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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A very special weekend-- two men loving me

group 2017-11-28

I wondered what John thought when I said “you guys” can come up to watch the game. Both men were looking in the mirror and down as I slowly stroked both their cocks. I slowly moved toward his cock and put the tip in my mouth as I stroked John’s cock in my other hand. I wanted to drink him in as John’s dripping cock was in my other hand. I let the tips of both rub against my now very slick lips coated with pre-cum from both men. What a wonderful feeling to have two hard dripping cocks rubbing circles around my breasts and nipples. Filling me… I want your cum in my pussy Lodge.

Spa Therapy

group blndEE 2018-07-06

As he worked the oil onto my thighs he was moving his hands higher and higher and I actually felt his hand touch my lips. He told me it was time for me to roll over and he would be helping Miguel to massage the front of my body. Miguel placed a finger inside of me and began to work my clit with his tongue. As my pussy started to loosen up Miguel took it as his chance and he slammed his whole dick inside of me. I started to thrust myself onto Miguel while I took Brian as deep into my throat as he could go. When he pulled his dick out of my ass I felt his hot cum running out.

Night Noises

group sophia jane 2018-07-26

A surprised smile spreads across Renee's face, and Scott, further aroused by me touching myself while I watch them, comes. I want to taste Renee, to know what it feels like to lick her pussy. And I want to know what Renee and Scott taste like together, what they have together. Renee kneels down between Scott's legs and touches her fingers to his balls and her thumb onto my clit. The feeling of her mouth and fingers is so intense, especially combined with Scott fucking my ass, that their double attention completely overwhelms me. I feel her begin to shudder with her own climax, so I tongue her clit more firmly while my fingers fuck her pussy and her ass.


group samsamtheplasterman 2018-08-29

I shook my head vigorously and gasped, 'Not enough, Master', just as I felt cum-load number three fill my ass and pussy at the exact same time, shaking violently now as both cocks pushed as far into me as they could get. Without warning, I felt two men lift me from the ground, holding an arm each and grabbing me roughly under each thigh, pulling my legs apart as they lowered me onto a lengthy, erect, hard-as-a-rock cock, making me squeal with delight as they plunged me down onto its length until my knees straddled its owner and hit the ground.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 15

group mountaincat4 2017-10-30

We continued the sexual hijinks only instead of a hand job Alysse and Suvarna took turns sitting on me. Suvarna's hand moved between Alysse's legs and started rubbing her pussy. Suvarna's hand wrapped around my cock so she could rub the head on Alysse's upper thighs. Suvarna's hand pushed against Alysse's pussy on the upstroke and now slid down to massage my balls on the down stroke. Suvarna returned her hand to my balls and began to squeeze them in the same way that Alysse was squeezing my cock. Suvarna let go of my balls and moved her hand so Alysse could press hard against me.


What I Learned That Summer Ch. 01

group SmallTownLibrarian 2018-03-24

I went back to my apartment and after dinner and a couple of warm-up beers, showed up at her apartment wearing a decent pair of khaki shorts, a short-sleeved shirt that buttoned down the front and leather boat shoes with no socks, the better to show off my runner's legs. We immediately got to talking about running, and I could tell by his muscular legs, covered by golden hair, that his stories about competing in marathons must be true. Alas, he said with an openly immodest grin, he would never run a really fast marathon because "my upper body is just too muscular and heavy." Jokingly, he flexed his arm like Charles Atlas, and I laughingly went along with him and squeezed his large bicep.

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 04

group Ebolaone 2018-05-05

Her boobs were big enough that I was able to push them together and suck on both her nipples at one time...that really got her hot, as I was doing it; she started grinding her pussy against my leg. When she made it to my pussy, she scooted up a little bit and rubbed her hard nipple up and down my lips and stopping with a swirl on my clit. "I'm sure you'll get over it," as Connie said it, she reached out with her foot and gently stroked my cock with her toes. I reached out for Daves rock hard cock and stroked it a couple of times. She reached up, wrapped her hand around me and started stroking in time with Daves pumping of her pussy.


Two Wives Are Better...

group Christie052780 2018-04-20

I asked her if she loved Doug and she said she did, but that since she had taken this new job she had been so tired that she had lost interest in sex. It took a long time but I eventually felt him start to rock himself in and out of my body with his cock going just a little deeper into me with each thrust. I woke up later that night only to feel Jen and Doug next to me making love. That night, after we got back to our room, Doug went out to get more champagne and some chocolate (I love chocolate!) and Jen and I were left alone.

Two Glasses of Wine

group BleedingRomantic 2018-05-21

He began kissing her softly, massaging her breasts and running his hands down to her legs, over her thighs and teasing her crotch. She took his cock in her hand, and slowly began stroking it, and quietly she glanced over at her boss and smiled with a wink before taking it into her mouth. She began sucking with more and more vigor, and his hands gripped her hair, she was putting on a show, and she looked down and saw that her assistant had slid her panties to the side and was fingering herself while she fucked her lover off. They each took turns taking him in their mouth, before the young girl retreated down her body, kissing her stomach, and fingering her clit.


Two for One

group kimbelina 2018-01-20

When I recovered, my eyes met James', and I realized two things: Jeff's hand wasn't moving from the small of my back where it had landed, and the fabric of the dress was slipping, slipping, so that I would have to move quickly to avoid flashing these guys. Jeff was the first to approach orgasm, so I focused my attention on his cock as James pulled my hair into a ponytail and encouraged my motions on his brother. Throughout Jeff's orgasm, James had continued to stroke his own cock, and now he watched eagerly as I massaged the cum into my breasts, leaving them glistening in the bright lights of the store.

Twins - A New Year

group rnebular 2018-07-31

After dinner I went home, with the twins promising to come visit with me in the next day or two, before they had to head back to school. I wanted to come tell you how sorry I was, for leaving things the way that I did." I had no idea what she wanted, but it was starting to sound a lot like she had an agenda. Since it was a day before New Years' Eve, I figured the best way I could repay the twins would be to have a long celebration of the coming new year. "John, I love you, too..." Katie managed, as tears welled up in her eyes. They looked at me, like they were in deep thought trying to figure out what I meant by that.


Three Guys, A Girl and a Strap-on

group Nyissa 2017-11-29

I looked over to Gary's cock and watched it slide deep into Ricky's mouth. There we were, Gary's fingers pulling my nipple as Peter's tongue fucked my pussy and Ricky sucked Gary's cock like a jawbreaker. Gary eagerly sucked Ricky's cock with each thrust causing Ricky to suck harder on Gary, and Gary to push back onto the strap-on forcing the dildo to drive into my soaking pussy and the vibrator to push against my clit. At that point Ricky drove his cock deep into Gary's mouth and emptied himself into him. With a hard spent cock still in my arse, and the strap-on still vibrating, Gary pushed back onto me increasing the sensations to my pussy and clit.

They Knocked On My Door

group Toolmo 2018-06-15

By now all three of us were feeling a pretty good buzz and Gina had the giggles, before leaving the kitchen she turned and kissed Stacy full on the lips, Stacy did not skip a beat kissing her back before swatting her ass sending her to the living room to watch the game. Stacy worked her hands all over Gina making her nipples hard and thong wet as she rubbed her pussy. Stacy laid on her back as she lubed up the toy before stuffing it hard into her pussy pumping it a few times before letting Gina climb atop her slipping the other end deep into her wet slit.

Theresa Turns Slut

group dirty_geezer 2017-11-23

I felt and looked hot, the final touch some dark red lipstick, which I applied a little heavier than I would normally, knowing men can think of nothing but me sucking on their hard cocks when they looked at my full red lips. I freely let different men come and dance close, enjoying feeling the heat of their tight bodies grind against me, letting their hands rub against my bum, sometimes pushing back against them to let them know I was there to be touched. Over several hours I revelled in the feelings running through me, enjoying all the hungry male attention, while never taking it further than bodies grinding together close during a dance, getting many men hard as I rubbed my hidden pussy against them.


Their New Toy

group DaisiesInWinter 2018-02-01

"I would love to see that pussy get pounded and feel you gag on my cock while he drives inside you." She moaned again and shuddered as he turned up the vibration again. Then she felt a hand pull her panties to the side, her heart started to pound as she realized both of her husband's hands were still on her head. She buried her face in her husband's groin, arched her hips back and shuddered in ecstasy as the unknown man behind her slid all the way into her, stretching her pussy open and delving into her depths. She pressed her face into the mattress and screamed, he let out a guttural moan and she could feel his cock pulse inside her as he shot hot cum deep into her pussy.

The Sleepover Pt. 02

group RoyWilliams 2017-10-15

Tammy began to stroke my cock slowly as she propped herself up on one elbow to raise her mouth to Rick's dick. The perfect slow hand-job; perfect because I felt I could have stood there all night without cumming, fully aroused, enjoying both her touch and the sight of Rick's cock in her mouth. The moaning wasn't a technique, it was my reaction to the thought, feel and taste of eating Tammy's pussy, her light touch as she reached back now and then to tease the sides of my cock with her fingernails, and the knowledge that only few feet away, Rick was watching. Both her hands were still on my legs and Rick continued to massage my balls and hold my cock while she sucked.


The Shower Ch. 06

group MungoParkIII 2018-03-03

Finally, Alicia sat up and said, "Guys this is crazy, I mean Bob and Jason are best friends and Jean, I've gotten to know you pretty good, but we're sitting here like a bunch of strangers each one afraid to speak. Alicia now mimicked what Jean was doing while both guys simply enjoyed their wives while watching their best friend's wife sucking her husband's cock. The two women began moving up and down on their husband's cock when suddenly Jason reached over with his left hand and caressed Jean's left breast. Alicia remained on top of Jason, his cock still in her pussy as they stopped moving and watched Bob and Jean as they began moving faster and faster.

The Seduction of Celine Ch. 02

group west120d 2018-05-27

I hold her tighter as you saunter in close enough for her to feel your hot breath slide down her neck to her breast and you finally grant them a slow lick upwards on her right nipple then her left. Leaning back with your legs spread you let your finger go inside of you as I continue to slowly fuck Celine. You take advantage of your position and return the oral pleasure to Celine, in the process you are licking my shaft as it slides in and out, it's an incredible sensation, and I moan with approval. I'm beginning my pre-orgasm babble "MMmm OH Fuck yeah, fuck yeah" I'm just about to shoot a load of hot cum and I pull out of Celine and into your open and panting mouth.

The Secret For Sure Sex Ch. 02

group goldemerald 2017-10-08

"Let me know how I'm doing," Emily said and engulfed my cock into her mouth. Melissa and Sara joined Emily and got on their knees and went for my cock. Sara was tugging on my sac while Melissa was running her tongue on the base of my cock with my nut still in her mouth. Melissa got on her back and laid her head under me and Emily where my cock and her pussy met. Her screams, Melissa's tongue on my balls, the tight cunt clamping down on my cock, and the tender titties in my hands finished the job and my cock exploded in Emily's tight little pussy. I held her head in place and moved my hips back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth.

The Pilots Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-09-02

I wanted to swim through the cellular system right then to be with Kim. June told Kim she was going to be arriving down that way later this afternoon and wanted to see her and probably stay over but she was a little unsure of flight times and such. I think I told you those things months ago, but I want you to know that the memory lingers on." I smiled weakly at her through my own red-rimmed eyes. I'm going to sublimate and take a walk and think about everything you've said to each other again." With that, June rose from the sofa, snuffled, took a Kleenex from the box, and headed to the door.


The Laundry Room Ch. 1

group Sperman Alexie 2018-04-02

Upon further inspection, the panties were being held by a beautiful girl, not likely older than 19 or 20, still perky and youthful, with cascading light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. My roommate, Todd, wasn't paying attention either, although he had his nose buried in a Lowrider Pickup Truck magazine. I was ready to give up, when Candace turned to me and said: "Bryan, I want your cock in my pussy right now. Her tight-fitting pussy seemed to throb with energy, as she bucked wildly on my cock, keeping Todd's monstrous tool in her mouth. I opened my eyes, and was blinded to see the laundry room light was on and the landlady was standing to my right, looking as pissed as I had ever seen her...

The Landlady Walks In

group chrislick 2017-10-19

Anna looked at me nervously and I said 'Okay,' hoping the landlady meant what I thought she meant, rather than repairing something in the kitchen. She put her hand straight onto my erection, which had returned under new management, and said 'Has this been inside your Portuguese friend yet? Then Linda changed position, removing her crotch from my face and presenting it to Anna. 'Lick her,' I said reassuringly, and Anna moved behind Linda and began to do as she was told. Shattered, Linda leaned forward and embraced Anna and they kissed while I tongued my girlfriend's clitoris until she too had a long, grinding orgasm, shouting in ecstasy into her landlady's mouth.

The Journey Begins

group Toy_Doll 2018-02-22

But thanks to our new caretaker Farhan, who found my 34D tits adorable & never left a single moment to touch or squeeze them, I was allowed to stay at the same place till his pleasure. I was getting wet with the thought of a man's cock inside my pussy and his hands pinching and pulling my tits. With a tongue constantly licking my pussy and my own hands kneading my boobs, I hardly had time or energy to notice what those two men did after entering the room. The short one also started laughing and then took my left tit in his mouth and bit it a little. At that time, the short man chose my mouth to fuck and Farhan, started taking shots with his camera.

The Good Neighbor Ch. 05

group Jenny6969 2018-09-21

After a flurry of short notice preparations, Ron Evans was ready to host his daughter Mary's graduation party at the lake house. Better not to ask, though Ron. They got in the truck and swung around the block to pick up Helen and Jenny. In addition to Ron and Helen, there were Chris and Shelly (Janey's parents), Todd and Cindy (Julie's parents), Sarah Johnson (Brett and Susan's older sister) and her friend Roy. Since they were all friends, and the kids were having their own fun outside, the conversation was less inhibited than it might have otherwise been, especially with the beer and wine flowing freely.