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Mrs Andrews Disposes Ch. 02

bdsm lesliejones 2018-11-18

Kay then resumed her control of the rapidly deteriorating situation by spanking Andrea and sending her to bed with a very sore bottom and loss of her supervisory authority over Karen. "Karen and Andrea, this is Miss Byers," Kay announced as she and Charlotte took seats. "Finally, I am likely to ask you to lower your panties for an inspection at any time," Charlotte said. "Miss Byers," Karen said, reluctantly, since she remembered when Charlotte was merely a year ahead of her in high school, "will you let us go out on dates?" "Yes, Miss Byers, please," Karen said, with a slight whine that belied her needing to avoid having an awful accident in her pajamas.

Jenny Ding Online

fetish hairysurfer 2018-10-31

I am also interested in exploring how different women look, from all ages and ethnic groups and like to imagine myself watching them do the most embarrassing and degrading things such as going to the toilet right in front of me. I would love to feel the inside of your dirty bottom and gently pull on each and every one of those lovely black pubic hairs growing round your dark brown Japanese anus. I'll ask Jake to pluck out some dirty hairs from my ass for you – it's going to be a bit painful though! Two pairs of very smelly, white cotton panties and some close-up photographs (on a memory stick) of me squatting on the toilet with my legs wide apart and then bending over, holding my cheeks open to have my ass wiped.

Skyler's After School Dump

fetish trueEFRO 2018-09-04

She pulls into the driveway thanking christ that the car seat has served the same purpose as her desk in keeping her poop lodged up inside of her colon instead of slipping out into her panties. She leans forward to rest her elbows on her thighs as she feels the massive, solid poop work its way through her lower abdomen, which gurgles like a water cooler. She leans forward and crinkles her nose as she puts in a last push to force the end of the single satisfying poop which has clogged her bowels for days into the toilet bowl, where it splashes. After a few good wipes she feels clean enough to finally flush away the odor coming from her enormous output which fills the toilet.

The Businessman

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-04-19

I moved my chair beside the toilet, as Priscilla tilted sideways, revealing a lengthy formation of gradient browns, one rounded tip submerged underwater as the other tapered end rested against the side of the bowl, small fragmented bits embedded in its smooth glossy surface which was etched by deep crevices in parts. I now watched as Priscilla leaned forward, allowing me an intimate view through the gap between the back of the toilet's plastic seat and her ass, where one subtle brown smear stained the freckled flesh of her left cheek, no doubt a result of clenching both masses together in an attempt to dislodge the recently deposited turd.

High School Scat Loves Ch. 01

fetish JLitM 2018-01-07

About an hour later, once Stephanie's tears had finally stopped, she asked Jimmy "So, did you think it's really gross?" Crap and piss exited Stephanie's respective holes and began to splatter all over Jimmy's face and body. Stephanie than ran up to Jimmy and began to passionately hug and kiss him. They began with oral sex; they got into a 69 position, and she began to suck his cock while he licked her pussy; both were covered in Stephanie's feces. Stephanie began to move out of the 69 position, and position herself onto Jimmy's cock. Jimmy positioned his cock in front of Stephanie's ass, and began to slowly ease himself in and out, in and out... Afterwords, Stephanie squatted right over Jimmy's face and let out a huge fart.