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Horseplay 2

lesbian monica3 2018-12-04

‘Get down there and inspect the damage.’ She pushed the top of my head and I went down under the duvet and pulled her pyjama trousers down and licked her, cleaned her, loved her. It was also later that I discovered Victoria knew and she, for some reason, got in touch about a month after the inevitable heartbreak, took me out to dinner and told me to ‘forget the bitch.’ She took my mind of it by fucking me rather energetically in my flat after dinner. I didn’t know there were tears on my cheeks until she wiped them away, turning my face to hers.

Fantasy In The Office Part 1

lesbian RoseBarbie94 2018-12-04

He was 38, dark hair, stubble trimmed to perfection, which accentuated his flawless jawline, gorgeous clear blue eyes which seemed to sparkle all the damn time and full lips perfect for kissing. I didn’t really want to interrupt but I felt so bad. I didn’t feel like I knew her well enough to talk about the situation,. While I was wiping the mascara that had run down her cheek she began explaining to me that Jason had wanted to sleep with her. I don’t know why, maybe it was the way she said it or maybe it was just me being silly, but as soon as the word lesbian left her mouth my clit throbbed and my pussy clenched excitedly.

Pretty Virgin in a Thunderstorm

first-time ByronLord 2018-12-04

After we had all stopped laughing, Sally took off the soaking rain jacket and I recognized her as one of the girls I have seen at the beach with Lara. I could not see much of Sally in my position on the floor of the dimly lit van but I could hear her give a sigh of appreciation as Lara's pussy swallowed up my cock. The sight of Lara's open pussy above Sally's face alone was almost enough to set me off but I managed to slip inside her and feel the warmth of her pussy around my cock and even manage a few strokes before my cum exploded into her. 

the best birthday present

group 11horny11 2018-12-04

Sarah placed herself gently onto his face, pushing his tongue deep into her pussy, she reached over and kissed me, grabbing one of my breasts, stroking my hard nipples gently, she undid the zip on the nurses outfit and licked my nipples till i was soaking wet. Sarah stood up and Garry turned his attention to   me “ lie down for me baby time to lick you out” i did as Gary told me, he pulled down my thong and started kissing my wet pussy seeing how horny he was getting me, he shoved his tongue deep into my hole licking me up and down.

‘Snowy’ White and The Seven DWALFS

group Graham_X 2018-12-04

The rest of the team gathered round, watching as the two girls took it in turns to suck Snowy off; passing his cock from one mouth to the other like a sexy game of Russian Roulette. The girl got up, stretched and yawned, before making her way forward with a cheeky grin at Snowy, “Hi honey, I’m Zoe. Thanks for fixing the bus.” She found herself a spare seat and was quickly asleep again. After a few minutes both girls stepped back and quickly drew their shirts over their heads, discarding them onto one of the seats before returning to their caress: their lips and tongues exploring each other’s mouths while their hands caressed each other’s breasts, teasing each other’s nipples.

Waiting for the Longships

lesbian BradleyStoke 2018-12-04

Although Astrid had no great love for Hibernian women, who were mere chattels to their men and worshipped the god of Charlemagne and Rome, she had no wish that they should suffer from the brutish passions of the village’s menfolk, and most of all from Thorvald. As the days became longer and spring gave way to summer, Astrid was sure that the village was actually a better run and more prosperous place than it was when the men spent their time drinking or hunting.

Filling Her Holes in the Closet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-12-04

"Looks like you need to use your tongue to mop the floor," I said, "since my friend has grown very attached to your cleaning tools." She showed no reaction and so I got up on my feet, my wet dress clinging tightly to my tits as I stepped right in front of her. "Then Novella will give you what you need." I turned the girl over until she sat in the puddle on the floor, her legs spread wide towards the librarian, who knelt down on her knees, carefully moving the mop behind her so it would stay up her butt, but not get pushed in any further. I reached for the broom and handed it over to Novella, who looked at me puzzled, but soon understood and carefully tried to push the stick into the girl's hungry cunt, licking her all the way.

One Fateful Evening

lesbian Sukebemoon 2018-12-04

"Now for the real thing, my little one," I said (giggling at the joke as she was almost half as big again as myself) as I affixed the strapless dong up into my own pussy, it sticking out making me look like a transgender or futanari as they are called in Japan. Not done yet I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and took her pussy again this time from behind reaching around to fondle and caress those huge tits of hers all the while pulling the dong out to the tip slowly then slamming it back in all the way forcefully making her cry out softly with each hard thrust.

What Do I Want

lesbian Green_Man 2018-12-04

The air was cool enough to make my nipples harden a little but I rather liked that. Earlier I had noticed a few other people also sitting around without clothes. I just walked quickly through the gravel parking area, down the drive to the unpaved road and away from Freddy and Tricia. Please." I felt the car spinning out on the loose dirt and heard the two girls laughing loudly as smelly man was tossing rocks after us that were bouncing off the trunk. Her pussy was mostly clean of hair except for the tuft of curls at the top. I pulled my leg away not understanding what was going on. Then Shirley turned her head and smiled and it felt even better as I looked at her blue eyes and ginger hair.

Morning Person

lesbian storyspinner70 2018-12-04

But then you stop and take that second, debating...do you wake her up before or let her come to moaning, two fingers in her twat and your strap up her ass...maybe you start off easy and let her wake slow and sweet before you bend her in half and inhale her. You settle for a sharp nip to her thigh at the same time you slide your fingers into her pussy, being sure to scrape across that rough little patch that sets her on fire – every single time. You want to see it, feel it and taste it so you slide two fingers inside her pussy as she comes, pressing against that spot she loves so much just like you press your tongue to her clit.

Vanessa and the girl next door.

lesbian LadySusanX 2018-12-04

Her eyes still closed, I put my hands inside her blouse and continued to rub her shoulders and neck but now more than ever I was concentrating on her breasts. Her hands reached down inside my blouse and began fondling my own breasts and for the first time I became conscious of the warm dampness between my legs. Julie moaned as I massaged her cunt and she kept saying, “Oh yes,” and, “Yes Vanessa.” Julie watched as I turned them over in my hands, found the wet patch and licked the inside of her panties at that exact spot.

Staying With Erin - Chapter 2

bdsm ChrissieLecker 2018-12-04

One hand was moving between her legs, stroking up and down, and the other was kneading her breast, which looked soft, a little smaller than my own, but with big, dark areolas and long nipples. “I think I will,” she told me, “but we have to talk about a few things before this goes further.” Shuffling a few inches towards the foot-end of the bed, she lay her head into the crook of my arm, wrapped a leg over me and let out a soft sigh. “Now tell me again that you don’t like to be spanked.” Erin was having a hard time not laughing. Bridget sat down on her chair once more, right next to my stretched-out body, but Erin seemed to have no inclination to withdraw her finger from inside me.

Cheater gets punished by his wife and mistress.

lesbian Sexxy_Delilah 2018-12-04

She pulled her pussy lips apart and I licked her clit firmly, making small circles. I tongue fucked her pussy, and sucked her clit, then she pulled her legs all the way back and I tongued her from asshole to clit over and over, while she shivered. She went back over to the couch and said, " Now fuck me with that dildo. She ground her pussy into my face, and I could barely breathe, but I licked her and tongue fucked her while he made me cum. You like his cum so fucking much, lick it out of my cunt. I put my tongue up inside her, and licked and sucked as much of his cum out of her dripping wet pussy as I could.

The Submissive Mistress Ch. 02

bdsm OTKTop 2018-12-04

"Kelley - I think you better let me go so Jack doesn't wonder what happened here." Trish vainly said - hoping perhaps that Kelley would untie her and leave so Trish could finger her hot pussy. "Suck on it slut - I bet you like to suck dick." Kelley held Trish's face in her hands as she fucked the dildo in and out of her mouth. "Louder slut - or I won't fuck you with this." Kelley said as she slapped the wet dildo against Trish's red hot ass - slap - slap - slap. "I'm going to like whipping your ass and fucking it from now on." She said and she pulled the wet dildo from Trish.

The Girls Getaway Part I

group LeahLidocaine 2018-12-04

Huge amounts of liquor were consumed, girls flashed nipples and ass, Colton was dared to show Leah his cock (which was semi-hard at the time, and impressive at an estimated 7.5 inches), and truths about favorite positions, dirty acts, and "the most risqué places" people had sex were revealed. She opened her eyes to see Veronica sucking Brantley's cock, and from where she was sitting on her knees, he looked to be around 8 inches, but slightly smaller in girth than Jake. Brantley felt a warm feeling flood over his cock, and looked down in time to see Veronica spew a jet of girl cum all over his abs. Leah had her mouth full of Colton's cock and was massaging the head with her pierced tongue when she felt Jake pull his dick from her hand.

A spanking for a naughty girl

lesbian thesexualself 2018-12-04

Before she went on her way, Jessica whispered to Sammy “A naughty little slut like you deserves a spanking.” She loved the way Jessica had taken control of her, she'd been such a naughty little slut and now she was learning a very pleasurable lesson. Sammy wanted to scream Jessica’s name as Jessica took control of her pussy and brought her to mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. Right before the wave of orgasmic euphoria crashed over her, Sammy screamed out, “Oh God yes…fuck me Jess, fuck me, oh God” and then she came, squirting all over Jessica and creating a big puddle on the bed. Jessica tasted like Sammy’s pussy juice but Sammy didn’t mind.

A Week In A Dungeon - Day 4A

bdsm Aerith_Lives 2018-12-04

Miss Rose's fingers gently slide their way into Ashley's gaping mouth. Before Ashley can realize what Miss Rose is saying, she feels her Mistress' fingers slide firmly to the back of her throat. You've been good today," Miss Rose says, still running her fingers through the girl's soft black hair. She can smell the slave's cunt on Miss Rose's fingers, causing her mouth to water. She licks her lips as she watches Miss Rose slowly fill Ashley's desperate pussy. It drives Ashley crazy as thoughts uncontrollably intrude her mind: The girl fucking her or licking her pussy, as Ashley sucked on Miss Rose's toes. Every time Miss Rose pulls her fingers back, a mouthful of Ashley's juices ooze from her pussy.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 5

lesbian elspeth 2018-12-04

“We’re going shopping and then we’ll find a salon and get you a mani-pedi and a wax… I think a full-Brazilian will do nicely. When I confronted her, she just laughed and said, ‘A girl’s got to look out for Numero Uno, Bree. I laughed, almost spilling my coffee, when I heard a shriek and then another that sounded a lot like Cassiopeia and I imagined just what had prompted those lovely sounds. I didn’t look up from my lists but said, coldly, “I don’t think Emily would appreciate you soliciting business on her time, Larissa. Doc walked up, still a little sensitive in the groin area, and asked shyly, “What do you think, Bree?

A Genny Story.... Cry Wolf

lesbian Gfire 2018-12-04

We were setting boundaries and then seeing how far we could go until new boundaries had to be set. It was going to be a quiet Saturday night curled up on the couch together. I love Jack Nicholson movies, I Especially his early movies, and In one early scene he is standing in the rest room and his rival comes in The room was fairly dark but I hot. had enveloped us both in a fragrant dark tent. rubbing against my pussy I didn't stand a chance of holding out. could of just worn it all day as a sexy reminder of the night before, but When I stepped in the hot shower the steam

The Bar (Part 4)

group Pegasus4 2018-12-04

As we watched Sarah finger fuck Carol, one of Carol’s hands moved between Sarah’s wide spread legs and parted Sarah’s pussy lips with her fingers. One of her hands was pulling me forward with each thrust into Sarah and her other hand was slowly moving up and down John’s rigid cock as John reached over to slip a finger into Carol’s very wet pussy. John had grabbed hold of Carol’s hips and pushed forward as Carol rubbed his cock up and down between her hot outer pussy lips. Not to be left out, Sarah climbed onto the pool table and positioned herself in front of Carol so that her legs were spread wide, exposing her smooth, wet pussy right in front of Carol’s face.


group DBarclay 2018-12-04

After she left, I got back to work and had quite a smile on my face thinking how much I had enjoyed the stimulation and wondering if Lin was a bit bisexual, sex was something we had never discussed together. I could not help but watch him strip down to his boxers, hoping to see the cock that had got Lin in such a tizzy, but no luck, he jumped in and we all chatted with small talk for a few minutes. I was fascinated watching them, Lin was obviously having her first orgasm and a few seconds later he pulled out of her nearly all the way, only to drive his cock deep into that hungry wet pussy again.

Cocktail lounge: the consummation

lesbian Thehoncath 2018-12-04

Amy relaxed, pulling her red dress down, crossing her legs and making herself comfortable, as Cathy sat opposite. As Cathy leant over, her large breasts swung easily, free, fully visible to Amy, who found herself aching to touch them. She took Cathy's nipples between her fingers, twisiting them as she would with her own; gently at first, then harder. Cathy lowered the other strap of Amy's dress, biting her other nipple, leaving hickeys across Amy's smaller tits. Cathy's skilled fingers curled inside Amy's vulnerable cunt, caressing her velvet walls, fucking her hard. Amy moaned, blushing, feeling the fingers taking her hard. Cathy moved, getting Amy onto all fours, her dress up, her ass on show. Cathy obliged. Her fingers, wet with Amy's cunt cream, touched her dark star hole.

Mrs Vandermeer's Rules

bdsm sprite 2018-12-04

Anything you wanted to.” I gasped, her fingers pushing between my velvet folds, forcing themselves deep into my cunt for the first time since she’d tied me down, seeking out my g-spot, teasing me closer to climax, and then leaving me wanting, panting with lust, my hips raised as far off the bed as I could manage, hoping she’d take advantage of me.  I felt her warm breath in quick blasts upon my own cunt, and I began to shake as well, straining upwards, praying for her to mash her face against my damp mound, crying out softly into her cunt as she spread my lips apart with her fingers and slowly ran the tip of her tongue along the engorged edges of my folds.

Carla Buys a House

bdsm DLizze 2018-12-04

I go to their homes and they offer me a choice of sixteen different flavors of herbal teas, none of which appeal to me,” Doris said, hoping Carla might take the hint. Doris gently closed the door behind herself, and Carla set Maurice down on the floor. Carla, by now totally flummoxed forgot herself completely, and said, “Please do, Ma’am.” Then, without thinking, she added, “May I sit, too?” Her eyes widened and her hand flew up to her mouth as she suddenly realized what she had done. Retrieving the skirt, Carla began to stand up, but Doris stepped forward and held her down with a hand firmly grasping the back of Carla’s neck.