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humor Tashtego 2018-11-27

Roger looked at Dennis and tilted his head. “That makes me feel so much better,” said Dennis, headed out the door. Roger gave her a look of friendly understanding as he backed away and headed down Main Street in feigned search of a stuffed monkey establishment. The woman smiled tightly, raised her eyebrows, and looked around the room without moving her head. He couldn’t just walk into the room with a raging hard-on pointed at a sophisticated woman like Karen Fletcher. The octogenarian sat peacefully on the bed, rose in hand, as Roger dashed around the room searching for articles of clothing. Still heaving from all the running, Roger leaned his hands on the wall and hung his head in dejection.

Paige's Sting

humor HalftoneTony 2018-11-16

"Paige, you're bonkers!" interrupted Azalea, "You're just imagining things now, I think it's all getting too much for you, just because I've got a boyfriend and Mrs J's found thingies in the loo." The girl opened the door and Azalea and Jared could see a large, rough-looking man in profile. "Well," said Azalea, "I think he likes to have a thermos with him so he can have a nice cup of tea, perhaps sometimes he nods off and spills it or something, how should I know, anyway, what does it matter?" She was cross with Leah now. Azalea and Paige giggled, while meanwhile Tony roughly turned Mrs Jameson round and bent her forward over the cistern.

You’re Supposed To Be A Lesbian

humor DarkSide 2018-11-08

Debra looked at the note, cocked her head to one side, sighed and raised an eyebrow. John turned to look at the door, he made eye contact with Debra. Debra watched Janet slowly wank the huge cock in front of her. “You bet it’s fucking real,” said John looking behind him at Debra. She finally let John’s cock slip from her mouth as she sat back and looked at Debra. “Fuck off, go away, you’re so fucking crude sometimes,” replied Debra as she lunged for the door handle, pulled it open and escaped through it; closing it behind her and holding it closed to make sure Janet could not follow.


humor DarkSide 2018-11-07

I looked at my phone and found that I had collected one thousand points and a Bad Boy special Icon for performing an act on a person in public. As I approached I noticed a lady in a coat looking out of the window with her phone in her hand; obviously checking my progress towards her. She took my hands in hers and pulled me down over the horse, her body lowered with me and she looked up into my eyes all the time. I studied the App and noticed that the icon was just leaving the house, I waited for a carriage to appear but all I saw were a few people leave the main building and head out towards the tradesman’s exit.