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With my landlord aunty

humor bava12 2018-06-20

I seduced my nephew who stays at my house, and he fucks me all day long, and even at nights like a whore. Un kooda konjam velayada poran, nee yenna poola kaka kenjanam, adhuka apparam dhan unna okka poran) Not so fast, my slutty wife Sudha, I am going to play more with you and make you beg for my dick, only then will I fuck you. Sudha took my hand and placed it on right boob, and she started pressing my hand, and in turn my hand was pressing her boob. Now she started wearing really sexy clothes at home, including fancy bras and panties whenever her daughter was out, and we fucked everywhere in all kinds of position.

Is that woman flirting with you?

humor jpjai007 2018-06-10

But to put it straight, if that girl across the room(or across the table) is actually trying to initiate a flirting session with you, and you miss the obvious signs, there is just no excuse for your 'sin'. As has been drilled into our brains over time, "anyone who frequently breaks eye contact is not to be trusted". If traits such as these are unusual in her manner, she may well be giving you a rock-hard sign that she's flirting. It is actually her underlying feminine mystic quality rearing its head as she twirls her hair or lets a lock of it fall unassumingly to cover one eye while in conversation.

Evening Refreshment – Breastfeed By Anita Ma

humor bava12 2018-06-08

Again we continued doing work and suddenly again Anita madam dropped her pen down and bent down towards my penis and started smelling deeply, I was totally confused how should I react and held Anita madam up with my hands. Anita madam slowly put her lips beside my ears and said “Sid, suck it baby it’s all yours, make your madam feel like a real mother suck my breasts and finish your hunger by drinking this pure milk” her words made me mad and I started sucking her breast madly. I was also getting completely mad and my dick became hard and was giving a held high position to my pant which Anita madam saw and opened ma zip her hands took out my fat hard dick out and started shagging terrifically.

Increase Intimacy in your Relationship

humor jpjai007 2018-06-02

If you really want to get in the right mood, kiss your partner’s face. If you don’t know how to pleasure a woman orally, ask and allow her hands to guide you. At this point, your partner should be completely relaxed and excited, and then, we’re talking long nights of passion. When you make love to a woman you love, she feels more loved and adored if you stay awake to cuddle and talk to her after the whole episode. This makes your partner feel more wanted and desired. Maintain eye contact all the time, go the extra mile for tender and slow lovemaking. Eye contact during oral s** makes the coupling intimate and exciting.

Curse of the gypsy woman - part two

humor qudduse 2018-05-12

She had read several stories from the magazines she had confis**ted, and the more she read, the more she thought she understood what men liked, what they wanted and craved from a sexually active woman. Melissa could feel her face redden as she nodded and went back to her meal, trying not to think of his juicy cock stuffed into her mouth, face fucking her for all it was worth, his hands holding firmly on her head while she was rubbing her pussy to time her orgasm with his. This was just like that, and just as when she was d***k that one time, she discovered that if she lay perfectly still, trying hard to collect her thoughts, the d***ken feeling would go away.

The Third Date

humor DoggyDeeply 2018-05-03

After passionatley kissing eachother for what seemed like hours, she took her hand away from her pussy and placed it on my crotch so that she could feel my throbbing hard-on underneath my pants. As I proceed to finger-fuck her piping hot pussy, she grabbed my swollen member with her delicate left hand and began to slowly stroke my shaft. As she sucked my cock with no hands and vigorously tickled her clit, her eyes rolled back into her head and she gave a deep lustful groan. Looking back at me, she licked her lip and said, "I want you to fuck me doggy." She inserted her right middle finger into mouth, then put the spit-covered finger inside of her.

Unknown visitor

humor albert_whiskers 2018-04-16

Then she closed her beautiful blue eyes and brought her head down and slowly licked from the base of my cock right to the tip. About three quarters down my cock, she stopped me from pushing her head down anymore then looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and I could feel her lips curl into a smile. At first without warning when the first shot came she flinched but very much to my liking she closed her soft lips around my dick and jacked the base to get all my cum in her mouth. She looked at me one more time with those beautiuful blue eyes and smiled, letting a little cum drip out of her mouth and down her chin.

Teenage valentimes

humor Daisywilliam 2018-04-07

He began to pick up speed licking everything tasting her juices flowing into his mouth.Molly jerked with excitement and the naughty though of what was occurring she was soaking her pussy filled with cum and Sylvia.Next thing Carl knew Molly was at his crotch pulling down his jeans revealing a tender 6 inch cock rock hard with with sticky per cum all over it . Wild with sexual fantasies carl removed his large white dick, and bent molly over further as he lifted her cheeks wide apart producing a small hole above the pussy he licked with passion making it nice and wet.

Annie Pistol Lips

humor ms_cream_puff 2018-03-29

Annie asked her as she leaned down, resting a hand on Jessica's knee as she removed the red bandana from her face. Annie's eyes turned to the doorway of the carriage, where a man with darkish skin stood with his pistol drawn at her. His lips started to tremble as Annie stroked the end of her gun across them. He nervously lowered his jaw as he looked up, confused, into Annie's eyes as she rubbed and teased the barrel over his lips, pushing the tip of the gun into his mouth. After a big struggle, with a lot of effort, Annie had managed to pick up and place The Frenchman across the broad muscly back of Gail, who kicked her legs out and moved around unsettled.

Freshman Felatio 101

humor oralTcmlvr 2018-03-15

I swirled my tongue around the head of Mark's cock while I watched Alicia's eyes. "I'm going to give John a blowjob." Alicia's eyes lit up as the words left her mouth. "Tell him things like 'I like sucking your cock', 'I love the taste of it' those kinds of things." Alicia's eyes were distant as her lips mouthed the words I had given her. Alicia moved forward and positioned her head right over his hard on and slowly leaned down so that his cock was sliding against her tongue, going into her mouth as far as she dared to allow it. I want to make you cum with my mouth." Alicia's voice was filled with need and everytime she said cum John's body twitched.


humor fukkerguy 2018-02-28

I threw her on bed and started kissing her neck both sides while my hands pressing her both boobs. Now I removed her saree from her started kissing her cleavage and her waist and started sucking her navel and kissing her boobs on her jacket. She too started kissing me on lips and started pressing my dick hard with pleasure on short itself. Now I started sucking her boobs and slowly inserted my hand inside her saree and started rubbing hairy wet pussy slowly over her pussy area. I started kissing her lips in order to not to make her sounds less as there is chance of neighbors listening the sounds and may get doubt.Like this our romance and foreplay went romantically at the top side of our bodies.

How to Eat Pussy and have fun

humor DBRAC 2018-02-18

Women have clits in all different sizes, just like you guys have different sized cocks. woman's pussy, make sure your finger is wet. Gently pull the pussy lips away and flick your tongue against the clit, hood covered or not. who's a lousy fuck, simply lousy, but he can eat pussy like nobody I know and he never has trouble getting a date. can finger-fuck her while she's enjoying your clit-licking talents. addition to the erogenous zones surrounding her clit, a woman has another extremely sensitive area at the roof of her If you're sucking her clit and finger-fucking her at the same time, you're giving her far more stimulation than you

More makeup sex because it’s awesome

humor monster__cock 2018-02-18

He pressed his lips to hers as he pushed the tip of his dick inside her gently, the whimper she let out made his arms quiver at either side of her head, and she held onto the side of his face so she could kiss him even deeper, while he filled her further and further until she was full. A few days before had been their biggest fight yet; real yelling, real hurt feelings, real tears, and it had been the first time it took a while to resolve it. James started off slower than usual, moaning low, and drawing equally as blissful sounds from her as she closed her eyes, and he watched her lips fall open and her chest rise as she arched her back.

The Hitch Hiker - Short Story

humor sushicook 2018-02-15

Her worn-out blue jeans jacket flaps in the warm country breeze and her much too short black leather skirt spans as tightly around her sweet narrow hips like a glossy candy wrapper. First they are nice, and when they got what they want they hit you or the road!« My eyes are stuck on her pair of upset lips like a worm on a hook - and I can't imagine her more lovely even when calm. »You seem to be a nice guy, Jack, I have no fear from you!«, she whispers, but as I try to kiss her she turns around to lean back against me and pushes her lovely little bottom into my aching crotch.

First Time in Person

humor Gyrl 2018-02-13

lips slid further down your cock, my tongue flicking at the head inside You moaned and lifted your hips, thrusting your cock between my your cock with my tongue, letting it press inside my cheek. fingering my pussy and leaned over to push my panties off my ass. touched my pussy in a kiss and then your tongue was suddenly pressing pleasure and you grinned and reached up to spread my pussy lips wide, at my pussy lips, and said, "How badly do you want my cock, babe?" I I gasped in pleasure and moaned, "I want your cock inside my hot pussy You groaned, "Fuck, your pussy feels so good!" I widened my eyes as I

She Got to be a Cake

humor palbatross 2018-02-05

She was steadfastly intent on fucking him, like when you come into work and think you can do anything that day. He just kept smiling, loving the way she teased him, and she kept using him, feeling his cock rub up against her G-spot, and grinding against his pubic region to stimulate her clit. His cock was a little big to go in easily, but she loved the feeling of that first bit of resistance every time she sank down on his hot and messy prick. She turned, with great facility and ease, so that her ass was facing him without getting off his cock, and began riding him fast.

Volunteering Reward, Part 1

humor weskm 2018-01-26

My prick began to stir and expand within my pants as I gazed at her hips and the well-rounded ass cheeks below them. When she spoke her voice had a southern accent to it, she said my name is Julie and I may be small, but as my shirt says, I CAN DO IT! Her reply sent a shiver down my body with her southern voice saying, Oh Honey that would be such a sweetie of you to do that for little old me. Removed the cables, returned them to my trunk when I heard Julie yell to me hey Jerry come here, Your reward is waiting. I opened it, it said Julie: 378-3423,

When Teasing Takes a Turn

humor Elizabethann 2018-01-20

He leans forward to get a closer look groaning “Honey untie me…don’t you want me to push that it deeper with my cock?” He kneels down on the floor in front of me, watching my fingers slide on and out of my soaked hole, my other hand working on my clit as I buck and arch my hips. I moan my reply “Yeah….yeah…..oh god….you’re the devil…..I cant….” He pushes my skirt over my hips and thrusts harder into my ass, “You can and you will baby, cum for me, cover me,” he leans down and bites my hip and I cum, drenching his cock, my juices dripping down our thighs and onto the sofa.


humor MattheMonster 2017-12-18

The pile of clothes in my arms I walk to the bathroom door to take a peek.Her body perfect in every way a tight toned leg I see slip behind the curtin I drop the lundry and shed off my clothes tip toe to the shower but she catches me "are you coming in your neck tasted a bit sweaty." my invitation opening the curtin her body spectacular to see the water run from her shoulders down her chest flowing along her stomach down the legs I step in the hot water showers me washing away the days stink tilting back my hair soaks in my eye open shes covered in soap I pull her to me slippery my hands glide her cute face stares at me water rushing over me I kiss her lips neck her soapy hands begin to wash my body I pin her to the wall but she ducks under me I take my wash cloth as she rinses her body she scrubs my back clean pinches my butt cheek stepping out the shower first she wraps around a towel I turn off the water and walk into the room where shes waiting for me her naked body laying on the bed "come here" I drop my towel on the floor walk to the bed she sits up I bend down we embrace.

Enjoying during studying in college

humor urpussysucker 2017-11-26

As I looked more, Lucy’s pretty shaved pussy was also all shiny and wet. I got it all wet licking Lucy’s juices, and began rubbing my own pussy with it. I inched over to Lucy, being careful not to wake her up, and softly placed the head of my toy on her wet pussy lips. I moved in with my mouth and engulfed those soft, floppy, wet pussy lips, savoring that wonderful taste! Soon I parted her lips with my tongue and got my first taste of her red sweet flesh. I sucked it in to my mouth and within seconds Lucy moaned out “Oh my God” and her pussy gushed out a spurt of her juice.


humor jboi626 2017-11-21


Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 1)

humor catherine-belmont 2017-11-02

“Yeees,” her voice trembling in desire, feeling the panties pulled off with ease, sliding from between her legs, Monika looking at his eyes as he started at her shorn mound. His hand returned, this time gently rubbing her mound, his fingers pushing between her lips to find her pussy drenched in her juices, Monika ashamed at what he was doing to her. Nick ran his fingers along her perineum, sliding her pussy juices down her crack as he bent her legs back, opening up her ass cheeks until her tiny pucker stood out, pink and virginal. In fact, Monika thought it was because of the fingers penetrating her in such a place that prolonged the orgasm, her bound hands preventing her from doing anything but take all that Nick wanted from her body.

A winter warm up.

humor 2017-11-01

He begins to unbutton his shirt and I pull the cover past my mouth as I bite my lip in anticipation. His discarded shirt lay on the floor as he stares me in the eyes and begins to unbutton his jeans and slips them down removing them effortlessly. As he slides his fingers inside of me I moan deeply and he pins my body onto the railings against the wall. His hand grabs my hair and pulls my head closer and his length fills my mouth and throat; my eyes glisten with tears as he shoots his load down my throat and stares into my eyes.

A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 01

humor 2017-10-21

I couldn't help but notice that Greg was also showing signs of arousal when Helen sat on the edge of the fallen tree trunk, opened her legs slightly and started to nonchalantly rub the thick, clear oil around her fanny area. Again, I found it useless to argue this point as he was obviously right, so now focusing my remarks more at Helen, I told her that the main reason that I thought that we should stop right now was because of the fact that I was becoming very concerned about the number of overtly sexual photos being taken, and because I was also less than impressed about the very intimate way she was allowing these guys to handle her, especially considering their present state of arousal.