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Speed Dating For Passionate Singles

bdsm cleopatra 2018-06-27

My name is Dianne and I am a confident, thirty-six-year-old single, well-educated woman with long wavy black hair, green eyes, big shapely breasts and a slim body. In the room he locks the door, approaches me and proceeds to run his hands slowly down either side of my body, with a pit stop at my big breasts where he has a good feel and smiles. “This speed dating night has been staged for male members to meet female guests and find a compatible partner but you have behaved like a real slut,” he says. I sensed the other girls felt the same because they discarded their clothing, too, and all four of us were naked; big tits for all the men to stare at, shaven pussies and bums on display for everyone.

College SPH

fetish J902213 2018-06-27

Alex whispered to me "If you wanna fuck Lilly tonight you're gonna have to be more confident, order something strong but don't get wasted." Not good enough for that woman, I just watched as Lilly couldn't stop laughing."There's no way I'm fucking that, but I guess I can give you something else, trust me you'll enjoy it but first let me get picture." "You're a very sweet guy, that's what makes me want you as my boyfriend but because you'll never please me with that stub I need some one else, like Rob." She began to caress Rob's huge cock. After my eighth load Rob finally pulled out his huge cock and release a giant load all over a Lilly and even I got a fair bit on my face and body.

Caught on Tape

mastrubation Nerdygirl 2018-06-27

I followed her movement between screens until she stopped in a back corner of the room, and began rubbing the handle of the whisk between her thighs. Next, she took the handle of the whisk and ran it up one of the leg holes. She looked very shaken and quickly reassembled her attire and walked across the store to my office, with the whisk still in hand. You want it bad…Can I help you finish?” I pressed the heal of my hand against the top of her clit and tentatively hooked the tip of my middle finger inside her. I took her shoulder with one hand and the whisk with the other and started violating both holes.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 04

bdsm OTKTop 2018-06-27

"Good slut - now - it's time to head to the backyard - we don't want someone calling the cops on you for indecent exposure." Kelley laughed at the last part - it sounded like she might want Trish caught by the cops! "Good little bitch, very good." Kelley said sarcastically as she patted Trish on the head like a pet. "Very good slut puppy." Kelley chimed when Trish finished, "now it's time for a little bondage fun. You probably want to lick them and kiss them don't you." Kelley said as she pulled on Trish's leash - leading her to the large wooden picnic table.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 08

interracial dr13bone 2018-06-26

"Look I love getting fucked by that big black cock of yours, but my husband is the one I love, despite his uh shortcomings!" she said laughing. I think Henry thought they'd progress to fucking but she started to suck his cock even faster, cranking it with one hand as she did so. "Well I can see you were excited she said pulling off my blanket where I had jerked off watching her, "Remember I said I'd get that 'Queen-of-Spades' tattoo after I'd let another guy cum in me, well I guess we are going to the tattoo shop this weekend," she laughed. "Enjoy the taste, this will not be the last time!" she said as she got off of me and let go of my cock.

Starting from Somewhere

gay-male pretty_little_homo69 2018-06-26

Unbeknownst to them, however, was that as we were watching that girl in the movie get gang banged by four other men, I wanted so badly to be that girl-- kneeling on the floor, surrounded by a ring of cocks, being pulled to my feet and crowded around, passed around and fucked. Since I’m having a hard time getting inside you, I’ll just lie here and let you work this out.” Not knowing how exactly he expected me to do that, I started working my way into reverse cowgirl being careful not to let his cock slip out of my pussy.

No more a submissive

mastrubation Freyja 2018-06-26

Soon came the point of no return; I just had to relieve the itch, the desire to feel that wondrous electrical flow of pleasure that spreads to involve my entire body, from pussy to ass to head to the curling of my feet and toes; I had to masturbate to climax. meeting a guy that seems to like me; masturbating to a wonderful orgasm in public toilet; now, burying my fingers hard into my pussy until, too, too soon, achieving one of the most exciting and pleasurable climaxes I can remember. Before I reach the house I stop the car, turn off the new phone, pull on my new panties, rub my pussy with a promise to play again soon and continue.

Black Man One Ch. 03

interracial Weak_White_Wimp 2018-06-26

Things went on like this for the next two years as I continued to notice the astonishing increase in the number of interracial relationships in the community, and in the state. The small condo building contained only 14 units, which were set in a squared "U" shaped 2 story building around a huge pool area. A few of the white men were computer nerds, like me, but they worked in different areas within 50 miles of this community. I could never tell from the looks of the other white men if these athletic tales could be true, or just simple lies like the ones I fed my younger wife.

No one Knows

bdsm SubmissiveKitten 2018-06-26

Do you understand what you've done wrong this time, and what it means for you?" My boss sat at his desk, looking at me intently, almost an amused sparkle in his lovely yet intimidating blue eyes. Such a strong touch, he lifted me to my knees again, sticking his tongue down my throat, but I let him lead the kiss; it was always like this, a passionate explosion of dominance and submission took place as we consumed each other's mouth's, unable to keep our hand's off of each other. "Mmh." I felt my hair being yanked backwards, causing my head to lift up from the desk, and suddenly his fingers were pushed straight into my mouth, finding their way in amongst the tie, being forced down my throat.

Codeword Red Part 2

hardcore BradLee 2018-06-26

We’re in the living room.” Gemma looked to George, straining at his bonds on the mattress. I’ll be stuffed with hard cock meat like a whore, right in front of you, while you do nothing but watch me get fucked and filled with other boys cum. George grunted through the wet knickers in his mouth, and struggled a little, and Gemma gasped and took a step back. The second man grew animated as he grinned lewdly and he raised a hand as Gemma and Steve approached. “As I say,” Steve grinned as he presented Gemma to the other man, lifting her so her toes were only just touching the floor. Steve released her, and both the men laughed as Gemma scrambled onto her back, legs spread wide, exposing the gaping wetness of her eager pussy.

Exposing Cindy - chapter 1 - Blindfolded and Bound

bdsm submissivemom72 2018-06-25

"Oh god, you are going to make me cum...I am so fucking hot...damn you are teasing this bad little girl," I hissed, as I arched my hips and humped against his fingers. In frustration, I begged, "Oh baby, I'm getting close...please don't stop...fuck...let me cum." The stranger started to pull the vibrator away, but Jim instructed, "Don't let her stop...keep her going...she's multi-orgasmic. I turned my head in the direction of Jim's voice and asked, "Are you going to let him cum inside me? Please?" I requested while Jim's cock continued to drain inside me, adding his sperm to the semen cocktail swimming inside my dilated and wet vagina. As Jim withdrew from me, I heard the front door slam closed, indicating that my unknown 'fuck buddy' had left.

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 22

bdsm keptsissy 2018-06-25

My little penis is locked in a tight and confining cock harness and it is clearly visible in front of me for all the ladies to see. I feel the lady nearest to you take my cock cage in her hand. I feel you take my arm, pull me to you away for the lady holding my cock penis restraint. "Don't you look away, princess, show the ladies your pretty face. You laugh as you hand me the CB-6000 cock harness you took off of me while the ladies watched. But enough of the amusing little show, girls, let's talk about serious matters. I know you've never seen anything like the breeding party I put on with my little bitches."

Angela Gets Settled into Her New Place– (Part 16 of the Angela series)

anal adele 2018-06-25

Angela added a set of pots and pans, a set of cooking utensils, dishes, glasses and silverware to the growing list, along with air freshener, bug traps and additional cleaning supplies. We got a call late yesterday and were told to get over here first thing this morning with the new door and to take care of that, and to check the windows and see whatever else needed to be done. One of the men pulled the old one out and replaced it with the new one, then opened both doors and transferred the contents from one to the other. While one of the men worked on that, the other one began replacing pipes and drains under both sinks, as well as the faucet on the sinks and a new faucet and shower head in the tub.

Training The Boss - Part II

bdsm angieseroticpen 2018-06-25

Rod walked around the bed checking Marie’s binding as he waited for Brad and Doug. Rod already knew that, having fucked his ex-wife many times while he watched and waited until he finished before feasting on her. When had Brad had finished Rod stood up, it was now time to get to the business in hand and he picked up the leather belt. She cried out in agreement as Brad and Doug stepped closer to get a better view, stroking their erections at the same time. “You know what’s coming now don’t you Marie?” he said as he slowly fastened her left ankle to the binding. “It’s going to hurt Marie, you know that don’t you?” he said moving to her right ankle.

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 27

bdsm keptsissy 2018-06-25

I feel the white hot pain of the cane come down across my cheeks, choke slightly as the panties in my mouth gag the back of my throat. Would you rather be licking my pretty pussy right now, serving me wine, displaying yourself in one of your cute little sissy outfits for me or be here in the corner with dirty panties shoved in that dirty little mouth of yous?" I think we'll start doing that tomorrow, have you earn the right to keep pretty things up that little ass all day while you do your housework." I will hold it better next time, crying hysterically, dirty panties hanging out of my mouth.

Her Puppy Shared (Parts 5+6)

bdsm xxxxhibit 2018-06-25

I really want to feel your cock in my mouth sir, to be able to pleasure it, to bring my sir to a point of ecstasy and to taste your cum, to receive the gift of your juices inside me.” I didn't know where that came from, and even as I said it, I felt shamed by it. I want to see every little bit of your reluctance and shame and self-disgust as you suck me.” I nodded in acceptance, the thought of him watching and enjoying my discomfort making me feel like prey he was playing with, like a cat toying with a mouse.

Trick or Treat

bdsm BradLee 2018-06-25

“Disobey me Peter, and you will never get to know just how good it feels to have your cock in my tight pussy, or my lips wrapped around your shaft as I drain you of your cum. “Oh fuck, yes Nurse Trixy,” Peter groaned, turning his face skyward. Peter lifted his head a little and looked forward as he felt Trixy’s fingers slide into his tightly clenched arsehole; two entwined fingers, slick with lube, invading him, sliding in up to the knuckles, and twisting within him, searching out his prostate and milking it hard. “Oh fuck,” Peter cried out, as string after string of his hot seed jetted from the eye of his cock and splattered onto the floor beneath his belly.

The Agency Girl - Part IV

bdsm angieseroticpen 2018-06-25

“I hope that you are not going to spend all day trying to look up my skirt, Bill,” she told him. It was not normally expected of a girl to stand before a group of men and strip naked in readiness for sex. Her hands reached around behind again but this time to the back of her skirt. She couldn’t see their faces but she knew the look on a man’s face when confronted by a girl removing her skirt for him. “Do a good job and I just might give you hand relief,” she said as she sat back down on her chair, pulled back her skirt and spread her thighs wide.

Turning Contest: A Dominated Thief

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-06-25

"Yes, you need to pay for your wrong actions so you can learn from your mistake," Veronica said, as she moved her finger to the girl's pussy. "Your pussy is incredibly tight," Veronica said, as her finger wiggled inside the chubby girl, wondering if she had found an eighteen year old virgin. Veronica moved between the chubby woman's legs, checking out those massive tits one more time, before sliding a finger back inside the young girl's cunt. "I'm s-s-sorry," Becky weakly said, as she fell onto her back on the table, as the greatest pleasure in her young life continued to riddle her, causing her entire body to twitch and moan. "If you still feel that way in one minute I will stop," Veronica said, as she slid her cock inside the big butted girl's pussy.

My Beer Buddy

gay-male pornoperson 2018-06-25

Despite us calling it "boys night out," most of the time Tony and I would hang out in his finished basement on our occasional evenings. I just kept sucking and stroking him, cupping his heavy hairy balls in my hand, feeling them tighten and hearing his breath get harder and heavier until he came, pumping his load into my mouth. I never knew that I'd want something like that but, shit, the next time we were together I was begging for it. I wanted to feel him inside of me, deeper than my mouth. "Oh, yes," he moaned and I felt his cock twitching inside of me, pulsing, cumming.

The Way to Paradise

bdsm flytoomuch 2018-06-24

An excellent game of cards, a nice civilized fuck of a pretty young French wife, a suitably chastened subordinate husband, fine alcohol to take away all unnecessary thoughts, a calm smoke and finally a debauched ass fuck of a tight-assed honey-skinned seventeen-year-old servant girl who worshiped the ground he walked on. To Jean’s youthful amazement some of the old men would pull their cocks out of the delightful young creature they were fucking-- surely the most beautiful women Jean had ever seen-- and move next to another man and whisper in his ear. Apolline herself had never fucked Jean, always preferring a young beautiful seventeen or eighteen year old girl to take Jean’s huge cock from behind while she spread her legs and made les jeunes filles lick her soft fragrant pussy with a gentle tongue as she cried out softly in delight.

Murphy Carol - The Party

bdsm SynovexH 2018-06-24

Probing into her cheeks and under her tongue, they pulled out and smeared saliva all over her face before reaching to press the back of her head, leading her lips to the tip of a hot cock. A hand closed over her face and twisted it to the side, a hard cock poking into her inner cheek as someone stood right over her, one knee against her breast and another against her shoulder. Having been blind for a fair spell, she was especially sensitive to her own body; the sway of the used condoms on her earring and nipple-piercing, the empty condom resting on her head and breast, the dollars stuck in her garter and glued to her butt, all with tape over her eyes and a harness tying her arms behind her.

The Feared '57' Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-24

Dorine was still transported by the possibility of seeing a teacher disciplined so ignominiously by the school's principal, but she managed to gather her sensibilities in time to answer in a clear yet unemotional tone, "Oh yes, Miss Crawford, as a prefect here, I have learned that I am expected to keep everything I observe in confidence and you may certainly rely on me to maintain that." Irene affected great surprise, noting in a very superior tone, "I'm quite disappointed in your behavior, Janet, in that I do not know how we can expect our girls to behave properly when being disciplined when a teacher is unable to control her bodily functions." Valerie merely smiled at the principal's somewhat expected rebuke to the English teacher.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 06

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-06-23

I would have thought it completely entertaining for my hot Ex and her hot friends to have some random guy all dressed up as a maid serving drinks to everyone at a Halloween party. And there I was, dressed up as a maid, locked in chastity, licking the high heels of my Ex's hot friend in front of an entire crowd of people. And with that, I had to face the realization that I would finally meet the man with the cock who was currently fucking my Ex...while I was locked up in chastity...unable to get hard or have an least until my Ex said it was allowed.