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The Panty Club Ch. 07

fetish nikki_2021 2018-09-02

Teri sat watching as Abby slowly pulled her tiny shorts down her luscious legs, revealing a pair of black lace tanga panties beneath. "You don't even know what the club is for you dumb fuck, so if you really want in, you come when you're told and you wear that." Abby and Teri walked away. Greg lay down and pulled his cock out the side of the thong and started to work his hand up and down it, pumping his shaft as his gaze took in the sight of three hot girls in their school uniforms all rubbing their panties or slipping a hand inside to play with their pussies. As he adjusted them, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Abby and Teri handed each other their panties and Anne held the yellow thong for Amber.

Tech Class

lesbian sihaya 2018-07-02

I realized as I was drafting my post that I probably shouldn't post sexy panties on my class website, but I was still really intrigued by them, so I just copied the whole thing over into an email to my professor. I had trouble composing my reply; I couldn't stop imagining Professor McKeown - I mean, Anne - wearing nothing but a pair of heels and those black, satin panties with a little vibrator tucked into them. She fussed with them a bit, putting the bullet part of the vibrator into a pocket on the panties, and then handed me the other pink part - the remote, I guessed. "Yeah, I guess it doesn't turn you on to have it vibrate in your hand," I said, glancing at the bunched-up black satin she held so loosely.

Night Shift Pt. 05

fetish Peethagoras 2018-06-05

Sam wasn't to know that the normal attire for a night shift was no clothes at all, and that it was easier to step out of a skirt or dress than to roll jeans down your legs and pull them over your feet. Susan, now into the swing of things, zoomed the camera in to Anne's hand as it slowly pulled down the zip. Anne was tempted to pull Susan's panties down right away just to find out how wet her pussy was, but thought better of it lest she eat Susan's succulent cunt and forget to expose her lovely breasts. Anne was getting really turned on by this and rashly suggested, "Susan, let me position myself so that I can open my cunt and see if you can squeeze your cream out to land in my hole."

To Take Advantage Ch. 02: Of Her Sister

bdsm MikeWrites 2018-04-25

And most of all you like to hear about little sister Anne?" Jane's head thrashed wildly. Who knows, doing what someone else wants for once in your life might even turn out to suit you?" I could see from the look on Jane's face that this was what was really driving her - the desire to see little sister put firmly in her place. As Jane approached Anne lifted her hands away from her ass, embarrassed at exposing her asshole to her sister like that. "Okay sis," she said, "open up your ass for Mike to fuck it." Anne reached wearily behind to comply, and the contrast with big sister couldn't have been more complete.

Pauline Anne and Me

first-time Pinaforesally 2018-04-23

"Let's get out of these wet things" Anne stated " You go into the bathroom and throw your wet things on the landing and Pauline will bring you some dry ones from her b*****r's room" Pauline leaned across and kissed me deeply while Anne's hand caressed my crotch and snuck into my panties. I felt a strange sensation as my little willy strained against the nylon panties. "Wonder what it tastes like " said Anne looking at my hard willy. "Let's bathe him till he's a clean little girl like we are" I was dragged into the bathroom while Pauline ran a bath and Anne stripped me. "Let's clean that dirty bottom" said Anne as I felt the roughest of loofas being sc****d against my bottom hole.

The Fourth Ring

fetish tx_latin_couple 2018-03-21

returned to Rick slamming his dick into Anne's cunt. wanted the vindication of Anne spurning Rick's base Anne left Rick and walked over to me. I saw Rick and Anne engaged in a never ending, French With a sly smile, Rick placed his hand on Anne's fashion as the night before when Anne and Rick were on fantasies of Rick fucking Anne in all different of Anne sucking on Rick's dick staggered me. In a worshipping manner, Anne's tongue dabbed up Rick's Then Anne lifted Rick's cock to the photo Rick's cock-head disappeared and Anne Anne's vagina to accommodate both Rick's semen and his fifteen minutes of ministrations, Rick rolled Anne over Rick spent the next 90 minutes fucking Anne in every

Night Shift Pt. 03

lesbian Peethagoras 2018-02-12

'Yes she is wearing briefs,' Sally thought as she entered the computer room, observing the panty-line through the back-shift leader's overall while she was leaning over the console. This aroused her greatly, especially when she looked over to Anne and noticed her eyes riveted on her bosom, causing a flood of juice to leave her pussy and soak into her panties. As she lowered her panties to her ankles, Jacqui knew that Anne must be getting a first class view of her bare bum, probably her pussy lips too. When Jacqui turned to face her, with her red pubic bush visible in the open jeans, and her shirt hanging loose, exposing half her aereolae, Anne's flow of pussy juice turned into a virtual Niagara.

Sunday Lunch, dear?

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-26

In need of a poo all morning, she'd actually begun farting twenty minutes earlier whilst still at Wendy's, and Wendy had asked her if she'd like to use the facilities ahead of hitting the open road. Out in the open air it would have been more manageable but the car was a confined space and even after forty years experience of her own farts, some of which had been quite ripe in their day, Anne didn't believe she could smell quite so bad. After what seemed like hours but was really no more than another fifteen minutes, Anne passed the familiar welcome signs to her home town of Attleton Market and drove as quickly as she could to the smart Seventies cul-de-sac where the home she and Brian shared was to be found.

The Panty Club Ch. 02

fetish nikki_2021 2017-10-14

As she watched, Anne wiggled them about and pushed and probed and slowly but surely, the panties were stuffed inside her until only the merest scrap was visible, poking out from between Amber's shaved pussy lips. Amber swapped the pink thong that Anne had been wearing for a pair of white lace panties that Abby was now wearing and that Teri must have worn to school. Teri was now wearing Amber's green cotton panties and Anne a blue thong that belonged to Abby. Amber went home in the blue thong, Abby in Amber's green cotton, Teri in the Pink thong and Anne in the white lace that was the first pair to have ever been pissed in at school.