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Peek-a-Boo, I-See-You

humor Green_Man 2018-11-28

As I walked towards the coffee shop, I felt the breeze blowing up my short, flimsy skirt, feeling pert, all alert. Then I slowly started spreading my legs to give him and him alone a good shot of my sweet cunny with its triangle of blond hair, so fair and rare. I looked over and was startled to see he had wrapped a hand around his cock, protruding from his shorts, and was jerking off as I diddled my cunny. I was fucking my fingers into my pussy and he was jacking his hard cock. There I poured my coffee into his cup and slowly savored the life sustaining taste of man cum.

First Time With Sherry

humor David929 2018-11-17

I laughed it off, but did mention it to Sherry in my next note, adding that a former co-worker did spank me and that I was a bit scared when she said that she had forgot her paddle. Upon my next trip to the store, I snuck a note to her, which included my address and phone number, letting her know that anytime she needed a good laugh, she was more than welcome to stop over. "I said "Thank you, mommy." You swatted me on my bare ass and that's what a mommy does to her naughty boy, right?" I gave her cute ass a gentle pat over her jeans, as well, causing her to blush. The idea of stopping by her place did interest me and who knows what sort of naughty fun we could get into.

Shopping trips with Sherry

humor David929 2018-11-15

Sherry tells her that I need to remain there a bare minimum of fifteen minutes, prompting a laugh. Sandy laughs and comments that all naughty boys need kept in tow, also noticing that a few have added their name to the larger paddle. Sherry has replaced my pink thong with one in a floral print and asks me to model it before putting on my jeans, causing more laughs. "Also, if our Davey needs corner time during a show," Sherry adds, "please see to it. I then put my thong in the hamper and am walked to the corner totally naked by Sherry, causing much laughter and whistles. Sherry has a ready supply of lightweight paddles for each new Mommy, while some had me also sign ones they brought along and used on me.

Naughty Girls – Use Their Native Tongue

humor DarkSide 2018-11-13

I sighed and glanced at Emma before looking back at Richard. “She said...” I hesitated and leant in a little closer to Richard so that I could whipser, “...that she would love to suck my pussy while you fuck me.” “Melissa - alla I ddim aros yn hwy - gadewch I ni adael bwyd hwn a mynd,” with that Emma dropped the goods onto the nearest shelf and started to leave. “Look, Richard, you need to come with us – she says she’s desperate and that you look like you could do with a fuck. I turned around to face Emma and sank down on Richard’s cock. By the time I started fucking him, Emma was true to her word.


humor DarkSide 2018-11-07

I looked at my phone and found that I had collected one thousand points and a Bad Boy special Icon for performing an act on a person in public. As I approached I noticed a lady in a coat looking out of the window with her phone in her hand; obviously checking my progress towards her. She took my hands in hers and pulled me down over the horse, her body lowered with me and she looked up into my eyes all the time. I studied the App and noticed that the icon was just leaving the house, I waited for a carriage to appear but all I saw were a few people leave the main building and head out towards the tradesman’s exit.

The Layby

humor DarkSide 2018-11-06

It was a long time ago when I first met a friend that called themselves human, I now call them people, because that’s what they call themselves. I shook my head at first, not understanding why these people left it so late to go for a walk, and then, when they got here, they never bothered to get out of their car, they just drove away again. Anyway, like I said, these other cars turn up, and I thought it strange at first that they only contained men. I shook my head at this point in time, and I watched until the guy holding her head with both his hands pulled her onto his cock.