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Meg Turney Body Swap Pt. 01

celebrities zackson 2018-11-30

I arch my back and stick my butt out, grabbing my nipples and making them hard, I get a huge rush of pleasure between my legs and this causes me to moan out, "Ohhh!" He turns towards me and reaches out his arms for a hug, I realize that saying no or refusing to hug and kiss him would look weird so I move in for a hug. He runs his hands over my skin and gently gropes my boobs, he leans down and starts sucking on my nipples. He looks at me and pushes me against the wall under the warm shower head, he grabs one of my arms spins me around and bends me over.

L.A. Weather Girls Pt. 01

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-28

KTLA's Liberte Chan and KCBS2/KCAL 9's Evelyn Taft are two of the area's most beautiful weather girls, and they are best friends. While I put on my stroke show for Evelyn and Liberte, both of them start slowly removing their clothes to show off their heavenly bodies to me. Evelyn puts her right hand between her legs and starts playing with her pussy lips and shows me her clit. Evelyn: Do you like how my body looks Brad? Brad: Liberte...Evelyn...you're both beautiful. Liberte takes her right hand off her clit and puts it between Evelyn's legs and starts to play with hers. Evelyn leans her head back and moans as Liberte starts playing. Evelyn leans forward towards Liberte, looks over at me, then smiles.

Meet the Pornstars: Redux

group Ruchnids 2018-11-25

One day, I had entered a contest to win tickets to meet two porn stars, Sierra Devi and Janet Jade. If someone had told me three weeks ago that I would be laying on a bed in a hotel room with a chance to suck on Sierra's nipple while Janet Jade was sucking on my dick, I would have called them crazy. The other two women removed their mouths from my dick, Janet stroking the tip gently with her finger as Sierra moved her hand up and down my shaft. “Mmmph!” With all the pressure, I let loose my huge load over Sierra and Janet’s faces, my mouth clamping down on Miosotis’ nipple as my hand grasped her other breast tighter.

The Party Starring Jacky St. James

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-25

I sit down on the bed with a bottle of KY and put a drop the size of a dime in the palm of my right hand and start to stroke my penis while I watch Jacky on the tv. Jacky leans in and gives me a soft, tender kiss as she continues to push down her panties to reveal her beautiful pussy. Jacky pulls away from a kiss and holding my head in her hands looks into my eyes and asks me a simple question. As our orgasms subside, I continue to lie on top of Jacky, smiling and looking into her beautiful eyes. "Everything is wonderful." I tell Karen as I'm holding Jacky in my arms under the covers.

The Walking Dead: Morgan's Tale

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-24

"Lloyd bit me," Jenny said, a sad look in her lovely dark brown eyes, and in uttering those words, doomed our family. "Morgan, I didn't come here for a fight, I came here for a truce, you're a survivor, like me, and Rick trusts me, and I'd like us to be friendly," Carol said, and then she held out her hand for me to shake. "Fine, Carol, we can be friends, but if you try to hurt me, or Rick, or Carl, then all bets are off," I said, and I hefted my staff for good measure. Sometimes, the body's urges can affect the mind, and like I said, I hadn't been with a lady since my wife Jenny died.

L.A. Weather Girls Pt. 02

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-22

I look to the right first as my lips meet Liberte's as Evelyn kisses my left cheek. I look up and see Liberte's eyes closed as she's performing fellatio on me while Evelyn kisses my thighs and belly while her hands fondle my balls. Evelyn starts caressing and kissing Liberte's beautiful breasts while her hips rock up and down on my penis. The girls change positions as Evelyn takes a reverse cowgirl on my penis and Liberte sits on my chest. Evelyn lifts herself off my cock and lies down to my left, kissing me while her hands and left leg rub up and down my body. Here I am, lying in my bed with Evelyn Taft cuddling me to my left and Liberte Chan cuddling me to my right.

Masturbating to the Laker Girls

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-18

I'm looking at Sujan, head slightly tilted and mouth slightly open as I work my hand to that spot just under the head of my penis. Jennifer tells Sujan during last year's dress rehearsal, he came for me and I made the All Star team. Jessie went from licking the cum from his hands and thighs last time to sucking him off. Jessie tells the rest of the girls "We're done with the dress rehearsal for today. Jessie tells her to work on the left thigh and she'll work on the right and the right hand. Jessie, like last time starts cleaning off the shaft with her tongue. Then she starts licking Shelbie's face and tells her "Time to clean you off." as she cleans my cum from her face.

The Blogger and Susan Hendricks

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-17

Once he's ready, Brad makes his way to the set, where Susan is sitting at the couch on the right (if you're watching on tv). Susan interviews Brad and asks him about the blog and the reasons why he decided to start and run it. Susan uncrosses her legs, lifting her left leg up and over Brad's head and resting her leather boot just above her ankle on his right shoulder. Brad looks up at Susan as she starts to reposition herself on the couch, sliding her hips closer to the edge and working her way to her back. He leans his head forward, looking into Susan's eyes with the lust and hunger that he's written about in his blog.

Drug Trials Ch. 05.5: Hunger

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-14

Anyway, I have to work with him on Food Network Star, and I'm desperate to get away." Giada picked up the cheese again and started grating. "Just a little of everything please." Megan pulled up a chair and sat down at the table as Giada moved around, piling more and more onto a singular plate. You always seem to unload so much." Giada stared at Megan, and her crotch as she continued to demolish the food pile on her plate. Giada wrapped her hands around Megan's head; steering it around her body. Megan's tongue darted in and out of her mouth; tracing the folds of Giada's labia while coming back in with a helping of whipped cream.

The Real World/Road Rules Orgy

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-09

We don't want you to choke," teased Robin, as she watched sexy Tina impale Jacquese's big dick between her large lips. Robin continued to watch Tina swallow Jacquese whole while bobbing her head up and down Brad's cock. Your tits are fucking hot," moaned Brad, as he squeezed her flesh pillows hard around his dick and continued ramming up and down between them. Mmmmm," Jacquese moaned, as Robin suckled his balls, made him increase his fucking pace on Tina. Brad then parted Robin's pussy and shoved his hard cock straight up inside and immediately started pounding her rapidly and bouncing his crotch off her beautiful bikini-tanned ass. Robin dropped Jacquese's slobbery balls from her mouth and started moaning to Brad fucking her.

Spying on KCBS2 Reporter Amber Lee

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-09

The room looked small with only a full-size bed, a chest of drawers and the dressing table taking up all of the available space. I knew that any minute Amber could turn out the light so I forced myself to continue my journey down her body. My stroking increased as I watched her hand go back to her bald mound again, only this time she wasn't scratching. My breath was coming in ragged gasps as Amber repeatedly thrust her beautiful ass off the bed as she worked her hand between her legs and toyed with her left breast pulling and tweaking her nipple until it was as hard as the youthful cock I held in my trembling hand. By the time my head cleared Amber had turned out her light.

Sharon Tay and Her Jerk Off Boy

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-07

You start a nice slow stroke all the way up to the head of your dick and back down. "Oooh, look at that," Sharon purrs, "You like being a dirty little masturbator for Sharon." I continue my stroking, with heavy breathing and soft moans. "We're going to make little jack-off boy cum so hard," Sharon says. "Not yet," Sharon whispers, "keep stroking while I start working this finger in." Not even realizing it you scoot down and open your legs wider. I cum so hard that I can feel my ass clenching her fingers with every jerk of my cock as it spews in every direction. Easing her fingers out of your ass, Sharon leans over and kisses the gooey head of my dick.

From Self Love to Playmate Love

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-07

I use my left hand to flip through the pages of the magazine to look at all the wonderful pictures of Cynthia in all those sexy poses. "Why jerk off to the magazine when you can have the real thing?" Cynthia says with this gorgeous sexy smile. My clothes drop to the floor, raging hard cock fully exposed, as I place my hands behind her head and run my fingers through Cynthia's long flowing red hair while enjoying that spectacular kiss. I sit there watching, rock hard cock pointing straight up to the ceiling while Cynthia starts to remove her clothes.

Awesome Kong Tames The Rock

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-05

"Hello sister, just thought I'd warm him up for you," Kia Stevens said, smiling at Serena Williams as the black Amazon looked at The Rock, a wicked smile on her beautiful face. The Rock just came, thanks to the oral delights administered to him by Kia Stevens/Awesome Kong's gorgeous full lips, but the brother got another stiff one as he gazed at Serena Williams. "You ladies are awesome," Dwayne The Rock Johnson said, much later, as Kia Stevens/Awesome Kong and Serena Williams showed him what they were made of. "Damn, that was hot, we should do this again sometime," The Rock said, and he smiled at tennis legend Serena Williams and TNA wrestling icon Kia Stevens.

Highlander: Carl Robinson Files

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-04

Later, when segregation ended, with the encouragement of my new friend and fellow Immortal Duncan MacLeod, the man who saved me from the Klan one fine day in the marsh, I joined the world of Major League Baseball. "Kyra was born in 450 B.C. in Sparta, ancient Greece, and has been a fighter, one way or another, her whole life, most recently she was a professional bodyguard for a deceased judge, and now she teaches criminal justice at a private college in Boston," Joe Dawson said, and then, laughing, the old buzzard told me that Kyra got involved with MacLeod in 1640 in France, which I did not need to know about.

3rd Chromosome: Friends and Lovers

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-02

"Why you!" Angie reached out and grabbed Sasha, pulling the fully dressed blonde into the shower with her. Sasha's full ass shook with each step and Angie had to use all her willpower to avoid grabbing or even smacking that pert behind. "She has no intention of stopping." Sasha had come up onto the bed just behind Idara; that thick cock of hers swung mere inches from Idara's face. "Yeah, wait until you see the technique." Sasha stood above her head, waxing her own magnificent cock; her balls drooped until they smacked Idara in the face. The first blast smacked against Angie's stomach as the second splattered against her cock and Idara's pussy.

Power Pound Ch. 01

celebrities Gl_Dave28 2018-10-05

Nightwing and Power Girl had come across Clayface robbing the Gotham City National Bank on 89th and Keaton St. When they halted his getaway plan, he morphed out into numerous clay figures of generic looking robbers and morphed himself into one as well, to throw off the heroes as to who the real Clayface was. "Sure, be good to chill out with another hero and not my roommate who doesn't know who I am!" Power Girl said, as they headed off to Nightwing's apartment. "Wow, Bruce cover all this?" Power Girl asked with a big grin on her face. Nightwing looked at the cum covered Power Girl and got hard again from seeing her owned by his cumload.

Ashlynn Brooke and the Hot Tenant

celebrities 123z 2018-10-05

Ashlynn swept her silky hair from her pretty face and looked at him with her dark brown eyes. Ashlynn closed the folder and thrust her body forward and Smith looked down her blouse and stared at her heavy 34C boobs. Quinn pulled her hair from her and looked at the rapture on her face as her lips pursed and her jaw relaxed so as she could give quick little sucks on his tip. With his left hand he pulled her cheek out and fed his fat cock into her wetness all the way in a slow thrust. Quinn slowed up and lifted her left leg up onto the seat so her heel dug into the leather, and stroked her exposed clit with his finger tips.

Gale Force Ch. 08

celebrities velvetpie 2018-10-03

The production closed down for Christmas and New Years and since I didn't have any family, I spent my holidays serving people at the homeless shelter and preparing menus for the remainder of the season. All I could do was sit there and stare at it for a long moment before Jhonna nudged me to open the card that was discreetly tucked in the front. When I'd sent the package to his home address in New York, I had nearly burst with joy, knowing how much he would enjoy my gift, especially because the chef I'd chosen had fashioned a course that was based on his literary preferences. Two days later, Gale boarded a plane to New York and the season officially was at an end.

The Road to EGOT Pt. 05

celebrities ManUnited1086 2018-10-03

"Well you won't need to talk so I guess that'll work out for both of us." She began unbuttoning my shirt placing soft kisses on my chest as she removed button after button. Instead she totally ignored my dick and made her way to my face where she dropped her sweet and delicious pussy right on top of my mouth. Right now I think you need some attention." She began kissing me tasting herself on my lips. She took my dick in her mouth finally and began bobbing her head up and down. Damn V you are getting sexier by the day." She smiled with my cock in her mouth and went back to sucking my dick as if there was nothing else she would rather be doing.

Stevie Lights Up a Bush

celebrities 123z 2018-10-01

They moved to a long sofa, and as they chatted Stevie gazed into Kate's smoky big hazel eyes and lingered on her generous cherry red lips. Stevie ran her fingers through the thick hair and continued their passionate kiss, then she snaked a hand down and put it inside the neckline of Kate's dress and caressed her left breast. Satisfied she had seduced Kate Bush, Stevie stood and tossed away her black shawl and unzipped her chiffon dress and let it float off her curvy body. Kate raised one leg at the knee and looked agog as Stevie plonked herself on the bed and gently prised open her damp lips and inserted the vibrator half the way in.

X-Journey Ch. 02

celebrities letmetakeadicpic 2018-09-30

Devin looked at me funny and removed his right from my hip and shook my dad's hand, he looked like he was shitting bricks but he was still hard despite the awkward situation. My dad wasn't yelling, absolutely nothing, he looked like he just walked in on me while I was studying for a test or something. Emily told me that you had a major headache and were going to skip dinner." She was holding her salad bowl in one hand and her water in the other, and walked past me to put the dishes in the sink. But I'm much better now that I took that nap." I looked back at the five year olds, "But I don't know if it's going to stay away," I said laughing.

Swag Captain #04

celebrities iamthenight 2018-09-26

I don't think that I ever met a man who didn't want to be inside Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett said she is afraid to go on a date because she doesn't feel good about herself and her body. "So you won't fuck a guy you just met in a limo because it makes you look like a slut, but you're totally fine if we do it at the hotel?" I said a little confused "I love honesty" said Scarlett "It gets me really wet" Scarlett started to feel up her tits as she spread her legs and flashed her pussy. I rolled Scarlett over and pressed her incredible tits together and jacked myself off as the cum shot out of my cock onto her amazing breasts.

The Hollywood Gigolo Ch. 01

celebrities jjgarces 2018-09-25

"OHGOD...there...fuck...me...there...gonna cum..." she shouted, throwing her head back against the wall and arching her back as I bottomed out inside of her and felt her cunt start squeezing down on my dick. "UH...UH...UH...OHGOD...you're gonna make me fucking cum all over your dick again..." she hissed as she arched her back and threw her head back, her eyes rolling back into her head as she threw her legs around my waist, her cunt walls opening up a little more for me as I bottomed out inside of her. "Here it comes baby," I told her as I grabbed her hips, pulled them forward and thrust into her a few more times, spraying my sticky seed all over her insides as her pussy clamped down on my dick, drawing every last drop of my cum deep into her womb before I finally pulled out of her.