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bdsm Unknown 2018-12-04

All he said back were "Yeah, sure" and "You're right about that, bitch!" What the hell was going on here?, Laura thought, scared and defenseless. She knew that she was a beautiful and fresh little thing and the way she had presented herself tonight, dressed up like a slut, sure made her irresistible. Fortunately, he had placed the harness-gag on Laura, that had a little radio-transmitter hidden in the rubber-ball with antenna's running within the face-straps. She dreamed in her bondage, thinking about his enormous cock and his skills as a real master of pain and pleasure, but she couldn't help dreaming about what it would have been like, to be a slavegirl in the hands of a merciless Arab Sheik............

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 03

interracial dr13bone 2018-12-04

Part of me wanted to slug him but my wife instead greeted him with a smile and spent just a bit too much time talking to him and laughing at his jokes. He said something to her, then it looked like he was jerking himself off while she watched. "I kissed him and then he said it was going to get bigger still and he started to jerk it off right in front of me. He stopped and took his hand away and looked at me, then I reached forward slowly put my fingers around his cock. I really don't think it would fit inside of me," my wife said blushing though I knew it would as my own cock throbbed at the thought of that happening.

Linda's Torment

bdsm carlabedford 2018-12-04

Linda wrung her hands, fearing the punishment but not wanting to leave and lose him. He attached a long rope to each tie at her knees, ran them under the wide table to meet in the middle underneath and tied them together, pulling her knees wide apart, so wide apart the strain could be clearly seen in her leg muscles. "Now, Linda, your punishment continues with clit spanking You should not be able to move much." Without further discussion he fingered her clitoris a bit until it began to engorge a little. Matthew returned to her with a thin, green ruler in his hand, only six inches long but a firm 1/8 inch thick, flexible but hard.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 02

bdsm OTKTop 2018-12-04

"Kelley - I think you better let me go so Jack doesn't wonder what happened here." Trish vainly said - hoping perhaps that Kelley would untie her and leave so Trish could finger her hot pussy. "Suck on it slut - I bet you like to suck dick." Kelley held Trish's face in her hands as she fucked the dildo in and out of her mouth. "Louder slut - or I won't fuck you with this." Kelley said as she slapped the wet dildo against Trish's red hot ass - slap - slap - slap. "I'm going to like whipping your ass and fucking it from now on." She said and she pulled the wet dildo from Trish.

Dirty Dog

interracial Burquette 2018-12-04

When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room. For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but, instead, his eyes fell back to the floor. Dante didn't look up as Sally approached, even though she wasn't exactly quiet. Dante sat there, his hands clasped in his lap, a fine sheen of sweat making him look polished. "Yes, Miss Sally," he said, hurriedly tucking himself away and pulling his pants up. His flannel shirt was pulled up over his head, but Sally could tell from the short stature and the dark complexion that it was Dante. Sally saw Dante's lips twitch, like he wanted to smile.

Forest For the Trees

bdsm Javaceles 2018-12-04

The stream of acrid-smelling urine which ran slowly down the inside of her right thigh felt more like blood and shame than relief, and as she walked, the addition of the smell of her own piss mixed with that of her sweat and tears began welling in her eyes. He yanked then, pulling her almost completely off of her feet, just her toes touching the ground as she hung there, eyes wide and breath knocked out of her, before she began to relax into the rope and realized that he was suspending her from that ring. Then he untied the rope holding her hair and yanked it tight, pulling her head up so that she looked straight out, mouth forced open a little.

Black Man One Ch. 10

interracial Weak_White_Wimp 2018-12-04

From a distance of about 60 feet I saw the young, dark stud standing poolside and holding a clipboard and talking to the wives. I began to wonder where all the other husbands could be at this time, and I stood there nervously staring out to the little group that Tra'mon had formed by the pool. This apparent "group meeting" lasted another 5 minutes before all the wives stood up and began exiting the pool area. As I gazed out to the pool area I could see the young black man speaking to Julie, one on one. They were the black man's things, and she carried them as they began strolling in my direction towards the workout center.

Teaching Carol, Ch. 5

bdsm Zenmackie 2018-12-03

She looked around quickly to make sure there was no one nearby, then reached down, grasped the hem of her dress with both hands and slowly lifted it until her panties, and then her stomach, and then finally her bra were revealed. I imagined that being discovered fondling my cock was beginning to look fairly conservative to her, at least in comparison to being found lying on her back, panties pulled down, while a man stood between her legs and masturbated over her. He didn’t notice a thing.” I began massaging her shoulder blades, at the same time stealthily unhooking her dress at the top as I continued.

Paris Trip Part Four

lesbian Portia2366 2018-12-03

I even thought that I saw a sudden suspicion come over her face and was as relieved as she seemed to be when we both spotted that right behind us, in our section of the floor, was a row of cubicles with wooden doors - no room for me to pull back a curtain at an embarrassing moment or anything. Instead, her yelp assured her of everyone’s attention before she bent over to pull and struggle with the scrap of skirt she could get hold of, giving the fitting room congregation (and right the way across to some in the furniture department on the other side of the floor) a full view of her perfectly round ass, covered by a tightly stretched web of purple lace with tiny purple silk flowers stitched all over.


bdsm AlphaBeatHer 2018-12-03

In addition to having a beautiful, dutiful wife and a wonderful son, I have reasonable security and prosperity due to the financial management business built up by my father and the close network of supportive friends and colleagues centred on my club. On being presented with the belt by father, he simply said "remember the importance of a little private time each week to maintain your marriage" and I had been told all I needed to know. Very shortly after the dinner party I told my wife that things were looking very good for us and I thought that it was time for us to try for a second child.

Dani's New Life Ch. 08B

bdsm LauriesHusband 2018-12-03

Taking her head between his powerful hands, the slim Asian Sales Manager pulled her to his flat stomach, forcing his curved fuck-stick into her throat causing the beautiful blonde to gag and spit her saliva all over his cock and balls. Finally, when the last surge of his climax ended, he used the hand in Dani's hair to pull her red, flushed face away and with his other hand he slapped her cheeks with his still-thick cock until he let her fall to the carpet, weeping softly from the pain and humiliation that came with being used with such complete disregard. As soon as she saw the small Buddha image in pieces on the floor, she put the items in her hands down and rushed to Dani's side, screaming at the naked blonde in Korean, but making her meaning perfectly clear to the married, suburban lawyer.

Trick or Treat

bdsm BradLee 2018-12-03

“Disobey me Peter, and you will never get to know just how good it feels to have your cock in my tight pussy, or my lips wrapped around your shaft as I drain you of your cum. “Oh fuck, yes Nurse Trixy,” Peter groaned, turning his face skyward. Peter lifted his head a little and looked forward as he felt Trixy’s fingers slide into his tightly clenched arsehole; two entwined fingers, slick with lube, invading him, sliding in up to the knuckles, and twisting within him, searching out his prostate and milking it hard. “Oh fuck,” Peter cried out, as string after string of his hot seed jetted from the eye of his cock and splattered onto the floor beneath his belly.

Gina's Flight into Reality

bdsm Unknown 2018-12-03

My God, what was she going to do, Gina thought; how did she get the rope up there? As if reading her thoughts her roommate took a short rope and quickly separated the cuffs so Gina couldn't release herself if she was on the ground. As she did so she told Gina, "I attached a rope to the barrel ring before it left the ground since I was here while you were climbing up". Mona looked up at Gina, "Well my dear, its time for dinner and bed". She then slowly released the leg rope and Gina was again upright in the harness with her arms bound behind her. After dinner Mona again stood on the stool, loosened the device holding Gina's legs.

Dani's New Life - Chap 8A

bdsm LauriesHusband 2018-12-03

"That you could tell me to do that...and know that I would...God, Mistress...just thinking about it gives me very dirty, shameful, and totally hot, erotic feelings." Dani's finger slid into Tami's creamy slit making the young girl moan again. At the same time, Tami's eyes still on Alan's, she started slapping her palm flat against Dani's pussy in the same rhythm that Dani's tongue fucked her wet cunt until both women came with unholy screams muffled only by the steaming water. From the floor, kneeling on her own, Dani started to climax again as she watched her Master's cock gently swell and release as Tami's throat worked overtime to swallow all the piss Alan was sending her way.

Teaching Carol, Chapter 10

bdsm Zenmackie 2018-12-02

I pulled off her white t-shirt and then lowered her arms just long enough to remove her bra, dropping both items of clothing to the ground beside her before returning her hands to the top of her head—leaving her standing before me wearing only her sandals and panties. As I continued to scour her breasts with my tongue I pressed my left hand, the one not holding the popsicle, flat against her stomach and slowly allowed it to drift down, gradually turning so that the fingers combed through her pubic hair before coming to rest between her legs and beginning to caress her there—not penetrating, just lightly teasing her lips apart with the middle finger.

Panty Thief

bdsm slavejames 2018-12-02

“Now little boy, you want to pinch my knickers?” She stood before me and took off her black knickers and handed them to me and told me to put them on “They suit you boy, but a little bit big on you, don’t you think?”. “You will do anything I want boy?” she asked. I stood before you naked, my cock still hard and with a little precum at the tip. “Now Boy, let me see what we can do with that miserable cock of yours.” She took it in her hand and started masturbating me. “Now boy, you ready to serve this Madam?” she asked.

Mistress Diana Ch. 05

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-12-02

Mistress Diana helped by pushed her face into his crack deeper until Jeanette began lapping and licking on her own. Jeanette licked and slurped until Mistress Diana was satisfied she had cleaned him good and ordered her to stop and crawl around so she was facing him again. Jeanette moved forward and took hold of the huge cock and began moving her delicate fingers around its thick girth and examined it and smiled and without Mistress Diana giving her the order, she automatically smiled up at him. Jeanette wasted no time moving her face between the crack of his ass and began licking and sucking on his anus.

Bailey's Humiliation Games

bdsm LaceAndHumiliation 2018-12-02

On the second card I'd write something mildly bold or risqué, such as, "one free kiss," or "how do you like my bra?" (if I wasn't wearing one, in order to let him have a lingering look). The last few times I was with John and we went to a bar, he had me play the game. In it were cards that instructed me on what type of guy to approach, even the type of bar, as I knew most of them in a 20 mile radius, due to the game. On this night I'd picked out the card that said, "older man, at least 50, neighborhood type bar." I tried to challenge myself in this way.

Time For A Switch

bdsm SweetPenny 2018-12-02

Andrew removed his shirt while Alice silently admired his strong arms, chiseled chest, and the small patch of hair she loved to bury her face in. Alice whacked the brush on his bottom a few more times before asking, “Do you know why you’re getting a spanking today?” I’m going to teach you how it feels to be disrespected.” Alice placed the hairbrush on the bed and ran her pointer gently along the crack of Andrew’s bottom. I told you I was going to teach you how it feels to be disrespected.” Alice put the tip against his nervous, quivering hole and pushed it in until all 4 inches were swallowed and all that showed was a curly pink tail.

The Instructor - Lesson 1

bdsm lilmissstickykiss 2018-12-02

“I told you to wear the shirt, the jeans, and pink panties but I never said anything about the bra! I felt humiliated but vulnerable and my ass stuck up in the air like some cheap porn tart waiting to be fucked. I placed my hands flat on the floor but had to open my legs a little to keep them straight. The belt flashed across my little jeans covered ass and this time the leather hit squarely between my open legs. If you take off your jeans and your shirt and crawl across the floor to me like a little kitten and lick my feet then I'll only give you one more.

Milking Men

fetish riederfrank 2018-12-01

A few weeks ago, after one of my regular sessions, my dominatrix Anne asked me whether I would be interested in receiving handjobs from women practicing the male milking fetish. Mistress Anne walked up to me and grabbed my cock, harshly pulling me out of the room and locking the door behind her. They were all women talking loudly about how pathetic men were and how they liked milking cocks without mercy making them cum without giving the men any pleasure. The hand on my cock pulled hard, pumping my shaft violently. Mistress Anne led me to a dark damp room, told me to kneel and tied the leash to a metal ring in the wall.

Teaching Carol, Ch. 9

bdsm Zenmackie 2018-12-01

So when we got to the bottom of the stairs I was astonished when she turned her back on me and, still telling me how thoughtless and selfish I was, dropped her purse to the floor, pulled up the back of her coat and skirt—revealing a pair of white panties with blue ruffled trim and decorated with pink birthday cakes—then bent over, her coat and skirt now up over her hips, and supported herself by placing her hands on the third step and spreading her feet apart. We stood unmoving, a complicated sculpture: Carol suspended against the wall, her long black coat hanging down on either side of her like dark wings, her lower legs dangling next to my hips; me standing pressed between her outstretched thighs with my cock inside her, leaning in as I held her up with my hands and the clenched muscles of my legs.

Daddy Marks His Property, Part 2

bdsm Perimedes 2018-12-01

So, still holding her cunt lip in her left hand, Shawna eased her right index finger into Stephanie's little quim. As Shawna prepared the next ring and looked for a smaller diameter needle, I reached up, tugged on Stephie's butt plug and gave it a twist, just for grins. She started to clean up the piercing equipment when Stephie asked her, "Shawna, do you wax; you know, down there?" They broke their kiss as Stephanie said with heavy breath, "Pull it out Shawna, please, it's killing me between my cheeks." Stephie bent over and put her hands on her knees inviting Shawna to pull out the butt plug that had been in there for all of four hours now, at least.

Dani's New Life - Chap 6

bdsm LauriesHusband 2018-12-01

As she slipped further into her lustful thoughts and cravings, she heard herself groaning in exquisite pain and looked away from Tony's reflection in the glass table-top to watch the beautiful redhead sink her small, white teeth into the dark pink nipple capping her left tit and pull the tortured flesh out and away from the firm, round breast. Tami was turned on as she remembered the size and shape of the young man's cock – especially the big, dark, over-sized head – and her nipples grew long and hard as she walked the men to where Alan was waiting by the bar.