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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Sensual Night in Persia

group Samuelx 2018-12-04

As with Malik and Atifah, my husband Ahmad and I warmly greet Farouk and Areebah. While Malik is licking my pussy like there's no tomorrow, his wife Atifah and my husband Ahmad are doing their thing. I can feel Malik's big Somalian dick stretching my pussy even more than my Ahmad usually does. At the same time, Farouk has big long dick buried deep inside Atifah's asshole. Now it's Farouk lying on the mattress with his dick in Atifah's pussy while my Ahmad slams his cock into her asshole from behind. Meanwhile, Ahmad is mercilessly slamming his dick into her asshole and Farouk is working up her pussy like his life depends on it.


Chelsea's Contract Ch. 06

group LaceAndHumiliation 2018-11-21

I told Jordan her plan, he said go ahead, "but, you still put in ten bucks per cum, I'm not letting that bitch rob me of my money." "Don't worry, I can't have you sitting on your ass not making me money, Meg and I have talked, we will come up with something," he said. Jordan wanted you to play until you lost, then offer things to cover it, right?" "I know but he said play all night," I whined, I really wanted it to not be true. I guarantee we'll play with you all fucking night long, right fellas?" He said to enthusiastic agreement.


The Submissive Co-Worker Gets a Party

group cal_jack 2018-12-04

Everyone except Betty was looking at either Yvonne's pussy being eaten by Sarah or Sarah’s lovely ass. Yvonne began to play with her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she pulled Sarah's face against her wet pussy, moaning with increasing delight. Sarah was coming down from her orgasmic high when Tom and Yvonne lead her to the stage in the middle of the group where they tied her spread eagle, face up, her pussy begging to be used. Yvonne gave his cock a little brushing as she released his cuffs and gave the leash to Ali who was waiting in another chair with her legs spread wide, stroking her juice covered pussy, her black pumps still on.

OHGirl's Sex Saga Continues

group ohgirl1 2018-11-14

My mom came out of her room with Hondo, smoking a cigarette and walking around nude while he followed her around like a puppy, his long cock nearly dragging on the ground. My b*****r’s car peeled out down the driveway as he left for school and we were left alone to look in each other’s eyes and wonder … “what next?” I knew “what next” and I leaned down to open mouth kiss my dad and he surprisingly let me, our tongues intermingling as we began making love in a passionate embrace. Watching me get fucked and being d***k had excited him and now his long, black pole was standing up straight and I heard some of Shawn’s friends make comments of amazement over it’s size, telling Shawn that he looked little next to his boy.

Tina's Fantasy Fulfilled

group chriskayaks 2018-11-17

Needless to say, after only a few minutes, Kent was blowing his load down Tina’s throat with Mike slamming his cock home once more before groaning and filling her cunt with a weeks worth of pent up cum. Just as I thought she was going to call it a night and quit, she made the following request: “I want three huge cocks in me at once plus one in each hand.” She looked directly into my eyes while she told me to come stand at her head, then she selected the other four for her fantasy fuck. After I had retrieved a beer from the cooler for her I turned around and saw that Tina had spread her legs wide and was slowly drawing circles around her clit, using several loads of fresh cum for lubrication.

My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 6

group LuvitAll 2018-11-06

  He reacted straight away with the boy thing and put his hand on my tit and started rubbing.   For my final act I dropped my head, sucked his last drops off and slipped my mouth all the way down his cock and gave it a long cleaning slurp back up.   Somehow, I felt a bit more secure from his Mum with my dress on even though it was bunched around my waist.  I played with his cock, sucked and pulled it. I watched his hand.  It was going in all the way up to the top of his fingers.  I lay still, fully stretched but wanting more.

My New Slut

group professorhooters 2018-12-03

Both girls put their cans on the table, stood up in front of me and Ella said, “now you do as you wish with your two sluts.” Ella emphasized the last two words and was motioning towards Lily. Don’t forget horny too, Master, we’ve been waiting all day for you to play with us.” Lily nodded along in agreement as Ella spoke. Lily did this and I turned to Ella and said “put your pussy in her face, she has to learn how to please both of us in order to complete initiation. When Lily eyes started rolling back in her head, Ella said to her, “make sure you ask for permission before you cum.

OHGirl and Velvet: Gangbang Girls

group ohgirl1 2018-11-29

Cum splashed across my face and two large streams hit my open mouth as another of the 28 men, who were performing in my newest Japanese Gangbang and Bukakke film, covered me with their jizz. I kept my legs spread as more men slid between them to stuff my wet cunt and I came again as I felt a blast of jizz hit the side of my face while a well hung, uncut Japanese actor slammed my asshole with his prick. Japan bukakke film producers came up with millions of ways to let large groups of men fuck you and cover you with cum. During my month and a half long working tour, I had kept track of my numbers and during the 23 gangbang films, two cam shows and my various e****t jobs, I had fucked 1,142 different men.

The Big Break - Part 1

group likekissingthighs 2018-11-07

After Patricia and Pete had left, Monica said, “We have the easy job, there isn’t much cleaning to do and the unpacking will only take a few minutes.” As I was finishing up in our room Monica bounded in and said, “I will help you unpack.” Without another word she had our suitcase open and was laying the clothes on the bed ready for me to put into the draws or wardrobe. As Monica put the clothes away I said, “You have a very sexy bottom.” As I spoke, I walked up behind her and pressed my hard cock into her buttocks. As we kissed Patricia took hold of my hard cock and started to massage it, as I fingered her wet vagina.


My first threesome Part 1

group onlythistime 2018-11-18

The date was set for a Tuesday night to meet up at their hotel lobby where the husband would come to receive me and after a small chat we would head up to their room. A thousand thoughts ran through my head as I prepared myself to stay calm, look confident and prepare for a situation that I didn’t want to be involved in. Just before we got up to start towards their room, I asked what he thought about what should happen. He handed me some massage gel which I placed on the desk as the wife walked in naked from the shower. I loved the feeling of controlling her with my fingertips as I teased her pussy and started sliding my hands between her butt cheeks.

The Best Christmas Eve Ever

group bobjack 2018-11-24

While Diane was a real hot number in her early 40’s and a bit of a flirt, Scott was at least 15 years older and didn’t know when he had had enough to drink. I let go of his cock with my mouth and took the cloth from his hand to catch his ejaculate. Before Scott could cum, I turned my head away from his cock. While I am thinking he is not going to butt fuck me, Diane said to Scott. Diane sat on the edge of the bed and took my still hard cock in her hand. When he finished licking up my cum, Diane looked at my cock and nodded. Scott again took my cock in his mouth while Diane began to play with my nipples.

Double booked

group au-naturale 2018-11-13

"Well, let’s meet Mr and Mrs Croft." I said trying to sound cheerful about our holiday but Tony rolled his eyes and slotted the key into the lock. Motivated by the recognisable sounds of the couple achieving orgasm, Tony fucked harder, his hands mauling my tits as I reached my fingers down and rubbed rapidly over my clit. Tony held his cock hard in me, revelling in my humiliation but in spite of his obvious excitement, he took hold of the situation. "Cum for me Jim." I said pushing him over the edge, forcing his cock to explode into the water while I continued rubbing and milking every last bit out of him.

You can learn a lot in college Part II

group bobjack 2018-11-13

She wanted to again feel the gentle caress of another woman’s hands on her breasts, the soft lips and tongue working on her nipples, the smell and taste of another’s love juices on her fingers. Two days later when Wendi got home from classes Gail told her to get ready to go to Sam’s place. Totally naked now, Wendi turned and faced Sam. She watched his reaction as she licked her own nipples. On the bed, Wendi took a submissive position on her back while Gail worked on her nipples with lips and tongue. With Sam’s enormous cock less than half way inside of her and Gail’s hand stimulating her clit it didn’t take long for Wendi to achieve her first orgasm of the encounter.

Our First Threesome

group hornycouple 2018-10-30

Jason and Jeremy got back to the bed, both were naked and stroking their hard cocks while they watched me finger my pussy. Right before I could orgasm, Jason pulled back and shoved his cock into my pussy, fucking me so hard, bringing me right to the edge and ready to soak his cock with my my cum. Jason reached and grabbed my hair, making my head jerk up and told me to suck Jeremy’s cock, while he fucked my ass. I took Jeremy’s cock into my mouth slowly starting on the tip, until Jason rammed his cock so hard into my ass it caused me to jerk forward and take Jeremy’s cock into my mouth till I could feel the head on the back of my throat.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

group Ciri 2018-11-14

If you are sleeping, Santa will come quicker and I know he will bring you a very special gift,” I said laughing. Maybe I can get a few of my friends to play some of the other reindeers for Bill’s special gift; after all it is Christmas so why not make his fantasy bigger in reality. ‘Comet’ kissed him too as she grabbed hold of his semi-hard cock and started stroking slowly. ‘Comet’ collapsed next to Bill and I slid down to suck his cock that was oozing pre-cum. When Bill noticed what was going on his eyes opened wide and his hot, thick cum started flowing straight down ‘Prancers’ throat, much to her delight.


group 32atinygirl 2018-11-27

Taking one last deep breath and walking unsteadily to his porch and knocking on his door. Sam allows me to lick my way around his shaft, up and down over the head, working my head like a porn actress in a cheap video. When he comes in the door his pants are off, his big dick swinging before him like a battering ram. Sam introduces the older man as Earl, the younger as his son. This time Sam takes me hard from the start; I cry out as his balls smack my cunt, and try to stay on my knees. Sam is a block-layer, a strong man who works with his hands in the heat of Florida summers. As I open the door, though, I hear Sam's voice.

Video Booth blowjob.

group mranonymous7 2018-11-13

The first few times I went I would check out the video covers mounted on the wall in the hall by the booths and wait to see if any of the other guys would check me out. He sucked my balls for a minute or so and then started giving me the worst blowjob I’ve ever had, scraping my cock with his teeth, dry mouthed and only getting a few inches in his mouth, hitting the roof of his mouth. He just slumped over into me, trapping his softening cock in my mouth, forcing me to breathe around it and to suck all the cum out of him and down my throat. Somehow he understood, me around my mouthful of his cock and said, "Next time we’ll meet me in one of the back booths.

The Adventures of Mar and Kate - Part 2 - Coming Together

group marna69 2018-11-08

We're paired for the night." Kate tugged on her cuffed wrist, bringing my hand to her half undone zipper. John promptly reached over and ran his fingers along Kate's pussy lips, while Jack tested me. Jack pulled down his bikini briefs to his hips and gently pushed his hot, wet cock head into my lips. Suddenly there were new demanding fingers on my pussy, sliding over my wetness, pushing inside me, pulling out, cupping my sex as a fingertip teased my clit. Her free hand was on her ass, pulling herself more open, as John gave her long, deep strokes, lifting her on her toes and bring a grunt from her lips every time he hit bottom.

Party in Her Puss

group badboy909 2018-12-04

Bob was married and could be obnoxious and terminally horny, so I went to Ami's room to make sure she was okay. They were naked on her bed with her legs wrapped around Bob while he pounded her puss with his big fat porker. Back in the living room, Phil asked if I thought we were all going to get a turn. When Bob emerged, naked, he told Phil to go ahead and Phil didn't waste a moment heading down the hall, shedding his clothes on the way. I asked Bob if he had told her about me. After trying and failing with her husband, she told him what the doctor had said. A few weeks later, she told me she was moving back to Japan.

Jingle Belles

group Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

There are six people in the office: myself as office manager, and three girls, Angelina, Jill, Becky, along with two guys, Robert and Tom as insurance representatives. She was moaning like crazy, holding Jill's head firmly on her tit and the other hand covering mine at her pussy. When Becky found the strength to stand, she got up and moved over to the leather couch in my office next to Angelina who was herself just recovering from her orgasm. While Angelina fucked with a steady, yet very pleasing build towards her orgasm, Jill was like a rocket - she started out full throttle and never slowed down a bit! Finally it was Becky's turn and just like the other two, I moved my hand over and began warming her up before I finished Jill.

My First MMF 3-Some

group OfficerMILF21 2018-11-27

On Friday, I would be getting fucked into oblivion by Randy and Caleb, two guys I only knew through Facebook and text. We made our way to Caleb's room with alcohol in hand and the two of us sat on the edge of the bed while Randy sat in a recliner. He kissed my lips hard as his hand slid between my legs, parting my pussy lips with his fingers at the same time he parted my lips with his tongue. Caleb was still pounding me with a brutal force, spanking my ass hard while I was working on getting Randy's cock to reach the back of my throat.

Nearly Twins - Part 3

group OldGeezer 2018-12-04

One time, I had been slowly fucking Karen, pumping my length deep into her and almost out, both of us watching as her pussy lips gripped my cock head as it almost parted from her, before it pushed deep down again, feeling her incredible muscles grip me as it penetrated her. Easy was the catchphrase indeed, as I lay back and let Gerry suck and lick and grip my cock until I felt my cum rising, started to pull out, but Karen just gently held me there as Gerry’s lips worked their magic, and my balls emptied a heavy load into Gerry’s throat.

Twice In A Lifetime Ch. 01

group KrrraaazzzyGuy 2018-11-06

Mindy, seeing this, began to kiss my shoulders and neck, and let her hands slide around and she took my rock hard cock into her hand, through my cotton long johns, squeezing insistently. It quickly became a three way kiss, the only time in my life it ever worked like that so naturally, and the next thing I knew I had my cock pressed hard into Mindy's perfect ass, and her soft, medium size breasts were bare in my hands, which I'd boldly slid underneath her halter top. "MMM…" she said, climbing up onto me as I lay breathing hard, "my turn to cum." She took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times, talking to it, saying, "and you too, huh big fella?

My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex - Part 13

group LuvitAll 2018-11-04

  I knelt on the bed to keep sucking and the other hands soon started unzipping my jeans and pulling them down over my arse.   We locked eyes again and she suddenly started sucking the guy very quickly, sliding her mouth up and down and rubbing his balls. She settled back on the bean bag after the guy pulled his cock from her mouth and took a gulp of her drink.   Towards the end I saw her back on the bean bag, undressed, being fucked by a guy while another knelt next to her head with his hard cock in her hand. The soft guy she had been sucking was sitting in the arm chair, also watching and rubbing his cock.