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Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK II

bdsm sprite 2018-11-16

Trembling, I managed to balance myself on her thighs, hands trapped behind my head, as close to naked as I could be in front of a room full of strangers as Laura cupped my breasts, squeezing them playfully, while Ally slid alongside her and, leaning over, took my pink nipple into her mouth. While Ally continued to suck on my tits, nipping them until they were covered with red bite marks, Laura reached around and began stroking m thighs, her nails raking me, leaving me in mental agony as she’d let her finger tips brush my swollen pussy, and abandon it once more until I was reduced to an animal like state, unable to think of anything else but the orgasm that might never come.

The Adventures Of Kitty

fetish Roxie1981 2018-11-12

She smiled at him and wriggled over her cushion, stretching and letting him see her lithe figure under the baby-doll, purring at him with a cheeky grin. “Aw Sir…you know how Kitty loves surprises." She licked her lips. He lifted her tail and held it in his right hand as he guided himself into her, Kitty mewling and arching at being filled so quickly, the sensation made different by the pressure from the plug inside her ass. She turned her back to the camera and lifted her hips so she exposed her pussy clearly, knowing it would be dripping with both their juices as her fingers worked around and inside herself.

Brief Hospital Visit

fetish seemywowzza 2018-11-12

I finger fucked your ass and pussy until you could stand it no longer and you came in a flood of hot gooey cum. I wanted to feel the tightness of those pussy muscles as I stretched you out wide and thrust my thick 8" cock deep inside you. You straddled my cock and took it by the shaft, rubbing the head against your pussy lips, guiding it back and forth against your wet slit. I lifted your ass into the air and forced my cock in your convulsing pussy and fucked you as hard and fast as I could. You spread your pussy lips wide, and shook hard as you squirted hot cum across my cock and balls.

Whatcha Doing in There?

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-12

“Tell me what you’re thinking about,” she whispered, her eyes going back and forth between my face and my soapy erection. I released my cock, knowing she’d probably want to watch me come; I didn’t want her to miss it. The muscles on her tight little body are all rigid until she learns to relax, learns to take my husband’s big cock in her ass, and I’m whispering in her ear how good it’s going to feel when you flood her with your cum. “The one who’s kissing you stops to whisper that you should come in the other one’s mouth and on her face, and by this time you really don’t know who’s who.

Mr. Bradford's Sextoy - Part 1

hardcore Kali_Urriah 2018-11-11

I was on my knees with his cock lodged down my throat and only taking it out of my mouth to fuck his dick with my 36DD tits. One evening Mr. Bradford had his cock lodged deep in my ass and was holding onto my big tits for leverage as he pounded me from behind. Mr. Bradford was especially on fire that night, fucking my face and my ass really hard, calling me dirty names with a harsh intensity, pulling my hair, squeezing and pulling my nipples and slapping my tits and spanking my ass. "'Damn, look at those big fucking tits,'" he said taking one in his mouth. "His wife was upstairs as he was banging some young, drunk, big tit slut," Mr. Bradford said.

The Swinger Confessions: Room 515

group Coco 2018-11-11

Robert looked at me, and said “My fantasy, you need to tell me that we can do it, or no more loving for you. Raven is a petite woman with girl next door looks and a sexual appetite so demented that she is impossible to resist. I want things to go smoothly, so I gather the strength to resist this man, stand, pay for my drink and leave the bar. But since we are here and I know Coco & Robert love to play, there is something that I want. I suckle and pull, I bite and nip, and loving the feel of her nipple in my mouth I moan my satisfaction and raise my head for a breath.

Victoria's Wake Up Call

mastrubation Mercury23 2018-11-11

She looked down at his now fully erect penis as she slid her hand from the base, up the shaft, to the tip, rolling her palm around the head, making him gasp and his body twitch. Letting go with one hand, Victoria squeezed more gel onto Rich's penis, spreading it down over the shaft and back up over the tip before starting a steady movement from base to tip. 'Certainly, sir.' Victoria increased the speed of her hands along the length of Rich's penis, alternating them so that one was stroking the shaft while the other concentrated on the tip. Rich's body twitched at the sensation, his hands cupping Victoria's breasts, feeling for her now hard nipples.

On-Line Flirtation Part #3

lesbian HotBlondeTonic 2018-11-09

I grabbed her hand and pulled her in close, whispering directly in her ear "I want you to be standing up at that podium, dripping wet, thinking about how I'm going to fuck you afterwards. I want your pussy juice running down your legs thinking about it." I entered the 12th floor bathroom and Jenna was standing with her hands on counter, looking in the mirror. "Good girl," I said, thrusting my hips into her ass. "God, your pussy is soaking wet," I said, using my foot to spread her legs even wider. She leaned back on the mirror and shifted forward slightly to meet my hand. "You look good like that baby, spread out on the counter top, tits out, legs spread.

Pet Training

bdsm Evey 2018-11-08

“Yes Master I’m very hungry” With that he held his dick up to her face as she licked at his dick right down to his balls placing each one in her mouth and sucking on them she then taken his dick in her mouth and started sucking slowly letting her mouth slide up and down his shaft she loved the taste of him he grabbed her head and thrust faster and deeper in her mouth he has all the control his dick is at the back of her throat he hears her gag as he holds it there he pulls out so she can take a breath then its back inside deeper than before it feels so good to fuck her face she feels him start to cum, he pulls out and moans loudly as he empties his load all over her face and in her hair


bdsm iskra 2018-11-07

”Yes, master,” she said, with a knowing smile. I continued exploring her naked body, moving my hands up her long legs, up her thighs and then started gently massaging her pussy. I went to the cupboard by the bed, and pulled out a set of rubber anal beads. ”Mm, it’s just as sweet as your pussy, baby,” I said as I continued to lick her. After a while I stopped, pulled the anal beads out of her mouth, and started putting them inside her ass, one by one. I slipped my finger through the ring sticking out her ass and slowly pulled out the anal beads as I continued fucking her.


bdsm SkarlitKarson 2018-11-07

His breathing becomes shallower as she slowly walks around him trailing her fingertips lightly over his soft skin, making him shiver. As he does this, she shoves his cock inside of her wet cunt and he moans in turn. She closes her legs and leans back grabbing his thighs to support herself as she bounces on his cock. “Come and get me if you want me,” she teases, turning around and leaning back to give him a full view of her cunt, her long torso, voluptuous breasts and sultry eyes. She looks at him and whispers her contrition, “Cum for me, cum inside my wet cunt." She shivers intensely from his pulsing cock and the feel of his cum shooting deep inside of her.

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part III

fetish sprite 2018-11-06

Pushing her against the bathroom counter, we kissed again, her arms wrapped tightly around me, my small hands roaming over her breasts, twisting her nipples as I secretly delighted in her gasps. "Oh, please…" she gasped, hips pushing forwards as she pulled my face into her, and let me feed on her, my tongue finding its way inside of her dripping cunt. The following Christmas Kay and Cindy gave me a joint gift, a sexy little bikini like out fit to match my ears, complete with a tail and kitten paws for both my feet and hands, one that I wear proudly at those times when I am feeling my most kitteny!

The Breeding of Laura

interracial angieseroticpen 2018-11-06

“That’s a good girl Laura.” He said softly as he began to guide her arm behind her back. Laura offered no resistance and just stared as if she was in a trance at the large dark brown hand that was slowly pushing the hem of her dress up her thighs. “That’s it suck me good Laura.” He told her as he reached for the back of head to pull her closer. Laura felt a surge of sexual excitement run through her like an electric current as she took the money in her hand before placing it back on the tray. Laura gasped as she felt his huge cock slide deep inside her.

Big Slut on Campus: Part Two

group onlyanalias 2018-11-06

“It’s called the Feast of the Ingathering, a celebration of the harvest,” Sara said, excitement twinkling in her deep brown eyes, “You can do it at my party and you’ll reap a harvest of willing guys.” She moved her head to work her lips up and down the shaft and felt the fiery tingle of orgasm grow until her insides exploded with the cock in her mouth and Sara’s fingers deep in her cunt. “Oh, God!” Sara yelled hoarsely, “Will somebody please, please fuck me!” The cock left Jackie’s mouth with a wet pop as the man attached to it pulled out and rolled over on top of Sara.

Our Office Fantasy - Part 2

bdsm Danunder 2018-11-06

I begin to rock back and forth, trying to guide myself into your mouth, wanting you to suck me the way I know you can.You sit back and look up into my eyes, slowly sliding your slick hand up and down my rampant manhood. You take my cock deep in your wet mouth, sucking hard, before stretching the first ring between your fingers and rolling it over the swollen head, down to the very base of my shaft, and pushing it into position at the root. You return after a time and my condition hasn’t changed, except that my balls are scarlet now and my scrotum is so stretched it’s almost transparent, the little blue veins visible near the surface, and a clear drop of pre cum is sitting right atop my erection.

One funny day in college

humor kornslayer1 2018-11-05

"You know, Delilah, at Jessica's seventeenth birthday party, she..." I said before I got cut off. "Did you not want your best friend to know that your little sister can kick your ass?" Jessica pondered. "You run right into that every time," Jessica said, as she laughed. "Come on, Jim, you know I always pee my pants, when you tickle me there," she said, as she was laughing uncontrollably. "Oh, come on, Mario, my pussy is waiting for your cock," Mindy said. "Oh, Mario, I love you, and that cock," Mindy let me know. You got lucky this time, but next time, I'll make you pay," Jessica said with her best Bowser impression. "Until next time, Mario, beware," Jessica said, right after she pulled the mask back on.


bdsm rxtales 2018-11-05

“You're not paid to like him, you're just paid to fuck him.” Max had his hands on my breasts again, my nipples between his fingers. “Open your mouth, bitch.” He said forcing my jaw open with one hand while his other grabbed my hair. He clasped my thin wrist in his giant hand and pulled me with him to the opposite side of the room where I saw a spreader bar on the floor, with a ball gag, clamps and a flogger. “That's what this is for.” Paul said holding up the ball gag which he placed in my mouth and fastened around my head, spreading my mouth open.

Daddy's Little Girl

hardcore gorgeousBITCH 2018-11-04

The sensation turned me on even more and once again I began rubbing my aching clit, leaning my head back into the water as I slid my fingers back and forth, electricity pulsing through me. He sat up quickly to kiss me before moving his mouth back between my legs and began sucking my clit once again while moving his fingers in and out of my ass. Daddy's so proud of you," he leaned in and we kissed our tongues caressing each other, my ass throbbing, nipples tingling, and pussy still begging for his cock. "Now let me hear how much you love this," he said, sliding his cock back in and holding my tits in his face with both hands, sucking back and forth on each of my nipples.

Daddy's New Girl, Part 2

bdsm Perimedes 2018-11-04

"Well, Stephanie, you're a beautiful young lady." I slowly reached out and took her head in my hands and brought her to me and kissed her on the mouth. "'K." She finished rolling on the condom and sucked the head into her mouth while holding the shaft in her little hand. "Do you like being a dirty little girl for Daddy? My little darling pulled off my unit and said, "Oh, Daddy, you're such a dirty old man. I pulled back until just the head was left inside and slowly and steadily pushed all my Daddy Dog to the hilt, feeling my balls resting on her tight little ass.

Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK I

bdsm sprite 2018-11-04

“Yes, Ma’am.” I managed, my voice trembling as I felt Officer Laura’s baton brushing against my soaking wet panties again, this time rubbing against me, turning my insides to jelly. Unable to answer Officer Ally’s comment, I simply stood there, glancing back and forth at the costumed cops, my eyes wide as I contemplated my fate, shivering at the sight of Laura, her baton on one hand, tapping the length of it against her other palm, giving me a chance to get a good look at it. Afterwards, I slid down the side of the car to my knees, the handle of her nightstick still impaling me, sobbing as I tried to catch my breath, unaware of my surroundings until I heard her voice, felt her touch as she tugged playfully on the baton imbedded in my dripping wet cunt.

Dangerous Games - Chapter I

bdsm sprite 2018-11-03

She moaned, all too away of how the flimsy material of tee rubbed against her aching nipples, filling her with a lust so strong that it took all of her will power to resist pushing her fingers between her swollen lips and making herself cum. Almost against her will, she opened her mouth invitingly, feeling his cum slick fingers slide over her tongue, filling her mouth, never once taking her eyes off of his face, knowing what he wanted without being told. When he returned, she was sitting there exactly like he had left her, looking up at him with a bashful smile on her face, her eyes full of confused hope.

Kitty Girl

fetish sprite 2018-11-03

A pair of brown kitten ears attached to a matching head band poked from the top of my blonde tresses and a pink collar, decorated with rhinestones circled my neck, a heart shaped tag engraved with the words "kitty" on one side and "property of Kay" on the other. "It’s Cindy!" I hissed at her, before following my smarter sister down the hall and burying my head under a pillow in the safety of our shared bedroom. Still, there was no way that Kay would let our neighbor wander down the hall and expose my strange little kink… "I’d have to ask Mike," she said, looking far too considering of the idea, like she wasn’t aware that it was just my owner joking around.

Teaching Carol, Ch. 3

bdsm Zenmackie 2018-11-03

She took less time that I thought she would—the idea must have appealed to her more than she’d want to admit—and when she opened the door to let me in I saw that she had gone all the way: white blouse with a red and blue bow at the neck, pleated navy-blue skirt with a wide black belt, pantyhose, low-heeled black shoes. I went on, “You’re going to leave that there, and let it dry.” I gently replaced the glasses on her nose and concluded, “And every time you put on your glasses you’re going to see it, and remember how it got there...and how you look right now...” I leaned forward and spoke into her ear.

Dangerous Games - Chapter II

bdsm sprite 2018-11-02

Uneasily, she let her eyes roam the room, falling on the metal rings in the walls, easily imagining their uses, remembering the night of the party, how she’d felt then, and the mixture of regret and longing that filled her ever since. That’s exactly what you want, Kara." He placed his hand over her mound, pushing her wet underwear between her parted labia with one finger, stroking her from the edge of her taint to the base of her swollen clit, never quite touching it until she thought she’d go mad with need. She gasped into his mouth, trying to turn away from his kiss, unable to stop him as started fucking her mouth with his tongue, not even letting her catch her breath as rough fingers pounded her cunt mercilessly.