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Dirty Dog

interracial Burquette 2018-03-05

When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room. For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but, instead, his eyes fell back to the floor. Dante didn't look up as Sally approached, even though she wasn't exactly quiet. Dante sat there, his hands clasped in his lap, a fine sheen of sweat making him look polished. "Yes, Miss Sally," he said, hurriedly tucking himself away and pulling his pants up. His flannel shirt was pulled up over his head, but Sally could tell from the short stature and the dark complexion that it was Dante. Sally saw Dante's lips twitch, like he wanted to smile.

Wendy Learns About Culture

interracial Green_Man 2018-03-05

My business had booked a two-bedroom suite, but at the desk, while Wendy was wandering around the lovely courtyard, I had the clerk change it to just a room and bath with two large beds. I still had to find a good place for our phone-bank and Wendy had research to do on India. We thought Aashi might try to limp away and hide in the bathroom, but she surprised us both, happily. Wendy placed her freckled hand behind Aashi's head of black hair and pulled her face down. Wendy with her pale freckly skin and small perky tits, and Aashi with her dark exotic skin and long oiled hair. Daddy wants to fuck you while Wendy makes love to those huge tits."

The Redhead Downtown

interracial eros_desade 2018-03-04

Excitedly, she got to her knees, had me stand up so she could pull my pants out of the way to marvel at it.  I pulled off my shoes with my feet and kicked my pants out of the way as she took it in her hands with an apprehensive look.  "You know Mark, I really want to but I don't know if I can.  I've never had a dick this big before."  She put it to her lips to lick at the head.  "It's so big.  But you almost went to jail for me." Colleen took a few minutes to decide before she opened her mouth and take it in half way, go a bit further and gag it out.  "I'm sorry," she said between coughs. Collen reached back and held herself open with both hands.  "I want you to fuck me like the slut I am, Mark."  I teased her with the head.  "No teasing!  Stop it!"  Colleen turned around with impatience in her eyes.  "Give me that big dick!  Right now!"

Mrs. Crane's Fountain of Youth (5)

interracial DonAbdul 2018-03-03

As Shirley worked on her hands and knees, she couldn’t help but look up towards her bedroom window, the thought of her young black lover still asleep in her bed was already potentiating the fading effect of the previous night’s alcohol on her system. Meanwhile Jamal was seized by the sweet sensation of her pussy walls which was spasming and kneading his shaft even as he carried on thrusting, and grunting as he fucked her like a cheap slut, his lean strong frame pinning her face to the ground as she gasped, and then moaned and finally screamed as she exploded in her second orgasm of the morning.

Closing the store

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-03-03

As I began to bring down the shutters, I looked over at Cindy's car most of the guys were already out there, laughing and smiling. "I haven't had a black dick, since High School," she said as she opened her mouth, she leaned forward sliding it inside. I looked down to see her head going back and forth on me, each time taking more of my dick inside her mouth. "This is a big fucking black dick," she said, grabbing it again. "Yes please fuck me hard," she said, burying her head, pushing her ass back against me. "Oh damn, I can feel your big dick inside me," she said, she began bouncing back on me.

Taming Of Damon

interracial Oscuro78 2018-03-02

I liked the bulge in your pants and I wanted to feel it wrapped around me." While she said thta she unzipped his pants and took his cock out and began to stroke it. "Uhhh, yes, uhh, suck my nipples...harder." Her voice started to cry out, and Damon obliged by sucking on each nipple equally.  Zahara was enjoying this huge cock in her and she was riding to a good orgasm as his cock was giving her a feeling she had not had in a while. Damon looked at his watch and he had been fucking her for over 40 minutes without stopping, and he was getting the feeling that he was ready to cum all over her.

Life Gets Better Part Two: The New Roommate

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-03-02

As Brian fucked her tits, he remembered the time Stacy had come to his workplace. Brian had all but forgotten the conversation he had with Stacy about the friend moving in, so when he came home and got up to his floor he saw to his surprise that the door to his apartment wide open. You're fucking useless!" she shouted as two men came to the door, they pushed stuff out the way, then ran past Brian and were down the stairs, before he could say hi. "Oh shit!" she said, walking backward allowing Brian to step all the way into his apartment finally. "Sorry, I didn't know you were coming," Brian said looking in the fridge.

Mother in Law goes black

interracial SIL50 2018-03-01

He chuckled and told his buddy that this bitch really liked big cocks and started to fuck my MIL's mouth. While the big guy was giving her tits a nice work out with his hands, he   told her to suck his cock and make sure it was nice and slick because he didn't want any problems when it was his turn This time she had no problem getting it in her mouth and took turns sucking his cock and balls.           She started ridding him again and was getting a good motion going when the smaller guy walked behind them got back on the bed grabbed her ass checks spanked them really hard and said he'd always wanted to fuck a stuck up white bitch in the ass but, since there was only an old white whore here she would have to do.

Marlee: Chapter 01

interracial MrDeep 2018-03-01

Once in my loft apartment, we undressed and paused while I got her a drink and put on a porn video of a hot blue-eyed blonde fucking a black man with a big, long black cock. She took my hand as we watched the blonde writhe in pleasure as the two big black men pumped her cunt and ass in alternating strokes. Up popped a compilation of Marlee fucking, sucking, having an orgasm, swallowing cum, and kissing black men. “When a white woman swallows a black man’s cum, he is part of her forever,” Marlee said looking at him. “When a white whore like me swallows a black man’s cum, he’s part of me forever,” Marlee said proudly.

Q in the Toddling Town

interracial ZandMe 2018-03-01

  “Hi, I’m Sam,” he said, extending his hand to me but looking intently into Q’s eyes. She whispered to Sam that custom and tradition dictated a button be loosened from her dress every time she had a drink. “In fact,” Q said, “why don’t you do two?”   He undid a button from both the top and bottom of the blue dress and returned his hand closer to her very wet clit.   It also allowed both Sam and I to massage her tits, hoisting them gently while softly twisting her pert nipples between our thumbs and index fingers.   Sam said,   “You had so much fun ass fucking her last night I thought I’d try.”   That really got Q’s attention.

Black Revival Preacher Breeds Lactating White Farmer's Wife

interracial edlangston 2018-02-27

His cock head parted my labia, and as Thomas was leaning me over towards him to suck my breasts again, he said, “Oh my, Jenny, your slot is so tight and wet, and I know that I will be able to open the pathway to your womb. He took my little white hand in his big black hand and said, “Brother Thomas told me that you and Jimmy were very enthusiastic about receiving repeated blessings from him and all of the male members of his crew, and as I said after our services on Sunday, my deacons and I stand ready to continue in the same way now that the revival group has gone.

Double Blacked

interracial DarkSide 2018-02-27

While she was satisfied that Marvin had grasped the urgency of her situation, Susie’s gaze then turned to James, “Get your fucking cock out. Susie watched Marvin coat his cock and her pussy with the oil and let out a short sharp gasp as she felt the fluid slip between her sexy and outwardly positioned folds. The smile on James’ face was immense as he knew what was coming, but he saw Marvin’s jaw drop for a second time that night as Marvin slowly absorbed her intentions. James placed his hands on Susie’s waist and lifted her from his cock; fucking his cock into Susie while he waited for his friend to join him.


interracial Tuppie 2018-02-26

When Naomi’s dad won a weekend away for being the employee of the month, Uncle Roger kindly offered to look after Naomi during their absence, because leaving a young girl on her own was simply not the ‘done’ thing. Alfred was ready for her as Michael began to lower her body onto his moist cock. As Michael moved in behind her, Alfred’s hands pulled her torso toward him, before clamping her in a vice-like grip. Once Michael had properly lodged his dick-head, he gripped hold of her hips and began to feed Naomi’s backside, its dark offering. As Michael began to dress he looked at Naomi slumped against Alfred. As Alfred felt himself approaching the point of no return, he lifted off Naomi and scooted up her body.

Fine Italian Wine: Chapter 02

interracial MrDeep 2018-02-26

His elevator gaze went from the patterns on her feet, up her legs, to the rings on her beautiful slick vagina, the scrolling lettering over her mons pubis, the floral pattern that circled her navel and twisted between her breasts to her right and left shoulders, and finally the jewelry that adorned her nipples. Once inside, James flipped a switch a video display and the image of a white woman, dressed in African regalia, a primitive black man began dancing. I had a sip ….” Sherri told him about the tribal regalia room and the goblet, and the bottle of Fine Italian Wine. He took me back to his room….” Veronica left a lot unsaid, but Sherri had no problem imagining what went on.

Annie Has Another First Experience

interracial AnnieLuvsToFu 2018-02-25

I leaned back on the love seat and put my feet up and spread my legs wider and told Ferguson, “I never fucked a black cock before, but I would like to now,” then I looked into Ferguson’s dark eyes and smiled and said, “Ohh God, please just fuck me.” I glanced over to Rob and he was smiling at me and was taking his clothes off. Rob rolled me over onto my hands and knees and said, “In the ass you fucking slut.” Then he started to work his cock into my asshole which was covered with Ferguson’s cum and my juices. Then Ferguson moved from in front of me to my behind then he started rubbing his big black cock against my asshole which was gaping open after the fucking I just got from Rob.


interracial TrinityX 2018-02-25

In the meantime, I ended up looking like an insensitive asshole and feeling guilty for just being honest about my needs and wants. I wanted to explode when I saw those words from her instant message that said, "I'll be tied up having dinner with a friend tonight, but breakfast for us first thing, baby." Otherwise, why would I have been willingly waiting to have breakfast with a woman who likely had another man's cock for dinner the night before? Just the thought of that made my blood hot and I felt a tense mood coming on. "Mmmm your ass feels so slippery inside baby, I love it," I said, testing her.

Professor Humbled Pt. 02

interracial dr13bone 2018-02-25

She did not have much time to lament about her new image as Owen and Jamal pulled out their cocks, she noted that even semi-hard they were huge and thick. Yeah like that with those cute little brown eyes of yours." he said as Owen withdrew his cock from her mouth, allowing Jamal to use their slave girl orally. Jamal got on top of the desk and straddled her tight little stomach, his big cock resting across her chest. "Oh and the next time, you won't have to worry about your pony tails holders," she felt relieved until Jamal continued, "Because like some of your sisters in Africa and here we are going to shave your pussy and head bald!"

Pizza Wives

interracial DonAbdul 2018-02-25

Being the consummate performer, Luigi put on an impressive strip tease that ended with his hard 8” by 3” curved cock springing free and pointing menacingly at Leticia. “Oh Lawd!” she moaned out loud as she grabbed his head and shoved his face deeper into her sopping wet cunt, screaming even louder  when he dipped his tongue into her pussy. Leticia completely surrendered to the mind blowing pleasure of having her pussy stretched and pounded and her lust fuelled by his long hard strokes as she drifted away towards her impending orgasm, until the greedy part of her subconscious rebelled in its desire for so much more of the pleasure to be had from this cunt pounding roman god.

Forbidden Love

interracial Jasmine_x 2018-02-25

I began to move my mouth over to the other cock whilst they untied my corset, allowing my perfect tits to fall out. The men began to alternate and take turns fucking my puny, white mouth. I felt like such a dirty whore as these two cocks pounded both my holes whilst I sucked another, but I didn’t care, my dream was coming to life in front of my very eyes. With another couple of hours before my dad returning home from the town, I stayed in the cabin with the men, surrounded by all of their cocks, licking and slurping every last drop of their cum off their cocks, like a good little whore that I am.

My Enemy's Daddy

interracial RatchetCaelan 2018-02-24

“Aw yeah, little girl, put it on Daddy,” the fifty four year-old Texan moaned in his thick southern accent, gritting his teeth loving every minute of me twisting the chains. "Damn, baby, I sure do want my cock to fuck every hole you got. "Actually, sir, that would be quite interesting, watching a big brawny man like yourself beg little old me." "Dear, sweet, hot ass Bree, please let your Texas Daddy have this good, sweet ass again." His handsome face seemed so genuine and smitten I just might have taken him up on it if I lived in Texas. "Come on, Bree, give a starving old man some good loving!"

Holodeck Viewing

interracial sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-02-24

When Katie looked in the mirror she noticed how hard her nipples were and how her sexy body arched in preparation for Marquis's big cock. Katie turned to look at the precise moment Marquis slid his big cock half deep in her ass. Katie was unnerved when she found the girls were looking directly at her, in staccato, to the pounding of Marquis owning her sexy ass. When Cashmere entered Tyrone's ass, Katie creamed, gushing moisture all around Marquis's cock. He would have to check it later, but for now Marquis needed Tyrone's help holding on to the hot babe that fucked his cock so damn, good. They were in a position to be able to fuck and watch as Candy licked Cashmere's pussy and Tyrone's cock.

Savanna's Seduction

interracial Luckymann 2018-02-22

I only want to spend some time and chat with a beautiful young lady like yourself.” Andy offered his hand to help Savanna into his car. “I sure do love seeing those tits swing free, baby,” Andy told Savanna. “Well, help yourself, baby.” He watched as Savanna opened wide and took his cock into her cum hungry mouth. With the head and several inches of cock still in her mouth she sucked hard to be certain she had gotten every drop of cum Andy had to offer. Ummmmmph!” Savanna grunted each time Andy drove his cock deep into her ass. As his own orgasm approached, Andy rapidly jammed his cock into Savanna’s ass several times before slamming deep and filling her bowels with his hot cum.

Willing Fraternity Prostitute

interracial Stagman 2018-02-22

Harold was very persistent and told me it wasn’t really a party; it was more of a fundraiser to raise money to fix up his frat house. I didn’t know how I felt about this but I submitted and sucked his black dick like a whore. In the mean time I continued to fuck and suck any black frat boy that wanted a piece. I got him hard with my mouth and then he took me by the hair and shoved my head away from him, leaving my pantied ass exposed in the air. I screamed so that everyone in the house could hear me, “I want you to cum in my big slutty ass!”

Getting Away

interracial xhardx13 2018-02-21

Nancy sat on my lap and gave me a little peck on the cheek, saying, "That's sweet of you, Jim, but I can't walk around nude with lots of people looking at me." Clarissa moved the camera closer to show Logan's cream covered cock as he pulled out from my wife's pussy. Nancy said she had always fantasized about having sex with a black man, and Logan told her how nice it is fucking white pussy. What they wanted was to video us having sex, so Logan said to me, "You are the stud tonight and Nancy is your whore. It was a good angle to film Logan when he swung around and savagely drove his cock into Nancy's cum filled pussy.