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Erotic Hardcore Sex stories

A large collection of group sex stories about hardcore sex.

She Got It Hot in Honolulu

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-06-27

Em spent the morning by the pool with her new Brazilian hidden in a nice little white bikini she’d bought at the hotel shop in Kawaii to replace the one that had been hotly ruined by the surf and her randy American. Mike said, “I would like to strip you.” Em’s nipples tried to break out of her bra. Em said, “Oh god!” Then he put the two little towels in place, one over her hips and the other over her breasts. Em lay there with her nipples and her pussy on fire and imagined how it would feel when the little towels were hotly drawn off her soon.


hardcore uncliqued_ 2018-06-27

“Hm, something I hope,” I said looking at Michael, while “accidentally” brushing my hand against his hard dick. “Yeah, you know I love you, girl,” Trey said into the phone. He turned to Michael and said, “Atleast I can love people. He kissed the scream right off of my lips and pulled his wet, big, wide dick out of me and slowly moved it back in. Then, he started kissing my neck. “I love this dick, Daddy,” I got out in a moan. He slammed into me one more time and then pulled out. Fuck it's coming,” I felt his dick get even bigger inside me and he picked me up as he got up.

The Brothel Madam

hardcore MissKittenSK 2018-06-27

I am the Brothel Madam, come to welcome you and see what I can get for you, we have some wonderful girls here. you decide it's me you want. Do I know you from somewhere?

Thirty-one Days: Part 1

hardcore rojack99 2018-06-27

My internal sensors are correct. My internal sensors should be obeyed. Of second guessing. I will definitely be a scurrier. It was an older voice, belonging to somebody my father’s age. The almighty wizard must have ruled in my favor. Tax rules and all. It was to be on the honor system, as we couldn’t figure out how to get video documentation of so many conquests without being caught by some angry bird. An angry bird combined with today’s social media could quickly spell the end of our little adventure. No, the honor system and juicy details would suffice to document the journey. Alone I went, on my journey to fun, fame and fucking. “Der……David,” I correct myself. The scurrier.

Fucking my way to New Year

hardcore cindy_4u 2018-06-27

For new year, one of my fuck buddy’s, James, wanted to take me out to this nice night club with a hot blonde to show off on his on his arm. I asked if he wanted to help select my dress, but James said he would only after he was finished fucking me. While Barry was grabbing his drink, I made my way to my table and told James I would be leaving with someone else. He pulled the thong to the side, pushed his cock into my soaking wet pussy and started to fuck me like his slut. This time he was fucking me hard and with purpose and pushing every inch of his cock in my tight wet pussy.

Me And My Gf In Bangalore Lost Our Virginity

hardcore bava12 2018-06-27

then I started to lick her pussy and she was screaming like hell; in no time she cummed on my face. In no time my dick was inside her mouth she was giving me awesome blow job; after few minutes I told m going to cum to which she ignore and I cum in her. Then I put some Vaseline on her pussy as well as on my dick and again started trying to break her virginity; after some try I could insert the tip of my dick; then I gave a big jerk and half of my dick was inside her, she gave a huge scream, tears rolled out of her eyes and asked me withdraw my dick to which I refused.


hardcore bava12 2018-06-27

Michael s big black body moved in between Neha.’s white legs pressing her into the sofa, her legs in the air spread wide as he placed the massive head of his black cock to her cunt rubbing up and down her slit. Michael s big black body moved in between Neha.’s white legs pressing her into the sofa, her legs in the air spread wide as he placed the massive head of his black cock to her cunt rubbing up and down her slit. Neha then surprised me even more, I couldn.’t believe it, her hips bucked up and down,.Oh god Jeff, then I want him to pull his big black cock out of me with his cum all over it and I want him to straddle my face and fuck my mouth with his big balls bouncing off my chin..

What A Surprise

hardcore Green_Man 2018-06-27

But she was squeezing my ass with both hands now and pulling hard against her fucking mouth. In any case I was about to give this skank's mouth some come, and she was going to swallow some of it, while I sprayed the rest all over her pretty little face. I wanted to see her smiling as she drank my spunk and then took the rest on her face and body. I rubbed her cunt and got some juices all over my palm, then I pushed her, still on her knees, to the end of the tub, and I knelt behind her, lubricating her ass hole with her own pussy juices. Humping my ass, I fucked her for as many comes as she wanted and needed.

Plane Whore - Upgrade

hardcore VirgoGo 2018-06-26

One time, while Phil was reading from one of his binders, Zoe sat up and removed her sweater, revealing perfect C-cups, with the pointiest nipples I’d ever seen. I want your cock so bad, but my mouth needs to work up to the whole thing.” I turned my attention to the first three inches of Phil’s cock, letting my tongue and lips go crazy. I could feel Zoe climb off the bed as Phil resumed with my mouth. “Yes, Mistress.” Phil began to shove his cock into me at a pace set by Zoe, who was using her crop as a metronome. It took only a few seconds of rapid stroking before I heard Phil grunt, and I felt the warm strings of cum land on my face and neck.

Carol - Part Five

hardcore mike8253 2018-06-26

I was just thinking about it.” “What’s to think about? I told her about being teased; being kept on the edge and not allowed to cum. I acknowledged that I liked Sarah, and that we were close, but that we did not have sufficient time together to explore whether there were any romantic feelings. This is especially true when two people already want to be with each other, and the talk involves detailed descriptions of one’s sexual interests, needs, wants and desires. Her words sent shivers up my spine and blood rushing to my already swollen manhood. Carol moaned a little disappointed moan when I stopped, wanting me to play with her nipples a while longer.

First Surrender

hardcore mike8253 2018-06-26

I withdraw my cock from your wet, red lips, and move down a little so I can suck on your nipples and flick each nub back and forth with my tongue. Your mouth is wet and there is a bruised look around your lips; a film of sweat has formed on your forehead; your nipples are red and bruised and your pussy is fully open and leaking. Your back arches and lifts off the bed; your head is twisted back violently; your mouth opens wide in a silent scream; your eyes are clamped shut. You explode with your fourth orgasm, your body bouncing on the bed, eyes rolling back in your head, grunts and groans emanating from deep within your core.

Training a New Wife

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-06-26

Thomas had been looking after Margaret for some time whenever David was away so the request to spend two weeks at his house while he was on a business trip was no surprise. He took out a cane from where it had been unused since before his wife's death and gave her six hard strokes on the buttocks As the pain of the beating started to give way to a tingling warmth Bel took his prick in her mouth and thanked him with a sensual suck. In accordance with requirements Margaret removed all her clothes, checked that she was entirely hairless apart from her head and cleaned herself thoroughly, She put on her make up and when Thomas's car came up the drive she knelt in the front hall ready to receive him.

The Ranch - Chapter 7

hardcore DaisyBegsYou 2018-06-26

With that James led Bob to the side and Nancy picked up a coil of rope and came towards me. “I’m going to give you an anatomy lesson, Daisy,” Nancy said, “just because we want you to be absolutely clear about how you can play unless you are being bred.” “Now”, said Nancy, “Bob is going to help you figure out the other places that you can put a cock when you aren’t being bred.” “The lesson is that your cunt is untouchable by any man except at Miss Jane’s instructions.” Nancy said in my ear. Once I was standing James got a chair for me and then he and Bob left Nancy to get me unlocked and untied.

Ravi helped by Mom in sex during studies

hardcore bava12 2018-06-26

After 10 minute my mom came to the bed room and said, “Ravi, are you asl**p.” Then she switched on the tube light and lifted the blanket over my head and said “Ravi reply, are you sl**ping.” I didn’t have the guts to look at her face. After half an hour I went to the wash room which was next to the bed room, I was casual as mom was in deep sl**p and opened my pant took my tool out, with out locking the door properly. I removed the tool from the pussy and came near to her face and guided my cock in to her mouth, she sucked it and started shaking it front and back vigorously within no time I exploded in to her mouth.

cuckold lifestyle 17

hardcore woreout 2018-06-26

I started on her feet and worked my way to her thighs...then I noticed the Danskin wasn't zipped up all the way , I said did you know this zipper was down? I don't believe you I said ( I really did I was just in a hurry to get to that pussy) well pull down my pantyhose and have a wiff of what Keith's crotch smells like. They kept trying to rub her legs as she walked by, that kind of made her horny, so when she went on brake she called Keith to come up and wait on her to get off. It was almost dark when she walked out to Keith's truck , she said her coworkers where joking and saying that don't look like your husband's truck.

Ramu – The Gardener

hardcore bava12 2018-06-26

Mamta sucked the dick for 10 more minutes till Ramu ejaculated every drop of his cum out. Ramu started to push his dick in and out of her pussy and Mamta was moaning like anything. And after fucking Mamta for 10 more minutes; Ramu took out his dick. Ramu now placed his dick on the asshole and started to rub it there. Ramu now placed both his hands around the hips and he started to penetrate the dick in and take it out. Ramu started to pump again and Mamta was now okay with being fucked anally. Ramu started to fuck that asshole with lot more intensity now and Mamta gave him full support.

Faith and obedience Part 1

hardcore ByronLord 2018-06-26

A little after dawn, Mrs Hawclough brought Faith a maid's uniform and told her that the owner of the house was called Sir Horace and she would be paid ten shillings a week. As she raised her legs to display her sex and offer herself to Sir Horace, Nell wondered briefly what it must be like to be a person of quality like the stranger and not need to worry about a place to live or where the next meal would come from. But Sir Horace would brook no resistance and pulled her head round by her hair to face his cock still wet from coming in Nell's ass.

First Time Fucking My Hot Mom

hardcore bava12 2018-06-26

Mom was nude in the bed with a dildo in her hand. She started fucking her pussy fast with that dildo. She told that my father brought her a dildo and asked to satisfy her. I asked her does she like seeing blue film CDs. She told yes. I asked her whether she want see blue films. She asked whether I had any CDs. I told her I have no CDs but there are lots of blue films in my pc. She told that she was first seeing such a long dick. Then she made me nude and she took my dick in her mouth. She started sucking my dick. I took my dick out of her pussy.

Riviera Rave Sex Vacation (Part 4- finale)

hardcore Lisaberich 2018-06-26

Tom stood and soon I was taking turns between his and Dimitri's cock in my mouth while Patrick fucked me. I could barely support myself in the aftermath and slowly withdrew my tongue from Tom's anus as I let my arms slip off his thighs and laid myself on top of Dimitri, whose cock was still deep in my ass. His twisty penis was amazingly long even when it was softer, so I dropped my head a little to get the tip in my mouth without using my hands and proceeded to take several long trips up and down experiencing the same tastes I had inside Karine's ass.

Her Hot Weekend Home Massage

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-06-26

Damien put a hand in her wet pussy and two fingers into her entrance and said, “I bet the first time was extra hot too. “I knew why and I’d dressed accordingly.” Damien increased the depth and speed of his exploratory fingers and Em shouted “Aah!” Then she said, “It was very hot.” Then he resumed the massage, this time with long hand strokes from her ankles to her nipples, firmly up the insides of her legs, through her pussy, over her mound, and finally up across her tummy to her breasts. Damien briefly inserted the tip of his tongue into her wet entrance, exciting her hotly, and said, “I think I should fuck you on your bed.”


hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-06-26

We never knew what happened in these private times other than the little smile on nanny's face when questioned about it and she said that mother was being given a little help by father in remembering her wifely duties. On being presented with the belt by father, he simply said "remember the importance of a little private time each week to maintain your marriage" and I had been told all I needed to know. Very shortly after the dinner party I told my wife that things were looking very good for us and I thought that it was time for us to try for a second c***d.

Wife makes me a eunuch for Halloween

hardcore woreout 2018-06-26

Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. Yes normally she said but in your case we are going to have you without a dick or balls, I want to win ! My wife rubbed her hand all over the front of my crotch and said OH GOD that makes me horny, I may have you actually castrated. Nan said she couldn't figure out how my wife did away with my cock and balls. Nan asked me how I kept from getting hard knowing that my wife has been getting fucked. When we got home I told my wife I was so horny that I needed to eat her pussy.

The Temp

hardcore SeanR83 2018-06-26

I held her head with my other hand, gently pushing her head down on my cock. I pulled her hair into a ponytail in my fist and slid my cock back inside her from behind. As I started to get back into a rhythm I pulled at her hair, making her head jerk back from the force. I held on to her hips with both hands and slammed my cock all the way inside her, making her scream out loud. I pulled my cock from her ass and she quickly turned around and took my cock in her mouth. I pulled my cock from her and right away she turned around, taking me into her mouth once more.

Going Rogue

hardcore pixiedust65 2018-06-26

Five minutes later she had the package and was walking back to her desk, noticing the light was on in Rogue's office . She let a soft moan escape her lips and pushed down into her chair, trying to force the vibrations onto her neglected pink button. Rogue continued fucking her throat, momentarily pulling out allowing her to gasp for air before plunging back in to her sweet little mouth. " Look at you," Rogue smiled, "trying to get my cock inside you like a little slut" Rogue continued fucking her with his fingers, moving his face away from her clit. " Mmm , look at that little pussy," he said, smacking her on the ass again and causing her cheek to turn a bright pink.