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Erotic Hardcore Sex stories

A large collection of group sex stories about hardcore sex.

The Deal

hardcore Emeris 2018-03-05

Licking the head and swirling her tongue, picking up his pre-cum and sliding her wet lips down over its full length, following with her hand, masturbating him with her mouth and hands at the same time occasionally in opposite directions, feeling him build, torn between wanting to finish him and feel him fill her mouth but finally gave in to her basest desire and climbed on board. Fingers had picked up her wetness and was working from her outer lips in toward her clitoris, it really did feel like him, she used the anxiety and the unnerving sensation to push herself over the top to her first orgasm.


The New Economy Part 1

hardcore Mojavejoe420 2018-03-05

"Oooh!" Chris said quietly as I pressed the hot towel in his ass crack and rubbed a little bit. I grabbed my squirt bottle and saturated his cock with oil, at the same time he was getting much more handsy with my tits; squeezing both of them, rolling them, kneading them, all while never letting go of my left power nipple. I only stroked him like maybe twenty times when he released my tit from his sucking mouth and just whispered "Holy fucking shit!" I felt his cock beginning to shudder and pulse, I increased my stroked right at his dick's head and kept the pressure firm.

Next time with my mother

hardcore bava12 2018-03-05

So we fucked slowly and I took more than 15 minutes to shoot my juice inside her. I slowly got up and went to my mother’s bedroom. “When I started between us, I was prepared for occasional sex but not twice daily” mom said “You yourself told me mom, that dad hasn’t got half the cock that I have. I started licking her all over and when I reached her cunt she was fully wet. I dove between my mothers thighs and started sniffing at her cunt. I slowly started licking her and drove my tongue up her sweet hole. My mother peeled my foreskin back and started licking my cockhead. Slowly she took my cockhead inside her mouth and started sucking.

Servant Boy Helps For Divorce

hardcore bava12 2018-03-05

Ramu: agar mama ko pata chala toh who mera jeena haraam kar denge…*sob* pehle hi yaha majboori me unke kehne par aaya hu… (If uncle hears about this he will make my life miserable….*sob* I came here on his command) Anjali: mai jaanti hu ki tumhaare saat anyai hua hai, lekin aisi harkate karne se tumhe kuch nahi hasil hoga…agar tum sach much mere pati se badla lena chahte ho toh tum mere divorce me meri madat karo. Anjali: tere saat bahut bura hua Ramu ki tujhe teri biwi ke saath suhagraat nahi manane diya gaya. Anjali: yahi toh buri baath hai Ramu ki tujhe pata nahi ki iss se accha kya hai. Agar tu court mai bolega ki mere pati mujhe maarte the aur phir apni biwi ki baath saamne rakhega toh mai sex karungi tere saath.

Horny Housewives : Being a whore of a Manwhore

hardcore BraveBitch 2018-03-05

“Mrs. Patrick, you have really beautiful boobs,” he said, as his hand slowly pulled down my dress to reveal my nice tits. “Fuck, when I talked to you on the phone and saw you first time, a few minute earlier, you looked so shy like a good housewife. He looked at me, pulled me a little more to the edge of the bed, and then pushed his cock more inside my pussy. He pulled out his cock, spat on my pussy and then pushed his dick all the way inside my dripping wet cunt, again. “Yeah, you want more?” he said, “Look at me, you little whore, and beg me,” he grabbed my hair and made me look at him.

Teen Diaries 19: Halloween Mystery Fuck

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-03-05

I started to stroke it and his rubber hand pressed against the back of my head, bringing my face close to his dick. It pretty much filled my mouth completely, but I started to suck on it and he did a weird half growl, half moan as I heard a garage door open. His free hand reached up and cupped my right boob as I began to cum hard. I'll slow down, princess." He stopped pushing forward and kept his dick still, learning down to kiss my neck, brushing his rubber hand through my hair to calm me down. "Wait right there, princess, I'll help you." He grabbed my panties and slid them back on while I pulled my dress back up over my boobs.

Mom and I together, Forever

hardcore bava12 2018-03-05

Amma blushed and laughed at the same time, "Oh Ajay if you weren't my son I would think you are trying to seduce your own mother". Amma pulled her head back and replied, "Ajay for heavens sake I am your mother and besides I am married to your father". Amma reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then f***ed my mouth open with her tongue. Later that night, when she left my room her face glowing with sexual joy, Amma said, "Ajay, whenever you want me, just do like what you did. I grabbed her and showered kisses on her and said, "Amma, now we can really be the married couple we are", and started making passionate love.

She Had a Hot Massage Upstairs at Home

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-03-05

She felt hot about that, because he’d stripped her naked on the massage bed after stroking the insides of her thighs and saying to her, “You want it hot, don’t you?” When he said that her nipples instantly grew hard and hot and her pussy moistened. When Ambrose got to the young woman’s room (he had told Em he would go to beach bar for a while) the young woman was naked and lying on her tummy across the bed, her legs sexily parted. Then he returned to the massage bed and pulled Em’s little white between-legs string aside and ran two fingers through her nude and very wet slit.

Slave For You

hardcore MissCarmelle 2018-03-05

Carmelle obeyed and returned to him, her Master placed the heavy leather cuffs around her slender wrists and ankles, he ran his hands over her calves, listening to her fevered intake of air as his fingers caressed her skin. He increased the pressure, her arse began to sting with the tension of the hook pulling inside her. Her Master smiled at her, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead before withdrawing his hand, he slapped her hard and she snapped out of the haze she had fallen into. She hung her head as much as the taut line between her collar and the hook would allow, he wondered for a second if he had struck her too hard. 

my darling step son

hardcore bava12 2018-03-05

However it worked out well because Don could drop Walter off on his way into the office and I drove Daryl to school a few minutes later on my way to the small dress shop I had opened with Don’s help last year. Daryl came up close and hugged me around the waist lifting me off the floor as he said loudly “I want you Gwen, I want you Gwen my mother I want to take you up stairs and fuck you like Dad dose night after night. Like yesterday I dropped Daryl off at the high school a few minutes late he again kissed me but this time not on the cheek but on the mouth with a quick dart of his tongue to remind me that tomorrow is still another day.

Manu The Motherfucker Becomes Mom’s Husband

hardcore bava12 2018-03-05

I bet she has some man to fuck her” I got angry with Ria and said “Listen, my mother is a decent lady and does not fool around with men. But I know deep inside you need a big hard cock in your horny mother pussy and I am going to give it to you. I love you, Mom. I love your pussy” I cried as I entered to the very depth of her cunt and she groaned out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..your cock is a monster…this bastard is sooooo big………..your cock is filling my cunt……….your cock is too deep in my cunt…….ram it into my cunt…….harder……deeper…..fuck give me your rod….give me your meat….you are stretching me too far” I began to fuck her as her pussy lips squeezed my cock like a glove as I drove my cock all the way in and out of that sacred mother pussy.

I Bet It Was A Picture

hardcore DoctorBlue 2018-03-04

I felt him caress my ass, running his fingers into the crevice and across my holes. He knew immediately it turned me on, my pussy giving me away by squirting its nectar across his erect cock as he thrust it deep inside me. I felt him rub it against my labia before he pushed inside me and started to thrust, his hands holding the sides of my hips. The guy was gently easing his cock back and forth, going deeper with each thrust until I felt his big hairy balls hit my cheeks. I smiled to myself as I felt his cock push into my pussy, the familiar rhythm of his fucking giving me a warm glow.


hardcore LadyX 2018-03-04

Their rhythm slowed and went back in time with the music, Ramon relaxed his grip, Ashley rolled her hips against him, and when I saw his face I knew what was about to happen. I almost came at the sight of her wet pussy, swollen from the deep-dick that Ramon had just given her, and when I saw his come start to trickle out, I couldn't help myself. As I climbed back up to meet her, I felt two hands pulling my panties off, then Ramon's dick against my ass as I shared that cum with Ashley, feeling her moan into my mouth as she tasted it and swallowed it down.

Monica having threesome sex with brother

hardcore bava12 2018-03-04

Mard wo baal pasand nahin karte, tere bhaiya meri chut ko khud shave karte hain, sach (men don’t like hair on cunt, your b*****r shaves my cunt himself),” I heard Monica exclaim,” Hey bhagwan, Bhabi aap kitni besharam ho! Should I hand them to you in the bathroom?” Monica cried out,” Nahi bhaiya, tum ruko(no b*****r, you stop outside)” Neha said,”We are coming out in a minute, zara intzar to karo(wait a little)” I returned rubbing my hardening cock and drank another glass. Neha was riding me and rubbing her cunt on my hard cock,” Ohhhhh behnchod, jaldi kar, Amit, (Oh s****r fucker hurry up) Mujh se intzar nahin hota(I can’t wait)” I could see someone peeping between the curtains and knew she was peeping out of curiousity.

A Strange Kind Of Love

hardcore BradLee 2018-03-04

I hated how I needed her every second of every hour, and how her moan of pleasure each time I pounded my stiff cock in her cunt made me long to hold her, hold her forever and never let her go. “Oh, yes baby,” she purred, as she wanked my stiff cock in her tight palm, slowly at first, up and down, up and down, then faster and more urgently, staring up into my eyes all the time. “Jesus baby!” I hissed, “You’ll have me cumming all over your slutty face if you don’t cool it, and your cunt needs my cock before that. I threw the destroyed white dress beside her face and gripped her spread ass cheeks in my heavy hands.

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII a

hardcore Mazza 2018-03-04

Simon extended his hand, took Mark’s firmly and shook it, “So good to finally meet you,” he said with a winning smile on his face. The small, square table was discreetly located in one of the darker corners of the room, Mattie looked to see how she could best distance herself from Mark, but realised that she had no choice but to sit either adjacent to him or facing him. “Daddy wants to fuck your pretty little mouth and cum down your throat,” he moaned as Mattie sucked for all she was worth, twirling her tongue over his tip as she lifted her head. “My my, don’t you girls look a picture!” Simon said, standing to pull Mattie’s chair out and helping her into her seat.

OHGirls Promotion

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-03-04

I asked him what this entailed and he told me that he had shown my pics and stories to another guy he knew and that they both wanted to have sex with me at the same time. Lowell took a hold of one and started squeezing it and Jarred reached over to pull down my thong underwear. I was about to cum again when Lowell pulled his cock from my lips and moved down to replace Jarred. The next two weeks went by rather quickly and Lowell took advantage of his position the entire time. His friend Jarred came to our offices and fucked me four more times while Lowell sat watching.

Welcome To The Neighborhood Chapter 1

hardcore EroticaLover69 2018-03-04

"Thank you Mrs. Turner, do you have any beer?" Nathan asks and I hesitate answering him thinking what if he isn't old enough to drink? Nathan said he would come over and help me get the beds put together, and Kara said she would be over later to help you." Jason says with a smile. "Well, from the way Nathan was coming onto you and the way his wife was coming onto me, I think it’s a safe bet, they are wanting some fun with us," he says and kisses my neck. okay, maybe I'm thinking about a young man's hands and cock touching me, but I already know you're also dying to make his wife beg for mercy," I whisper in his hear.

The Sex Therapist Part 2 - The Cure

hardcore ChrisM 2018-03-04

What I want to do is have you and Bob come in and see me tomorrow morning so we can discuss the situation.” Kali comes over, runs her hands on my tits, and pinches my nipples. “Come on baby try it I am sure you will like my big black cock. Kali comes over, spreads her long legs on either side then spreads her pussy lips, and guides him into her cunt. Kneeling between her legs, my face goes between her thighs, and I start to lick her wet slimy cunt. You can, of course, come back to see me if you feel you need another attitude adjustment, as long as Bob is willing.” Judy says, “Come here Bob I want to get to know you a lot better.”

Why my wife fucks around

hardcore woreout 2018-03-04

I was telling him how I had fucked my girlfriend ( my wife now ) in her f****y's den one day while her grandmother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She took my head in her hands and said don't worry about anyone seeing just get that dick in my pussy now. I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table and as I was fucking her while I stood I asked her how she knew that sticking a finger in my ass would do that. She had her arms around my neck helping to support herself and said a girlfriend of hers does it to guys all the time.

Acting Out Our fantasies

hardcore Leighton 2018-03-04

Charlotte continued to fuck my mouth with the dildo and used her free hand to wank my cock, which was now as stiff as it had ever been. I can only describe it as having lots of small orgasms every time her tongue circled my arse and when Charlotte attempted to push her finger into my hole once more, there was no discomfort whatsoever! As I lay back on the bed in complete ecstasy I could feel Charlotte push another finger into my arse. Sure enough, with the dildo still pushed inside my arsehole, Charlotte took my cock into her mouth and sucked every ounce of cum from inside of me.

A Slut's Curiosity

hardcore CherryRedGirl 2018-03-04

But another part of me, the side that I kept hidden and locked away in my deepest recesses of my mind, wanted to be held down, slapped, choked, screamed at, used and abused like a slut. He kissed me gently, running his hand up my thigh and slowly spreading my legs. He pressed harder and harder, my eyes rolled back in my head as everything started fading, and just as my body went limp, he released me, throwing me back onto the bed as I gasped for air. He held my head there, fucking my throat until I couldn't take any more. He slapped his cock against my pussy, and traced my lips, teasing me and getting me slick with pre-cum.

Bad People

hardcore Tashtego 2018-03-04

“Brock, I think you should apologize to Olivia,” said Sloan steadily, lifting her eyes toward the concerned, wrinkled faces on the veranda. Sloan and that creepy boyfriend of hers had spent the entire day treating Griff like a servant who didn’t know his place. She moved her head in time with the slow roll of his hips, loving the feel of the silky, rock-hard shaft riding along her tongue and into her inexperienced mouth. Griff planted his hands below her outstretched arms and lowered his mouth to hers while he raked her with long steady strokes. Griff pushed a little more and suddenly she felt as if her butt had swallowed the head and sucked the cock right into her.

End Of Day One At The Seminar

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-03-04

Kitty ordered a Cosmopolitan while Red ordered a white wine before they both started scanning the room. James slid a huge hand up Red’s legs and between her thin thighs. Red leaned forward and kissed James hard as she ground her full pussy down onto his big black cock. Red started shuddering as she let go and erupted all over James’ lap drenching his lap with her lady cum. Kitty and Red both started kissing Ebony all over. James flipped Red face down on the other bed, dragged her up kneeling, and then shoved his boner into her wet tunnel in one huge push. I started blasting cum in her, I leaned down and bit her neck and squeezed her ass as hard as I could.