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Succulent Desires Chapter 2

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-03-05

  Taking deep slow breaths before he responded, Aidan’s voice came out slightly strained, “Well, that sounds like a lovely idea and I can’t wait to find time to give you such aural pleasure. Closing her eyes briefly enough to regain composure, but still looking like a blink, a small smile could be seen on Alice’s face before she replied softly, “Thank you.”   And walking out the door, down the hall and actually seeing the hallway for the first time, she tried hard to focus on the décor instead of the man’s strong presence behind her.

Neighborly Lust (Part 7)

group DonAbdul 2018-03-05

I pulled my mouth off Omar’s cock with a loud plop and cast a furtive glance back at Paige, only then did I realize she was crashing her face into my wetness and lodging her nose in my cunt because of the pounding she was receiving from Max who was fucking her doggy style. When I regained my senses, I was on the mattress lying on my side and Paige was still on all fours, being fucked from behind by Max. They were both growling and moaning like a couple of beasts, Paige’s face was still slick with my pussy juice when she tensed up and cursed, “Take me home you bastard, make me cuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Hotel Humiliation Ch. 01

fetish AlexBird22029 2018-03-05

Rachel stalked casually through the archway, into the sitting area where three long sofas sat in a U shape, facing out through the tall windows onto the orange and white starry city far below. "You said that you wanted to try a little humiliation, but I need to know what I'm working with." She said, running a finger along the length of the ruler. I don't know how long I lay there, unable to move with the ferocity of my climax but I barely noticed her return until I felt her massaging my cock. She laughed and ran a finger through my sperm, bringing it to her mouth and sucking slowly, eyes closing as though deeply enjoying the taste.

Succulent Desires Chapter 8

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-03-05

  Leaning down towards her face, Alice slowly ran her tongue along Missa’s mouth, which parted with another moan as her hand found Missa’s clit and began to tease it gently.   Smiling and giggling a bit, Alice captured Missa’s clit in between her teeth and began to tease it with her tongue as she gently rubbed her fingers and hand in Missa’s pussy juices seeping out of her.   Alice gave up trying to keep her mouth on Missa’s clit, and used her other hand to brace her arm so she could continue to keep her fingers rubbing against Missa’s g-spot while Missa writhed on the bed; orgasming, screaming, and trembling.

Husband Leads Valerie into BDSM

bdsm steve_cuck_burrows 2018-03-04

As the fateful day approached Valerie decided to see what she looked like dressed as they wished, putting on her bra, (petite white silk with net edgings) her nipples could be clearly seen. "My god yes Val, or should I say slave Valerie I knew you were beautiful and I like men looking at you. Valerie did as she was asked, then said "Yes Master." Knowing people would see her on show like this. "Stop" she heard him shout.He came to her," open your legs wide bitch your husband is going to beat your cunt now. Then she saw another black guy approach cock in hand, god yes Valerie thought she was about to be double fucked yes bring it on.

A New Job/Part 2 My First Day

bdsm pantyslutboy 2018-03-04

As I rummaged through the package I found a black lace garter belt, a cute red and black lace thong, and black stockings with red Cuban heels, a red back seam, and red upper thigh tops. Previously her appearance seemed muted, almost hidden from view, but as she walked from behind her desk, I was stunned by her perfect body, her cascading natural red hair, her magical blue eyes, and her long legs. She was wearing a very short rusted red leather skirt, black thigh high nylons, a cute cream colored top, and a tightly fitted silver necklace that appeared to me more like a collar than a necklace.

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 01

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2018-03-04

Before boarding the bus, a special device would scan the driver's bladder and penis to check on the amount of urine in there. If he wasn't full on a scale of at least 9 out of 10, the bus wouldn't start and he would need to report to the manager and give an explanation as to why he wasn't in for work with a full bladder. "God I have to pee so bad," he hissed desperately and held his crotch, wringing the tip of his dick and shifting uncomfortably on the spot as he did. The device finally ejected him - his penis jutting out of his pants, the pink tip hard and exposed.

First Time Threesome

first-time TattedGoddess 2018-03-04

He moved down to my neck and I tilted my head to the side so he could proceed to nibble and suck along my neck, eliciting moans from my lips as I closed my eyes and got lost to the pleasure. I pulled back from the kiss just so I could suck on her nipple, her hands twisted in my hair held me in place as she moaned. I kept sucking on her clit as I slid one finger over her ass crack, down to the tight little puckered hole before slipping it into her hot and wet pussy. Finally I felt the orgasm hit and I let out a loud, long moan as I came again, this time squirting all over the shower walls and floor.

The Gathering

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-04

The Gathering took place every second Sunday, from ten p.m. till six p.m. There was a cover charge that included lunch and drinks, but the highlight of this gathering according to Blain, was the barn that had been rigged out for serious M2M action. Turning back and also introducing myself to Andrew, Gary then gestured towards the sling and asked if I had ever been twin fucked. Shortly, the twins decided to swap positions and as they did so, I finally got a look at Brad. His uncut knob and balls looked like a huge butternut and the foreskin at the front of his cock was so thick, that it looked like a doughnut had swallowed his dick-head.

A Little Pee Game

fetish naughtyannie 2018-03-04

I never mind anyone else eyeing you up, because I know you’re mine and I’m yours and we don’t want or need anyone else. “Oh Annie, yes!” You don’t even pretend that you don’t want to - you’re already tugging your dress up. A long stream of your pale pee arcs out and splashes onto the steps, immediately starting to run downhill in a series of little waterfalls. You have your hand on your clitoris, rubbing it excitedly as you pee, watching our twin streams flowing down the steps in front of us. “Oh Annie, now I’m going to come!” A few more little squirts of liquid splash out onto the steps; I’m not sure if they are more pee or your vaginal juices.

An Accident on a Train

fetish naughtyannie 2018-03-04

We’ve been laughing and holding hands and playing footsie under the table and I don’t want to stop looking at you. Thank god, I can feel the train slowing; it’s getting close to our stop. I’ve got my eyes shut, blocking out everything but the sense of relief, and I’m only half aware of a sharp intake of breath and a rising chorus of mutterings: “Oh my god,” “how disgusting,” “look at the state of her,” “she can’t even stand up she’s so drunk.” You push your hand up under my t-shirt and inside my bra, squeezing my breast roughly, your orgasm coming as the flow of pee stops.

Cherry Vanilla

fetish AuthorJ_A 2018-03-04

As I stripped, Ryan pulled out his favorite ice cream. I looked up and saw Ryan walking towards me with the ice cream in one hand and a scooper in the other. Ryan then took the scooper and dipped it into the ice cream. Ryan walked over with the scoop of ice cream. "Cherry Vanilla, but you were close," Ryan said softly. He then placed the scooper with the ice cream on my neck and slowly moved it down. Ryan got another scoop of ice cream. The sweet flavor of ice cream turned Ryan on. Ryan placed the ice cream on the table along with a spoon. I sat at the table and ate the melted ice cream.

The Latex Gown

fetish VirgoGo 2018-03-03

If I’m back before all your clothes are off, you’ll suffer.” I marched out of the room with my new garment in hand, leaving Henry to scramble with his suit. Henry gave me a look, and then scampered over to his briefcase from which he retrieved a bottle of spray-on latex polish and a buffing cloth. I think you’ll be safe, Jacqueline.” It wasn’t my well-being I was worried about, but Henry didn’t need to know that. I draped my right arm over his shoulder, letting him run the cloth and his hands over the surface of the dress. I pulled my hand back and then rubbed his cum all over the front of my dress, leaving smudges and streaks on the just-polished latex.

The Soumis Resort - Arrival

bdsm MissSpanky 2018-03-03

Lucy backs up a little startled "Just looking to use a phone, my car broke down," she said, startled. "Only customers can use the phone" the woman says as she steps closer so her large breasts are in her face. "There, can I use the phone now?” trying to gently push her away, starting to feel very uncomfortable. Lucy awkwardly walks by the woman and up to her room. "If you decide to, you may stay here from now on," as the woman takes her clothes and removes the gag. Lucy gently whispers, “Yes. I would like to stay,” while looking up at the woman and glaring at her tits, her eyes still full of tears making her makeup run as her new life begins.

300 Miles on the Erin Canal

hardcore LadyGelassenheit 2018-03-03

The men lifted Erin, face up, into a sling that had been hung from a beam in the center of the cabin, she was completely limp and each body part was supported individually to allow access to every inch of skin and leaving every opening fully exposed. After what felt like an eternity, the vibrations were turned off but the rod remained firmly in place as the men lined up and one after the other finally depositing that seed of justice into and onto her body with no attention paid to her pleasure at all.

My Friend May

fetish scotty792 2018-03-03

We both gasped loudly as my hand slipped between her legs, closing over the lovely soft, smooth and incredibly tight crotch of her navy blue cotton school uniform knickers." Beside myself with delight, I moved my hand between her legs, the feel of the soft smooth navy blue cotton of her schoolgirl knickers driving me wild then, very softly, I asked, "Are you nice and tingly down there between your legs, May?" "I'd slip my finger into your hot wet schoolgirl pussy and finger fuck you," I told her, feeling her tense as I said that, "I'd finger fuck your tight little pussy till I make you come all over my hand and the inside of your gym knickers."

Jasad Fetish Club

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-03-03

Getting back to the types of themes we have-a few days ago-we had tattoo fetish evening were people inked up in the club." Once you pass the entrance you look to your right and see a hot girl sucking a guy's cock and another guy fucking her ass off. You re-open your eyes and move your head forward to get a closer look at the girls butt and you see how red her cheeks have become. Hiam takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of one of the dance floors- but you two do not enter. While you're walking through the dance floor you see a hot girl in latex pants with a massive hole in her backside and no panties.

Sunday on Sticky Street

group Sheerdelights101 2018-03-03

“Oh I nearly forgot” Judy said, and went and got the little black nylon half slip from the bed. Judy gave him a couple of more strokes with the slip, then placed it on his head and over his face.Then pulled his panties up. “On the bed, I’d like it on the bed.” Sam said, “I want to feel you cum on me, we can shower again later.” Judy took a pace back and waited for a few seconds, until he had eased off a bit, then quickly stepped forward and pulled Richards panties down to his knees, moved around behind him, and stroked the Basque. Judy pulled the nylon slip off of his face and head, wrapped it around his cock and started to wank him.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 02

fetish fucktoy99 2018-03-03

Emi opened the door and didn't acknowledge me at all; she just sort of matter of factly ordered me to get down on all fours, then took her homework out of my hand and started walking back into the house. Okay, while I'm gone you need to eat all of my poop from the toilet and then leave your head in the bowl so you can commit to memory what my shit smells like. I thought about just leaving but remembered from talking to Emi before all this started that she had a dog before and the shock collar was also part of an electric fence system they had put in.

The Cuckquean POV

bdsm edgequean 2018-03-03

Sometimes, he lets another girl he is currently fucking decide if I get to cum while humiliating me for being the horny cuckquean that I am. I walk over on my hands and knees and put my mouth on Caitlyn's dripping wet pussy, which also smells like my husband's cum. "Thank you, Caitly, for fucking my husband and making him feel good in ways that I can't." I say, humiliated and horny, and loving her degrading me like this. I am so horny from being deprived of cumming in the past 7 days, and from my humiliation treatment today that I start cumming immediately "I AM CUMMING!!!" I yell, as my pussy starts spurting out cum juice, with my mouth stuffed with Caitlyn's dirty panties so it sounds like: "mmmffffffmmmmmffffffff mmmfffmmfmmfff!!!!!"

Amanda's Teasing (A Special Kind Of Torture)

fetish naughtymikey 2018-03-03

Amanda squeezed and massaged all around his butt, thighs, moving her hands as close as she could without actually touching his penis. “Wow these feel extra heavy, hun!” Amanda exclaimed, cupping his balls and lifting slightly, “That's good!” she continued to rub, squeezing gently, and lifting. I thought they would be aching for sure..." There was a short pause before she said, "Well maybe it's time to stop then." she moved her hand off his testicles, watching in delight as his penis twitched and bobbed up and down. Amanda rubbed just a tiny bit, waiting for his penis to get erect again, tugging on his testicles gently but firmly and steadily as he did.

Succulent Desires Chapter 6

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-03-02

  Moaning into his mouth, Alice moved her hips so as to fuck Aidan’s hand, pulling back slightly from his lips she whispered, “Twist it, slightly, fuck me harder.”   As Aidan moved his hand to Alice ’s wishes, she continued kissing him while her hand massaged his thick cock.   She moved slightly as the position prevented her from moving too much, but her moans and screams continued as she would randomly say, “Yes, it feels so good, don’t stop, and Fuck.” As she orgasmed, Alice ’s muscles pushed on Aidan’s hand and dick, trying to force one or both out.

Lean Acres And Harpoons

humor Adagio 2018-03-02

Like most schools, there was a rumor going around, that Cilla Derk had fucked our high school basketball team a couple months past. He moved in front of me and stood on the commode sink. His dick was now level with my face and it wasn't a far reach for my lips to kiss his little joust of a cock. "Lets all gather in a circle and unite this couple in matrimony," Saying with a straight face, the guru performed a civil ceremony on Cilla and I. Fucking her ass with my snout she shouted, "hallelujah." Then Barkley (Adonis) moved close to me and started sucking my cock. It may sound a difficult feat, but she was ass fucking Cilla with a nipple.

The Three Musketeers

gay-male Tuppie 2018-03-02

Mac was there, and informed me that Sparky and Tang would not be coming to the bar that evening. As Sparky and I were drying off the last of the dishes, Mac and Tang moved through to the lounge and got into a sixty-nine position on one of the huge sofas. Sparky moved me over to the action, before instructing me to give Mac a hand, servicing Tang’s fat cock. Sparky and I resumed our attention to Tang’s fat dick, and balls, as Mac got into a steady rhythm spearing into me. Tang stood over my body, with his cock pointing towards Sparky’s mouth, and Mac moved behind Tang inserting his knob into Tang’s butthole.