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You Expected Less?

interracial Jett_Black 2018-03-01

       "Earth to Alan!" Quin said in an eerie, science fiction-y voice, waving his hand before my eyes, hindering my wondrous view.        "Her ass is way too big, bro," Quin said, turning away and sipping his coffee.        "For strawberry shortdicks like you, maybe," said Seth, his eyes obviously locked on Kendra's behind. I had been sitting back and admiring this woman long enough, and it was high time I get off my ass, fleshed out a pair of nuts, and ask her out. As I turned away, I shot a look into the break room, where Quin and Seth were giving me a double thumbs-up, their faces broad with congratulatory smiles.

The Teacher: Part Two

interracial scotjock1 2018-02-22

I smiled and took hold of the waistband of her tight purple silk panties, and began to peel them down as Carmen gently giggled with her eyes dead set on my own. "You are a fucking gift from the gods, I ain't letting you go for anything or anyone." She said looking from my chin to my eyes, she leaned in and planted a wet kiss on my mouth sliding her tongue into my mouth. I smiled and pressed my cockhead against her open quivering lips, and quickly took hold of her head I began to slide my cock into her mouth slowly. "James, god you want more do you." She purred, and my cock hardened again and she looked down taking it into her hand stroking me to full hardness.

Pharaoh's Willing Slave

interracial BrandonSP 2018-02-19

Pharaoh Hatshepsut reclined on her wooden bed, laying her frizzy hair over a curved headrest while her crown hung on the wall overhead. “Busy day again, I presume?” Mikha’El took a seat next to Hatshepsut on her bed. “Sounds like you have a lot pent up inside of you, Your Majesty.” Mikha’El rested an arm over her shoulder. Mikha’El fell backward onto the bed so that Hatshepsut lay on top of him. You want this, this slave to defile you like a common whore, my Pharaoh?” Hatshepsut turned her head briefly to smile and wink at Mikha’El. “He shall be a slave no longer. None of the Hebrews shall; I, as Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Egypt, shall proclaim them free.”

The Black Rooster Resort Ch.02

interracial eeric_stories 2018-02-06

“I want to feel you inside of me.” Shelby smiled as Ben glanced down at her stretched pussy and saw the black man’s cum leaking out from it. As he was about to get on top of her, Ben saw Jennie looking down at his small penis and then at Shelby, who gave her a small smile and nod. Ben felt the black guy's slimy cum cover his penis as he looked up at Shelby and gave her a small nod so that she would know that he was inside of her. Ben could see the giggle on Jennie's face when she looked down and saw that he hardly had to move his hips at all for his small penis to be out of Shelby's pussy.

Interracial Lovin: Ebony

interracial cmsouza729 2018-02-03

“God damn, you ate my pussy like it was you last meal,” Chandice moaned as Brent started kissing his way up her back.  “You liked my pussy that much?” “Me and Bree stopped having sex two months before we broke it off,” Brent said grabbing his shaft and placing the head off his cock at Chandice’s opening.  “It’s been a while, so I’m a little hungry.” “Oh god, then take your fill baby,” Chandice said, moaning as he pushed the head of his cock inside her.  “Oh god, give it to me Brent!  Fill my pussy with that cock!  Fuck I need it so bad!” Brent and Chandice both groaned as his cock inched inside her until his balls were resting against her clit.  He pussy muscles squeezed his dick tightly, her juices coating his shaft mingling with the saliva still on it.  He gave her ass cheeks a hard squeeze before starting to fuck her tight sex, slowly at first and gradually speeding up.

The Teacher

interracial scotjock1 2018-01-30

As I walked towards it, I heard Ms Hayes speak, "And your accent is very nice James, I like hearing the Scottish accent." When I turned to look at her she had her head down reading from a book. "No thanks girls, I need to get home," I said with my belongings in my bag, I pushed past them towards Ms Hayes desk. I looked at her, and then at the desk and then back up to her eyes and said, "I have a car, that's how I get to the University. "I don't know, you're a student James," she said uncertain, as she looked from my eyes to the door.

Arkansas rain

interracial acit4711 2018-01-28

There are folks in this small suburban town in Arkansas who gave her the look, because she treated James same as she would with any of the young white males around. When she arrived at the train station, Marie saw that James was waiting for her in the pickup. Marie turned slightly to look at James. “Dammit, don’t do that Marie, please,” he said, pulling his head away from her. The night was getting colder and Marie felt intense loneliness and a need for the comfort of being with James. “You don’t have to, James,” Marie said. James watched as Marie lifted the nightdress over her head and drops it onto the floor.

Layla and Ben Ch. 01

interracial Lyricist1983 2018-01-27

Ben's a very handsome white guy, 30 years old, with a muscular body, deep blue eyes and jet black hair. "I think I'll fuck your pussy," he told me "if I put it up your arse you'd enjoy it too much and you'd probably squirt all over me!" Gently sliding the tip of his cock inside me, he grabbed my hips with both hands and forcefully pulled me back onto him, impaling me on his entire length. "Take that cock, slut!" he yelled "Take it deep inside that tight black hole of yours!" I began moaning louder and louder with pleasure as he fucked me, feeling so used and degraded that my slit was dripping like a tap.

My Cousin's Sorority Ch. 01

interracial JoeDreamer 2018-01-22

"Oh yeah, he looks real smooth with his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugging out," Tara replied with a snort. Let's give them some privacy to work it out," Toni said as she took my hand and led me from the room. I think it started out as a joke, but now it's all they speak when they're alone," Toni said as we arrived at her room. Toni looked nervous for a moment, but she sighed when I went back to kissing her. "I guess what they say about white men isn't true for everyone," she said in surprise as she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I lost track of Tara as Toni's pussy squeezing my cock hard.


interracial o123oleary 2018-01-15

I longed to feel her deep ebony skin against mine, to kiss and suck her generous chocolate breasts and feel her strong thighs wrapped around my waist. My cock hardened despite my best efforts to think baseball cards and I moved to pull away, but Amina looked at me and moved her arms down and pulled me close again. I made her turn around and entered her from behind as we lay together, my left hand around her neck to cup her soft, round, Black breast, my other hand pulling her into me, one finger playing with her clit. I let out a roar as semen pumped furiously into her Black pussy, Amina leaning further and further back until she was holding my ankles.

Ben Around Ch. 03

interracial johnbaldwin1 2018-01-10

"Get your drink, Ben," said Denisha, attempting to save face, but being clear to her friend that it wasn't her first choice. Ben strolled back to the bar, rolled up his schematic, grabbed his drink and headed to the back table. Denisha laughed uncontrollably while a bewildered look crossed Ben's face. "So you could fuck Denisha," said Janice. "You bought these drinks to keep us here, Janice," said Denisha, trying not to laugh. They were barely through the door when Denisha was kissing Ben and unbuttoning his shirt. Ben's skin pressed against Denisha's as they kissed. Denisha placed her hands under Ben's chin, raising him back up. Ben rested his hands on the arm of the couch and Denisha slid his cock deep into her mouth.

Mirrors Chapter Ch. 01

interracial Cleverlicious01 2018-01-10

Corrine knew exactly who the little girl was, she had saw her around town playing with a few other girls who were in her beginners class last year. Loral's uncle continued standing over Corrine, he look as If he wanted to spark conversation. To attend Juilliard." Noel thought Corrine was unbelievably adorable and wanted to talk more with her but he noticed the girls growing unruly. "Yes, sorry Loral." He said patting little head. After class, as promised, there was Noel but just with a little extra 'pep in his step.' He was one of the first adults to arrive, so he actually got to witness Corrine stretching over the barre. I'll be right there." Loral skipped happily away, and for the first time Noel and Corinne were alone.

Meet Your Master Ch. 04

interracial caramelz 2018-01-02

Raven would always get ready for the night in her own room, awaiting Jacob who would knock on the door, telling her he was ready for bed. But sweetheart...I've never seen any woman in my life who's sexier than you." With her head in Jacob's lap, Raven turned to see his throbbing dick mere centimeters from her standing at full salute, begging for her mouth. I didn't want to have any other man have his hands on this lovely brown body." Getting more and more turned on by his words, Raven opened her mouth and took his dick inside of it. Jacob relaxed, enjoying the feeling of her mouth on his hard dick and the taste of her chocolate colored tit against his tongue.

My Naughty Ebony

interracial Whitechocolatier 2017-12-17

I stop suddenly, my fingers still inside your wetness, I can feel your pussy muscles squeeze around my fingers, nice and tight, as you will me, want me, to continue, gripping me, not wanting my fingers to leave. I groan as your expert mouth explores, then, slowly, you move your mouth down the long shaft, your tongue massaging the bottom as it moves, back and forward, slow and steady you suck me, drinking my juices in, wanting my cock to shoot its salty contents into your mouth. I release my balls from the trousers, then thrust my cock into your waiting pussy, hands grabbing your hips, and start to thrust my cock hard inside you, the shaft stretching, forcing its way deep inside your tightness.

New Neighbor Ch. 01

interracial caramelz 2017-12-15

It had been just 3 weeks since Colin had wed Cecelia and already he couldn't stand her. Sure, most men would find her beautiful with her long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes and a tall, slim figure, but Colin just found her average looking, not to mention extremely irritating. And now, here he was standing on the porch to their new $500,000 home having slaved all day with Mark and Lee, while Cecelia hadn't lifted a finger. Good things she's not in public cause I don't think those would be legal!" Mark and Lee laughed, while Colin's mouth nearly dropped open. Before turning to go into the house, Colin shot one last look over to his neighbor's house.

Meet Your New Master Ch. 02

interracial caramelz 2017-11-28

Nora sat upon her master's lap, feeling out of place, but at the same time, not being able to help but relish in the taste of the food that she had helped prepare. She is rather tired from her first day with us and is going to be getting ready for bed." Mr. Harris stood up and whispered into Nora's ear. Nora realized that she wasn't quite sure if she was rushing because she wanted to get away from her master, or because she was excited at the thought of trying on her new articles of clothing for him. Nora rolled the stockings down her thighs and then pulled the chemise over her head, exposing her naked breasts to her master.

Ms. Jiggles' Big Surprise Ch. 03

interracial Cappadonna 2017-11-16

"Oh yeah, I'm going to fuck you all night with this dick," he said, his big dong casting a shadow over my face, "I'm going to make sure you tap out!" With his hand on the small of my back, he handled my big ass like a pro, rapidly pumping his donkey-sized dick into my pussy. "FUCK!" He shouted, his massive, lemon-sized balls swung and bounced about, slapping on my pussy lips as he pumped that donkey sized cock into me with no regard. "I knew this dick would have you tappin'," he grinned as he stroked his long, wet cock with both hands, sneering down at me, "I was just getting warmed up, you big booty, bitch."

Alice's New School

interracial Hypnotic_22 2017-11-15

"Do you want to play something else?" Daniel asked taking some flash cards out "Marc and I know how to make learning interesting." I grabbed hold of his cock, which like Marc's, had pre-cum on the tip, I pulled the foreskin back gently and stroked the head in circular motions with my thumb to lubricate. Daniel pulled me by the hips to the edge of the bed and got down on his hands and knees while Marc put either of his legs on the side of my head. I tried to scream but only muffled sounds came out as my body tensed up, my legs locked on around Daniel's head, my back arched under marc's weight and I began to shudder.

I Wish

interracial Hypnotic_22 2017-11-15

"My college is doing a survey," he began shyly "I'd like to know if you have any time for me to conduct an interview?" he blushed. "Oh no none taken, I don't think I'm old enough to take offense yet," I began smiling; he stared at me for a long period, so much so I felt there was something in my teeth. Now kissing him on the neck, I began trailing bits of wet kisses all over his body until I reached his lower torso. "Who could it be at this time of the morning?" I asked, clearing through the pieces of cardboard, safety wrap and plastic bags I opened the front door.

My Regretful Wish... Come True

interracial kberhenke 2017-11-13

However, the reason I remember that day so well is because that was the day I caught Beth in a moment of weakness. I guess perhaps I had always been in love with her., But it was in that moment, hearing my name on her breath-from her lips, I knew. I'm not knocked out, but I see millions of white dots, My entire body felt like it was on pins and needles, like how it feels when your leg falls asleep. Because I-I-I-I'm in love with you, even if you don't feel the same way. And you know I mean that, because if we're living in the same dorm, you could beat on me as much as you wanted and there would be no one to stop you.

Ebony Fantasies Are Fulfilled Pt. 01

interracial Border Legion 2017-11-07

I looked in the direction of the sound and noticed someone standing there when I became somewhat shocked and concerned but the feel of Diana's pussy took my mind off of someone watching us. Gloria took every inch of my hard cock into her mouth while my tongue was deep into her sweet smelling pussy. Not wanting to disappoint her Gloria got on all fours and I slid my cock deep into her awaiting pussy. Gloria started to cum hard as I felt her pussy lips tighten around my cock. Gloria yelled that she wanted me to cum inside her as my climax neared and started shooting my load of cum deep inside her and as I did her pussy was milking me of every drop of my hot white cum.


interracial mgwauthor 2017-10-25

Her curves and sexiness got his mind racing, and he began thinking of how he was going to hug her goodbye at her car, and probably try to kiss her. He felt a bit disappointed as it seemed Crystal was just using him for a nice lunch and drinks. "Yes. Want to stop by for a bit?", Crystal asked. He told her how beautiful she was, and how he was pleased this sexy woman he saw sitting by herself outside the restaurant was his date. She said she was happy her date was so good looking, and sexy. He could feel his cock rising in his pants, and he felt her breasts with his hands, running his finger over one of her large nipples.

New Neighbor Ch. 06

interracial caramelz 2017-10-21

Ty smiled at her work, and then turned her head towards Colin and opened her mouth, revealing to her boyfriend the amount of creamy cum that was on her tongue. Minutes later, Colin was stretched out, raising himself on his elbows, as he watched Ty deep throat his dick like a pro. Slowly she began to hump Ebony's face as the woman circled and licked her clit, and stoked her fingers in and out of her. The combination of sucking on Colin's big dick and feeling Ebony's tongue on her clit and her fingers in her pussy were too much. Not wanting to be left out, Ebony climbed out of the tub beside Ty. She went to work, licking Colin's balls, adding to his pleasure.

Meet Your New Master Ch. 03

interracial caramelz 2017-10-17

When John saw Nora standing before his table at the saloon when she came to fetch her master, he knew he had to have her. "How are you so sure?" Nora closed her eyes and relaxed as the woman's hands messaged her aching skull. Being a slave in the first place as you know Nora is a horrible existence. "Did he put you up to this?" Nora sat up and turned around to face Margaret, wanting to see the look in her eyes. Nora nodded her head in agreement and looked at John as he sat beside her, his hand still cupping her cheek still as he stared back into her eyes. It wouldn't be Master Harris and his slave, but rather John and Nora.