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Wife fucks while I work

hardcore woreout 2018-11-12

Her boss bought a Prevost motor home from a guy in Miami Florida and since I have a commercial driver license he asked my wife if I would go down and drive it back to Atlanta. When my wife asked me she said he told her that he would give her time off with pay so she could come along with me. But my wife told me she had changed our plans and that Jackie was driving us down then riding back with us as we towed his Jeep. After about an hour on the interstate my wife told Jackie let's go try out the master bedroom. We had a nice supper and the entire time my wife told me how Jackie had fucked her like a man possessed.

Don't Drink Alcohol

hardcore jpjai007 2018-10-30

Following a great dinner with specifically purchased mood music and rose petals on the bed may seem like a good idea at the time, in reality you're putting far too much pressure onto a situation. Whatever the occasion, playing this kind of music before entering a stressful situation can help you achieve a generally more positive sense of being and make it easier to undertake stressful situations in a more confident manner. Firstly, it helps you concentrate on something other than your performance and gives your little soldier time to think about joining in. With a little bit of practice you should easily find yourself a bedroom master in no time, allowing you to stay relaxed during sex.

Teaching the whore a lesson

hardcore the_teaser 2018-10-02

I come over to you and whisper in your ear: "I will fuck this girl in front of your eyes and I want you to watch us." You groan, getting turned on by the thought, your pussy starting to twitch a little. You like to see my big, fat dick and plus you believe that it’s now finally your turn of getting fucked. But you’re very cock-hungry so you keep going and going, literally jumping up and down on my dick, your big tits bouncing in front of my face, one wave of pleasure following the next until your legs don’t support you anymore.

My first gang-bang number eight was my b*****r

hardcore 2018-09-18

Growing up I shared a room with my younger b*****r, and at night I would lie and listen and watch as he wanked himself, his bed illuminated by the street lamp, my own in the darkest part of the room, I also enjoyed the pleasure of masturbation, but unknown to him. I went into the bedroom where I had entertained the men and noted there was a window still open, at the far end of the room, anyone could have entered the window and taken advantage, I mean I was 'hog-tied' and blindfolded, and besides everyone had had their fun with me so no-one would have interested in checking in on me.

6 Back to Reality

hardcore SidTheSexist 2018-08-06

I let myself in and headed upstairs; Liz was laid on her bed stark naked with Rob laid next to her snoring his head off and dead to the world “What’ve you done to the poor lad?” I asked smiling “Think I’ve worn him out” answered Liz “We were shagging until about six this morning – trouble is he’s out cold and I’m still horny – I don’t suppose you fancy obliging do you?” she asked, looking at me with lust in her eyes “Sorry Liz – I’d love to but I’ve already come twice this morning and I gotta get home – work tomorrow” I answered.

Who Knew Renting out my Extra Bedroom would be so

hardcore cvilleguy74 2018-08-05

Skinny dipping is allowed only after 11pm (my neighbors can’t really see my pool area anyway, but this helped cut down on all the other raunchy play, because I think people thought they would be seen any earlier in the day. “Well, you’re divorced, living in this sweet place alone, no girlfriend to speak of and I’ve got you rubbing my legs and back and you just walk away.” They were cozy/flirty with one another, then she got up, walked over to the pool, dragged her foot thru the water, and with no hesitation, took off all her clothes and jumped in for a swim. She saw him and was startled at first, but he looked like he was having a good time watching and not going to turn them in or anything.


hardcore zeb1049 2018-07-11

I really don’t know any of these people, was invited by a friend, Jeff Parker.” He turned and stepped ahead as the line moved once more. I saw the guy who had just cum in her mouth get up and crawl off the bed exhausted. The line moved again at the cry of pleasure from the woman on the bed and was just as quickly muffled by the cock that was pulled from her pussy and shoved into her mouth. I was getting close to cuming and he still hadn’t moved, if he didn’t move I was going to cum inside this woman.

Chat room love....

hardcore anotherperv 2018-06-26

Stranger: *walks to the bathroom and slams the door then strips getting in the shower* Stranger: *slips in the hall but quickly gets up running to the bedroom* Stranger: *screams and slams the bedroom room door locking it* Stranger: *takes to the blanket in my hand and sits next to you putting it around your head* Stranger: *nods slowly and grins realizing you dont remember the fight* Stranger: *puts the curtain back up and wipes all the water off the floor and grabs your clothes throwing them in the room and walks back to you and sits on the counter infront of you* do you remember anything ? Stranger: *looks at you* well atleast you dont remember me naked

My Sexy Aunt

hardcore joverde9 2018-04-29

She went into her bedroom and started to undress with the door open probably not remembering that I was in the adjacent living room reading a book. When she first went into the bedroom she was in her robe, her back was to the door and she removed the robe and placed on the bed and walked to the right towards her dresser. Then she slipped on her shoes and came out of the bedroom and offered me some Vernor's Ginger Ale. I adjusted my woody as best I could, down my pants leg and got up and went to the table where we sat for a few minutes and made small talk about when she used to baby sit for me.

secrets p2

hardcore 2018-04-06

I wanted make sure mom didn't catch me going I looked at all the different junk mom had secretly textures I couldn't believe my eyes that my mom had all quietly slid the container back under the bed so mom mom using her sex toys, but only visualizing mother time by studying mom's habits, documenting her life by For my Christmas mom bought me a high performance My mind visualized a blueprint of mom's bedroom to Mom left the house for a little while to get us a pizza New Year eve so Mark and mom would have the entire imagined the possibility that mom was going to use her together and the lacing looked like red grill marks

The Game

hardcore Daleharris 2018-03-15

Shortly after I got to my bedroom, I heard Tim and Margaret going at it again. I had developed a pretty good routine with my classes, studying, avoiding Tim and Margaret, and having time to masturbate late into the night or early mornings. It meant daily reports about my day, including how I felt about certain situations, being nude and on cam whenever I was in my room, limiting my time with friends, and always letting him know what I was up to.....and anything he wanted me to do for him. During this time period, Tim was traveling and Margaret would masturbate in her bedroom most every night he was gone. I had to ask but just before I could speak Margaret told me Tim was my Master......

Swimming Pool - with my s****r in law

hardcore StuddYash 2018-02-09

was just taking a walk in the garden (trees whr so thick that, none of the neighbours will be able to see inside the garden n the swimming pool n compund walls whr of 12 ft height) my s****r in law (NISHA) took a nap after lunch n came in search of me.. just removed my t shirt and jumped into the pool n started swimming.. after sometime she got convinced went inside the bedroom closer to the pool removed her capri n t shirt n came to the pool in her bra n panty.. she slowly stepped into the pool n started enjoying by sitting in one of the steps inside..


hardcore 2017-12-27

She was a small girl, barely over five feet tall—five-foot-three to be exact—but she gave off the feeling of someone much taller due to the proud way she held her head high as she walked out of the alley and turned a corner walking down a well-populated street in downtown Los Angeles. Now as she stood in the corner of the elevator she contemplated leaving, but then the bell rang and the doors opened. Slowly she lowered her eyes to stare at the small circular hole in the center of the door. She heard running bath water suddenly and her head jerked quickly to her left where a long corridor led to the master bedroom and bathroom. She stopped in front of the open bedroom door and turned slowly on her heel, staring into the room.

The Villa - Chapter 1

hardcore donrubble 2017-11-13

We managed to get flights that would land at about the same time, so our first meeting would be in the airport arrivals area and that's where it all started. I landed first only to find out that her flight had been delayed due to bad weather, luckily only 30 minutes so I organised the car and got rid of my bags. The flight finally landed and then the longest wait in my life for you to walk through the doors. We finally talk, just little things about the flight. Between us we manage to get all of our things into the villa before night descends, it happens so quickly it amazes us. I leave the bedroom, start turning the lights out through the villa.

I finally fucked Jessica after 10 years

hardcore blackpairofshades 2017-11-08

Jessica is now 36yrs old, very tall, ex volleyball player now a volleyball coach, brunette with the finest big apple butt ass out there, with a huge shaved cameltoe, and elegant manicure pedicure. I ate her ass and pussy like heaven and she sucked my cock and deep throated it. She turned back on all fours without losing time and I fucked that cameltoe so hard that it gaped. She then asked me to fuck her ass. I fucked and came in her ass 3 times that night. She told me she had never been fucked like that before. Her ass prolapsed that night from the pressure and I went to a 24h open pharmacy to buy 2 enemas.