tightly at the bases of the men I'm working- the man who has been most instrumental in bringing it to me raises his head from it's place on my pussy. As each climax reaches me I scream out around the cock my mouth; I never have been a quiet lay and every time I feel one of my partners cum in my pussy it throws me over the edge.

Even An Old Dog Can Learn New Trick

group oldr_betr 2017-12-09

Yvonne looked me over and said, "Nice, very nice—a cute ass and a good package. "OK, bring us our lunches, slut," Yvonne said, "and I don't want to see any empty wine glasses." When I had finished eating, Yvonne said, "After all that wine, do you need to pee?" Yvonne turned to the others and said, "Let's walk the dog." She went over to a drawer and produced a dog collar and leash. I was there on my all fours, dripping wet when Martha said, "Give me the hose.' Yvonne handed it to her and she spread my ass cheeks with one hand and pointed the nozzle a hard steady stream at my asshole. "Slut," Yvonne said, "eat Martha's pussy.


At the Club

group Instinct84 2017-12-09

Jake had his pants off and Tara was already going down on him, Kali got down on her knees and pulled Brett's pants off, his thick 7 inch dick sprung up to meet her mouth as she sucked it in he groaned and grabbed her head. Tara came over to her friend and got rid of Kali's bra, Jake and Tara then each took a breast and teased, and played with them, sucking her nipples and fondling her while Brett worked on her clit and pussy. "OHHHHHH!" she cried, Tara began to finger fuck her ass while Brett pounded her pussy, Jake sat back and watched as there was no way that Kali could suck him off while all this was going on.

Golf Pro Delights Ch. 02

group Rocket1010 2017-12-09

Sandie and Lydia both stood at the same time, crossed the room to stand in front of their friend, Jen, watching her fingers begin unbuttoning her blouse. Sandie's and Lydia's hands roamed over Jen's body as their lips and tongues devoured her breasts. Her legs buckled slightly, allowing Sandie's fingers better access to her pussy and feeling a rush of cool air as Lydia pulled her mini-skirt and bikini panties off her hips. She moaned softly into Sandie's mouth before pulling away, turning her head to meet Lydia's lips with a deep soul searching kiss. Watching her bend over the black case, Sandie felt a slight shudder go through her body as Jen's pussy lips peeked between her slightly spread legs.


A New Swing

group Azuldrgon 2017-12-09

The person on the other end of those lips seemed to know Angelica's weak spot a little too easily until she felt the swing being pulled down and her mouth being coerced into sucking on a finger. On instinct, she began to suck on it as she felt her boyfriend's tongue slide out of her pussy. As he stood on the bed to get a better aiming point, the other dick slid out of her pussy and followed suit until she felt the warm spurts of white gold cascade onto her tits. She started hearing her boyfriend and the other person egging the tongue on as she felt the soft fingers spreading her pussy lips apart.


Desert Heat – Pt 3

group jdwhitings 2017-12-09

On our way back to town and the trailer, I decided to tell Ginger about fishing with Bill and Olga and how Olga went topless in the dark. As we were making our last run of the night, we started talking about going fishing later and Ginger kept telling me that she was not going to take her top off not matter how hot it got and I assured her she would not have to and I didn’t expect her to. About that time, Olga said it was getting terribly hot and asked Ginger if she would mind if she took her top off. As soon as we got up from the chairs to start packing up the fishing gear and beer cooler, Ginger had her top on in no time.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 14

group SteveWallace 2017-12-09

Amber had decided to explain the situation to Roger, hoping that he would be willing to allow her to cater to Mike's kinky request. As the plane reached altitude on the way to San Diego where they'd refuel for the trans-Pacific leg of the trip, Amber moved to stand behind Roger as he read. Amber liked Roger's reply, and her diabolical mind started to think about the many ploys she could use on Mike. I do.' In the short video that was attached, Mike watched Amber walking away from the camera to the bed; she was naked. A couple of hours later, as they entered their hotel suite, Roger picked up Amber to her surprise. Mike knew that seconds later, Roger's cock had plunged deep into Amber's body.


Let's Have a Threesome

group Mysteria27 2017-12-09

Mark then lays down and I straddle him and begin to glide his cock into my wet pussy. Jayne is sitting on Mark's face as he is eating her pussy and playing with my breasts as I am fucking Mark's very hard cock. We we will fuck doggie style, Mark enters my dripping cunt and grabs my ass and nice deep thrusts into my dripping pussy. I am pulling on my nipples as Mark is fucking me and Jayne is fingering me and eating my pussy. I then start to finger Jayne, she is so wet and then I start licking her and finger fucking her as Mark is thrusting deeper and deeper into her ass.

The Long Weekend Ch. 22

group beachsf1 2017-12-09

Annie begins to slowly stroke her exposed pussy, as she sees Kathy firmly hold the colossal cock high with one hand and work her way down his hard shaft with her tongue. Kathy takes him in both hands and with a deep breath opens her mouth and wraps her velvet lips over her teeth and begins to slide herself along his length. She moves closer to watch Kathy's face and feels the heat of Brice's cock as he struggles to push it in. She feels Brice reach behind Annie's head to try and guide her to mouth the top of his cock as he begins gentle assaults on Kathy's lips. Kathy drops her legs as Annie sits up and begins to slowly run her hands over the gaping red vagina in front of her.