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The Neapolitan

interracial Buz 2018-03-05

As Naomi continued French kissing Logan Lee, Cai began kissing his chest and slowly running her soft wet tongue down his hard-muscled abdomen. Soon Logan Lee noticed Naomi’s thighs clench and her legs suddenly wrapped tightly around Cai. Naomi’s back arched upward and her hands grabbed Cai’s head as Naomi let out a loud moan and then loudly uttered,”Oh my God!” As Logan Lee felt Naomi’s warm juicy cunt tighten its grip around his engorged cock as she rode up and down and Cai rode his face, he realized that the two girls who were facing one another were deeply embraced and French kissing.

Danny And The Black Twins

interracial Buddybear 2018-02-26

Danny watched in shocked amazement as the two girls got it on, slowly gyrating their bodies so that their luscious creamy chocolate breasts rubbed sensuously together, mashing breast on breast.  Both girls were hot and breathing heavy.  He couldn't believe it.  His penis swelled more, and throbbed pleasantly.  Shiloh was on top, so he reached over and caressed her perfect ass.  Her perfect black bubble-butt.  Between her thighs, he could just see Sharon's nose and tongue.  What a lovely black ass!  So smooth and soft and warm beneath his hand.  He got to his knees and used both hands to massage Shiloh's gorgeous black bottom while the two girls shamelessly tongued each other's pussy.  Man, he would love to be in their bed every night, talking nasty sex with them, watching them finger-fuck each other, watching their soft brown titties bounce all over the place, watching their black hands fondle and stroke his horny white cock, feeling their firm tits in his hands, their hard black nipples in his mouth, feeling his fingers and his cock slide into their exotic black pussies, listening to their moans and gasps and grunts of orgasmic release.  Danny was hooked and he knew it.  There was no way he could even think of not fucking these two little charmers ever chance he could get.  If they wanted white cock, they could have his!

Rebellious Princess Ch. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-02-10

A drip of pre-cum glistened at the slit; with an open mouth, Beth kissed the head of his cock as she sucked it slowly in to her mouth. Beth's eyes flew open when Javier grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist as he stood, "Suck that cock Mami! Javier pulled his cock from her mouth; as Beth gasped for air, Javier tilted her face up to his by her hair and unleashed a second rope of cum in to her mouth. Javier pushed his cock in her mouth, "Empty it Mami!" His aggressive hold on her hair slowly released allowing Beth to focus again.

Coup de Grace

interracial RejectReality 2018-02-08

Grace moved to recline on her side against the arm of the couch, her hand guiding him until his cock was twitching right in front of her face. After a couple of sucks, her lips slid down all the way to the root again, and this time she even moved her fingers to keep him in her throat for a second or two before making a little gagging sound and quickly pulling back. After a minute or so of heavy, loud breathing, Grace looked up at him and said, “God damn!” Her head dropped back down to the pillow. Shane started thrusting, grunting from the feeling of her incredible pussy wrapped around his naked cock.

Dorm Room Cuckold

interracial snowbunnyslave 2018-01-20

"So you like watching white girls getting fucked my big black cocks, huh? I licked the cum dripping down her crack first, savoring the salty taste of Jerome's baby batter mixed with Hannah's sweat. My cum went down the drain, while Jerome's got put into Hannah's fat ass, where she then put it into my stomach. I moved between Jerome's legs on the bed and began licking Hannah's asshole while she rode Jerome's big black dick. I didn't dare touch myself as the sight of Hannah's ass jiggling and Jerome's cock fucking her pussy would have me cumming in two strokes. Hannah turned around as he pulled out, putting her face in front over mine in front of Jerome's big black dick.

My Girlfriend and I Submit to BBC

interracial Uncutjiminseattle 2018-01-06

I was so fucking hard thinking about that big fat black cock pounding her pussy. She then asked my buddy if he liked the way I sucked his big black cock. He said he loved the way I worshipped his cock but that he wanted to fuck her pussy. His hands had a hold of her ass cheeks and she was moaning and saying how big his cock was and how it filled her cunt. You like watching me fuck your bitch real deep with my big black dick?" he said looking down at me. While one of us is on his cock the other is sucking his big cum filled balls into their mouth.

Jackie Goes to a Nightclub

interracial scuik 2017-11-30

She tries to focus on the cock in her mouth but soon she has to stop sucking to vocalise her pleasure as she cums strongly from the hard pounding her pussy is taking from the enormous dick inside her. Jackie takes his big black dick in her mouth as another moves behind her to fill up her ass hole. Again the guys take turns fucking her ass, before moving round for Jackie to fellate them as she grinds herself to another orgasm over the dick of the guy lying beneath her. As soon as Jackie has swallowed it all down, she feels her hips being lifted again as the next guy props her onto her shoulders and fucks her ass.

Naughty Tory Ch. 01

interracial Splikie 2017-11-26

Omar stepped out of his jeans and trousers, I took his cock back in my hand licking my lips as I leant forward and started sucking eagerly on his cock again, my other hand between my legs rubbing my pussy through my wet knickers, Omar grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down onto his cock and then started thrusting forward as he did, before long his cock was sliding easily down my throat and his balls hitting my chin, I had never deep throated before but it felt so natural to me, I was getting more and more turned on, he pulled away and I caught my breath, a string of spit hanging from his shiny black cock.

A Whore is Born Ch. 03

interracial blklongnthick 2017-11-07

You put her on her knees, fuck her face, make her finger fuck herself and watch her cum." The camera facing the edge of the bed caught the lewd scene of my long black shaft stretching her cheeks and stuffing her mouth. The camera revealed my long black dick disappearing in the petite Japanese whore's mouth. I held my Japanese whore in place using her like an evil fuck puppet abusing her slut pussy. A few days ago she was home in Japan with her husband playing the role of dutiful wife, today she is in America, bent in a near impossible position and a nine inch black cock abusing her and the whole thing is streaming live across the internet!!!!

A Day in the Life of a Slut

interracial fun_tracy 2017-10-22

His hot cock entered my mouth and he grabbed my hair at the back of my head again and began to fuck my mouth hard and fast, his cock sliding all the way down my throat until his balls bounced off my chin. "Stay there a minute." And I began fishing my mobile out of my hot pants pocket "Just take a picture for me would you please?" I asked and handed him the phone as I took hold of his cock and laid it on my face and smiled at the camera. My hand clasped around the base of his cock and then went down and gave his balls a little squeeze before I leant forward and licked his swollen helmet and looked him right in the eyes as I did.

Ashlee, JD, Kelli and Todd

interracial DrHuge 2017-09-30

They'd been dating for a few weeks, and JD was pretty sure he'd already sprayed cum on every square inch of Ashlee's white skin. She'd shocked him once during a blow job, bringing him to the brink or orgasm, then pulling his cock out of her mouth so he could cum on her face. There seemed to be a lot of tension between the roommates, and Ashlee fumed whenever she had to tone down her dirty talk and screaming orgasms because Kelli was asleep across the room. She was looking dreamily across the room at Ashlee's bed. Without looking back at Todd, Kelli absently placed her hand on the top of his head and pushed him face-down back into her crotch.

Double Feature

interracial ThighhighMellie 2017-09-11

"Oh hell yeah," Kitty repeated, opening her mouth wide and wrapping her lips around the head, even as she continued to bounce on David's firm shaft. "You are one kinky slut," Marcus commented, as he took hold of her hips and pulled his dark shaft nearly all the way out of has ass before shoving it back in, causing her to let out a muffled moan around David's dick. Every time Marcus pumped into her ass, it drove her entire body forward, causing her to fully engulf David's cock. David suddenly pulled his hips back, slipping his shaft from Kitty's mouth with a pop as she mewled and Marcus continued thrusting deeply into her oh-so-tight asshole with his big black cock.

Kim Submits Ch. 03

interracial scuik 2017-09-03

The guy in her ass pulls out and steps up on to the sofa as Kim stands up and straddles the repair man. The guy who is now standing on the sofa pushes his dick towards her face and Kim sucks on it dutifully. The repair man and his friend double penetrate her ass as Kim sucks on the other stranger's cock. The repair man's two friends switch places and, with her composure recovered, Kim takes the new dick presented to her into her mouth. Kim moves her hand to wipe some of the copious amounts of sperm from her face, but the repair man intercepts it and holds it still against the floor.

Black Cock in a Latina

interracial Feral_Intelligence 2017-09-02

My lips formed a tight suction around his cock as I slid one hand down to my pussy. I held up my hand that was slick with my pussy juice as I said, "Now let's get that cock in me." We both let out a moan as he slid his thick cock in to my wet, hot pussy. "You Latinas really do get fucking wet," he told me as he rapidly slammed his black cock into my hot pussy. "Yes, yes, yes, ooohh fucking YESSSS!" I yelled as he rammed his hard, dark meat in and out of my burning pussy. He gave my round ass a hard slap that made me scream at the top of my lungs for him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

Michelle Needs Help Studying

interracial sarahsmith1989 2017-08-31

"Yea Eric is just in his room." Said the boy who answered the door. It was a video of a little blonde girl like me fucking many black guys. "Oh god Michelle, I didn't mean for you to see me like this." Eric said scrambling to cover himself up. Just then two guys barged through the door, I guess the one was Eric's other roommate returning form the bars with a friend. "Well she is already warmed up boys." Eric said referring to the licking he and his friend gave me. The other guys were a little more impatient, but thanks to Eric, I was able to withstand them eagerly fucking my pussy.

Evan's Arabic Princess Ch. 02

interracial cashcrunch 2017-08-24

"Evan likes eating your pussy Elizabeth, look how hard he's getting," Cathy pulled Elizabeth's head to the side by her long, black hair so she could catch a glimpse. Cathy noticed Evan's hard cock as she was exploring Elizabeth's ass herself. Evan's thick, young cock, probably moments away from blowing another load also thanks to her deft fingers, was making her mouth and pussy water. "Put Evan's big, white cock in my tight pussy, please," Cathy said firmly pushing the girl to the side and guiding her hands to Evan's dick. Without hesitation, Elizabeth dropped to her knees and stared as Evan's cock pounded in and out of Cathy's pussy.

Me, Myself and 3 Blackmen

interracial fun_tracy 2017-08-18

Deej placed his hands on my hips and began fucking me hard and fast, forcing me onto first Michael's cock and then onto Leroy's, my big tits swinging back and forth. Leroy then settles between my legs and starts rubbing his cock up and down my sticky wet opening, pushing his helmet against my clit before he pushes deep inside me and begins to fuck me hard and well. "Fucking hell, I've never cum so hard and so many times before." I said breathlessly as I wanked Michael's cock and looked down at Deej fucking my tits and Leroy deep in my pussy and spreading my legs wide.

Danielle's Life Ch. 06

interracial chasingDan 2017-07-18

I could barely concentrate on giving Derek head, because Ron's huge cock felt so good deep in my pussy. I pulled Derek's cock out of my mouth and said "Baby, I want you in my pussy. Derek climbed off of me first, and then Ron pulled his cock from my ass with a river of sperm running out of me. Melanie was back in the room sitting on the couch giving Ron head while Derek was fucking her pussy with her on his lap. I was busy with Derek's big cock, but Melanie got to see Ron cumming on me and kind of cheered him on.

More Than Just A Maid

interracial fun_tracy 2017-07-17

Before pushing it open and stepping into the wash room of the house, I take 3 deep breaths and realising I'm shaking a little, I run my hand through my dirty coloured blonde hair trying to neaten it again and make myself look calm and walk forward into the kitchen to start my daily chores for the Golds. Mr. Gold stood me up and caught my vest top at the bottom and pulled it off over my head and stared at my supple 34DD tits encapsulated in my plain white t-shirt bra "Wow, I never realised!" He said, his hands running up my smooth stomach before squeezing my tits together, my hand found his cock and gently tugged at it as he undid my bra, he eased the straps down my arms went for my already hard nipples and squeezed them, before bending down and licking them in turn.

A Website Meeting

interracial fun_tracy 2017-07-14

I stood up kissing my way up his toned body and turned around and put one hand on the open doorway and reached back and took his cock and put it between my legs and rubbed it against my thong clad pussy, he didn't need asking twice! He held me there as I felt his cock throbbing inside me, it was enough to tip me over the edge and without moving I came all over his cock, my moans and screams escaping out through my open front door, my back arching as my body pulsed, speared by his big black cock. "After an orgasm like that it's only fair I cum on your face!" Dez said pulling his sticky, glistening, juice covered cock out of my pulsing pussy.

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened

interracial rikki rocks 2017-06-22

And then yesterday, after practice, as gorgeous Bethany was walking alone through the school hallway on the ground floor to her locker, she swore she heard Foley the janitor, a black man in his 30s, mummble "Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm...sure lookin' sweet" as he passed by, eying her. As the dirty black janitor took her in--Bethany noticed something odd...her nipples unexpectedly began to harden and protrude under the letch's gawking. Watcha think 'bout that now, mmm mmm?" Her eyes went wide and she studied his acne-scarred face, large lips, oddly-shaped nose--he was nasty looking. Gorgeous Bethany turned to look up at the black janitor. Out flopped Foley's whopping black cock, causing the hapless young cheerleader to jerk back, as it smacked Bethany's pert lips.

Nice New Neighbour

interracial fun_tracy 2017-06-16

He was grunting and groaning more and more and more until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and held the end of it and stood over me and jerked it forward, a long stream of thick spunk flew out of his cock and splattered in between my eyes making me flinch, another stream flew straight into my open mouth and another, another splattered my right cheeks, another hit my forehead, another landing in my hair, two spurts covered my tits rolling down the side in between my tits, he was still wanking furiously cum flying over my face and tits, I could feel cum running all over my face and neck and landing on my tits.

Jessica's BBC Adventure Ch. 02

interracial scuik 2017-06-11

He rubs his long black dick, slippery from Jessica's pussy, between her ass cheeks. She sucks greedily at the big dick in her mouth as her ass hole is taken by a well hung black stranger for the second time that evening. Soon the third big black cock enters her ass as they two guys switch places. Ready for more of Jessica, he moves in front of her and she alternates between sucking the two big black cocks being waved at her face. The first guy tells him to hold on as he moves down to push him to the side and take his place in Jessica's ass. The guy about to cum moves onto the bed and tells Jessica to suck his dick slowly.

I Adore You

interracial AlexandraRasputinES 2017-06-02

I laid Lexi on the carpeted floor of the office continuing to administer to her breasts while my right hand was lifting up her skirt fingers going right for her warm sopping cunt. "Baby you want to watch me suck black cock, don't you?" she teased. I want to watch them fuck your mouth, cunt and ass while you jerk off two more with your hands." I replied. Lexi was on fire and I was nearly read to cum especially as I imagined a black cock fucking her doggy style while she blew me. She started moving her hips backwards simulating fucking that imaginary black cock while sucking me deep in her mouth and looking past the open office door down the hallway wondering if someone was going to see her.