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Her First Arrest-Part 11

bdsm gubica 2018-06-27

His fingers wiggling in her pussy relaxed her enough for him to push past the opening and deep into her ass. She bit her lower lip as his fingers worked between her pussy lips, pushing down the sheath that protected her bud, and proceeded to rub and tease the spot she needed touched. Her pussy walls spasmed against his fingers, clamping down, as her body finally released. Before she finished, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy, positioned his cock at the entrance, grabbed hold of her hips for leverage, and thrust deep inside of her. Then one final thrust and she felt the heat of his cum inside her and her body released one more time to meet his.

Having My Way...Part11

bdsm gubica 2018-06-27

Then I felt him climb off the bed and I heard the drawer of the night stand open. He broke the kiss and I heard a cap being opened and I recognized it as my lotion bottle. I heard him set the bottle down and he began to trace designs through the lotion with his fingers. Then his hand passed between my legs and I felt the slippery feeling as he worked the lotion onto my outer lips, down my slit to my hips, then back up again to my mound. As his hand moved up and down my slit, his fingers worked deeper and deeper between the lips. I wanted to thrust my body against his fingers and felt frustrated that he held me down.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 2

group gubica 2018-06-25

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, as I reached for my skirt to try to cover myself. I hugged my skirt tighter to my body and realized as she came closer, I was backing up. I also realized she was standing over me and looking down at my body. I felt her leg brush against mine and realized she was moving my legs apart to stand between them. She brushed my lips with hers, and I felt my head come off the bed as I tried to follow her lips with mine. She again looked into my eyes, and, as she closed them, I felt her lips meet mine in a very passionate kiss.

Waiting For A Chance With Mom

interracial bava12 2018-06-24

One day i am watching blue film in my laptop in bedroom and doing masturbation and going to bathroom in nude position so i am complete my bath and come to bedroom in nude that time my mom all so in nude and some oil applying her body so this time both are in nude position and saw we each other so i feel shay and covered myself. So next days are passed but she was not given a chance to me and she behave like a mom only and after this incident next morning i am going to kitchen and she do some work in kitchen so that time i am huge to chitchat so that time my penis was rise and press her ass checks so she say to me Karthi your in hot mood so u go to bathroom and do masturbation then your free ok so silently i am leave the kitchen.

Jaz. Part 2

lesbian ThePhantom 2018-06-23

Marsha allowed her hands to gently rub Jaz's breasts through her leather bra. Once removed they revealed that she had a black silk thong underneath it. As Jaz stepped in close again and reached around Marsha to unfasten her bra, that's when she felt her stiffen and cross her arms. Jaz unhooked the silky white bra and gently placed it on the floor. "Oh baby, you're beautiful," Jaz stated as she ran her hands over Marsha's lush breasts. Jaz issued a small moan as Marsha's small hands ran over her breasts and nipples. She moved her lips to Marsha's slender neck and started kissing and licking as she moved down to her shoulders, heading to Marsha's breasts.

Don't Drink Alcohol

hardcore jpjai007 2018-06-23

Following a great dinner with specifically purchased mood music and rose petals on the bed may seem like a good idea at the time, in reality you're putting far too much pressure onto a situation. Whatever the occasion, playing this kind of music before entering a stressful situation can help you achieve a generally more positive sense of being and make it easier to undertake stressful situations in a more confident manner. Firstly, it helps you concentrate on something other than your performance and gives your little soldier time to think about joining in. With a little bit of practice you should easily find yourself a bedroom master in no time, allowing you to stay relaxed during sex.

Having My Way - Chapter 14

bdsm gubica 2018-06-22

I felt his cock at the opening of my pussy and I tried to arch my hips to force him into me. His mouth found mine and at the same time I felt his cock slowly enter my body. Again I felt it start to enter, but this time he kept pressure till his cock was buried to the hilt inside me. I felt my pussy open wide as he brought my legs to my chest. He must have gotten my message, because he started to draw his cock back to the opening then lunged deep into my pussy. I threw my head back and opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I felt his cock get bigger inside me and I knew he was close.

Her First Arrest-Part 10

bdsm gubica 2018-06-22

Why don't you get on your hands and knees on the bed?" he asked with a devious smile on his face. She crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees until she reached the middle. "I want you to put your head on the bed, reach down and grab your ankles, and spread your legs," he ordered. She saw him smile, as he climbed onto the bed between her open legs. Reaching under her between her legs, he laid his hand on her hot, wet pussy. She knew she was very wet by the way his hand slid so easily around her pussy. She was going to object, when she noticed his hand was busy again moving against her pussy and her clit.

Just a little fun between friends

bdsm bulldog781942 2018-06-20

I jump out of bed and fix the sheet that had torn loose from the mattress earlier that morning, then unplug the small extension cord from an unused lamp. I slide back a little bit and pull Paige over to the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor and face down in the mattress unable to use her hands to hold herself up. With her hands tied behind her back and face down on the bed to her relief I plunge my cock into her tight hole as I grab her arms for leverage, pulling her body into me with every thrust. Paige moves between my legs and begins sucking on me again, the tip of my dick in her hot mouth until it's soaking wet.

One Lust Filled Night-Part8

group gubica 2018-06-19

I knew from the angle of the bed to the door that he had a good view of my open pussy. I noticed David kept looking back and forth from Becky to me. David straightened up, uncrossed his arms and walked over to Becky. She turned to face him, but he put out both hands and pushed her onto the bed right next to me. Becky reached under my pillow I was using to cover myself and started playing with my breasts. I could not take my eyes off David as I watched him undress by the bed. I watched it bob as he moved and my pussy spasmed as I felt my body respond.

Her First Arrest-Part 7

bdsm gubica 2018-06-19

He started to moan when she gently grabbed his balls and started to massage them, while her mouth did the same to his cock. On her knees between his legs, she felt the bed move as he began to rock back and forth. She started to suck his cock deeper, taking her mouth all the way down to the ring and back to the tip. When she was ready, she released the latch on the ring around his cock but kept the strap in place around his balls. She was able to regulate how much and how fast he would cum. As she sucked his cock hard and deep, she released the strap just a little to allow his honey to flow.

Having My Way...Part 13

bdsm gubica 2018-06-18

He had his right hand on my left breast and I felt him gently squeeze it once in a while. Every time he moved I felt either his cock shift against my leg or his hand squeeze or rub my breast. I felt the walls of my pussy spasm and I tried to will my body to build to the point that I could force myself to cum again. His kiss silenced the moans that tried to escape from my mouth. My lower body thrust up trying to slip his cock into my cunt. I felt his right hand leave my breast, His body shifted as I felt him put the head of his cock against the opening to my cunt.

The Touch of a Man: Part One

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-06-17

She moaned as she wiggled her finger inside her hot box and took her other hand and started rubbing her clit. Rubbing her clit always made her wetter and she wanted to feel her hot natural fluid surround her finger. As she began to rub her clit in slow circles, she felt the fluid begin to flow around her finger stuck deep inside her pussy. She had moved her other hand from her clit to brace herself on the bed because the jolt was so intense and she could feel the cool air of the room drift around her hot wet pink clit as it poked out of the covering from where it usually hid.

Storming passion

mastrubation CambionOfTheSouth 2018-06-16

The fingers of your right hand move over your perky tits, reach your right nipple and push it down harshly, sending jolts of electricity all over your body, from your cloudy brain to you swollen labia. You trace your left fingers up from between your unfold lips, slowly, creating a nice trail of moisture up from your body to your extended clit, and from there to your hard, thick, long dildo. You pinch your clitoris; you thrust as hard as you can the thick, rubber dildo inside, reaching your womb, as a tsunami of pleasure hits you. You pinch hard and twist your clit while you keep fucking yourself, feeling still your energy building up, until you finally pull the dildo out of yourself and fall on your bed, breathless.

One Lust Filled Night-Part12

group gubica 2018-06-16

While she was finger fucking my pussy, she had spread my lips open wide and was sucking on my clit. As Becky started to suck my clit, David moved up on my body and was sitting on my chest. I started to shake my head, but he took hold and eased forward, pushing his cock between my lips. Becky's fingers went deep into my pussy and when she wiggled them, I tried to scream my way through an orgasm, but I could not utter a sound. My pussy was wetting Becky's fingers as I felt my body shake. I felt my swollen clit throb as Becky held it between her lips, her fingers rubbing my g spot, sending me into a frenzy.

Having My Way...Part 12

bdsm gubica 2018-06-16

Still tasting the sweetness, I ran my tongue around the base of the head and over the opening at the very tip. I felt him shift on top of me as his cock went deeper and deeper into my mouth. Oh, so slow I felt it creep down my throat as he shifted his body over mine to make it easier for me to swallow his cock. I wanted him to hurry as I felt my own muscles contract as the walls of my pussy tightened and relaxed in readiness for my own pleasure. I knew he was ready to cum and I tried so hard to push my head farther on his cock as he thrust down.

Her First Arrest-Part 9

bdsm gubica 2018-06-15

Her pussy walls were wet and she could feel the moisture run down and onto his cock. She moaned as she felt his cock fill her and push deep past the walls. Her pussy closed around his cock and she could feel her walls contract as if they were trying to suck him deeper. Their tongues danced together, their lips locked, as she lay on top of him, his cock still buried in her pussy. Feeling it grow and spread the walls of her pussy, she felt her lips tighten on his cock as her walls clamped down to massage it with each thrust she made. He was enjoying the wet sounds as her pussy slapped against him, and she was feeding on the moans he was making each time he thrust into her.

Weekend Fun

first-time xoxo1496 2018-06-14

A loud moan came out of my mouth as he grabbed my nipple in between two of his fingers and started to rub it back and forth. He started to trail his hand along my inner thighs, and across my pussy lips, ocassionally brushing my aching and swollen clit, making me moan loudly in pleasure. All I could do in response was moan as he slipped a second finger into my pussy and starting pushing them in and out faster. Jordan started jamming his fingers into my unbelievably tight pussy, going harder and faster. I started to squeeze my nipples, and not even two minutes later, I let out a moan as I squirted all over the bed and Jordan's fingers.

Stuck With You

first-time AvaMarie 2018-06-14

Aria stood up slowly, never taking her eyes off Brent and slowly paced up and down the elevator for a couple of seconds. Aria pulled away from him and sat on the floor, closely followed by Brent. Whilst Brent wasn't looking, Aria quickly took off her top, and covered her breasts with her arms. Brent grabbed Aria's hand and moved it up and down his shaft. Brent lost himself a little in the pleasure and forced Aria's head down, forcing her to deep throat his cock.  As they both closed their eyes, Aria fell back on the bed with Brent on top of her.  Aria laughed and stared at Brent, he took stared deeply into her eyes.

One Lust Filled Night-Part10

group gubica 2018-06-12

My breathing was deep and long as I enjoyed feeling my pussy get wet. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized my legs were being drawn apart. I tried to squirm as I felt a finger probe inside my pussy. My clit was feeling more and more sensitive as the finger that was rubbing it was starting to move faster and harder. I felt exquisite pain on my nipples as Becky and Davit bit down at the same time. I felt fingers slapping at my clit and I could hear the wet sounds from everything that was being done to my body. I inhaled deeply as my pussy spasmed one last time, and I let out a scream that lasted the length of my orgasm.

One Lust Filled Night-Part9

group gubica 2018-06-12

Becky's hand was under the pillow playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples. I felt what I thought was Becky's hand as it went beneath the pillow to cup my right breast. I tried to pull my mouth away from Becky's, but, she held on to my head. While Becky was driving me wild with her mouth on mine, David reached up and again took hold of my breast. As David sucked on my nipple, Becky played with the other one. When she took her lips from mine, in one swift movement, she took my nipple in her mouth and sucked just as David was doing. My emotions were on overload and I tried to take a deep breath as I felt them alternate between biting and sucking.

One Lust Filled Night-Part13

group gubica 2018-06-12

David was on his hands and knees with his cock buried deep down my throat. She pushed it against the fingers she had in my pussy, and the feeling finally drove me over the edge. My body went rigid as I fought for air and yet, at the same time, I didn't want this sensation of pure lust to end. My body spasmed a couple of times as Becky used her tongue to lick my pussy clean. I felt her body move from between my legs, but that knowledge was lost in the fog of my mind. I opened my eyes when David slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Becky standing straddling my body.

Oh Baby Where Were You Last Night

mastrubation SueEastwood 2018-06-11

Laying on my back spread open my legs and with my hands explored my body remembering in my head your words from previous chats. You were looking down between my open legs at the embers of my hot furnace as you tightly squeezed and slowly stroked your incredible tool. Crawling onto the bed your kisses reached inside my thigh while the other leg continued to enjoy the touch of your fingers. Pulling your head with my hands you kissed your way towards my chest keeping your hand playing in my nest and I was feeling the twitching of your cock against my knee as you crawled your way up. Kissing your way on to my neck your cock slides up the inside of my thigh where my fingers can reach.

Her First Arrest-Part 8

bdsm gubica 2018-06-11

"Are you ready to tell me what I want to know?" she asked as she released his cock and gave it a kiss on the very tip. Straddling his hips, his cock resting at her pussy, she put her hands on his chest to balance herself as she slowly started to rock back and forth. Moving her pussy on his cock felt so good to her. Slowly she moved back and forth as she felt his cock start to enlarge under her. You'll tell me what I want to know," she promised as she began to move her pussy back and forth a little faster. She moaned with pure pleasure as his head jerked up to watch his cock disappear deep inside her warmth.