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Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 08

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-16

By the way, Dee, you really connected with Lord Harold, and the buzz is that the critics loved your role,” he added. That night Vic slept between Lisa and Dee. They had stroked his cock and sucked him until they all fell asleep. “I have to confess,” Lord Harold said, ”that Dee has a very captivating personality, and I …” As they rounded the curtain, Lord Harold threw his arms around Dee and began kissing her. Dee was exhausted after a day of interviews, but when Lord Harold invited her up to his hotel room, she gladly accepted. Actually, Lisa knew Dee spent the night with Lord Harold, but she wanted to know how the night went. Lord Harold began kissing Dee. Her body continued to tremble and writhe.

Fine Italian Wine: Chapter 02

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-16

His elevator gaze went from the patterns on her feet, up her legs, to the rings on her beautiful slick vagina, the scrolling lettering over her mons pubis, the floral pattern that circled her navel and twisted between her breasts to her right and left shoulders, and finally the jewelry that adorned her nipples. Once inside, James flipped a switch a video display and the image of a white woman, dressed in African regalia, a primitive black man began dancing. I had a sip ….” Sherri told him about the tribal regalia room and the goblet, and the bottle of Fine Italian Wine. He took me back to his room….” Veronica left a lot unsaid, but Sherri had no problem imagining what went on.

American Husband Takes the Veil in Saudi

interracial edlangston 2018-11-15

After just that one experience, I knew that I loved the feeling of being sexually used by strong, dominant men that way, even though the idea of taking a man’s cock and cum into my mouth would have been disgusting to me only a short time earlier. I could only imagine what it looked like with my ass up in the air being pummeled by one big, Arab cock, as I was leaning down into another man’s lap, sucking his oozing fuck meat. Then Abdul grabbed Alan by the arm and said, “Come on now, Alana, you know that you want to suck that big Pakistani cock, and Rafat can work on your ass-cunt, while I show Karen my big cock.”

Meeting Malcolm Pt. 03

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-11-14

Malcolm covered my mouth with his and his big hand parted my legs as he rubbed my exposed pussy. "You need to learn to take it down your throat Mel." His cock was pushing at the opening and I gagged. I'm gonna pump a big load of nigger seed in this little ass and my boy Greg is seeding your little pussy Mel. Malcolm and Greg worked a rhythm out and both slowly fucked my ass and pussy. "Oh fuck yes, take my big nigger dick baby!" He screamed as his cock unleashed itself in my ass. Greg's hands guided my hips up and down on his cock until he held me down and exploded in my pussy.

Orange Moon

interracial Tashtego 2018-11-14

Brady felt the need to give Tiya an awkward peck on the cheek, wondering if that was the accepted etiquette after one gropes and nearly undresses a woman in front of her husband. Patrick’s eyes moved over Jane when she sat on the bed and crossed her lightly muscled legs, his fingers absently caressing the skin above his wife’s knee. Tiya watched Brady take Jane’s lower lip gently into his mouth and lift her hands. Brady looked directly into Tiya’s eyes while he continued Jane’s sweet torture, her head thrown back against his chest. Whenever Brady gripped her head and withdrew his cock, Jane quickly caught her breath and opened her mouth for more. Brady looked from Tiya, to Patrick, and then to Jane.

Coffee and Photographs Ch. 03

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-11-14

Carlee slowly undressed in the bathroom under Derek's watchful eye from the open doorway. "Is that little pussy ready for some attention now baby girl?" Derek's voice was teasingly sultry. It was time; he stood on the table placing his swollen cock head to her tiny little ass and pushed in to her. "That little pussy still needs to get fucked baby girl?" Derek ran his hand gently over her swollen lips. Do you love me Carlee?" Derek began tracing his finger over her body as he slowly walked around her. Sliding his hand up to the base of her neck he pulled her lips to his and kissed her as she slowly sunk down taking his hard cock fully.

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (5)

interracial DonAbdul 2018-11-13

As Shirley worked on her hands and knees, she couldn’t help but look up towards her bedroom window, the thought of her young black lover still asleep in her bed was already potentiating the fading effect of the previous night’s alcohol on her system. Meanwhile Jamal was seized by the sweet sensation of her pussy walls which was spasming and kneading his shaft even as he carried on thrusting, and grunting as he fucked her like a cheap slut, his lean strong frame pinning her face to the ground as she gasped, and then moaned and finally screamed as she exploded in her second orgasm of the morning.

Double Blacked

interracial DarkSide 2018-11-13

While she was satisfied that Marvin had grasped the urgency of her situation, Susie’s gaze then turned to James, “Get your fucking cock out. Susie watched Marvin coat his cock and her pussy with the oil and let out a short sharp gasp as she felt the fluid slip between her sexy and outwardly positioned folds. The smile on James’ face was immense as he knew what was coming, but he saw Marvin’s jaw drop for a second time that night as Marvin slowly absorbed her intentions. James placed his hands on Susie’s waist and lifted her from his cock; fucking his cock into Susie while he waited for his friend to join him.

Dirty Dog

interracial Burquette 2018-11-11

When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room. For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but, instead, his eyes fell back to the floor. Dante didn't look up as Sally approached, even though she wasn't exactly quiet. Dante sat there, his hands clasped in his lap, a fine sheen of sweat making him look polished. "Yes, Miss Sally," he said, hurriedly tucking himself away and pulling his pants up. His flannel shirt was pulled up over his head, but Sally could tell from the short stature and the dark complexion that it was Dante. Sally saw Dante's lips twitch, like he wanted to smile.

MIL goes black Pt2

interracial SIL50 2018-11-11

  After a few more minutes they said they needed a break so they wouldn't cum too soon   and told my Mil to play with her pussy so it would stay wet, but she had better not have an orgasm.   He told my Mil to clean up that the youngest one was still a virgin and   his first pussy didn't need to come from an old whore with cum on her face and tits. He was fucking her like crazy, and I guess they thought he would cum too soon so they made her change positions and he mounted her doggie style.

Closing the store

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-11

As I began to bring down the shutters, I looked over at Cindy's car most of the guys were already out there, laughing and smiling. "I haven't had a black dick, since High School," she said as she opened her mouth, she leaned forward sliding it inside. I looked down to see her head going back and forth on me, each time taking more of my dick inside her mouth. "This is a big fucking black dick," she said, grabbing it again. "Yes please fuck me hard," she said, burying her head, pushing her ass back against me. "Oh damn, I can feel your big dick inside me," she said, she began bouncing back on me.

Julia Goes Black Part 3 The Anal Trials

interracial NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-10

Jenny used an eight-inch vibrator on her friend and Leroy could actually hear the wet sound coming from Julia’s pussy above the hum of the sex toy. Leroy watched as Julia grabbed her friend’s ass and pushed her down and she must have stuck her tongue deep inside her because Jenny closed her eyes and let go of a long moan. Jason spread his legs enough so Leroy could get between them and when he felt the massive cock press against his anus he closed his eyes and took long deep breaths. Looking down at Jason’s perfect round ass Leroy forgot about Jenny and Julia for a while and enjoyed fucking his buddy until he pulled out and came on his back.

Jay shows the way

interracial kayeleff 2018-11-10

Kissing me passionately in the door way we didn’t make it any further before he started removing my clothes. “Ohh baby really likes it.” He groaned, sliding two, then three fingers in my drenched hole, stretching it out so he could shave the more intricate areas of my lips. He took hold of his fleshy cock and slipped it around my lips, making it wetter but he didn’t enter me. The orgasm washed over me, the sensation like I was peeing as juices flooded out of me all over his cock, he thrust fervently into me as I screamed out his name. We were both moaning and shouting and as I brought myself to another orgasm I clenched my buttocks around his rigid cock and felt him tense.

Getting Away

interracial xhardx13 2018-11-10

Nancy sat on my lap and gave me a little peck on the cheek, saying, "That's sweet of you, Jim, but I can't walk around nude with lots of people looking at me." Clarissa moved the camera closer to show Logan's cream covered cock as he pulled out from my wife's pussy. Nancy said she had always fantasized about having sex with a black man, and Logan told her how nice it is fucking white pussy. What they wanted was to video us having sex, so Logan said to me, "You are the stud tonight and Nancy is your whore. It was a good angle to film Logan when he swung around and savagely drove his cock into Nancy's cum filled pussy.

Missouri is just fine

interracial Writingguy 2018-11-10

"I am going to kiss my beautiful love, have some of her appetizer as she tells me about her day, and then we will work out together because dinner can wait," said Von, smiling as he kissed the brunette around the neck and on the cheeks some more. "Know what, it's like you can't win here, anything you say and you're automatically a racist," said Marie, taking deep breaths as Von would kiss her pussy, and started to finger her anus. Lisa felt Mike's hands grab her buttocks as he would start to kiss and munch on her shaved pussy, the woman moaning hard and taking deep breaths as he did.

A strange place called Florida: The happy Florida wife

interracial Writingguy 2018-11-10

Erica woke up naked on a hot and humid morning with her husband Divya over her, having his hands wrapped around her back. Divya kept his powerful hands wrapped around his wife's slim body so she could not get away but it's not like Erica wanted to get away. Finally, Divya had his head in-between Erica's legs and had managed to sniff her crotch which had a powerful odor coming from it. Divya had his head buried in Erica's crotch and now his lips were starting to practically kiss her pussy. Divya would lick some of the sweat off of Erica's neck and kiss her before finally his penis exploded with cum inside of his wife's pussy.

The Redhead Downtown

interracial eros_desade 2018-11-10

Excitedly, she got to her knees, had me stand up so she could pull my pants out of the way to marvel at it.  I pulled off my shoes with my feet and kicked my pants out of the way as she took it in her hands with an apprehensive look.  "You know Mark, I really want to but I don't know if I can.  I've never had a dick this big before."  She put it to her lips to lick at the head.  "It's so big.  But you almost went to jail for me." Colleen took a few minutes to decide before she opened her mouth and take it in half way, go a bit further and gag it out.  "I'm sorry," she said between coughs. Collen reached back and held herself open with both hands.  "I want you to fuck me like the slut I am, Mark."  I teased her with the head.  "No teasing!  Stop it!"  Colleen turned around with impatience in her eyes.  "Give me that big dick!  Right now!"


interracial TrinityX 2018-11-08

Hundreds of hours of cyber-sex logged, mutual masturbation sessions, countless pics and naughty messages shared, and now I’m holding my itinerary in my hand which feels like a winning lottery ticket. He lifts my shirt slightly and slips his Ivory fingers between my brown skin and the waist band of my pants, and easily brushing pass my panties. “Ahhhhh baby, you smell so fucking good,” he moans into my ear with his eyes closed. “No shame here baby,” he says, his fingers blatantly pressed against his philtrum. Silently, he reaches his hands up to my waist and wraps each of his index fingers snugly inside the band of my panties, and gently tugs them down.

Alysin's Black Affairs: Chapter 02

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-08

They helped tighten her already tight vagina for her man, Del. Her man considered Syndee and her mom, Alysin, part of his stable of fine women. A black man, thirtyish and well-built, noticed her body, especially her cunt and tits, which stood up rather than flatten out like other white girls. Looking up into his face with her wide, blue eyes, Syndee opened her mouth and extended her golden studded, split tongue. Alysin continued to fuck the black man while Syndee and Malik chatted. Alysin stepped up and begin kissing Jamal as he twerk-fucked Syndee. She wanted a black cock in her hand, in her mouth, and deep in her cunt or ass.

Marlee: Chapter 05

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-08

Alexis watched a man raise a hot blonde's skirt and push his cock in her cunt. I put on a hot video of Sindi, Marlee, and Felicity fucking eight black men. I put on a compilation video of Marlee, Sindi, Felicia, and Alexis fucking, sucking and having anal sex. While Felicity worked on her clit with her split tongue, Marlee pushed her tongue deep into Alexis' hot, wet pleasure pit. "Oh sweetie!" Felicity squealed and kissed Alexis, who let her split tongues play with the whore girl. A white boy with a six-inch cock was fucking Chester in the ass while he performed oral sex on the blonde wife's cunt. It started with Alexis dancing with one hot black man.

The Fires of Lust

interracial JefferyB 2018-11-07

“Big Fucking Truck.” He took her hand to help her up into the cab, watching carefully as her skirt rode up her legs, exposing what he remembered as the creamiest thighs he had ever put his face between. Holding his hand still on her leg and driving with one hand, Mickey said, “You know what I want you to do.” Like her blouse, Lisa tossed the bra onto the couch and turned to look at Mickey. At this moment she understood the meaning of the word ‘bliss.’ She felt Mickey getting off of the bed but simply didn’t have the motor skill functions to turn her head and look at him.


interracial TrinityX 2018-11-07

In the meantime, I ended up looking like an insensitive asshole and feeling guilty for just being honest about my needs and wants. I wanted to explode when I saw those words from her instant message that said, "I'll be tied up having dinner with a friend tonight, but breakfast for us first thing, baby." Otherwise, why would I have been willingly waiting to have breakfast with a woman who likely had another man's cock for dinner the night before? Just the thought of that made my blood hot and I felt a tense mood coming on. "Mmmm your ass feels so slippery inside baby, I love it," I said, testing her.

Willing Fraternity Prostitute

interracial Stagman 2018-11-06

Harold was very persistent and told me it wasn’t really a party; it was more of a fundraiser to raise money to fix up his frat house. I didn’t know how I felt about this but I submitted and sucked his black dick like a whore. In the mean time I continued to fuck and suck any black frat boy that wanted a piece. I got him hard with my mouth and then he took me by the hair and shoved my head away from him, leaving my pantied ass exposed in the air. I screamed so that everyone in the house could hear me, “I want you to cum in my big slutty ass!”

Dee's Naughty Descent: Chapter 03

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-06

Dee knew her firm breasts and hard nipples would have an effect on Ro. She reached down to feel his semi-erect cock. The light touch of a man lighting her cigarette was always a sexual, sensual turn on for Dee. Dee looked into his dark eyes and took a deep draw. Dee reached down and grasped his cock through his clothing while still looking into his eyes. "Let me," Dee said as she knelt down and grasped his cock. Dee went to her knees and began sucking Ro's cock. Dee melted to her knees and looked up at Ro. Keeping her eyes on Ro, she took his cock. Dee opened her mouth and felt the cock slide against her tongue stud.