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My Adventure Ch. 03

interracial RayStar 2018-09-03

Sam felt up my tits and turned me for James to get a good look. I pulled up on my skirt, exposing my ass to Sam and my pussy to James. As I sucked, licked and jacked James' cock and balls, Sam continued to pound his cock into my pussy. James took several pictures of my cum covered face with a big black dick in my mouth looking right into the camera. James sat down and Sam released me, turning me to face that huge cock sticking up from his lap. There were pictures and a video that clearly showed my face, willingly sucking cock, cum all over my face, and probably video of me fucking Sam or James or both.

High Class Wife: Secret Slut

interracial B.A. Lechine 2018-08-24

As soon as we cleared the airport - with both of them sat in the back of my Jaguar - and set out on the M4 motorway for central London, my wife quickly unzipped his flies and darted down to encircle his hard black cock with her bright red lips and sucked him off as we drove into town. Typically during the day around the flat, my wife would wear a simple white housecoat over a red peep-hole bra, that exposed her nipples, a matching red suspender belt, seamed, sheer black stockings and very high-heeled red patent mules. Both Frank and I looked on fascinated by my wife's behaviour as, dressed only in her underwear and high heeled mules, she knelt in between Kola's legs and slowly slurped on his black dick.

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch Ch. 03: Restored to Service

interracial ChokoLitStixxx332 2018-08-24

Brutus mechanically bent his head down and softly bumped into the elevator door as his chocolate ass stuck wildly into the air. Somewhere in the middle of all this even Brian made time to lean over PattySues shoulders and haulk a wad over his homeboys ass. "Fuck yeah," Brutus licked his lips as Brian helped him straddle PattySues face. For the grand finale, Brutus stuffed her pussy over Brian's ELEVEN inch dick, so he could drape his 310 pound body over both of them and bury ALL THIRTEEN INCHES UP DA ASS IN ONE MIGHTY SHOVE. Brian clamped his teeth over her left nipple like a rabid pitbull as Brutus shoved his fist down her throat, which only caused her holes to lock like vice grips.

Arabian Fire

interracial missjaybird 2018-06-09

I closed my eyes and breathed, inhaling your scent, so clean and spicy at the same time, soft hair brushing against my face. I bent in and kissed you gently at first, let my tongue tease your clit, let my breath tickle your skin. Slowly, gently, my own eyes squeezed shut because I knew if I saw you there, quivering and begging for me to fuck you harder, I would cum. I lifted you, pushed you face first into the glass of the window so that your tits were pressed hard against it, your ass facing me. I yelled, cumming hard in your mouth, shaking and having to brace myself on the window glass.

Barb's Bet Payoff

interracial wtchswife 2018-06-09

After she had come several times, Jamie moved up to mount my wife and she grabbed his black cock and slipped it up and down her slippery slit, then nestled the head between her pussy lips and spread her legs wide. Then Jamie mounted Barb again and as he was fucking her, I told her to spread wide, let that huge cock deep inside her and beg him to come inside you. Dump it deep" and spread her legs wide, lifting them out of the way of his hips and he slammed every tiny bit of huge black cock in Barb and groaned as his nuts emptied in her. Several minutes of resting with his big cock blocking any escaping sperm, then they began to relax and Jamie got off my (now knocked up?) wife.

Barb's Bet Payoff Ch. 02

interracial wtchswife 2018-05-26

When I asked if she was ovulating again, my wife said that she had finished her period 13 days ago and her temperature was just starting to rise this morning, so would likely be very receptive tomorrow (Saturday). Soon after I joined in, one of the black men summoned Barb to a bed seen in the background. She kept up the verbal encouragement with him until he fertilized her womb also and 5 more black men had squirted their potent sperm into her ovulating cunt after him. I could hear her begging the blacks to knock her up, give her a baby or just plain come deep inside her cunt. Fresh sperm was oozing out of my wife's cunt around his huge cock and he still kept fucking.

Jamaican Jerk

interracial evensteven 2018-04-25

If I thought Louise's dress was too small Carmen's made it look like a bed sheet. "Don't just stand there Marlow, offer them a drink." Louise said, patting the bed and motioning for Bobby to come and sit down beside her. "I guess you're right Marlow, we should get going." Louise wheezed and sputtered, trying to look cool for Bobby as she held the smoke deep in her lungs. Carmen and I watched as Louise let out a long low moan, cupped her breast and fed her lust swollen nipple into Bobby's eager mouth. "Jesus Mon, what a great little fuck your wife is!" Bobby gasped; flashing me a big grin as his deflating cock slipped out from between Louise's stretched pussy lips.

Come to the Carnival

interracial tracewrites 2018-03-22

It was carnival time again and Tara was going for it this year. Let's go and get that taxi then!" Petra said wheeling Tara out into the fresh so-called summer's day. Petra was a bit rusty at dodging people's legs and Tara cringed at the dirty looks she received from people who got knocked. "Oh I thought you were meeting up with old friends or something." Jaz said as she combed Tara's hair. We're old cronies now, we don't stay out past seven PM do we Phil?" Tara said as she concentrated getting her dress right. "Right, I think I'm ready." Tara said not wanting to break up the little party, but time was moving on and she just wanted to get going.


It Pays To Fly Economy Class Ch. 03

interracial heavyerotica 2018-01-29

I opened my eyes to find Jolie leaning over me with her hands on my shoulders, soft full lips brushing against my ear. Her hands dropped to her sides, revealing coconut sized breasts with dark aureoles, just like my dream. She took the strings of the thong in her fingers and started to slide it down, revealing a triangle of trimmed pubic hair above two plump lips that were glistening with moisture. Running her tongue over her lips, she gave me a look that said 'fuck me', then turned and got up on her knees, resting her elbows on the bunk across from mine. She slid two fingers between her dark labia and spread them, revealing a large dripping pink clit and a small vaginal opening that needed to be filled.

Lauren Wanted Adventure

interracial darkersex 2017-12-05

"We don't have time to go anywhere Lauren" Malik pulled his suit jacket apart and looked over at her expectantly. The back of the town car was rich with the smells and sounds of sex as Malik's big hands grabbed firm hold of her full white ass cheeks and furiously fucked into her overheated tunnel. She stood beside the town car, well fucked but still horny, as Malik prepared to leave for the airport. "Think about me using that cunt when you fuck yourself this week." he said as the long black car pulled off and turned onto the main street. As Lauren stood there watching him leave she felt her lover's come squishing around in her panties.

White Guy in Vietnam Ch. 01

interracial whiteguy4asian 2017-11-21

They no speak English," Jericho says as he looks back and forth between his parents and me. Has she seen any man, besides Jericho, naked?' I can feel my cock starting to grow. The situation feels surreal as I look back and forth between Rocky and this petite, punk, Vietnamese chick...both fully naked. This act wakes me up in a hurry and I feel the blood flow to my cock and Layla looks up at me, in surprise, as I start to grow in her mouth. This tiny, tattooed Vietnamese girl looks like such a slut bobbing her head on me. Once I'm finished, Rocky comes over, grabs Layla's head and pulls her off of my slimy member.

A Rainy Night

interracial black_stallion666 2017-11-01

I push against you once again with my whole body, slowly grinding my cock against your ass as I tangle my fingers in your hair. I turn you to face me and pull you into my arms and kiss you fiercely, running my hands up and down your back, grasping your hips and pulling you tight against my pulsing cock. Bringing your hands to touch me gently, You curl your fingers around my shaft as you place light and teasing kisses on the tip of my cock. You suck them gently into your mouth and run the flat of your tongue along them, all the while slowly stroking my cock with nimble fingers.

My First Public Orgasm

interracial andoverblonde 2017-10-28

I hope you guys like Sam Adams." I took the bag from Anthony and reminded him, in words that everyone could hear, that I needed to leave by 7:00 to get home on time. The 3 boys gazed at me for longer than was polite, and I said, half jokingly as I slowly turned around for all to see, "Do you like this outfit, Anthony?" Anthony knew I wouldn't be able to maintain balance, so he pulled me down onto him, forced himself fully into me, held my hips tightly, and rocked forward to a standing position. I showered, dressed in my original clothes, met the three boys back in the living room, kissed Anthony deeply, and said goodbye.