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Erotic Hardcore Sex stories

A large collection of group sex stories about hardcore sex.

Amy from the Church Camp, Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-01-14

“These,” Amy said softly, placing Bridget’s hand on her boob, “Are God’s gift to a woman. Bridget smiled as Amy softly traced the outline of Bridget’s lips, and then slowly worked her finger down to Bridget’s chin. “Let me show you,” Amy said softly, pulling her long black hair back over her shoulder, and lightly running her tongue up the backside of my cock from the base to the tip. Amy worked the tip of my manhood around the outside of Bridget’s pussy, as Bridget closed her eyes to enjoy the experience. “You have to share,” Amy said, as she worked her way closer to where Bridget and I lay kissing. Bridget reached over and grabbed Amy by her hair and pressed her lips to Amy’s.

Big Dick's Trucking Service, Inc.

hardcore Stormdog 2018-01-14

His eyes followed my every move, and after a minute or two of simply watching he reached down and undid his pants and pushed them down to mid-thigh, exposing perhaps the largest cock and set of balls I’ve ever seen… on a human being, in any event. Between the sight of Stella leaking cum, the memories of what had just happened, the pungent sexual scent of her and her soft hands on my shoulders, I was hard as a rock by the time I finished, the bulging ridge of my erection running halfway down my right thigh plainly visible through my worn jeans.

Jesus Died For Somebody's Sins, But Not Mine

hardcore Ping 2018-01-14

“It has been one week since my last confession.” Grace paused and then added, “Please kneel before me, Father Maguire.” Grace pressed her wet folds hard against the screen so with the tip of his nose, he could feel her warmth and wetness through the small holes. Grace briefly stroked his cock with her face, like she had used her fingers to stroke the smooth insides of the married woman. From the floor with his bare legs spread wide, a recovering Father Maguire gestured the shape of the cross and said Grace was absolved of her sins. Grace returned to Father Maguire later that week to confess to her latest transgression, and to receive instructions for her next one.

Sam & Sandy

hardcore MrAvg 2018-01-14

I like how smooth you are Sam and wanted to see how the two of us will feel together flesh on flesh, says Sandy, as she rubs his crotch with a leering look of desire. Sam lifts up Sandy and places her on the bed as he continues to slide his throbbing manhood between her pussy lips pushing his cock head against her protruding clit. Sam is sliding his meat stick into her wizard sleeve with a steady pace of smooth trusts of his silky skin cock into Sandy she begins to feel waves or erotic spasms from her toes to her head. "I like your smooth pussy Sandy, it feels great to grind together on your bare labia lips my cock never felt so hard before, you are one sexy woman," says Sam.

Life is a Roller Coaster Ride

hardcore bava12 2018-01-13

We all enjoyed the kitty and came back home and I was quite impressed with the ravishing beauty of Neereza that day she wore a Red and Black saree with matching bangles and a light makeup what impressed me a lot was her style which were matched by long high heeled sandals. But as all ladies have a great sixth sense my wife too smelled that I was quite impressed with her as I had a little rough sex that day and she with a naughty smile gave me a signal that she understood my feelings in the coming months and we used to meet regularly in some functions and developed a good friendship.

The Ranch - Chapter 7

hardcore DaisyBegsYou 2018-01-13

With that James led Bob to the side and Nancy picked up a coil of rope and came towards me. “I’m going to give you an anatomy lesson, Daisy,” Nancy said, “just because we want you to be absolutely clear about how you can play unless you are being bred.” “Now”, said Nancy, “Bob is going to help you figure out the other places that you can put a cock when you aren’t being bred.” “The lesson is that your cunt is untouchable by any man except at Miss Jane’s instructions.” Nancy said in my ear. Once I was standing James got a chair for me and then he and Bob left Nancy to get me unlocked and untied.

She Had a Hot Massage in her Suite

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-01-13

The masseur was massaging the inner tops of her thighs and Em knew he would hotly massage her pussy any minute, for the second time. He had played with her breasts and pinched her hard nipples, and thrown her legs apart and given her a three-finger pussy massage, and Em had come very loudly. She had said to Em (this was while she was licking Em’s pussy in Em’s hotel room one evening when her husband was away in Tokyo on business) “Ask for Tattoo-san,” and winked. He picked her up, slick and glistening with massage oil and the sweat of hot sex, and carried her to the big bed.

Son tied Mangal Sutra on his Mom neck

hardcore bava12 2018-01-13

After few moments Ramesh said "I know what I want for new year mom! It gave a whole new meaning for the phrase "looks deceive!" I was so excited by the scenethat I had to wake Ramesh for another session of mother/son sexual ecstacy. "You know mom" Ramesh said squeezing my nipples "Forbidden food is always tasty...specially my mother's...Once tasted you can never stop" The life is usual with doctor visits, pregnant sex, dad/hubby phone calls to India, sex again, parent talk with my son as mother of his baby, and more sex. The next day Ramesh took me to a hotel to get his first taste of his mother-wife's pussy after delivery somehow avoiding his dad coming with us.

One Thing Leads to Another: Is he fucking her ass?

hardcore Magical_felix 2018-01-13

"Come over hoe, we are so fucking bored," Maria said as soon as Christine answered her phone. "I can't fucking believe she told you..." Christine said through her teeth as she slumped back into the couch and leaned close to Tony. Porn doesn't even make sense most of the time," Christine said as she placed her hand on Tony's dick and kept it there. Tony let go of Christine, pulled his dick all the way out and walked toward the couch. Tony placed both of his hands on the balled up shirt, tightened it around her mouth and fucked Christine harder until he felt his orgasm building to the point of no return.

Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Five

hardcore MadMartigan 2018-01-13

Shit surprises me, even as the monster inside rages just below to give it up already, to burn away, paint myself into scene and fuck any hot piece of tail I stumble across rather than waste time worry'n over a bitter reminder.  The punk ass motherfucker tucked deep inside me beats at the walls, but he’s the one who let me out and damn if I’m not gonna enjoy my time like always. “The fuck could a rich little china doll like you want from me?” I pull my finger out and push my cock inside her quivering little cunt, hard and fast and deep. “Make me burn more,” she begs, super tight pussy clinging to my shaft like a second skin as I slowly pull out.

Mile High Sluts - Part 2 of 2

hardcore ChrissieLecker 2018-01-13

‘Yes,’ I thought when I wrapped my lips around his cock head and gave it a twirl with my tongue, ‘it won’t take much, and you’re going to shoot your cum down my throat before you’re completely naked.” His eyes drifted shut, his lips trembled with arousal, and I already felt the first soft twitches of a building climax in his cock. I licked and kissed for what felt like ages, covered every little patch of skin on her foot with tongue, from heel to balls to in between her toes, and her sighs slowly turned into soft moans. I came again a minute later, my pussy walls clutching Antonio’s cock and feeling every little ridge along it’s stiffness, and he pounded deep inside one last time, then dug his fingernail into my hips and filled me with his cum, spurt after throbbing spurt.

The Best Teacher Tutor Ever, Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-01-13

As she slipped my stiff cock into her mouth, I inserted a lone finger into her hot pussy. She spread her legs and I dipped my head between them, slowly moving in, lightly kissing her lower abdomen as I worked my way to her pubic area. I slowly worked my way up her body with gentle kisses, until I reached her breasts. With one free hand, I worked my cock back and forth and I kissed her neck and behind her left ear. She rocked back and forth feverishly, pressing her hands on to my chest, her head tossed back, her mouth wide open, gasping for breath, her hair covering her shoulders, with a wild look in her eye.

Hotel Hardcore

hardcore Asian47 2018-01-13

He kept going for what felt like eternity to Jessie, until finally he stopped, only to cum inside her snatch. He spanked her sensitive ass again, causing Jessie to let out a yelp, and pointed toward the cum puddle. Another twenty minutes of pain and pleasure, and Jessie's snatch was as red and puffy as her tits, and her pillow was drenched in tears. Jessie spread her legs as he stuffed the cum drenched panties into her whipped pussy. The next morning, he came back to see Jessie passed out, the bed drenched with cum, the pillow drenched in tears, and the floor, walls, and ceiling covered in white stains.

A black bull at the shopping mall

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-13

“Show me what you got, stud; I need at least nine inches of real man and I need it bad” I sat on the toilet and looked up at that grinning black guy. The young black guy laughed as he stepped up behind me and quickly put the fat head of his cock against my wet open pussy lips… At the same time, my cunt squeezed and strangled the black mamba stuffed deep up in me and through my barely open eyes, I saw the young black guy arch his back as he slammed everything into my womb… I pulled down my sunglasses and stepped around that still nearly naked black man; I unlocked the door and got my car for a fast drive home.

Cameraman Needed

hardcore thatguy625 2018-01-13

I get in on the action a little bit so make sure you are getting the good shot if I’m not in the position to get it myself,” he explained, making sure that I was not going to fuck this up. “Do you like big dicks?” Hank said. “When is the last time you sucked a dick?” Hank was getting a little more vulgar with his questioning. At this point, I felt that I needed to get a batter angle to fully capture the look on Paige’s face next to Hank’s growing cock. “Paige, I’ll give you another thousand dollars to get up on this couch on all fours and let me fuck you from behind,” Hank said, breaking the silence.

The Devil’s Harem: Sex, Drugs And Debauchery

hardcore Buz 2018-01-13

Just when Walker slid his hand between Karla’s exposed cleavage, the limo pulled up to the main entrance of the hotel.  Walker looked away quickly, closed his eyes and concentrated on Karla’s kiss, as her tongue slid deeper into his mouth. Karla grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled them apart, exposing her firm boobs and pushing them into Walker’s face. Having had her wet cunt licked and worked over hard, Karla pulled off Walker’s face and slid down his body so she could grab his hard pecker. “Okay,” Walker raised his head closer to her finger, and Karla pressed her cocaine covered finger into his nostril. Karla was still looking Walker in the eyes, as she began grinding up and down on his bandmate’s erect penis.

My Wife And Her Friend Fuck Some Strangers

hardcore bava12 2018-01-13

Jess let her guard down, she came even closer and now was stroking faster, As Raj closed his eyes and reached for Jess’s Boobs, he grabbed her boobs and squeezed hard as she was dragged closer to him, even her body was touching his cock and then they kissed, Raj buried his mouth in Jess, and they were already kissing with tongue, she still stroked him, I was looking on horny as hell, as he just grabbed her and kissed her and squeezed her tits, while Jess was kissing him too, and stoking his cock harder, Kumar was moving in on the other girl.

Oral Affection

hardcore Britt4u 2018-01-13

He apparently loved to lick, eat and suck on her pussy and she told me that at times, they wouldn't even get to the fucking. I knew that she wasn't thinking like, "Yep, she has small tits and she has a few extra pounds around the middle." It was more like, "Eric would love to eat that juicy little twat and suck those dark nipples." That time he'd been doing it doggie style and when he moved away, to my total surprise and amazement, Megan got behind me, used her fingers to hold my pussy lips open and began licking the cum out of me. Megan also told me that any time I wanted some tongue work done that I was welcome to come over, and Eric seconded the offer.

Warning Order

hardcore Wilful 2018-01-13

I tried to make eye contact when I handed it back, but Angelina was avoiding my gaze, her head slightly tilted and the ends of her dark, curly hair tickling at the left shoulder of her black crop jacket. My mouth soon followed my hands, kissing my way from her lips, down to her breasts, before finally plunging my tongue deep into her sodden pussy. I traced my fingertips down the soft skin of her arms, holding her fingers an endless moment, before letting go as I went back inside. Reaching the stairs that led down to the parking garage under the building, I looked back.

My 2nd wife made my dreams come true

hardcore bava12 2018-01-12

If one made a comment, the other had to respond and one time we were in the teasing process and I bent down to count the inventory on the bottom rack and jeet grabbed me from the back put his arms around my waste, his lun to my gaand and gave me few quick strokes until I got away. Nina’s bhabi (jeet’s wife preeti) took me and nina to one bedroom and said, akele jo bee bat karni hai, kar lo, sharmana mat, khul kar karna. I then asked her to pretend that jeet was fucking her and she didn’t wait for me to lead and started saying, oh jeet, chod do mujhe, tere lun ka majha bahut piyara hai, mere choot ab se tere hai, jab chahe mar sakte ho.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 7

hardcore John_Doe 2018-01-12

My eyes snapped open, where upon I looked down to see Amy now positioned at my waist, her head over my groin and my hard throbbing cock stuffed deep into the wet hole of her mouth. My cock bounced around just inches away from her wet cunt.  She knelt upright over my position, looking down upon me.  Reaching below, she took hold of my throbbing hard cock in her fingers and positioned the crowned head at the opening of her tight peachy pussy lips. They pulled apart with ease, the lubrication of her honey helped both her pussy open wide and my cock to easily slide inside.  I pushed all the way until my body slammed against her ass cheeks.

Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent - Part 3

hardcore Jaymal 2018-01-12

The first sight to greet Sandy when she was led shakily by Alan and his friends back into the living-room was Natasha, held down by a pair of naked, ripped young men, while a squat but equally muscular individual, with heavily tattooed arms, came hard in her rectum. Alan's friends were indeed watching with tumescent satisfaction, as the climax shook its way violently free of Sandy's body, leaving her limp and exhausted in Gavin's hold. 'Come on, Sandy, take it up the ass one more time, take it up the ass like a good whore!' He took a handful of her slick, messy hair and dragged her head back, as his powerful, steel pole continued to plough her shithole, his swollen balls bouncing off her flushed cheeks.

It Happened

hardcore SweetPetunia 2018-01-12

When his pants and boxers fell to the floor she loved seeing the hard cock that was waiting for her touch. She traced just one of her fingers along his shaft. She loved the feel of his cock throbbing in her hand, and knew she would soon feel him deep in her mouth. He touched her face, played with her hair and looked deep in her eyes as she pleasured him, making the blood pump and his cock throb. He got on his knees between her legs and ran his hard cock along the inside of her thighs. She loved his big cock, wanted to feel it deep inside her.

Helena taking me to a glory hole

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-12

I poked my finger through the hole and soon a hard black cock slowly slid through from the other side. I passed my finger through the hole and my second black cock of the afternoon poked through. I stood and slid my wet thong down my thighs and when I bent to pull them off I felt his hand on my pussy. The man complained my cunt was so tight for his huge dick; as he deeply hammered into my body pussy hard and deep. I heard a frantic knocking on both walls and a few seconds later the man in my pussy slammed in deep and shot a huge load deep inside into my cunt.