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Thomas meets Misty

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-03-05

She moaned softly as she felt his hands holding her ass and his mouth sucking her tongue hard. He began to slowly make love to her open warm pussy hole with his fingers, as he kissed her and pressed them inside her cunt as far as he could get them. He sucked and licked and finger fucked her pussy, as she held his head moaning and humping her body on his face. Thomas put his hands under her ass now and lifted her lower body up a he pumped into her with such desire, he wasn’t aware of how hard or fast he was ramming his cock into her.

Best Friend's Girl Part 3

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-02-24

Plus I know you have a thing for big boobs, and I got em," she said letting go of the steering wheel and giving her breasts a squeeze. "Beep that fucking horn, one more time," Andrea said getting out of the car and walking towards the back of the car. The bouncer shook his head then opened the rope letting the two of them inside.Once they got inside the club, Andrea and her cousin gave each a big hug. Maybe you can help him grow up and realize people eventually go their separate ways," Roxy said giving Andrea another hug. "One thing," Chris said as he nodded towards Martin. "You can stop now," Chris said as he started walking away.


interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-02-19

With closed eyes, leaning that perfectly shaped bald head back against the wall, he takes a long drag from his cigar and then slowly releases it, as if deep in thought. I want to give him the one thing I know he craves, that which allows him to be mine for just a moment, to see that look on his face and in his eyes. Each time the sex is over, when he slips from within me or his lips leave my skin and the cool air drifts in with a chill, when his eyes lose that wildness and that teasing easiness resumes its place, I feel a little part of myself dissipate.

Only For One Night

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-02-18

With Thomas' firm hands spread across her back and his soothing voice in her ear, Naomi just let go. After a brief moment that seemed to stretch forever to Thomas, she placed her hand in his and stood, looking into his eyes. Thomas gave her a smug smile before lowering his head, licking her with the flat of his tongue from that delicate piece of skin right below her opening to the tip of her clit. Naomi's body felt amazing in his hands, so soft and firm in all the right places. Thomas smoothed it out of her face with one hand and pulled his head back to look into her eyes. When Thomas lifted himself from on top of her, Naomi felt the cool air against her sweaty body.

When In Florence...

interracial Lauradj 2018-02-15

“That was a nightmare to get through customs,” Florence said, laughing as she came into the living room with the vase of flowers, which she placed in the centre of the small round dining table. They were both eighteen years old at the time and madly in love.” Florence smiled warmly and with longing, her brown eyes lit up when she spoke of her family. This became faster as she built up to an orgasm, and as it washed over her she opened her mouth and moaned audibly, clenching her muscles as I felt them spasm around me, but I stayed in the same position, hitting the same spots, moving inside Florence slowly and deeply.

The First One

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-02-04

The lovely young girl was struggling as a single mother, attempting to have a better life, trying to keep a decrepit car going and doing an excellent job of raising the sweetest little boy. “It really does look pitiful, but he loved it,” Simone was telling Frances. When Simone saw Gary with his little brother, she just looked at Frances, who was sticking closely to the rail, and simply shook her head. Gary and Simone set up the new tree and took out the decorations, laughing and flirting playfully. Gary knew his way around a woman’s body and he had Simone squirming, moving her hips into his mouth and moaning with pleasure.

Thomas meets Misty -part II

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-02-02

Within minutes of watching her head move up and down his cock and feeling her hand and mouth working hard on him, he knew he was going to cum. He smiled and then moaned as he felt her slowly lifted her pussy up his thick hard cock. He didn’t know if he wanted to shoot a load all over her tits and face, or do what she asked and put his cock inside her and cum in her pussy! They rolled over and she straddled his hips She sat up on him and he put his hands under his head and watched his beautiful dark skin woman begin to ride his cock and fuck him again!

Jeff Tait Ch. 03

interracial JimBob44 2018-01-20

"Don't know, it's address to 'Eve Simon,' not 'Eve Simon or whoever feels like opening it,'" Jeff said and handed it to her, grabbing the opportunity to steal a few kisses from her in the process. His mother and Jocelyn helped the girl pick out the perfect little black dress for the occasion; in the five weeks since given birth to Faith, she still maintained a bit of a paunch and her breasts were still quite swollen as she was breast-feeding, but they managed to find the perfect dress. The band took a break while the dinner was being served and Jeff and Eve joined Roger and Jocelyn and two other couples.

Ambassador's Ecstasy

interracial justboycrazy 2017-12-22

Three hours later, with my black shoulder-length hair in a relaxed updo, I went into my hotel room, slipped on my black lingerie and stockings, and put on my gorgeous evening gown. "I couldn't help but admire at how lovely you looked tonight, both at the ball and right now." Michael said as he looked into my deep brown eyes. "Love to." Michael said as we both went into my hotel room. My hands went up and down Michael's built arms as he kissed my lips some more before moving down to my neck. As he thrusted in and out of my wet pussy, Michael kissed my lips, neck, and shoulders. Michael deeply kissed my lips while his fingers rubbed my cream-filled pussy, making me moan even louder.

Manny's PK

interracial zoecharlemagne 2017-11-24

"All better now that I heard that word lover leave your sweet lips, pretty kitty"- he said lowly, interrupting my train of thought about the new group member. Born out of a night involving Jack Daniels, the Isley Brothers, and us, Manny starting calling me pretty kitty after giving me the best head of my life for an hour. "Uht oh pretty kitty...sounds like something's caught in your throat there. Regardless of the amount of shit I talked in the beginning, I'd always end up with my mouth full by the end, just the way we both liked it. You talk so much shit but you know what the deal is, pretty kitty.

A Common Kind of Love

interracial liljean 2017-11-19

He was having a good time, he needed to get away after he'd found his fiancée Tiffani in bed with another man, he'd called off the wedding and he needed time with his boys. I thought we were here for some guy time, to hang out, drink beer, talking to women is cool and all but letting them take my seat is wrong." Doug was annoyed with his friends. They turned and looked as she walked away, Doug thought boy does she have a booty on her, you could bounce a quarter off that ass. Dhani chuckled, "Doug, man if you think you can do it, go head and take a shot but I hate to see my friend get his balls handed to him."

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 05

interracial liljean 2017-11-18

Naomi woke to the quiet sound of Rihanna's "Umbrella" she knew that was Freddie calling her cell phone, oh no she thought she didn't want a lecture this early, she turned to see that it was 7:00 am, she and Doug had been up a good portion of the night making love and sleeping in between. "My goodness, don't you two have anything to do besides stalk me." Naomi was a tad upset they were there she just wanted some time alone to rest and think about what was happening or what was not supposed to be happening between she and Doug. "You interested in her sister, Al?" Doug asked, he wanted to know, all he needed was Al playing mack daddy to mess up his relationship with Naomi.

Love and Nothing Less Ch. 01

interracial SmartyBluPants 2017-11-12

She knew that voice, who wouldn't, it was deep and smooth and resonated through her spine, she turned slowly to come face to face with sharp green eyes, Jacobs's brother. He never thought Jacob deserved Kaelyn, so yeah; he did push Claire on him a little, but he knew explaining that now to this scorned woman was not a good idea. His eyes, the way he pushed his hair out of his face, and his profound resonating voice all intrigued Kaelyn, which was moot of a point because he would never want anything to do with her. Kaelyn saw no point in even thinking about him, he with no doubt wouldn't want his brothers reject and that's exactly what she felt like.

Carolyn and John Ch. 01

interracial JohnFranks 2017-11-01

We sat on the blanket, me in my boxers, her in a pair of skimpy white cotton panties, and began to stroke each other gently, her fingers combing through my chest hair, me stroking her arms, neck, hair, and then cradling and caressing her full breasts in my hands, rolling the hard little nipples between thumb and finger. For a moment I looked down on her, feasting my eyes on her brown body, the black pubic hair short and wiry and neatly trimmed to a small triangle, her pussy damp and open, pink showing through the swollen brown lips, then I slid down beside her and gave her clitoris a few last gentle caresses as she stroked my swollen cock between her fingers.

Like Father, Like Son Ch. 03

interracial caramelgirl_2 2017-10-13

The minute his mouth made contact with Xenia's tit, she shuddered, and arched her back-- which shoved her body firmly down onto Stan's cock so that no matter how he tried to thrust out to get a harder thrust in, her cunt wouldn't release him. Stan started to protest, but before he could, this beautiful dark lady had his cock in her mouth, and his balls in her hand. At the last hard suck of his dick tip, Stan knew he was going to let go, he held her head, ready to shove the whole length of his cock as far into her mouth as he could, ready to shove it down her throat, if possible.

In Paradise Ch. 02

interracial Ashes1990 2017-09-30

Jennifer Harding and Dexter were point blank unaffected by each other, they were like the way fire and ice communicated. He looked at Jennifer, Charles, Dexter and a few others in the room, just the subordinates who proved useful from time to time when troubleshooting. He's not doing the shooting so he gets the pity, we have a relatively consequence free publicity wave for at least 3 months and as it dies down, Dexter allegedly dating A-listed Sophia Stone in their movie together Along the Pink Sand will bring him to new heights and close to cement his position in the A-List if he doesn't do anything to mess it up of course"

Danielle and David Ch. 02

interracial vickivale 2017-09-19

Peter reached across the table slightly touching my hand, most likely sensing my emotional breakdown, and said, "If it helps, I really enjoyed talking to you and would love to do it again." Peter and I had started talking more and meeting at Starbucks once a week until one night he asked me if I would like to go get something to eat after our Starbucks rendezvous. Peter looked at me and smiled, "You know people say I look like a nerdy Adam." He said with a bit of pride. I was so wound up at this point, that she barely even registered that Peter had started lightly rubbing my thigh, causing my skirt to raise more.

Chocolate Cupcake

interracial justboycrazy 2017-09-18

As she started baking cupcakes at the shop, Marvella got a call from Mrs. Tiffany Gaston, president of the Tampa Junior League. Marvella began icing the second batch while helping Jayden on the next batch of cupcakes. So far we got three batches in three flavors, which means nine more to go." Marvella said as she iced each chocolate cupcake with the three chocolate frostings. I wear a different bakery-inspired scent everyday." Marvella said as Jayden kissed her neck. Then, once their sexual journey went into climax, they had a collective orgasm as Jayden pulled his cock out, took off the condom, and spilled his male icing on Marvella's womanly chocolate cupcake.

Dana's Leak

interracial justboycrazy 2017-09-18

Dana Stevenson, a fresh-from-a-divorce Black woman, stood by the kitchen sink as she called a plumber because the pipes were leaking. Once Peter started working on the kitchen sink, Dana began working on her project in the home office. Peter then got up and said, "Miss Stevenson, you're sink is officially fixed.Wanna check it out?" As they finished quenching their thirst, Peter then made the first move by taking Dana's hand and kissed it. As soon as they entered the bedroom, Peter gently lowered the straps of her long, white satin-and-lace gown while he kissed her neck. After that, he deeply kissed her lips and said, "Miss Stevenson, thanks for letting fix your plumbing, among other things.

Exploring Anna Ch. 02

interracial LaPetitePapillion 2017-09-15

Padma, who I was closest with, looked around at all of us, a big smile on her face, "Yeah well, some of those white boys got some big dicks, girl." All of us snapped our heads around to look at her with surprise. "Yeah, well sometimes the trainer looks tasty enough to eat and the tiger wants a taste." I smiled a little at his corn, but I took my books and waved good-bye to him. Then this cute, Black girl looked at me in Philosophy and I started thinking, 'Who the hell am I? Your mom was looking at me like she never saw a Black person in her house!" I actually started to cry.

Letting Go Ch. 01

interracial Soft1017 2017-09-10

I'm alright, just a bit under the weather this morning." said Sara, forcing a smile. If it were not for her red face she would have thought herself to look decent and not at all ugly this morning. Her face was slowly going back to its normal color and apart from a slight redness in her eyes she looked like her old self again. "Is this lovely young lady new?" he asked Louise; that smile never leaving his face. Sara smiled shyly and thanked Louise. "Goodnight." said Sara nervously, feeling a little uneasy about being left alone with Christian. You have a good night and maybe I'll see you tomorrow." he said quickly, not giving her too much time to think up a response to his previous statement.

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 03

interracial liljean 2017-09-08

"We have to depart Doug," she said looking around at the girls at the table, Zoe immediately got up gathering her things, "I'm rather tired myself and need to get some rest." Naomi turned to her sister and trained her glare on her, "He wasn't asking you Zoe," she turned back to Doug and said, "yes, they sounds great. After the kiss, Naomi was little shaky on her legs and Doug looked liked he wanted to rip her clothes off and have sex with her in the middle of the square. "Naomi, would you like for me to take you back to your hotel and we'll just see each other tomorrow." Doug thought if he didn't get her away from him right now, he was going to lose his mind.

Carolyn and John Ch. 02

interracial JohnFranks 2017-09-08

Yes!" and I began to pump into her faster, short strokes, my balls against her buttocks each thrust, our bodies tight against each other, the sun hot on my naked back as I fucked her, feeling her buck her hips up to meet my thrusts, panting as we coupled, until the ache of a cum became undeniable and I felt myself reaching orgasm, the sensations almost paralysing me, making me thrust in huge slow jerks and as she felt me starting to cum Carolyn gave a long moan of pleasure and I felt her cunt tighten as she climaxed and suddenly I was pumping my spunk deep into her, my thrusts timed to each heavenly spurt of jism into her gorgeous tight tunnel, her nails raking my back as she orgasmed under me, until I was spent and with a long groan I collapsed onto her and she hugged me tight as we caught our breath and our heartbeats came back to normal.

Expectations Ch. 02

interracial LiquidFyre 2017-09-02

Brian looked at Aisha for a moment before shaking his head and walking into the house. He looked at Aisha and for a moment considered waving Marnie and Brian away, taking Aisha into the bedroom and loving her until she purred. As Aisha was pulling away from the hotel in her taxi, Ewan and a strikingly beautiful woman stepped out of a car and headed into the lobby of the hotel to wait or the rest of the wedding party. Ewan returned to his bedroom and stripped all his clothes off, turning back the covers, he slid into bed, curving around Aisha and pulling her tight against him. Ewan rocked his hips, his cock filling her and Aisha wrapped her legs around him, meeting his thrusts, over and over.