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Neecy Cakes, 3rd Generation Porn Star

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-16

Tell me how you want to taste my cum and feel it shoot all over your face.” I did so as I jerked on his stiff, white tool, running the tip of my tongue on his purple head. A year had passed since I had gotten into the business and I had already been in over 100 films, 30 magazines and I had fucked nearly 1,800 different men since I had left Japan. He had signed me on as his new porn star over a year ago and my career was taking off in the US, after a slow beginning as a bukakke, gangbang girl in Japan.

OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Porn

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-16

My pussy had been longing for a good fucking for at least a day and he pumped me good and hard until I came once or twice before spunking deep in my hole. When I left in the early morning, I took a long, deep drag on my cigarette and savored the feeling of my cunt and ass filled with jizz and the taste of cock and cum still on my tongue. I had been doing fetish gangbang and facial films for nearly two months and my pregnancy was the focus for the films as I was fucked by large groups of men and covered in spunk, most of them spewing on my face, tits and baby bump after pumping my pussy or ass.

Jamal's friend also enjoy Ana's body

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-16

Jamal had fucked my wife with his huge black dick like no one had ever before. Jamal would come up to our house on the weekends and fuck my wife two days and she sometimes Ana would drive to his house during the week. The video clearly showed Anita on her hands and knees being fucked hard by Jamal while he grabbed her hair pulling her head up with her looking straight up into his laptop, which was on the shelf above his bed. Anita was screaming and moaning with his expert fucking, begging for his nigger cock and she looked so sexy doing it. When Jamal teased her and made her beg for his big black cock, I noticed she cum repeatedly when he finally fucked her.

Early afternoon surprise at home

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-15

My sweet wife was on her back with her legs in the air and a black man who I had never seen before in my life was burrowing his hard cock in her. I watched as Lukas made my sweet wife his black cock slut. I saw the mess that black man had made of my wife with his sticky wad dripping out of her stretched pussy lips. Ana had collapsed on the bed, but when she saw my throbbing cock pointing to her, she came back to her knees and I plunged my hard dick deep inside her throat. When she made my cock stand real hard, I positioned myself between her buttocks and announced my sweet Ana I was going to sodomize her.

Ana enjoys a black gangbang

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-14

Soon she was moaning loudly when the second guy shoved his big, black cock into her tight cunt from behind. After she had licked the black cock clean, another man took his place. But I was wrong; very slowly, the huge black man eased his cock inside my wife's asshole. After she licked all three black cocks clean, she lied back down on her back, and begged:" Please, fuck me! It was the most erotic sight I have ever seen: three huge black men fucking my pretty, sweet wife. One night, while I was away from town, Julia got her to the nightclub and Ana enjoyed too many margaritas; so, later she was fucked silly by a black man, but she could not remember a single detail of that night.

Denise's Growing Porn Career

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-13

I had hid my promiscuity for years while I lived at home and went to school, worrying that others would find out about all of the boys and men with whom I had engaged in sex and now, here I was, sucking a cock and being fucked from behind as my grandmother sat in a chair, smoking a cigarette and watching her husband and his grandson spit-roast me. Seeing her come home, after spending the night out, covered in dry cum and smelling like cigarettes and sex was what I had grown used to with both Brandy and Velvet, so I just had to have another talk and reassure her that I understood and wanted her to make good decisions.

Fucking My Hot Bhabhi While Bro Was Out For Work

interracial bava12 2018-11-11

Then i removed her panty and started licking her pussy..!! Then finally i asked her “bhabhi, wanna do with condom or straight..?” she replied “aise hi chod le, i want it without protection.” i inserted my thick dick in her pussy and started stocking it..!! She kept moaning “love, zor se chod mujhe, aaaah mazza aa raha, chod teri bhabhi ko, roz chudvana hai ab tujhse” this made my dick go even more mad and i started fucking her more harder..! I started applying soap to her boobs first and kept pressing them. Ab tum roz chodna mujhe” but i couldn’t control the feelings and i started licking her boobs and she got aroused..!!

OHGirl & Velvet: Home Again

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-09

Two weeks filming, then a week at home with Mikey and our daughter, back and forth I went, fucking multiple men in sex scenes on a nearly daily basis as a busy porn star. I didn’t awake until nearly noon the next day and Mikey had already been awake for quite some time, as he and my mom took care of the five c***dren that filled the house, one of them mine. I was sl**ping in bed with Mikey once again, so I had satiated some of my cravings by sucking his long, white cock each night and savoring my first taste of cum since giving birth.

Anita white slut wife for BBC

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-09

Two days after coming back from our Caribbean vacation, my sweet wife Anita confessed me that she had always fantasized about being a slut whore for a big black cock. She asked me if I was going mad knowing this new aspect of her sexuality, but I told her that it was fine for me if she was happy; so, she insisted in asking me to fulfill her fantasies of been fucked at our home by a big black cock, a real huge and hard black cock. I heard my nice Anita moaning in pleasure and crying."Yes, yes...I love your hard black cock in my ass, fuck me like the dirty whore I am!" I did not even answer; just shoved my hard cock into her mouth and fucked her face until I exploded inside her throat, adding my seed to that of her brand new black lovers.

Twins - Beautiful Thais in all holes

interracial AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-06

When I got divorced and went to Thailand in search of a new wife that was not in my mind until I saw identical twin girls working as waitresses in a Bangkok restaurant. Obviously we moved onto the bed and I got two brilliant fucks for my money as well as a lot of souvenir photos. After an introductory drink I told one to go and put her lipstick mark on her forehead, we all got our clothes off and the girls got to work with their mouths bringing me to a massive erection. For normal day times I have decided that the twins should alternate doing household chores so that the one who has no work can be with me all the time.

Jerome usus me as a present for a friend

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-06

His friend was a huge black guy called Bartholomew; after meeting me, he asked to call him just “Bart”. He did not let me take my dress off; he just grabbed my ankles, put them on his strong shoulders and suddenly penetrated me with the full power of his huge black cock. Again facing the mattress, I felt his huge black cock entering my asshole for the third time. Then I did not say any more words; shut my mind off from what was happening to me and focused on the big picture: I had done it before and here I was, once again, in a hotel room, getting my poor asshole fucked by a huge black cock…

A Jamaican waiter uses my wife

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-05

Edmond moved over Ana and one of his huge hands was soon under my wife's dress and his finger was sure inside her wet cunt, digging and then rubbing her hard clit. I entered the room and saw my wife resting on the sink marble, her blonde head against the wall mirror and her nice shaped long legs resting on Edmond`s strong shoulders, who was naked now and had his huge hard cock inserted deep inside my wife`s cunt. Finally my sweet Ana dressed again and we moved out of the restaurant; after Edmond warned her for a last time to train her asshole and come back for more...

Anita pays a bet again

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-05

Victor had spoken of Francis on numerous occasions about how he had fucked almost every woman in the firm and was to be credited as having a magnificent huge piece of cock. The black man fucked me into a frenzy way, driving his huge cock deep inside me as his heavy balls slapped against my ass. Francis splashed a little oil on my asshole and began to slide his finger in and out of my ass. Kneeling behind me he slid his cock deep inside my pussy and began to slowly fuck me. Victor had heard the engine of Francis car and he opened the door to see me looking like I had truly been well fucked which is exactly what had happened.

OHGirl & Velvet: Horny MILF's

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-03

James watched his one time friend fuck his mom in the ass and proceeded to smack his hard, thick cock across my face and lips, teasing me with his gargantuan probe. I wanted a cock in my mouth too and after a couple of minutes, one of the more well hung camera crewman slid his prick between my lips and I began to suck him. I had come to my condo that morning to find Velvet asl**p and covered in cum, dirt and debris, looking as if she had been fucked by a group of guys in a pigsty and now I was in the bed and having my second orgasm as I got my pussy eaten.

OHGIRL and the Body Builders

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-03

He fucked me like this for about 5 or 6 minutes, then he slid his cock from my pussy and pulled me off the bed. I looked up to see Renee sliding up and down on Ronnie’s dark shaft and glanced back to see Paul fucking Jenny, as she laid back on the chair with her legs opened wide. I sucked and licked his hard black cock for a good long time before I easily slid down it’s rigid length and bounced on his long prick. It had been nearly two weeks since JJ’s last fuck session and I was sadistically looking forward to a hard pounding from his whale sized cock as he spread my big, well used pussy even wider.

Wishing to watch Ana having a black dick

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-03

Then he asked me if I wanted to watch my slut wife fucked by a real huge black cock. Just when I thought my sweet Ana was going to get double fucked right here in the bar, Jacob began slamming her head down hard until he arched his head back and held her head down with his cock stuffed down her throat. My hands were tied behind my back and two of the guys pushed my face onto Anita's belly, so, my face was right at the top of her pussy to watch the huge cock fucking her. After that second guy, I watched another seven black men fuck and cum inside Ana from point blank range.

My dildos and Jerome

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-01

Two hours later I was still lying in our marital bed; my legs bent at the knees and pulled up to my breasts as one twelve inch black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. I rubbed my swollen clit as I laid there on my back, spread wide by both toys and imagined once again bent over the kitchen table and being mounted and fucked by Jerome from behind, the way he loved it. I felt myself I was spent, but I knew I was going to be meeting with my black lover; so the thought reenergized me as I sat up and smoked a cigarette, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling and recalling Jerome had a big enough cock to fill my still wide opened hole.

Ana coming back after a girl's night out

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-10-31

Still in the hallway and with the beige coat now strewn on the floor, she dropped to her knees, undid my pijamas and before taking my cock in her mouth asked me if was going to record her performance…handing me my cell phone from the table. "Which hole are you fucking there?" Leroy asked me, as my sweet Ana deep throated his cock as passionately as she had sucked mine earlier. Ana took my dick in her mouth, but seconds later I felt her stop sucking momentarily as she came, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the moment. He pulled out his cock and asked me to swap positions again; so, he could have his way back to Ana’s mouth and she could suck the last of the cum from his dick…

Curiosity killed the Cat

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-10-28

I could still taste the young black guy’s semen in my mouth and I really wanted to have my pussy filled with a cock. Of course I had fucked several black dicks; then I walked over and stroked that black thick long shaft and felt the cock pulse in my hand. The black guy also groaned, as I started to fuck his huge hard cock against the wall. I looked across the booth to see the other white dick I had fucked earlier was hard again and sticking through the wall. “What the hell…?” “Why that man knows my name?” I wondered as my body was constantly jerking with the erotic pleasure of being fucked and looking at that lovely cock in front of me.


interracial bava12 2018-10-27

My mom is very religious and she always used to do pooja’s and visit temples and also baba’s, which she believed as god. Though my mom covered her body by wrapping saree anyone would easily make out her figure by seeing her busty firm breasts, lean waist and nice curvy ass. Then the swamiji entered the room, my moms face was glowing seeing him, I never saw such a glow in my mom’s strict face. I went back to the temple on the hill; it was all dark, just a small oil lamp glowing in the second room behind the idol. I was shocked to see my mom totally wet and covered by a small piece of cotton cloth just enough to wrap her body from breasts to upper thighs.

cuckold lifestyle 40

interracial woreout 2018-10-27

OK I said , we'll have to dress nice she told me so go shower and shave I'll go in the other bath and start getting ready too. I ran me a nice hot shower and was about to step in when the door opened and a hand holding my CB3000 shot in, HERE take this she said. Know as she lowered the hem down she said, now that you have seen whats under my dress , will you look at me the same way all night long? As he did she let her leg tilt slighty sides ways and that pulled the dress open enough for him to see her shaved white pussy lips.

Wrong stop in the Highway

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-10-27

Jerome took off his pants again and walked over standing above me, his limp cock in his hand, "I'm going to piss in your mouth, little slut, if you don't drink it all I will kill you". After flooding my mouth with his semen, Jerome stood up and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me over the picnic table and making me lay face down; he called his friend and told him to hold me down; Paddy grabbed my shoulders and pressed me down on the table. I was bent over onto the table and Paddy held me by my hands; meanwhile I felt Jerome’s huge cock pushing and trying to make his way inside my asshole.

Eatting my wife's used cunt.

interracial woreout 2018-10-27

As time went on she gained confidence, she would have her lovers stay to the point that I've actually passed them in our neighborhood as I was coming home. I received my usual call at work , my wife told me that she was about to be fucked so cone straight home. She apologized for staying so long and I almost felt like a asshole for rushing her off but I couldn't get my wife's cum filled pussy off my mind. My wife looked at the clock on the night stand said it's just over four hours old. I got a call at work from my wife, she said Mac had just called her and wanted to see her again.

Ana at her first swinger party

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-10-26

Later we ended up on a king size bed with the man who had invited us to the party and a single redhead woman I wanted to fuck. Ana told me that she wanted to be fucked once again by that man and meanwhile I should return to the party and have fun. And that was what she was doing… A huge black man was fucking her pussy doggy style; with such power, that Ana gave out grunting sounds with each trust of his cock. I stepped into the room in time to see the man fucking Anita’s face shot his load into her mouth. I watched as the black man using her ass shot his load and two more men joined in.