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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

MY FIRST NIGHT with Father-In-Law

group 2018-03-14

He understood and took some time, next day was engagement as he asked all our marriage got fixed after 6 months. I was shocked tried to get away, but he hold my right breasts and with his right arm, he slide form my left shoulder and directly inside my blouse, started crushing my breast. He started giving small strokes , then started heavy strokes, I never done for more than 15 mins with my hubby, but seems fil was on mission to fuck me whole night, I got 3 orgasm in last one hour but he was on super heat. At noon my mil took me to parlour and got me completely waxed and ready like bride. He fucked me whole night, next morning I went our as my mil opened door.

The Prankster's Deed - Dedicated to the lovel

group 2018-06-01

She felt like her stomach was going to pop with the amount of butterflies she had and could feel how horny she was getting as little wet drops slipped from her vagina and ran playfully over her asshole and down her perfectly peachy bums. Not being able to see, she knew that his face was close to her pussy as his breath seemed to freeze the sweet little trails left behind by her horny trickles. Oh how she loved that warm squishy feeling when he did that and his ability to vibrate the front of his tongue like the tip of a cat’s tail when it shows affection, always gave him the ability to make her cum within seconds!


group 2018-07-30

Then he enjoyed fucking her cunt and ass and making her suck his cock and swallow his cum. Two hours later his face was covered with cum as he sucked her clit and fingered fucked her cunt and ass then he decided to cock fuck her ass. He then fucked her ass and filled it with cum and then shoved his cock deep into her mouth making her suck and lick it. Today after he ate he took her to the play room and tied her hands to the hooks in the ceiling and then got his leather strap and gave her ass forty whacks then her tits twenty and her pussy another ten.

Holiday Cuckold

group 2017-12-05

I don't think I have ever been able to make her cum by only using my penis, although we do try very hard with Helen yelling at me during our fucking to stuff my little prick up her, and on several occasions bemoaning, quite loudly, the fact that my cock is too small for her to feel and that she wished I had a big one. Ben moved his legs further apart as my wife rubbed the sun lotion at the tops of his thighs and I'm sure that a few times her fingers grazed against his bollocks. Helen had her mouth open now and her tongue was running along her top lip as Ben slid his hands further down, pushing the top of her costume as he went.

Wife's Surprise Gangbang - Best Version - Rel

group 2017-11-20

He whistled and said, "Ooh yeah baby, I'm gonna fuck you like that later but now get your fat slut ass over here and sit on my cock." She turned back to him but not before I saw the look of pure lust in her eyes, I watched her dimpled fat ass wobble as she walked over to where he sat on my sofa with his cock now fully erect and at least 10 inches. They pushed the ottoman over so one man could sit down while she sucked his cock while another rammed his cock into her from behind, they pounded her hard like that sending her ass wobbling all over the place, "Ooh yeah Scott this bitch is hot," said the guy fucking her.


group 2018-10-01

The night he met her she had stripped down to nothing and she was showing her cunt to every one and let many men finger fuck her and she went to Ken and pulled his face to her pussy and rubbed it all over him. Then he told the first friend "Come over here and take your cock out and let her suck it as I fuck her ass and finger her cunt. Come over here." As the friend came over and took his cock out she grabbed it and stroked it then took it in her mouth and sucked every inch to her throat and sucked him hard as Ken fucked her ass and cunt.

Friday night at the Cock & Ass Tavern

group 2018-02-26

I've got a nice fat one, there's plenty of unoccupied backside for you to fuck." An eager participant with a cock dribbling a generous amount of precum threw his leg over Erica and positioned his cock so that it lined up with the groove of her bum-cleft before starting to saw his throbbing willy back and forth down into it, colliding with every trust with the cock of the man currently balls deep in her anus. Sensing the end in sight, Erica started rapidly jerking the cock in each hand and increased the suction on the dick in her mouth, causing all the men to blast almost simultaneously, coating her shoulders, face, hair and throat with there ball-batter.

surprized by the wife 3

group 2018-09-05

Just a minute said a big naked man standing directly behind my wife. My wife looked a little bit nervous as his hands traveled up to her tits. Fuck me I thought his cock must be at least ten inches long to poke Shagging the arse off my wife and all j could do was watch or so I thought. Next thing I knew I felt what I thought to be the tip of someone's cock there loads in my mouth up my arsehole and up my wife's fanny. At home I said at least you didn't have to suck on a cock like I No she said not one cock did have to suck on I think it was about seven

surprized by the wife.

group 2017-10-30

When I went into the Nags Head pub my old mate Larry was at the bar. Wrong week said Larry thought the Russians arrived two weeks ago. I thought for a minute then said that's right the lying b-----d. Start licking and kissing the inside of her legs. I made my way to the bottom of the bed lifted the duvet and began to crawl Starting from her feet I began licking and kissing my way up her legs. but still liked a good fucking. licking and fingering it was time to stick my cock up her cunt. minutes before taking a deep breath and ramming it all the way home. By the way the wife's mother looked straight in the eye the next


group 2018-02-05

So, I respond and ask if they would mind sharing me with a few other guys who would be there - you know at least half wont show up, so you invite everyone right? Guy from email number one is an older black fella, big cut cock and his bud is white and about 7 inches it seemed. They all know they've got a genuine fuck pig to use and I'm workin my ass into his cock like a good anal slut should. Anyway, my door is always open to those guys and many, many more studs who love cock whores like me!

d***ken Filipina Fiance

group 2018-02-22

Two of the other girls took off all of my clothes while I was fucking Nisa, so now Irene and I both were totally naked. Nisa came up for air from Irene's pussy and turned around to unzip the pants of one of the straight guys and pulled them down to his feet. I withdrew my dripping cock out of her and then told all the guys, even the gay ones, to line up and take turns fucking Irene. It took a long time for me to cum but I finally did and that seemed to be the signal for the other guys to also ejaculate and soon Irene's whole face and much of her hair and breasts were covered in white sperm!

I Was Powerless To a Tribal

group 2018-07-26

He came close , grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on my wrist.”this is how they greet a lovely lady in the west,dont they??”. Pleasing our guests,”he said that with pride and a smile on his face.” my name is a little big,you can call me alan,the name I got when I studied in goa. “We dont get married,” he said.”if a man is attracted to a woman he performs a ritual describing his need to bond with the female. “In the end,”he said looking into my eyes.”the women has to touch the mans feet,accepting him mentally and sexually. I brought down my hands.”you are a a****l,” i teased as i grasped for breath.” then pet me ,”he smiled.

Final viva

group 2018-08-19

My professor asked me to sit down on the table, and he sat on the chair, took my fully exposed breasts in his hands and started to squeeze and suck them with his mouth. It was hard to focus on my teacher professor with the other professor’s cock pushing inside my mouth. My teacher professors cock felt smaller than the other cock in my mouth, and didn’t push so hard into my throat, so I could start to get a better control of the situation. My teacher professor put his cock back inside my pussy and thrusted hard, but pulled out after a little while, and ejaculated his warm sperm out over my stomach and crotch.

My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

group 2018-10-01

Immediately he jumped on me and started smooching very hard and playing with my boobs and rubbing my pussy over my dress. He pressed it hard and i began moaning in pleasure, he kissed and softly bit my boobs over the bra. He got angry and slapped me hard on the face and i fell down on the floor from the bed. The other one in my pussy, sucking, kissing, licking, inserting his tongue into my pussy and fingering it. Everyone got very angry and hit me everywhere, kicked my stomach, slapped my boobs, ass and face, pulled my hair and hurt me. They got me on the bed and my bf started fucking my pussy. He started banging my pussy hard and one guy fucked my mouth.

Forgive Me, Shiroo – Part 2

group 2018-04-07

As soon as she put down her hands, he held her by her arms, pushed her against the wall, pressed himself against her and started kissing her lips. “Do I value that much to you?” She asked, looking into his eyes, unbuttoning and then removing his shirt and then pulling up his west, exposing his muscular chest. To be honest, when I was away, I missed you more than any other man would miss his love…” As he started rubbing her arms all the way down, and then up again, and said, “I know it is, but I wanna be humiliated little, by someone who loves me…” She rubbed his left thigh, as he looked at her arm. “no honey…” He said as he rubbed her left cheek with his right hand and squeezed it softly.

College Life – Part 3 – The Holiday

group 2018-06-01

Mukesh came forward and grabbed my navel with his hand and said,’Tujh jaisi item bhi kaha milegi Ruchi…’ I pulled the spaghetti over my head and threw it in his face, laughing. Very slowly, he took two ice-cubes from the tray, gave one to Sumit and came closer, and they both started rubbing them over my exposed nipples. “Correction,” Mukesh said lazily, “she just came for the first of many time today.” They kept rubbing my pussy and ass as I slowly recovered from the orgasm. Sumit put his hand towards my ass, slowly rubbed downward through my ass and inserted two fingers deep inside my pussy and started pumping.

The Whore And The Gangbang – Part 3

group 2018-08-31

Waiter- Man toh bohot kuch karne ka hai pr nahi kar sakta? Waiter- I will do what u guys said till u are here will satisfy ur every need . Rahul – Dekha randi ko bhi aag lagi hai. The boys were very horny now after watching me getting fucked by the waiter.They all and the waiter were abusing me calling me whore and randi. Waiter came Rahul- last night we had deal right? Rahul- Randi ki aag bujhani hai aaj fir His cock was so big and I was shouting with pain but hearing my shout immediately, waiter came near my mouth and fill my mouth with his already hot and erected cock while

The Whore And The Gangbang--2

group 2018-09-23

But Rahul didnt allow him ..and said “No one would clean this slut…let her be in our cum and spit … she should not be allowed to clean herself!!” So the boys move aside and now the manager grabs my ass and starts in my pussy !! Kumar says “yeah she should be pissed upon..first let her throw on floor and then we would piss on her…let her be on ground filled in filthy cum, sweat, spit and now our peee.” They catch me from my hands and legs and put me down on floor… I am now sitting on floor..heads down…totally exhausted..not in a condition to resist at all…The boys come over me and start peeing…I can feel the warm liquid over my head,, face… breasts…and under my ass!!

Smita Was Pure Lady But Her Husband?

group 2018-05-29

This time session last long little more and ended Abhishek lying naked on Smita’s hot naked body with his penis in her vagina deeply in and his penis was throwing sperm in her pussy and his hands on her shoulder ,chest on her boobs , lips on her lips kissing passionately. For few seconds both were looking in each others eyes like true lover and then moved for long missionary session which ended in same way as yesterday with one more thing that in Mahesh was sitting in chair near to them like defeated king tide by knot and winner of the battle was Abhishek having his dick in Queen’s pussy.

Car Orgy With My Office Friends

group 2018-04-25

I turned to back seat and I was shocked to see this – Jyothi had pulled down her pants and had vibrating dildo in her hand using which she was masturbating herself and Hema was taking a video of her. Ashwini who was just driving till now, stopped the car at a remote place near the highway and took camera from my hand and started shooting us. Ashwini took off her pants and inserted the dildo in her pussy and did the similar way Hetal was doing. Even Hetal, Hema and Jyothi went down without their panties. Also, if you all want to have sex chat, role play, share fantasies, connect to me.

Tales from the Pussy (Part 1)

group 2018-09-26

We'd been married roughly about 5-6 years by this time & I had met Patrick My birthday was upcoming & my husband would usually surprise me ultimate birthday surprise & allowed him to fuck me any way he chose & Unbeknownst to me, my husband & Patrick had crept in & sat across from me, my husband announced that Patrick was in fact my birthday gift & I could do whatever hits my pussy & body harder & harder as I'm sucking My husbands cock for all it's worth!!! Patrick starting on bottom & my husband on top.. I let my hands wander down towards Patrick's shaft & oh my god, it was absolutely huge!!

Brutal b*****rs – Part 5

group 2017-10-27

And within a minute I was sitting naked between Ankur and Ajay and till then Manish explained the driver who I really was a slut he said and why he was taking me for the vacation, now the each and every person was enjoying my embarrasses and while I was about to be fucked in a moving car, Ankur’s dick was out of his pants by now a he held my head and bend me towards his dick and shoved his 8 inch monster in my mouth gagging me like hell after gagging me like that for few minutes I felt something near my ass and it was Ajay making his way in my ass and he shoved his dick in my ass and now they both fucked me like that in rhythm for half an hour and when they were done I was transferred to the back seat where Rohit and Sam used me the same way for an hour or half.

What my sub wants

group 2018-09-26

I'm not short of volunteers and as soon as they've obeyed my slut slides seductively out of the door and stands with her beautiful pert tits high, her nipples hardened in the night air, right in front of 12 complete strangers with their cocks in their hands, apart from the one that you're servicing. It's all action down below now too as the first guy is climbing on to your slutty wife and forcing his big thick, uncut cock, bareback up her quivering pussy hole. he wanks his big hard cock and tells you to lick the end for lube, before placing it against her tight married bum hole and starting to push himself into her stretching anal passage.

My Dirty Ex and Her Husband

group 2018-01-10

If I wrote about all the times we sucked, fucked, screwed and made love, I would have finally written a masterpiece, dripping with passion and the juices of our bodies. Thomas sucked the first one I sucked when the guy came into the neighboring booth. Who knows who the guy is but he came in Thomas’ mouth. I told Thomas to fuck her hard. While he was over there the guy fucked me in the ass. Thomas fucked her some more and then ate her out real good. Then the guy started fucking me doggy and I ate the woman out while using the bigger dildo that I have on her.