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AAA's Chocolate Milk: Black Erotica

interracial EroticaReid 2018-08-16

I know this is a big inconvenience, but my car doesn't tell time well." The young curly-haired, doll-faced woman was at the point of tears, but still attempted to smile showing small, perfect teeth. Luke opened the passenger door of the wrecker and noticed how Tammy's jeans hugged her ass as she climbed into the car. He quickly jumped out of the car and opened the door for Tammy and noticed how soft her hands were as he helped her down. By the time they opened the motel door, Luke was pulling Tammy's jean jacket off her slim shoulders and his lips were devouring her pudgy tits. Luke's white hand squeezed Tammy's caramel thigh as he moaned against it with her left leg draped over his shoulder.

Mine Ch. 07

interracial *Eve* 2018-06-02

Olga said something to Sergei in what must have been Russian, and the big man left the room, but not before giving Narissa a looked that made her shiver. “Stand up.” Olga commanded when she finished washing Narissa’s hair, bringing Narissa out of her daydream state. Olga grasped on dark thigh and rubbed the sponge between Narissa labia making the young girl gasp. Narissa didn’t realize what Olga was doing until she felt something hot over her pubic area. When Olga was gone, Jake took Narissa by the arm and slowly began to spin her around for his inspection. Narissa couldn’t understand how this man could make her feel this way, especially since she thought he was insane, but her traitorous body began to respond nonetheless.