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Damned Pigs

humor Shylywild 2018-11-01

Mary Helen was just about to lift the latch and dash into the open when the sultry sing-song voice of Mrs. Vogt right above us almost caused me to wet my pants! Faced with teeth as big as daggers and growling that would credit a Hound of Hell Mary Helen and I backed away and found ourselves being herded towards the house, and once we realized that the house was safer than the dog we moved along quite smartly.  Mary Helen grabbed his hips and pulled him closer so she could grasp his weighty shaft in her slim hand, stretched her mouth over the dark plum of its head and began to bob her head back and forth.

How to Hit on a Bartender

humor TessMackenzie 2018-05-11

At work it was, because the bar was kind of sleazy, and she had to go to a lot of trouble to make clear she never wanted anything from anyone, but here, near home, after a party, being looked at wasn't always creepy. More head for her, and this time, because she was curious, she said she was tired and wanted to sleep and wasn't going to. She had sex with him because she felt bad about him not getting head, and while she did she thought that maybe a pretty clever plan had just worked out for him. "Hey," he said, and kissed her, and half the bar knew her and was watching, but Elsie let him anyway.

WC 102: Outdoor Angie

humor Rumple Foreskin 2017-10-17

It wasn't long before she was leaning forward, hands on Ernie's shoulders, her full breasts swaying back and forth, gently slapping against his face as he tried to capture one of the erect, elusive nipples with his lips. On some subconscious level, Angie knew her hips were moving faster and faster, knew Ernie was meeting each downward stroke with a hard, upward thrust, knew she was on the brink of an outdoor orgasm for the ages. However, the heads of Ernie and Angie are positioned mere inches from a very thick, very hard, very immovable tree trunk. In light of certain teeth marks and scratches emergency room personnel later observed scattered about on the penis of her watery lover, it appears Angie may have failed to fully open her mouth.