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Joanne and her Cigars Pt. 02

fetish jlenil 2018-06-27

"I want to smoke in the house too Mom. If Jenny can smoke her cigarettes at home, I should be able to smoke my cigars here too." "To tell the truth, Joanne, I love the smell of cigars, so I have no objection to your smoking in the house. Cutting and lighting one of the beautiful sticks, I took a few delightful puffs, put the cigar into my mouth, and walked back to the living room. Your cigar-smoking daughter." I took a big drag and dramatically exhaled it in Dad's direction. Wow. Even my dad thinks girls smoking cigars are hot. I retrieved the Padron and returned it to my mouth, Mom and I having another good laugh at Dad's distress.

One for her....Local Hotel

fetish uliveonce 2018-06-27

Teasing you as my finger traces its way downwards, followed closely by my lips planting gentle kisses, right down the backs of your sensitive legs to your ankle. I lick and kiss before gently running my tongue along your wet pussy..exploring you..tasting your juices. Your so close to cumming, as you feel my tongue run from your clit, slowly...downwards...along your pussy....exploring inside...then going lower..lower! You feel my tongue and fingers run gently across the soles of your feet, savouring the silky smooth sensation of the thin nylon stockings stretched tightly around your feet and legs. Your legs either side of my head as you feel my tongue flick against your ass hole, before going up to your wet pussy, licking and tasting and then back to your tight wet anus.

Meeting Dad

gay-male Tuppie 2018-06-27

Mom had married dad several months after Matt’s first wife had passed away, by which time Mark, the son from this former marriage, was already a year old. On Monday, after dad left for work, Mark and I spent the day driving around the area as he introduced me to my new environs. Matt referred to their excursion as ‘an annual hillbilly gathering in the mountains.’ I was warned; that although Cal and the boys were real rednecks, they were really great guys and were virtually like family to Matt and Mark. After kissing me a short while, Cal lifted my left leg and tilted my body to the side, began fingering my arse.

Jill - Chapter 5 and 6

fetish Heel 2018-06-27

I propped her casted leg on a stool, stole a glance at her toes and handed her the remote control. She kicked her pump off and rested her right leg on the couch, then glared angrily at the cast. “I like this predicament of yours,” I said and knocked on the cast. “I know you can’t forgive me,” she said and withdrew her hand. “George, how long do I have to wait?” she said just before I handed her the t-shirt. Five minutes later, she appeared, leaning on her crutches, and dressed only with a t-shirt and a cast. Don’t be silly!” she said, and her casted toes curled up as if to convey some kind of emotion.

Neighborly Lust (Part 6)

group DonAbdul 2018-06-27

I was so excited to have his cock back in my mouth, and as his pheromone pervaded my nostrils my pussy turned into a puddle of juices. It felt so great because I was already so dripping wet and encountered no resistance as my fingers plunged right into pussy and began fucking and rubbing and alternately circling my clit. He grabbed my pigtails in either hands and shoved my mouth down on his cock so far my chin was squashed against his balls; then his hips thrust up and his head flipped back as he growled like a giant cat and flooded my mouth with his thick hot cum.

My New Job - Part 2

bdsm TruePandamonium 2018-06-26

Shitty timing too, what with the whole case today.” A look of disgust flashed across his face at the mention of his wife, it was quick but I noticed. As long as you are sitting I’m sure it won’t be a problem.” I felt his fingers brush the skin on the back of my thighs as they traveled to the bottom of my skirt. “Spread your legs but don’t move anything else.” Instead of lifting my skirt, his fingers continued to make their way up my thighs and to my soaking wet cunt. “Now this is going to hurt a lot more than last time hun, and that’s why you have that lovely gag in your mouth,” he smiled as he pulled the leather belt tight in his hands and prepared for the first hit.

Old Friends, New Loves (part five)

fetish Green_Man 2018-06-26

I was so happy to be taken in by Kate and Pierce after my mother passed away from her battle with cancer. I laughed, thinking of the way I had whipped his brother's ass one night, giving him a little Mistress business. I laughed at the look on his gentle face, and then Kate and Pierce found us, and they asked us to come in and help make breakfast. Eventually Kate and Pierce said goodnight, and went into their room to retire for the night. When I decided I had enough of his mouth on my pussy I let loose a stream of piss onto his cock and his reaction was wonderful to see.

The Art Of Shaving

fetish Raedigga 2018-06-26

  Still kneeling you affectionately apply baby oil to my skin with your strong hands slipping your fingers skillfully into me fucking me exquisitely while you begin to circle my navel languidly with your tongue, biting my waist sensuously, kissing my hips reverently then using your hot stiff tongue replacing your fingers instead parting my pussy smoothly and plunging inside until your soft full lips press mine.   “You make me feel so good” I moan and just when I think I have reached the pinnacle of my pleasure and I cannot go any higher you move me to the floor laying me down arranging my legs over your shoulders your chest against my thighs aggressively punishing my pussy delivering with all your strength each thrust penetrating me deeper each time than the last burying the plum colored head of your cock further into my pink depths.

Travis Trunk

gay-male Tuppie 2018-06-26

I would saunter over at around five-thirty and have a drink or two with her, prior to closing her doors at around seven p.m. On the occasion in question, I arrived to find Naomi, her eldest son Bennie, and Travis at the bar. The following Sunday, only Naomi and Travis were at the bar when I arrived. I finished my second drink, aware that Naomi liked to close up by seven, so I made my way home fifteen minutes before closing time. At around seven o'clock, a short while later, my doorbell rang and Travis asked if he could view the gallery, having never visited it before. I placed the tip of his penis in my mouth and started lolling my tongue over the head of his cock.

Cindy and Alexandra's Biker Gangbang

group lindaswan 2018-06-26

Alex continued, "Iron Mike, I suggest we pull a train for you, okay?" Alex's black pubic hair, my smooth waxed mound, our tits, asses, lips, and mouths all got verbally reviewed as holes to fuck, places to put their cum. I dropped to my knees as Alex positioned herself on all fours beside me, facing the other way, ready to take men in either end. When he pulled away from me, I lifted my head, mouth wide open, so everyone could see the pool of Mike's cum. Alex immediately went back down there, lapping up the cum while treating my clit and pussy to more of her erotic moves.

Please Part 2

group RichardScott 2018-06-26

The man fucking her, stroked his cock, letting a load of cum fly onto her pussy and belly that she hardly noticed. The Assistant grabbed him by the hair, roughly stuffing her rubber cock into his mouth as the head of the Mistresses cock disappeared into his ass. The first man grabbed her in a very unceremonious manner and shoved his huge erection down her throat, cum still dripping off her face from her husbands orgasm. The man lewdly rubbed his cock all over her face before stuffing her mouth once more, his partner took a finger, slipping it into her ass. One guided his cock into her husbands ass, as the other grabbed his chin, thrusting his erection into his mouth.

The Tales From The Tavern: I Lust After Your Scar (Part II)

first-time el_henke 2018-06-26

Looking him in the eyes, I let go of his dick, and coyly asked with my girliest voice, “Wanna fuck your little scar girl, Mr. Jordan?” I gyrated my hips on his cock to stimulate every spot at its time while his hands roamed my body, squeezed my tits, ran over my scalp and caressed my ugly scar. I got to my knees, turned my head to throw him my most seductive look and present him my scar while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands and shoved two fingers up little snatch, showing him where I craved his cock.

The Working Girl Goes All Out

group castlequeen 2018-06-26

A quick glance showed Mike pounding Kay's pussy roughly and he yelled out his orgasm as he pulled out and covered her from behind, but to everyone's surprise, Jun pushed him out of the way and licked her as deeply as he could for several moments before he slid hard tool into her ass and began to hammer her hard, pulling her hair from one direction while Kyle pulled it from the other. After ten minutes or so of gentle head, the guys in our mouths needed a break and Daddy made the perfect suggestion of giving us a little special attention as he started to lick Kay's already messy pussy and Kyle gave mine a try.

Cherry Vanilla

fetish AuthorJ_A 2018-06-26

As I stripped, Ryan pulled out his favorite ice cream. I looked up and saw Ryan walking towards me with the ice cream in one hand and a scooper in the other. Ryan then took the scooper and dipped it into the ice cream. Ryan walked over with the scoop of ice cream. "Cherry Vanilla, but you were close," Ryan said softly. He then placed the scooper with the ice cream on my neck and slowly moved it down. Ryan got another scoop of ice cream. The sweet flavor of ice cream turned Ryan on. Ryan placed the ice cream on the table along with a spoon. I sat at the table and ate the melted ice cream.

Afternoon Encounter

gay-male Totem 2018-06-26

I wasted no time in getting the condom on to my cock, and immediately positioned myself behind Ray and between his spread legs so I could start fucking that splendid ass of his.  After a couple of false starts, I finally found the position that was going to permit this in spite of the difference in our sizes.  I inserted only the head of my cock into his ass, but the tight muscles soon relaxed enough, and I sank the rest of my cock deep into his asshole.

A Week In A Dungeon ~ Day 2

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-06-26

"Good girl." Miss Rose opens Ashley's cage and attaches a leash to her collar. As she says this, Miss Rose places two of her fingers against Ashley's pussy. "Good girl." The words from Miss Rose make Ashley feel loved. I think I could drink from it." Miss Rose licks her lips as she fucks Ashley with her hand. Miss Rose moves her thumb over the girl's clit and Ashley shivers in pleasure from head to toe. Mistress lets out a scream of her own now as she wiggles her toes in Ashley's mouth and finger fucks her pussy. As soon as the command leaves Mistress' mouth, Ashley feels the fingers exit her swollen and exhausted vagina.

Succulent Desires Chapter 9

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-06-25

Then Alice reached a hand back to scratch Aidan’s hips and massage his hardening cock so he could insert it into her ass while Missa licked and fingered her pussy. Alice removed her lips from Aidan so she could speak, “Put two fingers in my pussy Missa.” Moaning as Aidan’s cock entered her further and further while Missa’s fingers filled her pussy, Alice ground her hips and gripped on Missa’s hair harder. As Alice’s body bucked and clenched with her orgasm it seemed as if her breathing stopped, but as she gasped in for more air her hand dug in harder to Aidan’s flesh while the other grasped harder upon Missa’s hair. Alice felt his teeth grip her shoulder causing her to moan into Missa’s mouth and squirm a bit faster onto Aidan’s thick cock in her ass.

The Old Man

fetish StrangeSounds2003 2018-06-25

Indeed, he seemed to prefer her navel and her belly, gently drawing little circles on her navel rim and inside as she felt him enjoying it too - although odd at first, she came not only to enjoy his excitement - from THIS OLD MAN - but to do whatever she could to promote it. Always causing her the utmost of sexual pleasure, his hand on her belly and his finger gently in her navel - she found they would play in the middle of the night, the deep respect of the elders, and the soft chides of the women, and the barely masked disgust of the young maidens, not withstanding.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules: 3a

bdsm sprite 2018-06-25

I started out by taking some pictures of myself in what I thought were sexy poses, lining up the shots so that I could use the camera’s timer and then set in on my desk while I sat on the edge of my bed, cupping my bra and spreading my legs, my lips shaping a lurid kiss for one, laying sideways for another while sucking on my finger as I imagined I would a cock. She didn’t wait for a reply, straightening her long legs, commanding me with a tug of the leash, not to stand, but to follow her into the house on my hands and knees, giggling to myself as I watched her ass sway sexily back and forth, recalling the night I’d tongue fucked it.

Chanel No. 19

fetish Scorched 2018-06-25

I exhale raggedly and focus my energy onto my computer screen and gather my thick brown hair into a messy low bun and begin to work once more until I hear the door creak open slowly behind me and a wave of pure electric desire overwhelms my senses. I close my eyes slowly and let her drive my body into a state of euphoria with the mere smell of Chanel No. 19 and her own body's fragrance. That perfectly smooth skin glistens as she stares at me with a soft glaze in her eyes as I gently take her beautifully thin fingers and taste the succulent natural flavor and Chanel No. 19 in her pores.

Bath And A Shower

fetish RichardScott 2018-06-25

Coating it with a lubricant, you teased the lips of your shaven pussy with the rubber cock. You removed the cock from your beautiful pussy, the lips parted and looking freshly fucked. I released my spent cock and put a hand on each of your thighs to keep them spread and began licking your beautifully, shaven pussy. The new experience caused you to cum again and again, the showers blending with the nectar of your orgasms, flowing over my tongue. Then I felt the shower hit my balls, running down my legs into the bath water. I felt the sensation building in my crotch, the cum was pumping toward the head of my cock to coat you insides.

The Note Home Wins A Spanking

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-25

Mrs. Bishop made the whole thing worse by ceremoniously writing the note and then folding it into an envelope and sealing it so that the pupil would not know exactly what the report said. I was talking in class and Mrs. Bishop sent a note home which I'll give you," she said as evenly as she could manage. Anne had not dared to open the neat little envelope addressed by her mother to Mrs. Bishop but she noticed that the young, prim and normally quite assertive teacher took a deep breath when she read the note. No sooner than Mary Wilson had taken off her coat but her eldest daughter told her what had happened when she gave the note back to Mrs. Bishop.

My Friend May

fetish scotty792 2018-06-25

We both gasped loudly as my hand slipped between her legs, closing over the lovely soft, smooth and incredibly tight crotch of her navy blue cotton school uniform knickers." Beside myself with delight, I moved my hand between her legs, the feel of the soft smooth navy blue cotton of her schoolgirl knickers driving me wild then, very softly, I asked, "Are you nice and tingly down there between your legs, May?" "I'd slip my finger into your hot wet schoolgirl pussy and finger fuck you," I told her, feeling her tense as I said that, "I'd finger fuck your tight little pussy till I make you come all over my hand and the inside of your gym knickers."

A Change in Circumstances - Part 3 - Jenny Watches Us Both

anal DarkSide 2018-06-24

“You‘re gonna fuck my arse with this cock,” said Melissa as she pulled on it, “so hard that I want to fucking scream.” “Do it, John, fuck your cock up me…” said Melissa as she looked Jenny in the eye. “This is how I fucked her that night, my cock was right up her arse just as it is now,” I directed my words at Jenny. I had only thrust into Melissa three more times but with Jenny pulling hard on her nipple her orgasm rushed through her body. It didn’t seem to matter how hard I fucked Jenny, Melissa’s finger was pushing into my arse anyway.