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Coffee and Photographs Ch. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-06-26

"Show me your mine Carlee." Derek stood holding his cock at its base with one hand while the other gently held a handful of her hair and guided her to her knees. "Are you my girl Carlee?" Derek pulled his cock from her mouth. Carlee gagged and choked as Derek ravished the opening of her throat with his cock. "Tell me you want my black cock cum in your mouth." Derek stroked his cock an inch from her lips. Derek fed his hungry girl what she needed and watched as she stroked and sucked his cock feverishly trying to make him cum, "Put that cock down your throat girl!" He plunged his cock holding her head causing her to gag violently.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 08

interracial dr13bone 2018-06-26

"Look I love getting fucked by that big black cock of yours, but my husband is the one I love, despite his uh shortcomings!" she said laughing. I think Henry thought they'd progress to fucking but she started to suck his cock even faster, cranking it with one hand as she did so. "Well I can see you were excited she said pulling off my blanket where I had jerked off watching her, "Remember I said I'd get that 'Queen-of-Spades' tattoo after I'd let another guy cum in me, well I guess we are going to the tattoo shop this weekend," she laughed. "Enjoy the taste, this will not be the last time!" she said as she got off of me and let go of my cock.

A Surprise at the Mall

interracial NVMii 2018-06-26

Previously I had told Derek about a teenage black boy that wanted to fuck me but he was under the age of eighteen at the time, so I passed. I could see that his cock was about a nine-incher and not as thick as I like, but he was young and that might change in the future, depending on how hard he would fuck me and if I wanted a return engagement. "Is your pussy always wet like this or is it just when you want to fuck?" he asked. He was fucking me deep but when his balls wanted to dump his sperm in me he slammed so hard against my crotch that my clit was smashed and I went into a frantic orgasm.

South Pacific - Pt 1 - Susan

interracial NVMii 2018-06-25

"Hello Mike, come in and set down," Jerry said as he handed some papers to his secretary. The day before we were to leave, Jerry invited my team and Susan out for a bon voyage dinner. I was going to get my first black cock from the man that my dead husband said, "Wanted a piece of my ass". They knew Jerry was going to fuck a fine piece of white ass tonight. Jerry moved into position, his black cock poised to enter my white pussy. I set it up to record and Jerry moved his cock to my pussy and did the slit rub again. It felt so good, Jerry's cock tightly held in my constricted pussy.

My First BBC

interracial saucywildcat 2018-06-25

He leaned over in the car and started kissing on my neck, pulling my hair a bit in the back with one hand, while barely touching my pussy lips. He started whispering in my ear, saying how beautiful my pussy was, how much he wanted to fuck me, how sexy I am, how he's constantly thinking about me. He shifted a bit, taking his hand from my hot pussy, to unzip his pants and free what is just about the biggest dick I've ever seen, in person or on porn. I wanted to fuck that big cock more than I've wanted anything in a long, long time. "You said no fucking the first time we meet.

BBC For Teacher

interracial TeacherD 2018-06-25

And I've also noticed the way you've been trying to let me look at those beautiful, sexy boobs of yours." Jamie pushed my hand into his lap, right onto his hardening cock. "Want some of this big black cock, teach?" Without a word I reached up and undid his button, unzipped his zipper, and let his pants drop to the ground. "You are one hot little teacher," Jamie said as he pushed his hard cock up against my ass. Jamie continued to grind his hard cock into my ass as he reached around to tug and pinch my pink nipples. A loan of pleasure escaped my lips, and I arched my ass up, trying to let his cock make contact with my wet pussy.

The Last Sister

interracial blackmerida 2018-06-23

Her dark black hair swept across her pale back until Laura spotted Jalen’s hands clutch at her back, slowly drifting down her sisters’ body until he reached her ass. When she was sure Georgina had drifted back to sleep, Laura’s fingers stretched down her stomach until they rested between her leg, and she resumed masturbating, thinking, solely, about that massive black cock that had fucked her sister. Laura watched, now knowing her hand had quickly slipped into her quim, as she watched Andre’s black cock pummel her sisters body. The pleasure never stopped as Malik kept fucking her, harder and harder until she felt his fingers dig into her stomach and his cock twitch and explode into her, her cum and his semen mixing inside her body.


interracial Simplicity 2018-06-23

We dropped off Libby and Ben at their house and, when we got home, I went to bed and Kevin watched television. What was unusual, a few days later, I got a call from Ben. “Hi Shelby, you still interested in your question?" "Neither of us gets what we want at home,” he said, almost growling “Instead of just looking at my cock, you can feel it deep inside of you, have it fill that tight pussy of yours. You know you want this big black cock.” "I know what I have here, and how much your pussy wants and needs it,” he said, taking one hand off the steering wheel and shaking the package in his pants.

The Seduction of Dr. Halper

interracial NVMii 2018-06-23

My spread legs gave Dr. Halper a good look at my pussy lips. I watched as Dr. Halper kept pumping his big cock into his wife's pussy. I watched and then Mrs. Halper started to scream, "Fuck me Ty, bury that big black cock of yours in my cunt. I was so turned on, Lacy, the little pussy I had been watching grow into a woman, was at my cock's mercy. I looked down and about four inches of my cock was embedding in Lacy's tight pussy. When Lacy tensed up, I said, "Relax honey, your pussy is well adapted to take my cock. Lacy's pussy was twisting like she wanted to tear my cock off my body.

Drinks And A Movie

interracial ljdoofus75 2018-06-23

"Here's what I want you to do: go inside and find a couple bar stools, pull up your dress and when you see a cute, hung guy or a black dude, spread your legs and give them a look. He walked me out and down to where my wife was engaged sucking a cock while another guy fingered her. The black guy took my hand and wrapped it around his cock then began stroking while he was observing all the action. Returning to my wife, I found her sucking a little, white guy's cock while he sucked an older black man's. Looking down at me, he says, "Hey, slut, suck my black cock.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 05

interracial dr13bone 2018-06-22

"You know it is a good evening to go out," said Karen as my wife agreed taking out the pink male chastity device and locking my cock in. My tongue went out and licked Karen's nipple, I tasted the odd salty taste and gagged a bit more, making them both laugh, as that same funk is what I had wanted my wife to swallow. You know I have made up my mind I am going to get that boob job I have wanted to get," I was a bit shocked she looked at me and said teasingly, "Think about how many other men are going to stare at them," as my cock rose up again they both laughed at me.

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 1

interracial NVMii 2018-06-22

"Come on, Trish, you know we like to fuck each other and if anything happens tonight we all win!" "You said, 'I want a threesome with Derek and you.' did you not?" And with that he went deep in my pussy again, pounding away at my cunt like I wanted him to see Curtis pound me. "We are on our way honey, I'm looking forward to this weekend and having a very good time with my wife, Chelsea and Curtis. I was surprised when Chelsea raised her drink and said, "To Derek and Jessica, may your lives be happy and I'm looking forward to this weekend and the fun we will all have."

The Ebonhard Secret - Prologue

interracial Osiris15 2018-06-21

But she had spent so many nights with black men that her eyes had learned how to examine their bodies in the darkness. The Mistress leaned back onto the couch and shut her eyes briefly as she imagined all the Sisters - her "Daughters" - of the Ebonhard Coven who had spent the night having their eager pussies turned out by ripped black Bulls. In particular, the Mistress recalled seeing one very nervous woman that evening after her induction ceremony - an Asian, probably Korean or Japanese, with black hair and porcelain skin - being taken by the hand toward the bedrooms by a large and strong black Bull leading the way. She looked back at the young black Bull, examined again his hard body and thick cock.

Night Tremors 3

interracial Aruri69 2018-06-21

He looked up at her body twisting and rocking and began moaning to vibrate her pussy even more. He wasted no time in thrusting every drop of cum into her wanting pussy while kissing and nibbling on her neck and chest. He moved his hands from behind his head and started to reach down to soothe the pain, but she quickly sucked his massive member into her mouth. She opened her mouth to refute, but he began vigorously throbbing and softly thrusting into her tightly gripping pussy. He loved seeing her body covered in his thick, sticky cum so much that he began ignoring the intense pain, and let his mind drift as he continued seeding her.

Meeting Malcolm Pt. 03

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-06-21

Malcolm covered my mouth with his and his big hand parted my legs as he rubbed my exposed pussy. "You need to learn to take it down your throat Mel." His cock was pushing at the opening and I gagged. I'm gonna pump a big load of nigger seed in this little ass and my boy Greg is seeding your little pussy Mel. Malcolm and Greg worked a rhythm out and both slowly fucked my ass and pussy. "Oh fuck yes, take my big nigger dick baby!" He screamed as his cock unleashed itself in my ass. Greg's hands guided my hips up and down on his cock until he held me down and exploded in my pussy.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 03

interracial dr13bone 2018-06-21

Part of me wanted to slug him but my wife instead greeted him with a smile and spent just a bit too much time talking to him and laughing at his jokes. He said something to her, then it looked like he was jerking himself off while she watched. "I kissed him and then he said it was going to get bigger still and he started to jerk it off right in front of me. He stopped and took his hand away and looked at me, then I reached forward slowly put my fingers around his cock. I really don't think it would fit inside of me," my wife said blushing though I knew it would as my own cock throbbed at the thought of that happening.

My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 2

interracial Kee 2018-06-20

The sex was becoming even better, if that was possible, as we learned more about each others little likes, dislikes, kinks, special sensitive places and personal feelings. Come here and let me hold you.” He picked me up and spun me around, stopping and then standing behind me so he could get a good feel of my boobs and rub my nips a bit. I locked my legs around him and we held each other in tight and quiet appreciation of what we had found in each other; both giving little caresses on our cheeks until we worked around to a full mouth, long deep kiss. “As much as I want to stay right here, we need to go see how Sara is doing and if I can hold it, I am going to feed her our combined cum juice.”

How I Got My First BBC

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-06-19

Going out of my way to smile and show what a good time I was having talking to Osa, until Matt walked passed us with a big scowl on his face. I pushed my head back in to the couch and his big left hand slid over my breast and began to squeeze it through my t-shirt. Paralyzed by his touch he kissed and sucked my neck and ear then back to my mouth as his big hand squeezed and massaged my breasts. Having this black guy fingering my little pussy and stroking his big hard cock was more than I could take and I came hard on his hand.

BBC for Teacher - Part 2

interracial TeacherD 2018-06-18

Although, I certainly am enjoying the view of that purple thong pulled up into your pale ass cheeks." Jamie walked around the desk, and I followed him with my eyes, a smile on my face. Won't that be a site for them, the little white teacher bent over the desk crying out for some hard black dick." I turned red, thinking of what could happen. Is it wet for me, Teach?" Jamie asked as he ran his finger down my stomach, stopping just before he got to my pussy.  I keep thinking of how good you're going to feel inside me." Jamie's fingers travelled back down to my pussy, and he slid two fingers inside my wet hole.  I'm gonna let loose inside you, and flood your pussy." Jamie kept slamming into me hard.

Kendra's Way Part 2

interracial Bullwhip 2018-06-15

"Please Clive give her your cum, let her have your baby," begged Daniel of the bigger, stronger, more powerful and dominant black man who so completely controlled his beloved Kendra. "Here I come Baby Gurl!" Clive's threw his head back and let out a long guttural moan as he sank balls deep into Kendra, his massive cock throbbing for what seemed like a full minute. Daniel did exactly as he was told, pounding his erection with his right hand while matching stroke for stroke along the big black cock shaft with his left and resting the massive glans on his tongue as he gentle worked his jaw to provide a gentle suction.


interracial Handyman_Eric 2018-06-15

“Then put it back in your mouth and suck it like a good, little, piggy slut,” I said looking down into her pretty green eyes. “Oh, fuck yes, thank you Daddy!” She throws her head back and squeals like the true piggy slut she is. “Yes, Daddy, I love your superior black cock, I worship it, I need it, I live for it!!!” she cums again and soaks my lap with her hot cum as she squirts. “Mmmm, yes, Daddy, please cum for me, cover this nasty, little white, piggy slut in your hot jizz,” she begs like the filthy slut she is. She begins to slide her udders up and down my cock as she licks and sucks on the head everytime it pops out from her deep cleavage.

Piper - Pt II - Gratification

interracial NVMii 2018-06-14

My pussy was very wet from watching Doreen and Tim. Aston had three fingers in and was fingering me hard. Tim watched as Aston fucked his huge black cock into my white slit. Tim now had a perfect view of Aston's black cock and my wet pussy. She put her left leg up on the second stair, giving me a clear view of Aston's black cock in her white pussy. Piper said something to Aston and he slowly pulled his shrinking cock from her pussy. "Aston, you can fuck your girlfriend if you want to," Tim said. Doreen flipped over onto her back, I want you Tim, I love that big cock of yours.

Elegance - Ch 3 The Second Hour

interracial LadyWriter 2018-06-14

She lifted her head to CJ’s face and, when they kissed, she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and when he did the same to her she sucked it like it was his cock. Sara put her feet back on the floor and she looked over her shoulder and watched as CJ bent his knees and guided his still semi-hard cock into her pussy. She told Dewayne to stand on the couch in front of her and she put his sloppy wet cock to her lips and took him into her mouth. Sara had already cleaned his cum covered cock and was enjoying the thicker shaft hitting the back of her throat each time she went down on him.

Lauren wanted adventure...

interracial thedarkersex 2018-06-13

“We don’t have time to go anywhere Lauren.” Malik opened his suit jacket and looked over at her expectantly. “Are you telling me you’re going to jump on my cock right here, in the middle of downtown?” Once he was shining and standing at full mast, Lauren pulled down her panties and drove two fingers deep into her pussy to retrieve the devilish device. In one smooth motion she dropped the silver vibrator onto the seat and straddled her lover’s muscular thighs, gasping as she sunk her hot cunt onto his steel-hard black poker. The back of the town car was rich with the smells and sounds of sex as Malik’s big hands grabbed firm hold of her full white ass cheeks and furiously fucked into her overheated tunnel.