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Melina's New York Weekend

interracial moormansbabygirl 2018-12-04

He was holding a vase with a dozen light pink roses, and Melina thought to herself "He remembered my favorite flower." She started walking toward him, she got close enough then jumped in his arms. Anthony looked at her and said "I told you I would catch you." Melina started bouncing harder, until he screamed in pleasure, she could not help but cum for her man. She whispered in Anthonys ear, "Fuck my ass, and do it hard." Anthony turned her over and rammed his dick in her ass, she screamed in pain, but soon started moaning in pleasure.. Anthony pulled out and asked her where she wants his cum, she looked at him and said "My pussy, baby love." Anthony turned her over and entered her wet, juicy pussy.

Best Friend's Girl Part 1

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-27

"Phones," Chris said pointing to the small table by the door. "The worst is he actually got into arguments with his own mother, and still does," Chris said nodding his head. Must have been Chris getting home late, then I heard the familiar noise of the door across the hall open and close. "Damn your lasting longer than Chris ever did when I tit fucked him," she said as she pushed them together tighter. I opened the door and saw Roxy sitting at the table she had a glum look on her face, she was still wearing the same shirt and jeans she wore when she dropped me off.


interracial brethard 2018-09-27

Joey extended his right hand to Emma, who immediately placed it on her freckled thigh. Joey could barely contain his excitement as he removed his white shirt and black pants; Emma pulled off her sweater and skirt with equal fervor. As soon as Emma saw Joey's firm and aroused black cock, she dropped to her freckled knees and sucked away, whipping her tongue around his swollen head. Joey fucked Emma enthusiastically; he couldn't believe he was now making love to the Australian superstar he had fantasized about since he was a teenager. After he came inside of her, Joey caressed Emma and told her he couldn't believe that this moment had happened.

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

interracial brethard 2018-08-26

Monica always prided herself on staying in character during filming, but this time she could not; after every take, she would always walk over to Alex to see how he was doing, to apologize for being so cruel as part of her character, to always touch his hand or arm. Yet she couldn't stop thinking about Alex, couldn't stop imagining what he looked like naked, couldn't stop dreaming about this young black man who looked so much like her childhood crush. Alex quickly removed his clothing and stood before Monica completely naked, his hard, curved, shiny black cock just inches away from her panty-covered pussy. Alex made love to Monica the entire night; the middle-aged Australian lady couldn't believe this young black man's endurance.

Moments with Miranda... and Chloe

interracial brethard 2018-08-21

Not long after Chloe, her roommate, came back from LA, she told her about the hot, lovely time she had with Martin. As soon as Martin came through the door in his white shirt and blue slacks, Chloe gave him a look that screamed, "I want to suck black cock!" Miranda didn't know how to react to the sight of Chloe's long blonde hair bobbing up and down as she worked on her lover's cock. Miranda was shocked by how loud Chloe was, how her body shook violently from Martin's tongue. Martin slowly and carefully inserted his big black American cock into Chloe's lovely white Australian ass. Miranda played cheerleader, encouraging Martin to fuck Chloe's asshole with all of his energy.

Lotus Queen, or Sex and Kungfu Ch. 02

interracial JMaxwell69 2018-08-17

Valkov, in a combination of rookie mistake and overconfidence about the threat presented by a Chinese girl of slight build, did not notice that the young woman was putting him in the line of fire between her and Sgt. Raimes. Raimes got low, and put his hand on the lid, ushering Valkov to keep his weapon drawn and aimed at the opening. Valkov went to remove the young man's gag and bindings, as Raimes had one more look around for the girl who had vanished into thin air. Mei was looking at the back of Mistress Ling and the soles of the feet of the young man she was squatting astride. I just need to hear what damage was done." Mistress Ling interrupted Mei while continuing to ride the young man.

High Concept Ch. 02

interracial brethard 2018-07-04

Abby thought it was serendipitous that she and Miranda were both successful Aussies who came to America and fell in love with gorgeous black men, and she arranged for both couples to meet in New York. When Abby mentioned that they were looking for an up-and-coming sexy blonde actress to play the role, Miranda gave Martin a sharp elbow and said, "Hey, how about Claire?" A few minutes later, Claire, Miranda, Michael and Abby wrapped up their impromptu meeting, with the Hollywood superstars promising to be in touch. The night before Claire was scheduled to head back to New York, she shared a joint with Michael and Abby at their LA condo and spoke about her dreams for the future and the life she wanted for herself and her son.

A Degree of C Ch. 01

interracial LSEiland 2018-07-02

Enjoy your flight, Ms. Brewster," the gate agent said, somewhat sympathetically, as she handed the boarding pass back to Elise. Slight sarcasm from the flight attendant who welcomed her onboard and applause from a few First Class passengers, had Elise feeling uneasy as she made her way down the aisle. "Brief, huh?" Elise had begun to silently curse the flight attendants when Ben started talking again. Warm fabric was being draped over Elise's shoulders when she and Ben locked eyes again. Ben laughed out his response, "I hope so." He would be lying if he said that kiss had not affected him in any way. Elise expected Ben to ask again, but he conceded, said goodbye, and walked away.

Family Man

interracial brethard 2018-06-19

Sarah Parker, Ashleigh's beautiful mother, stepped out of the car, wearing a crisp black coat and dress and carrying a white bag. Paul and Sarah seemed quite impressed with his background: his years at Phillips Exeter and Harvard, his work as a stockbroker, his continued devotion to Ashleigh despite the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship with someone whose burgeoning modeling career sometimes took her to London, Paris and Los Angeles several times a month. Scott waived to Ashleigh and Sarah as he walked with Paul out to the courtyard. "Look, mate," Paul said, putting his hand on Scott's. Suddenly, Ashleigh pulled down the straps of her black dress; as it fell to the floor, Scott gazed at the sexy white lace bra and panties covering her pale body.

Marriage with Miranda: Cousin Claire

interracial brethard 2018-06-15

Martin, however, still wanted to make love to his beautiful Australian wife, and felt a great sense of frustration when Miranda told him she didn't have the energy. Miranda thought of Martin going to bed with a younger, hotter associate, cumming into the tight pussy of a lady who could please her husband in a way she did prior to the pregnancy. Miranda and Martin hugged Claire and helped pull her luggage from the taxi. Claire was an extraordinarily hard worker, and she impressed Miranda and Martin with how well she took care of Patrick and Kylie. Martin's sense of guilt did not fade after Miranda said she forgave him; in fact, the guilt seemed to kill whatever remaining sexual urges he had after he fucked Claire.


interracial brethard 2018-06-12

Nothing was going to stop Scott Griffin from heading to the block party in Fort Greene to celebrate the music of Prince, who had passed away earlier that day. Scott was only seven years old when he heard "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," and thought it was one of the coolest songs ever recorded; when he found out that Prince had been recording for years, he regretted having been born too late to see the beginning of the Minneapolis singer's career. Scott and Trish spent the next two hours talking about Prince's songs, movies and performances; Scott wanted to say something about how his music had the ability to bring people from different backgrounds together, but he didn't have to.

Ray's Birth

interracial brethard 2018-06-12

It was nothing new to him-it had been years since he saw another black man or woman in the theatre when he went to see one of Kidman's films. Yet Gwyneth had such a kind, sweet face-her long, strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes really intrigued him-that he couldn't help but wave back. John looked up and saw Gwyneth's radiant blue eyes; she held a tray with a chicken sandwich and fries. John briefly imagined what it would be like to make love to Gwyneth-the contrast of their bodies in the moonlight, the sight of his dark brown hands on her pale white skin, the sensation of coming inside her-and wondered if she was thinking the same thing.

High Concept

interracial brethard 2018-04-15

Michael Carter and Abby O'Donovan both smiled at each other as they worked on the final scenes of the screenplay for "Flight Risk." They were both surprised that they were now getting along so well with each other; for the first few weeks of their collaboration, their egos seemed to barely fit inside her Los Angeles condo. First Fleet Pictures, the Australian production company making the film, wanted desperately to be in the Michael Carter business—after five consecutive hits, he was now arguably the biggest male comedy star in the world—but Michael thought the original script was unfunny and lame, and did not hesitate to say so...even though Abby wrote it. Michael thought that Abby made Chris sound like a typical jive-talking African-American man, and wanted to revise the character to make him a more no-nonsense cop, while Louise would provide the comic relief.

Body Dialogue

interracial brethard 2018-03-19

That was the unanimous reaction of Denzel Benjamin's inner circle to his decision to have Melissa Macdonald to appear in the video for his new single "Body Dialogue." Denzel's manager and agent insisted that he would upset his black female fans by putting a white woman in one of his videos for the first time, that he'd be harming his credibility in the eyes of his fanbase, that he'd be dismissed as another R & B singer desperate to cross over. Filming the New York scene was almost as intense: Melissa wore a very tight black dress that accentuated her cleavage and ass, leaving Denzel again consumed with the freakiest of thoughts as he danced slowly with her.

Marriage with Miranda

interracial brethard 2018-03-04

Martin didn't know how to explain to Miranda that he was nervous about their children confronting bigotry in the U.S., so he came up with a euphemism. She wanted to connect to Martin body and soul, to physically tie their destinies together, to link her proud Irish/English/Scottish heritage to his bold black heritage, to sew the threads of America and Australia together. On a Saturday night in June, in the large Manhattan condo they now shared, with work colleagues from both firms in attendance, Martin Roberts and Miranda Kelly exchanged vows and rings in front of a justice of the peace. Miranda felt blessed to be marrying this lovely man, his smooth cocoa skin covered by a black suit, crisp white shirt and blue tie.

Flight of Love

interracial brethard 2018-03-01

As she stepped out of the taxi, she looked down at her pink shoes and imagined seeing them tossed casually on the floor of Martin's condo as they feverishly made love for the very last time. Tears of joy flowed from Martin and Alyce's eyes as he kissed and licked her pink nipples while she caressed his strong, muscled back. As he kissed her stomach and licked her sweet pussy, he thought back to the first time they made love, and how improbable it was for a black guy from Brooklyn to hook up with this saucy Aussie. When Alyce felt Martin's gorgeous cock penetrate her for the final time, she remembered the first time she felt him inside her, and how thrilled she was to have her fantasizes about black men come true.

High Concept Ch. 03

interracial brethard 2018-02-14

As was the case with "Linus, Lucy and Lisa," Michael and Abby were having difficulty coming up with the right person for the role of George Garvin, the comedian Ron Pierce hires as his new spokesman to counter the popularity of Rooney the Kangaroo. Tommy, dressed in a black tuxedo, was stunned by how great Emma looked; the director, who usually showed up on set wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, rocked the red carpet in vintage white gloves and a body-hugging dress featuring a design of the Australian flag.

Echoes of Love

interracial brethard 2017-12-26

She had Kidman's beauty and Blanchett's talent: long, gorgeous red hair, creamy white skin, blue eyes, soft lips, an upturned nose and the world's sweetest smile. Alyce never became the next Nicole Kidman, just as I never really fulfilled my goal of becoming the next Denzel Washington, but we did pretty well for ourselves, consistently working in plays, TV shows and films. Alyce eventually became homesick for Perth, and wanted to start a family with me; at the time, I wasn't interested in either moving to Australia or becoming a father, so we decided to break up on friendly terms.


interracial BeastLover18 2017-11-21

"Listen very carefully to me son, women are only meant for two things to make a man's life easier, and to give him sons," Dae-Jung's father told him in English while he looked from his office window with his hands clasped behind his back. "Quiet Dae-Jung!" Jae-Hwa yelled sharply, looking in my direction before he calmly spoke to my father, "Now, I'm sick of you and your talks with Dae-Jung. "Was that your father I heard?" Jae-Hwa asked as he walked out of my office bathroom zipping up his pants. Jae-Hwa looked at her friend, "Well I'll make it up to you lovely ladies, what is the most popular club her in the state of New York?"