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Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 2

interracial NVMii 2018-03-05

Curtis was fucking me as fast as his ass could move, back and forth, eleven inches of big black cock slamming into my wet hot white cunt. I wanted to see this so I quickly went to their bed and watch as my husbands cock slipped into Chelsea's slick wet cunt. Chelsea was now relaxing her pussy muscles and Derek kept fucking her deeper and deeper until he was fully inside her cunt. He and I discussed this beforehand that we would go slow so Derek and Chelsea could get a good closeup of his cock entering my cunt and then slowly he would sink all eleven inches into me. I overheard Derek whispering to Chelsea how hot it looked see my very white cunt stretch over his very large, very black cock.

Elegance - Ch 3 The Second Hour

interracial LadyWriter 2018-03-04

She lifted her head to CJ’s face and, when they kissed, she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and when he did the same to her she sucked it like it was his cock. Sara put her feet back on the floor and she looked over her shoulder and watched as CJ bent his knees and guided his still semi-hard cock into her pussy. She told Dewayne to stand on the couch in front of her and she put his sloppy wet cock to her lips and took him into her mouth. Sara had already cleaned his cum covered cock and was enjoying the thicker shaft hitting the back of her throat each time she went down on him.


interracial Simplicity 2018-03-04

We dropped off Libby and Ben at their house and, when we got home, I went to bed and Kevin watched television. What was unusual, a few days later, I got a call from Ben. “Hi Shelby, you still interested in your question?" "Neither of us gets what we want at home,” he said, almost growling “Instead of just looking at my cock, you can feel it deep inside of you, have it fill that tight pussy of yours. You know you want this big black cock.” "I know what I have here, and how much your pussy wants and needs it,” he said, taking one hand off the steering wheel and shaking the package in his pants.

Jessica - My First Interracial Experience

interracial NVMii 2018-03-04

Of course he did not know what it symbolized, but he would probably search the INTERNET and find out and then the flood of questions would come and I don’t know if he would appreciate the real truth of what his wife wants, a hot wife looking to fuck big black cocks. As the movie progressed I could see he was concentrating on the white man black woman sex, especially the close-up shots of his cock in her pussy, and he was leaking pre-cum onto the sheets. I liked the skin color contrast also, especially when they were fucking in the missionary position and he was laying flat on woman’s body with his cock buried deep inside her pussy and her legs were entwined over his back, I have never been so turned on and so hot!

A Wife's Awakening Ch. 02

interracial steve_cuck_burrows 2018-03-02

I had done as I was told, and put pictures of my wife, Val, being Black fucked on the net, our address, and our telephone number. For the next thirty minutes, I watched my wife, Val, sucking Black cock, and taking every drop of cum down her throat. It took a long time to order, and yes, we all called Val 'cunt,' as ordered to by Charles. Even though Val was being fucked, I knew Charles wanted to belittle me, being the cuck that I am. Val: Sir, from now on, I only want and need Black, nigga cock in this, your cunt, Sir. Charles: You are a Black cock whore pain slut wife, Val. That's what you are.

How I Got My First BBC

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-03-02

Going out of my way to smile and show what a good time I was having talking to Osa, until Matt walked passed us with a big scowl on his face. I pushed my head back in to the couch and his big left hand slid over my breast and began to squeeze it through my t-shirt. Paralyzed by his touch he kissed and sucked my neck and ear then back to my mouth as his big hand squeezed and massaged my breasts. Having this black guy fingering my little pussy and stroking his big hard cock was more than I could take and I came hard on his hand.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 08

interracial dr13bone 2018-02-28

"Look I love getting fucked by that big black cock of yours, but my husband is the one I love, despite his uh shortcomings!" she said laughing. I think Henry thought they'd progress to fucking but she started to suck his cock even faster, cranking it with one hand as she did so. "Well I can see you were excited she said pulling off my blanket where I had jerked off watching her, "Remember I said I'd get that 'Queen-of-Spades' tattoo after I'd let another guy cum in me, well I guess we are going to the tattoo shop this weekend," she laughed. "Enjoy the taste, this will not be the last time!" she said as she got off of me and let go of my cock.

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 02

interracial Goldeniangel 2018-02-28

Chastity was excited as he lay her back, this time his big black hands rested on the backs of her thighs and pushed them up towards her chest, effectively folding her in half and spreading her pretty pink pussy for him. Squirming on his fingers, Chastity could feel her insides starting to tingle again as he pushed his fingers in and out of her, watching her with eager dark eyes as she moaned and writhed for him, her hands keep her thighs splayed. "Good little white girl," Jeremy murmured as he pulled his fingers from her holes, Chastity moaned and let her legs drop, but he caught them on their way down, spreading her thighs wide as he lined his cock up with her pussy.

Jessica - Monday - Story Four

interracial NVMii 2018-02-28

I felt his balls hit my clit so I knew I had eleven inches of the finest big black cock stuffed into my very wet and hot white cunt. This time I did a slow turn like Trisha did for Carl, Ass back, left hand on hip, right hand in my hair on the back of my head and tits pushed forward! My nipples were standing at attention and I wanted them to stay that way until Curtis' black cock was deep inside my white cunt again. I swapped once with them and Cici is a good lay and she fucks like a mink, and the woman I brought said that he is a superb lover and a real cocks man!"

Double Blacked

interracial DarkSide 2018-02-27

While she was satisfied that Marvin had grasped the urgency of her situation, Susie’s gaze then turned to James, “Get your fucking cock out. Susie watched Marvin coat his cock and her pussy with the oil and let out a short sharp gasp as she felt the fluid slip between her sexy and outwardly positioned folds. The smile on James’ face was immense as he knew what was coming, but he saw Marvin’s jaw drop for a second time that night as Marvin slowly absorbed her intentions. James placed his hands on Susie’s waist and lifted her from his cock; fucking his cock into Susie while he waited for his friend to join him.

College Girl Swag

interracial blackmerida 2018-02-25

Nikki felt Andrea guide her through the sea of grinding bodies (why do people make out like that?) until they reached a ping-pong table covered in familiar red solo cups. After a couple more songs, more dancing, more rubbing and touching Nikki finally turned and said to Darron, “You think we could go somewhere more private to talk?” Nikki looked down at Darron’s huge black cock and thought back to the girls in the locker room talking about how big black guys were. The two girls walked together from the basketball house, giggling and laughing, swapping stories of their sexual escapades, Nikki enthusiastically telling Andrea she can’t wait for the basketball team to have another party.

A Wife's Awakening

interracial steve_cuck_burrows 2018-02-25

Two black, God-like guys entered the sauna-- huge guys, including their cocks, looking at Val's tits. (Val later told me that they said, "You can see our cocks bitch, let's see your cunt!") Thank fuck I had my towel on because I had a massive erection. It had 4 pictures-- all of Val getting fucked: First on her knees, with caption: "fucking my bitch." 2nd with a huge black cock stuck down her throat with caption: "swallow it slut." 3rd open legged, on her back with cum flowing from the black cock inside of her with caption: "doing as she should." 4th with her cunt and ass being used at same time with caption: "this is all for you, guys."

Girls' Trip

interracial bthomson 2018-02-25

Carly moans quietly, oblivious to Lea’s presence, her eyes and mouth opening and closing slightly in rhythm to his thrusts as she stares at the long black cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Ted holds the sides of Lea’s face, and slowly fucks her mouth with long strokes, pulling back when he sees her eyes roll back. Lea watches the expression of pure lust on Ted’s face, his mouth slightly open, eyes locked on the gorgeous head, lips and face swallowing nearly all of his length. She looks back and sees him staring raptly at Lea, particularly her skinny butt sliding up and down, the long black cock disappearing between her legs.

BBC In The Hospital

interracial Marcolease69 2018-02-25

With my free hand, I pulled my long thick cock out and pointed at the toilet and began to relieve myself. "I don't say shit, now suck my cock, slut." I knew nurse Betty would feel confused. Nurse Betty began gobbling my cock and balls like a whore on steroids. “I’m gonna open this married pussy up good, slut.” I knew this type of woman enjoyed being treated like a cheap whore despite her education and upper middle-income lifestyle. I raised my ass off the bed so she could pull them up but before she covered me, she gave my cock a kiss before snapping the briefs up to my lower stomach.

The Last Sister

interracial blackmerida 2018-02-23

Her dark black hair swept across her pale back until Laura spotted Jalen’s hands clutch at her back, slowly drifting down her sisters’ body until he reached her ass. When she was sure Georgina had drifted back to sleep, Laura’s fingers stretched down her stomach until they rested between her leg, and she resumed masturbating, thinking, solely, about that massive black cock that had fucked her sister. Laura watched, now knowing her hand had quickly slipped into her quim, as she watched Andre’s black cock pummel her sisters body. The pleasure never stopped as Malik kept fucking her, harder and harder until she felt his fingers dig into her stomach and his cock twitch and explode into her, her cum and his semen mixing inside her body.

Teegan and Michael - A Chance of Fate Part 2 of 2

interracial Kee 2018-02-23

This was as good a time as any he thought so he said, “Well I guess I do not really qualify to be called single.” “Well I think it is your turn to do a little tasting, while I sip my wine,” she said in a playful way. My god, I want orgasms like that more often, but lets not make it every time,” she said with a big grin on her face. Time passed as they got in sync, moving together, her having occasional small, pleasant orgasms as he just reveled in the amazing feeling of her soaking, slippery heat. “I am going to need a bit of time to recharge, but you know I am going to fuck your ass tonight, right?”

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 05

interracial dr13bone 2018-02-22

"You know it is a good evening to go out," said Karen as my wife agreed taking out the pink male chastity device and locking my cock in. My tongue went out and licked Karen's nipple, I tasted the odd salty taste and gagged a bit more, making them both laugh, as that same funk is what I had wanted my wife to swallow. You know I have made up my mind I am going to get that boob job I have wanted to get," I was a bit shocked she looked at me and said teasingly, "Think about how many other men are going to stare at them," as my cock rose up again they both laughed at me.

Kendra's Way Part 2

interracial Bullwhip 2018-02-21

"Please Clive give her your cum, let her have your baby," begged Daniel of the bigger, stronger, more powerful and dominant black man who so completely controlled his beloved Kendra. "Here I come Baby Gurl!" Clive's threw his head back and let out a long guttural moan as he sank balls deep into Kendra, his massive cock throbbing for what seemed like a full minute. Daniel did exactly as he was told, pounding his erection with his right hand while matching stroke for stroke along the big black cock shaft with his left and resting the massive glans on his tongue as he gentle worked his jaw to provide a gentle suction.


interracial Handyman_Eric 2018-02-21

“Then put it back in your mouth and suck it like a good, little, piggy slut,” I said looking down into her pretty green eyes. “Oh, fuck yes, thank you Daddy!” She throws her head back and squeals like the true piggy slut she is. “Yes, Daddy, I love your superior black cock, I worship it, I need it, I live for it!!!” she cums again and soaks my lap with her hot cum as she squirts. “Mmmm, yes, Daddy, please cum for me, cover this nasty, little white, piggy slut in your hot jizz,” she begs like the filthy slut she is. She begins to slide her udders up and down my cock as she licks and sucks on the head everytime it pops out from her deep cleavage.

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 4

interracial NVMii 2018-02-20

I heard a wet sloshy pussy noise and sure enough Chelsea was on top of Derek banging him like a cowgirl. I know he was watching Derek and Chelsea fuck so maybe he pumped some extra blood into that big schlong of his. Derek was shoving his cock deeper into my ass and Curtis was pumping cum deep in my cunt. Curtis went wild, I don't know how a man with such a long cock can move his ass so far back and then forward driving that pole deep into my pussy and doing it so fast. I became very horny and we agreed to have Carl fuck me one more time so Derek could see, up close, how Carl's huge cock fit into my cunt.

When and Where

interracial candytales 2018-02-20

It made me realise that it had been ages since I had sex with a black man, and our chat brought back some vivid memories of my first time with a lovely African guy called Joseph. When Lucia shouted, “Cum for me Joseph, I want to feel your cream inside me,” I knew I had to get closer to the action, and I managed to get beneath Lucia’s body with my face just under her pussy. I knew that I needed to be ready for the torrent of cum that would cascade out of Lucia’s vagina when Joseph took his cock out but nothing could have prepared me for the jet of cream that shot out all over my face.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 03

interracial dr13bone 2018-02-20

Part of me wanted to slug him but my wife instead greeted him with a smile and spent just a bit too much time talking to him and laughing at his jokes. He said something to her, then it looked like he was jerking himself off while she watched. "I kissed him and then he said it was going to get bigger still and he started to jerk it off right in front of me. He stopped and took his hand away and looked at me, then I reached forward slowly put my fingers around his cock. I really don't think it would fit inside of me," my wife said blushing though I knew it would as my own cock throbbed at the thought of that happening.

The Seduction of Dr. Halper

interracial NVMii 2018-02-19

My spread legs gave Dr. Halper a good look at my pussy lips. I watched as Dr. Halper kept pumping his big cock into his wife's pussy. I watched and then Mrs. Halper started to scream, "Fuck me Ty, bury that big black cock of yours in my cunt. I was so turned on, Lacy, the little pussy I had been watching grow into a woman, was at my cock's mercy. I looked down and about four inches of my cock was embedding in Lacy's tight pussy. When Lacy tensed up, I said, "Relax honey, your pussy is well adapted to take my cock. Lacy's pussy was twisting like she wanted to tear my cock off my body.

Professor's Betting Problem!

interracial dr13bone 2018-02-18

My wife told Jamal that she did not know anyone who could go out with him, he said that that was okay, but then he asked her if she would be his date. My decision was made, by the end of the evening I was going to do everything within in my power to have my wife fucked by Jamal and his huge black cock. My own cock felt like it was going to burst, I asked my wife again for some relief but she laughed and said "Later!" My wife would not let him open her blouse so he had to play with her tits through it just like he did in the hall that day, it was too much for him and he came deep inside of her within minutes, they kissed deeply and then he left.