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Tampa FL gloryhole

interracial tim_likes 2018-05-19

He unzipped and exposed his nice little white cock to me it was rock hard and had a musty smell as I took it in my mouth I only sucked on it for no more than 20 seconds when I felt it pulse and shoot a thick heavy load into my mouth. I was still rubbing his cum on my panties when I looked up at the glory hole and seen a nice white cock being stroked I leaned forward when it shot a load of cum at me splashing all over me. He pulled out for a second moving my head over to the glory hole just in time for a black cock to shoot cum into my open mouth and my face.

Greeting her after Black Massage.

interracial allurs85 2018-05-05

it seemed forever for her to come home but once she came home she had a grin that i could tell she had gone through it. as i was into it she quickly told me to lie on my back on the cold floor as i did she told me to remove her panties with my mouth, every time i tried she would move up and make it more difficult for me to remove them. i saw how her panties were soaking wet, they clung to her pussy once i started pulling them down a very thick and white amount of cum just leaked straight into my mouth. she didnt let me swallow it just yet as she wanted me to lick her clean whilst having cum in my mouth.

hot s****r

interracial manaliheel 2018-04-25

I was just doing the final rinse of the sheet when Susan entered asking what I wanted for lunch, then noticing that I was trying to hide the horny pictures asked When she didn't pull away, I got bolder and slid my hand under her skirt and between her legs, as she spread them slightly, and cupped her pussy in my hand. I handed her the sheet of pictures and watched as she tore it into little pieces and slipped them into the pocket of her skirt before walking out. She encouraged me to stroke it faster and told me that she wanted to see me cum, as she slid her fingers onto her pussy and started masturbating.

My wife takes a Black Lover

interracial lra911 2018-04-22

It was probably a week later, and I thought she had decided not to pursue the opportunity, when she came home from work and said she had called Jim (the guy who gave her his number). I knew from experience, she did not have much of a gag reflex, and before long she was able to take his big head down her throat, taking his entire length, until her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock on each stroke, catching quick breaths each time he pumped into her mouth. She said his cock pulsed for what felt like minutes, but was probably more like 30 seconds, before he released her head and pulled back, letting her catch her breath as his cock spurted a couple more times onto her tongue.

Story someone wrote for me

interracial 2018-04-22

Antonio is kissing your mouth, neck, ears, and nipples as you open your thighs slightly. And, he pushes you down gently to the sofa and finishes undoing his belt , as you pull down in his shorts and expose a huge, stiff, black meat cock. After a few minutes if giving Antonio head, he pulls your head back and says, "Stop, I need a break." (The truth is you are so good, he is about to cum and he doesn't want that, yet). You feel Antonio's tongue darting inside you and rolling around your lips and clit. You pull Antonio on top of you and you want to feel his cock inside you.

A Night with Noopur Ch. 01

interracial Irish Moss 2018-04-21

As she started riding me harder and faster while moaning more continuously, I ran my hands around to her ass and watched her tits bouncing again. I started caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits and running my palms over her hard nipples before lowering my head to lick and suck her nipples. I wanted to be able to enjoy the feeling of sliding my cock in and out of her hot pussy for as long as possible but I also was hoping to provide her with another long, intense orgasm without too much delay. Cumming in her mouth had felt extraordinary but I was leaning more toward fucking her tits right up until I came, since that was feeling pretty amazing, too.

Black Doctor Part II

interracial jimmielee65 2018-04-20

I asked her if she liked having that big black cock in her and she said "oh yes, she couldn't help it." She said he was gently running more of it in her with each stroke and when he had probably about 8" of it in her he told her he was hitting the back wall of her cervix and asked her permission to inject some special lubricant in it to make it more pliable and he could give her even more satisfaction next time. She smiled and said "oh yeah she remembered." I layed back on the bed and rubbed the crotch of her cum soaked panties on my little hard dick as she straddled my face.

Diner Boss

interracial jara_jacobus 2018-04-07

I wanted to flirt back, but I was far too shy to speak up, so I just smiled, blushed slightly and went into the girls change room to set my things down. "Well," he put down his chef's knife and turned to look at me with a half cocked smile. "Look how much you want my cock....what a good little slut." He poked a finger into my soaking wet hole. As soon as I had cum the second time, he pulled his cock out of my soaking wet cunt and pushed me to the ground. "Come on baby girl -- swallow my cum!" he groaned and forced his cock into my mouth. "You're my new kitchen fuck toy..." he rubbed the cum into my lips before walking away.

My big old principal

interracial sweboi1337 2018-04-03

Then she took of my pants and spanked me hard and then i started to cry.then she took of her skirt and panties. Then she took out the panties from my mouth, kissed my lips and said: "its time for u to work, naughty boy". She started to sit on my face and rubbed the hairy pussy to my mouth. "shutup and suck the boys cock, or youre fired !" my principal said. in two sec dhe had take all her clothes off and started to lick my balls and suck my dick deeeep. Then she tittifucked me at the same time i licked my black fat principal. "Move your ass, Its time for me to ride that cock now!" my principal said to my schoolnurse and pushed her agressive.

My Wife Comes Home

interracial 2018-03-30

I thought about that cock, ten inches long and wide as my mouth could open, shiny and black. What kind of a man would be so excited about sucking another man"s come out of his wife"s pussy? She sounded sweet and teasing, as if to say," I still love you, but we both know you"re a little sissy cuckold and that"s OK, in fact, I encourage it." "You love eating Jason"s come out of me don"t you?" You want his big dick in your little pussy ass, don"t you?" Come on, pull your panties to the side and take out that little pee pee." I got up between her legs and pulled the panties aside freeing my little hard on. Fuck my tight little pussy-ass," I moaned.

Part II: Virgin Peeks and Sniffs Cousin Panties (

interracial AmateurLover_CA 2018-03-16

The black bull takes her panties all the way off, my cousin's dark cunt for all to see, tiny and so wet, sticky with her cum, and he sniffs it, just drives his face onto the wet pussy, and he starts to inhale, and he takes one big lick of her twat, slow and broad, tasting every inch of her, lapping her sweet girl-cum right off her soft dark lips... I keep folding my foreskin against my cock-head, as my cousin's little tiny pussy gets slowly parted by his huge black snake, getting it inside her Asian twat, centimeter by centimeter, then an inch, and another inc, until he was bottomed out inside her tight hole, and the pleasure on her face was incredible, as her thin lips trembled, her eyes wide shut, feeling her little Asian pussy get absolutely stretched like never before...

Cuckold Club Pt3

interracial g826665 2018-03-04

Bruce f***ed himself to look Linda in the eye while he stroked his hard pecker, even though he found it especially embarrassing to see her smile while he performed in this way. All I have to do is think about one of those gorgeous, hung, sexy Black men and then look at Bruce and it’s enough to make me want to push his nose in it.” Two weeks later, on a Friday night before Bruce and Linda’s last scheduled party with the Circle group, Linda suggested drinks on the patio after dinner. “For me it’s an incredible honor to know that my wife, Linda, has the opportunity to have lovers like You and the other Men, Sir. I want that for her and I fully accept my own limitations.

Family Man

interracial brethard 2018-02-26

Sarah Parker, Ashleigh's beautiful mother, stepped out of the car, wearing a crisp black coat and dress and carrying a white bag. Paul and Sarah seemed quite impressed with his background: his years at Phillips Exeter and Harvard, his work as a stockbroker, his continued devotion to Ashleigh despite the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship with someone whose burgeoning modeling career sometimes took her to London, Paris and Los Angeles several times a month. Scott waived to Ashleigh and Sarah as he walked with Paul out to the courtyard. "Look, mate," Paul said, putting his hand on Scott's. Suddenly, Ashleigh pulled down the straps of her black dress; as it fell to the floor, Scott gazed at the sexy white lace bra and panties covering her pale body.

Fun in the City Park with a hot girl

interracial voyeur_2017 2018-02-21

One night I went out in the city park to have some drinks with my friends. She was wearing yoga pants and her ass was one of the best that I have ever seen. We had some fun that night but after drinking a lot of beers I needed to go to the toilet. After we finished she stood up and pulled her panties first and then her yoga pants. I crouched in front of her ass and she pulled down her yoga pants. After that I started touching her ass and pulled up her pants to make them look like thong. “Wow, this ass would look amazing in thong:”, I said. I spread her ass and was able to see her shaved pussy clearly!

Gay sex with dominant Pakistani

interracial funwatford 2018-01-23

Once I'd found a flat, my first thoughts turned to cross dressing, and I went to a local supermarket, and added a few Paris of panties and stockings to my grocery shopping. These I wore around the flat, and occasionally went out wearing them under my jeans, sometimes even taking ,y jeans off in the car, and driving just in panties and stockings. He phoned about two hours later, on his lunch break, and told me to pick him up at 7:30 at a local parade of shops, and that I had to wear some of the panties and stockings I had been buying. He was wearing a black tee shirt and black tracky bottoms, and got in the car, leaned over and kissed my, like it was the most natural thing to do.

Panda girl

interracial erossade 2018-01-19

«I don’t want to do it with a married man», she said before her mouth started a battle against mine, our tongues fighting like swords, our hands dancing by our bodies. I pull her closer to me and started to lick her nipples, the panda outfit still on, as she pushed my head against her chest. I pulled her legs closer to me and my head went down, looking for the paradise hidden under the white cotton walls of her panties. Her hands again pushed my head closer, deeper, and her legs crossed over my back as the panties went wetter. I kept going until my jaw started to hurt, then my fingers took the place of my tongue and went inside as adventurers on a mysterious ancient city.

Bi Curious Escapades Pt. 2

interracial cumquarts 2018-01-05

I did so gladly, and even though his cock barely got hard and his load, while large, slowly leaked out instead of spraying or pumping, I enjoyed servicing my first old cock. So we got naked and he sucked my cock and balls for a bit, moaning all the while. Once I coaxed his skirt off (he wanted his fake tits rubbed and sucked a little bit) I found his very thick cock throbbing inside black lace panties. This sent him over the edge and his little old hard cock emptied his balls for me. They love my fat cock and my thick healthy cum loads, and both enjoy getting sucked off by my talented mouth.

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 6

interracial Mrbigdick2014 2017-12-29

Friday morning, while we were cleaning up after breakfast, Karin said, "Tonight Phil is coming back into town, and wants me to celebrate his birthday with him. She had her nails done in a French Manicure, which of course Phil had said he liked. I washed around and under, turning loose of the sponge and letting my soapy hand rub her legs and down across her pussy lips, hesitating there and lightly separating her lips to see what I would find inside. While I'm out, I want you to think about me playing with his big cock. "No panties for sure!" I said, thinking of what would turn me on the most if I were he.

Go Big Blue

interracial Irish Moss 2017-12-25

She worked my jeans open and fished out my throbbing tool, pumping it in her hand before starting to move down the chair, taking her tits away from my attentive mouth. While I watched attentively, my cock standing straight upright, Karen started to open her own jeans and soon pushed them down to reveal the Giants logo on her panties. She started to slowly hump her hot, wet pussy up and down on my cock, her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open as she continued to moan. While continuing to work on her nipples with my lips and tongue, I slipped my hands around to grasp her ass, pulling down as I started to push up deeper into her sweet pussy.

Her "white bitch" (true story)

interracial for_fun_az1 2017-12-08

I looked back and saw this sexy ass black woman with a pretty sizeable "cock" and the look on her face was priceless! I immeadiately started licking and sucking her huge black clit into my mouth..She told me to reach back to make sure her cock didnt come out. She was fucking my face making me stick my tongue in her ass...telling me all the time what a bitch I was for taking her big black cock and licking her perfect black asshole. I think she felt the same way and told me to flip over..but that if her cock came out of my ass that she would not let me in her pussy!!

Indian Princess - Revisited

interracial goinstrong 2017-11-18

Since her last flight arrived mid-afternoon, we have enjoyed a fair amount of time together today. After momentary kissing and clothed embracing, I began unfastening her flight uniform. My hands and mouth clashed, as each wanted to engulf her lovely breasts. My Indian Princess chooses the latter, and I met no resistance as I parted her thighs. Making contact with her panty hose-covered pussy was delightful, knowing what lay beneath the hose and the panties. As I pressed and stroked on her pussy, she writhed even more under my hand. She creates a great deal of moistness between her legs, and I delighted in the sight and smell of her pussy. My hand was soon replaced by my mouth - I love to lap at a moist pussy.

Baby Doll

interracial dollarbill365 2017-11-17

I was getting ready for bed when the light from my neighbor's bedroom window came on. She then turned toward me and started to remove her tank top. She then removed her shorts leaving her in bra and panties. The bra was removed and I saw only her bare back and a beautiful panty clad ass. She wanted me to turn on my light. "Want to stick that big cock in me?" I was speechless but i went over wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. I want the cock deep in my wet pussy!" Then we fucked! She said she had looked at me undressing for weeks and needed my cock.


interracial whtboiclit 2017-11-15

We had red marks and bruises all over us as they had her crawl in front this 2 guards and me the said if need to piss tell the urinal to open up and fill it up As they was making a show of the news cuckold couple that now the proprerty of the the black inmates as they where loud and calling us the most humiliting names and telling her they cant wait to have there turn with that white cunt and will abuse both u as you need .

taken by our black master out of town

interracial ldsjlt2 2017-11-15

she works the door, and i am bartender there she gets off two hours early than me at ..she always dress like a slut no bra or panties under her short skirts and i have to way the pair panties she tells me to...THAT night this handsome tall dom black man came in he knew how to get the ladies. i got off and had to count my drawer i knot on the door and he said come in white boi. i did and when i threw, he said take them cloths and lock them in the truck of your car and pull around to the side door. when i open the car door for him and her that was the start of mind and her black slavery...