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Daddy's Little Girl

hardcore gorgeousBITCH 2018-12-01

The sensation turned me on even more and once again I began rubbing my aching clit, leaning my head back into the water as I slid my fingers back and forth, electricity pulsing through me. He sat up quickly to kiss me before moving his mouth back between my legs and began sucking my clit once again while moving his fingers in and out of my ass. Daddy's so proud of you," he leaned in and we kissed our tongues caressing each other, my ass throbbing, nipples tingling, and pussy still begging for his cock. "Now let me hear how much you love this," he said, sliding his cock back in and holding my tits in his face with both hands, sucking back and forth on each of my nipples.

Princess Diaries (10): Bell Auctioned

hardcore timojen 2018-11-09

They might ask you to pose, or act like a whatever fantasy they want filled,” she said. “I’m a virgin,” I said, no need to point out how much cum I’d swallowed in the last two weeks. “I’m your present, Ted. How old do you want me to be?” I asked, turning the tiring question around on him.  “Anything you want, Daddy!” It occurred to me he didn’t know I was a virgin and in a moment of pure inspiration, I added, “you know I always do what you ask. Ted pushed his hips forward in a jerk, fucking his cock deep inside my bloody sopping wet pussy.

Mr. Bradford's Sextoy - Part 1

hardcore Kali_Urriah 2018-11-05

I was on my knees with his cock lodged down my throat and only taking it out of my mouth to fuck his dick with my 36DD tits. One evening Mr. Bradford had his cock lodged deep in my ass and was holding onto my big tits for leverage as he pounded me from behind. Mr. Bradford was especially on fire that night, fucking my face and my ass really hard, calling me dirty names with a harsh intensity, pulling my hair, squeezing and pulling my nipples and slapping my tits and spanking my ass. "'Damn, look at those big fucking tits,'" he said taking one in his mouth. "His wife was upstairs as he was banging some young, drunk, big tit slut," Mr. Bradford said.

House Sitting Adventure

hardcore jnusk 2018-10-31

He maneuvered up the bed and said, “Suck my cock and taste your sweet pussy juice.” My body tingled as I was about to get my dessert. It was so exciting, a big cock fucking me from behind, Pam’s essence in my mouth and my thoughts of making this a real threesome! He placed Pam’s pussy flavored panties in my mouth and began to kiss me. He thrust deep, arched his back and groaned as his hot cum flooded into my cock-filled pussy. Soon after, on the bed, arm in arm, he asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if Pam was actually here now to eat my cum from your wet pussy?”