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hardcore bava12 2018-11-24

The eldest woman who must be 35 called me near her and taking my dick in her hand she said. They didn’t looked big enough before due to her loose t shirt but when I pressed them hard I could not grasp them both in my hands. Preeti was no more in her control and she slowly whispered “Fuck me, fuck me hard” I was already very excited now and could not waste any moment of time. The other women still giving their expert sound effects and comments from behind but these didn’t matter neither to me nor Preeti I suppose. I dressed up and left the house fully satisfied with my first service and pretty sure that I would be called many more times in the house.

My 2nd wife made my dreams come true

hardcore bava12 2018-11-01

If one made a comment, the other had to respond and one time we were in the teasing process and I bent down to count the inventory on the bottom rack and jeet grabbed me from the back put his arms around my waste, his lun to my gaand and gave me few quick strokes until I got away. Nina’s bhabi (jeet’s wife preeti) took me and nina to one bedroom and said, akele jo bee bat karni hai, kar lo, sharmana mat, khul kar karna. I then asked her to pretend that jeet was fucking her and she didn’t wait for me to lead and started saying, oh jeet, chod do mujhe, tere lun ka majha bahut piyara hai, mere choot ab se tere hai, jab chahe mar sakte ho.