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Meeting Malcolm Pt. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-11-27

Immediately upon entering the back of the store Malcolm walked up behind me and started kissing my neck again. Standing in front of me he unzipped his pants and pulled his dark black cock from its hiding place. I grabbed him with both hands and stroked him as I licked and sucked the fat head of his cock. His hands pulled my dress up to my waste revealing my ass. Malcolm made no secrets about pulling my dress up so he could play with my pussy while we waited for our meals. "You like my BIG NIGGER COCK fucking your little white pussy don't you?" He screamed out as he plunged in to me harder.

Chapter 4 Your Gift

interracial laoshi1000 2018-11-24

I release the single pearl-like button between your breasts and your nightie opens slightly. I strip away your panties and my tongue finds the place where the sweet liquid flows from your body. I want to watch your face as I slowly enter your body. I want to feel the tightness give way as I open you. I want to feel your wetness surround my cock. My body responds and suddenly, my cock erupts in your hand. As my cock slowly softens, you leave me for a moment and return with a damp towel and begin to wipe away the sticky remains of the pleasure you gave me. You snuggle closer to me, your hot little ass, your pi gu, against my soft cock.

Coffee and Photographs Ch. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-11-23

"Show me your mine Carlee." Derek stood holding his cock at its base with one hand while the other gently held a handful of her hair and guided her to her knees. "Are you my girl Carlee?" Derek pulled his cock from her mouth. Carlee gagged and choked as Derek ravished the opening of her throat with his cock. "Tell me you want my black cock cum in your mouth." Derek stroked his cock an inch from her lips. Derek fed his hungry girl what she needed and watched as she stroked and sucked his cock feverishly trying to make him cum, "Put that cock down your throat girl!" He plunged his cock holding her head causing her to gag violently.

Rebellious Princess Ch. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-10-29

A drip of pre-cum glistened at the slit; with an open mouth, Beth kissed the head of his cock as she sucked it slowly in to her mouth. Beth's eyes flew open when Javier grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist as he stood, "Suck that cock Mami! Javier pulled his cock from her mouth; as Beth gasped for air, Javier tilted her face up to his by her hair and unleashed a second rope of cum in to her mouth. Javier pushed his cock in her mouth, "Empty it Mami!" His aggressive hold on her hair slowly released allowing Beth to focus again.

My Ebony Stripper

interracial Sstugatz 2018-09-09

It wasn't long before the two good-looking ones came to talk to us, and somehow they knew whom was interested in whom because my long-hair ebony princess walked right up to me without hesitation. I was looking around for a bouncer to come running and tell me to take my hands off her, but when she began rubbing my dick through my shorts and I looked beside to see my friend in the same position with the other girl on top of him, I said "why not" and immediately started caressing her pussy through the bottom of her bikini. She seemed disappointed as she turned around but immediately took the condom off and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock, just seconds before I dropped my load all over her breasts.

AAA's Chocolate Milk: Black Erotica

interracial EroticaReid 2018-08-16

I know this is a big inconvenience, but my car doesn't tell time well." The young curly-haired, doll-faced woman was at the point of tears, but still attempted to smile showing small, perfect teeth. Luke opened the passenger door of the wrecker and noticed how Tammy's jeans hugged her ass as she climbed into the car. He quickly jumped out of the car and opened the door for Tammy and noticed how soft her hands were as he helped her down. By the time they opened the motel door, Luke was pulling Tammy's jean jacket off her slim shoulders and his lips were devouring her pudgy tits. Luke's white hand squeezed Tammy's caramel thigh as he moaned against it with her left leg draped over his shoulder.

Nice New Neighbour

interracial fun_tracy 2018-08-14

He was grunting and groaning more and more and more until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and held the end of it and stood over me and jerked it forward, a long stream of thick spunk flew out of his cock and splattered in between my eyes making me flinch, another stream flew straight into my open mouth and another, another splattered my right cheeks, another hit my forehead, another landing in my hair, two spurts covered my tits rolling down the side in between my tits, he was still wanking furiously cum flying over my face and tits, I could feel cum running all over my face and neck and landing on my tits.

A Website Meeting

interracial fun_tracy 2018-07-11

I stood up kissing my way up his toned body and turned around and put one hand on the open doorway and reached back and took his cock and put it between my legs and rubbed it against my thong clad pussy, he didn't need asking twice! He held me there as I felt his cock throbbing inside me, it was enough to tip me over the edge and without moving I came all over his cock, my moans and screams escaping out through my open front door, my back arching as my body pulsed, speared by his big black cock. "After an orgasm like that it's only fair I cum on your face!" Dez said pulling his sticky, glistening, juice covered cock out of my pulsing pussy.

After School Adventures Ch. 09

interracial Slash_Raptor 2018-03-30

"Actually, sweetie, if you don't mind, go ahead and eat that," said Mrs. Hartford, walking up behind him, "He had a hard enough time getting into his suit tonight as it is." "We should be back by around 11:00pm," said Mr. Hartford, walking over to Mellie's crib and setting her down, "Oh yeah, and um, if that guy you were staring at from across the street comes over, feel free to let him in. "Also, John owes him money from poker last week," said Mrs. Hartford, rolling her eyes, "Don't worry about him, Dr. Graham wouldn't hurt a fly." "If you like this, then just wait until we get to the main attraction," said Dr. Graham, "Unless of course if you think you're ready for it now."

Nice New Neighbour Ch. 02

interracial fun_tracy 2018-02-07

The orgasm pulsing through me as I squirmed on his face grinding my pussy into it wanting his tongue deeper in me, running my hands through my hair then down to my tits squeezing them, my eyes closed in pleasure, my moans horny and satisfied. I got off his face and climbed off the bed and pulled him round towards me so he was on the edge of the bed, I ran my hands over his big belly and bit my lip as I started wanking his cock pushing it against my tit as I squeezed the other.

More Than Just A Maid

interracial fun_tracy 2018-01-16

Before pushing it open and stepping into the wash room of the house, I take 3 deep breaths and realising I'm shaking a little, I run my hand through my dirty coloured blonde hair trying to neaten it again and make myself look calm and walk forward into the kitchen to start my daily chores for the Golds. Mr. Gold stood me up and caught my vest top at the bottom and pulled it off over my head and stared at my supple 34DD tits encapsulated in my plain white t-shirt bra "Wow, I never realised!" He said, his hands running up my smooth stomach before squeezing my tits together, my hand found his cock and gently tugged at it as he undid my bra, he eased the straps down my arms went for my already hard nipples and squeezed them, before bending down and licking them in turn.

Nice New Neighbour Ch. 03

interracial fun_tracy 2017-12-18

With one hand I squeezed my boobs as the other opened up my pussy and I slid in with two fingers curling inside and then coming out and pushing hard on my clit before circling it twice and then going back in deep, I was in ecstasy with him in my bum and my fingers on my clit, my eyes closed firmly, my mouth open, my tongue flicking along my red lips and it wasn't long at all before I was coming again this time my ass clenching his cock and giving it a good squeeze.

Natalie Relieves Some Stress

interracial hot4bucky 2017-11-23

Natalie winced a little at the thought of this huge dick inside her tight pussy, but she had always wanted to be stretched by a big cock. Natalie felt the intense pressure of his hot cum squirting inside of her and she moaned against James's monster-sized head. Nick stared as his cum dripped out of Natalie's lips until James's hand on his shoulder shook him from his trance of ecstasy. The three of them came together, James's massive amount of cum mixing with Natalie's and leaking out of her pussy around his monster dick, Nick's hot salty cum in her mouth, sliding down her throat.