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My Auntie Taught Me To Masturbate

interracial bava12 2018-11-14

By this time what I had seen had very much excited me and I inserted my hand into my trousers and I was slowly rubbing my cock which gave me a very pleasant feeling. When aunty returned I quickly took out my hand and closed my eyes to look as if I was sl**ping. Aunty told me softly "don't worry — that buffalo will not wake up till morning".Then slowly her hand came and rested on my trousers touching my cock underneath. The pressure made by her fingers on the shaft of my cock was very much exciting and the pleasure I got was so much that I closed my eyes and softly moaned.

My African Aunty

interracial TOYNBEE 2018-03-09

Aunty Sarah was divorced, thirty-nine, generous hips and breasts, lovely face and a very welcoming personality. The cook answered it and then informed me that Mrs Makeba – Aunty Sarah - would like to see me in her room. Aunty Sarah was sitting up in bed suckling her infant daughter. I was rather embarrassed at this injunction, but felt excited and aroused at the sight of Aunty Sarah's large naked breasts, and as I walked to the bed my penis began to swell within my cotton shorts. "Come on my darling Peter, fuck your Aunty...fuck me hard...fuck me like a good boy...oh yes, that's right, you're doing it properly now...harder...faster...fuck me good...oooh, keep fucking...