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Desi Bengali Girl Fucked Beside Pond

hardcore bava12 2018-06-23

We went to the Pond near 12pm, my friends and i were bath nude in the water. She took 4-5 dips under the water, which was her bust high, and her maxi was now adhering to her body, I can easily see her nipple and huge round breasts. When they saw me holding my dick and crying they came near me and put my head on Manu’s boobs. I forgot my pain and started sucking on her boobs… Sonu fucked her mouth and Kochi fucked her vagina… She squealed like a 12 year old and this continued for another hour… She became our fuck buddy, I got to suck her boobs in my house, even after she became a mother.

The Landlord's Daughter - Chapter 1

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-06-15

Clyde said that he was fully booked, but as Mark was a single diner and he knew he didn't get too many chances to get away from the bar he would bring out an extra small table. With Rose's quick breaths gently tickling his ass Mark took a good look at her tits and cunt. Rose told Hetty a lot about the f****y financial problems and how Mark and she were going through an exciting revival of their marriage so there was good reason to be hopeful about the future. He Gestured to the new bar and started to explain its décor when Rose said "yes it's wonderful." She took Hetty's arm and took her to the most important door in the place.

My First Sex Turns Out From Revenge

hardcore bava12 2018-06-13

I gave her a tight hug and asked her to come on top of me and ride on me, she obliged and wow, the feeling of my dick inside a warm pussy got me so happy and excited, she saw me going crazy and started riding gently, I was getting close since it was my first time, I told her and she slowed down even more, got of me slowly asking me “where would you want to cum?”, I didn’t know what to say, it was my first experience, I left it on her, for which she gave a sly wink and started sucking me hard, within few seconds I said I am cumming, she increased her pace and started gulping all my cum, Kritika sucked every drop of my cum very smoothly, gave a huge kiss on my dick, looked at me to find me all satisfied and calm, I pulled her towards me gave a huge hug and smooched her, told her “I love you, I just really love you, you are the best thing on earth” she looked at me with a spark in her eyes and kissed me again the same way she kissed me first.

Her Boyfriend Left Her Alone Suddenly

hardcore bava12 2018-06-08

Since he was my best friend, I didn’t think that I needed to call him. When my friend went to his room, I told the girl that we should also go to sl**p. I just couldn’t believe that I was fucking such a hot girl. As soon as I took off my pant, she started sucking my dick. Her pussy was wet and there was a psst psst sound whenever she jumped on my dick. Kissed me and sucked my dick and again went back to jumping. And for my next story, I will tell you guys how I fucked my friend’s gf (who was turned on by me fucking that girl).

Both girls had nice cocks..

hardcore scorpiodragon 2018-06-06

*she moaned, I moaned too MMMMMMMM she almost instantly grew inside my mouth I can feel it in my throat I gagged and gasped for air at the same time, my eyes watering I had a big smile on my face and I said WOW you have a nice big dick, almost 10 full inches (when hard) I wanted more. i moaned yes please *I want your dick* she then put it all the way inside, mmmmmm feels good i said why thrusting hard cock deep started to really pounded me...

Grace 4-French Ecstasy

hardcore aristidis500 2018-06-04

Grace spread her legs even further, pushing up her ass to give him maximum space to shove his hot meat deep into her. The crowd gasped, watching the man’s long wet cock slowly exiting Grace’s body. While Grace’s face buried itself deep inside the woman’s red hole, hands ran down between her ass cheeks, pushing them apart. The man underneath her pulled out his throbbing cock and onlookers watched how large strands of milky hot cum shot out of his red dickhead and landed on her stomach and chest. Grace moved slowly between podiums, watching, rubbing her clit while slightly squatting, white sperm running out of her holes down her legs. The crowd gasped and saw close-up how he slowly pushed in his long meat, sliding up her wet, puffy red hole.

controlled by him

hardcore 2018-05-21

Then the dancer spread the girls legs and showed the men her shaved pussy. Next the dancer shoved the girls head down to her pussy and she began to lick and suck her as the men cheered. The dancer got on her hands and knees as the young girl put on the huge strap on and moved behind her and shoved the strap on into her ass. She began to fuck the ass as her other hand brought a dildo and rammed it in the dancers cunt. Filling her with his cum he told her "Tomorrow you and the daughter will entertain a college faternity and then you will fuck each one any way they want." He was going to go home and count the money his slut would earn him.

My s****r Cassie

hardcore adel5000 2018-05-21

I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, but the way she was gasping and panting led me to believe that she liked it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but I knew that I didn’t want things to stay weird between us forever. “Good.” She pulled away with a smile, but her smile quickly faded as she looked down and noticed my hard-on though my shorts. She was still twisting around a little but it didn’t seem like she was trying very hard to knock me off. I started moving my hand slowly up and down, noticing how soft the skin felt despite how stiff it was.

My sexual fantasy and physically perfect woman

hardcore Jdawg20 2018-05-21

my physically perfect woman, has to have real breasts. nothing fake! she need to have a nice round ass. Something i can grab onto when fucking her. Her breasts should be DD or an E. nothing to large. And i like a girl with puffy nipples! I dont like it when girls starve themselves just to be skinny. I think bbws are sexy. a littl bit of a stomache is sexy My fantasy is to start fucking in a hot tub, and work our way to the bed. As in havin sex on the floor on the way to the bedroom. And i wana take a girl on a kitchen table or counter just to say i did it

The Cowboy and College Girl Chapter 12 and 13

hardcore alittlebashfull 2018-05-19

"Will, you had your chance." Will says "Josie told me about your new boyfriend." Vanessa answers "Will leave me alone." Will says "Okay I will just wait right here until you come home." and hangs up the phone. "Josie just called I have an emergency can you take me back to my apartment." I am sort of taken by surprise "Yes, what is wrong?" Vanessa says "I just need to go now." I ask "Do we need to stop by the house and your clothes first?" Vanessa "No just take me home quick." We get in the truck and drive away. I ask "Do you want me to wait for you?" Vanessa turns toward and says "No, go home and I will call you later about getting my clothes.

Having my daughter at the week-end Part 2 Frankie

hardcore delmohawk 2018-05-19

“You go to school with no knickers on” “Actually Dad I don’t have knickers any more I wear panties, I’m a big girl now almost a woman” “But you go to school like this” “Well to be honest I wouldn’t dream of going to school with no panties on; I am teasing you; I took them off in the alley; I knew it would shock you; and I like it when you look at my pussy" “I love to look at your pussy” I told her “I know you do” she said “but I have to go upstairs and do my homework; or maybe I will masturbate instead; only k**ding; what time are we going out?” “Bout half seven sound good” “great” she said “I should have this cracked by then its not much”.

Do or Die - part 1 /10

hardcore blackforblond 2018-05-19

On the third day I got an offer from some kind of business man and he wanted to build a vacation resort and needed plans, foreman for builders and I could do everything that was needed. I couldn’t push her away anymore and I did have needs that I had overlooked, because I wanted to be faithful to Sue. The girl whispered something into my ear, I didn’t know what she said, but I could take a guess it was something about sex. She was like hot slave right there in my firm grip, her black body trembled from the waves of pleasure, her skin was hot, her perky tits were harder than the rocks outside and her moaning would make even a deaf and blind man horny.

The Cumslut Cagney

hardcore 2018-05-19

I didn't want to make things tense with questions or demands so I just started to slowly edge my hands up her arms and inside the back of her shirt. "there you are, sorry about last night Cagney I guess I went too fa-" I couldn't finish what I was saying before she stepped forward and put her hand over my mouth. She nodded her head up and down slightly as I pulled my hand out of her mouth. I put my hands on each side of her head and slowly inched my cock into her warm mouth. I slowly pulled my cock out but kept my hands on her head. "....ok" she said - her hands slid away from me and she headed for the door.

My Sexual Fantasy became a Reality

hardcore Fridagirl 2018-05-18

I had completely turned the whole situation into a toilet sex between two strangers, and even as I got into the whole thing, he came inside me and fled, leaving me desperately masturbating myself, trying to complete the fantasy he had just started, and the thing is, I never saw he was, but many years later he contacted me anonymously, and reminded me of the night. 'To teach her a lesson', I replied, my voice was thick, and I walked over, reached down, and placed his hand on the bare thigh, inches from her panty line, 'Just massage her here', I said, and as I focused my camera, I saw his fingers touch her through her panties.

Cheerleader at the mall pt2

hardcore motherof2 2018-05-15

Tati squirmed under the guard as her body was overwhelmed by the sensations it felt. Seeing the dildo strapped to the clerk, she wrapped an arm under Tati's back and lifted her as she rolled over. The girl was sandwiched between the two women now, her pussy and her ass filled with the slimy dildo's. So as not to hurt her, the women slowly ground the dildo's into the girl rather than pumping her hard. Finally, after more than 90 minutes of it, the 2 women pulled the dildos out of the spent girl. Once the clerk had gotten out of the way, the guard pushed the sweaty girl off of her and back onto the floor.

my life so far! diary of a sex addict!

hardcore martinman 2018-05-14

i never feel in love with any ladies but i did have a few long tern girlfriends, but like everything else in my life apart from burning i was getting numb to the sex, it was not exciting me, so then i found a woman who was into swinging, we went to parties, had a few people who would call over every other week or so. 4 years later we were still together, 9 years i am not going to say i stayed faithful all that time because i would be lying but she never found out, but yet again i was back to were i was before, life seemed dull, please dont get me wrong i love my k**s with all my heart and there is nothing that i would not do for them but being with a woman for 9 years who you dont love and who you have never loved was like living in hell.

The Slave Girl (Chapter 3)

hardcore wastedaway 2018-05-09

Seth Burdett was studying her hard, enjoying every moment, curious about a girl named Corey Gibson. "I´ve been whipped, so I know what it´s like." Audrey Cotswold´s one free hand reached awkwardly to trace its fingers softly across Corey´s ridged back. Mustafa possessed one of the other of them daily, working his way through the coffle from back to front as though keeping the three white girls for dessert with an impatient Amrah as the liqueur. As the current consignment of feminine pulch tritute from the stable of Mustafa and Burdett clinked its coffle through empty moonlit streets and shuffled its female feet in sand still warm from daylight sun, Corey Gibson could believe herself transported back a thousand years.

i love pussy and BIG dick

hardcore imissit 2018-05-07

I have a wify and we are in love with each other not playing..........for 7 yr's .but when I was 6 I wood have love to be a girl..I love looking good that wood be so fun ...bute I am happy with the way I am .....I love the look of women..

Girlfriend comes home

hardcore hrnyazcpl4dp 2018-05-06

She said it felt so good and the thought of a different cock other than mine inside her made her cum right away. She said they fucked for a long time before he finally came inside . I should of been mad but when she told me he came in her my cock just swelled more and I started to fuck her harder. We both agreed that was the best sex we had together in a long time and I told her again I was not mad but had to start getting ready for work and we would have a repeat when I came back home.


hardcore grofodmilutovac 2018-05-06

On our third day maybe, I was talking to a girl that was topless, with big, round boobs (she was english), and she stared at my bulge, while i was acting like I dont see nothing wrong with it. So, since my wife went on a massages for 2 hours each day, I used that time to chat that girl up. I saw her face in that half pain - half pleasure phrase,and then i remembered I dont have a condom, and that I am fucking an ass fucked many times before by who knows how many guys, and that gave me a raging build up in my groin, so I started fucking her, hard, fast and furious.

I took my daughter in the car

hardcore pornaholic63 2018-05-05

It all started last week when I was driving my daughter home from cheerleading practice. It had already gotten dark by the time practice had finished and after waiting outside the school, my little girl hopped in the passenger side of the truck and kissed my cheek. "Yes Daddy, I want it so BAD!" She rode me like a teenage girl driven by pure lust. I whispered into her ear, "Your getting Daddy so hot baby, I going to cum in this tight wet pussy of yours." I gripped her ass and pulled her hair while I came inside my own daughter's 19 year old pussy.

Renting out a room

hardcore 2018-05-02

Show your husband what a slut you are for shemale cock," Stacy continued, nodding as my wife sank to her knees, licking her lips and staring at the girl's large cock as I worked my mouth around it. I was helpless to do anything but what Stacy demanded and while my wife bobbed her head up and down the long shaft, I brought my mouth lower, to the base of that beautiful girl-cock, drinking deep the rich scent of her shemale musk. I couldn't help but lean forward, pressing my lips to the shaft and giving Stacy's cock a lingering kiss of devoted love before guiding the smooth round head to my wife's hungry pussy.

Almost perfect

hardcore Sara32 2018-04-30

:) The girls cheered, Jerry looked stunned, Mark patted me on the bum and said “That’s my girl!” I smiled at Jerry afterwards and asked, “Did you like that?” Then followed it up with, “I loved showing that girl how to do it properly. Tom however heard our conversation, “Hey Sara, have you got no knickers on he asked?” I turned and lifted my skirt up a bit and showed him my left bum cheek. I looked at him, smiled, winked, licked the tip of Mark’s cock and said, “That’s why I came in here… to get a drink as well… I’m reeeeallly thirsty!

The Storm

hardcore adel5000 2018-04-28

“Yeah, and I’m sorry I bit your head off like that”, Roy apologized to her. Roy carefully felt her left leg, starting at the top of her thigh and working down As they got over their laughing fit, Roy figured out that Chrissy hadn’t broken any Roy felt like yelling at her, but something stopped him. feel good in his hand, and he couldn’t think of a nicer place to warm his half-frozen Roy returned to pleasuring her, and the heat in her chest rose, warming his hand Roy slid his finger down her slit again, tickling her nub and feeling her try to push leg hurt like hell, but the need to feel his fingers on her love button was more