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Drinks And A Movie

interracial ljdoofus75 2018-12-03

"Here's what I want you to do: go inside and find a couple bar stools, pull up your dress and when you see a cute, hung guy or a black dude, spread your legs and give them a look. He walked me out and down to where my wife was engaged sucking a cock while another guy fingered her. The black guy took my hand and wrapped it around his cock then began stroking while he was observing all the action. Returning to my wife, I found her sucking a little, white guy's cock while he sucked an older black man's. Looking down at me, he says, "Hey, slut, suck my black cock.

Megan’s Transformation Into A Hotwife - Part 5

interracial Kee 2018-11-30

“It is hard right now, just thinking about Saturday”; “I am so looking forward to the night with you”; “You are SO hot babe, I wish I was in you right now!”; “Is that cooch and ass ready?? “I’m your man,” he said as he took Derrecks place and wasted no time rubbing his shaft between my lips to lube it and then in he went. You need to put at least ten different words together to begin to describe fully the extreme pleasure of having a guy between your legs, pounding away, kissing you, holding you tight, feeling an orgasm building in you and then its release running through you, taking over your mind and body.

Hot Town

interracial Espresso 2018-11-26

After a quick conversation where Harland and Emily attested to my not wanting to kill her and stuff her body in a trunk, Summer finally relented to staying with us. “I’m Remi Loving, by the way,” I said, and reached out my hand. “I like your hair down,” Emily told Summer when we got. I couldn’t explain it didn’t like him talking about Summer in that way. At one point she turned to look at me, her chin resting on her shoulder and gave me the sweetest of smiles and then slowly dragged her tongue over her lips. My orgasm was so intense it was like my body was turning inside out for that one goal of cumming inside of Summer.

A Wife's Awakening Ch. 02

interracial steve_cuck_burrows 2018-11-26

I had done as I was told, and put pictures of my wife, Val, being Black fucked on the net, our address, and our telephone number. For the next thirty minutes, I watched my wife, Val, sucking Black cock, and taking every drop of cum down her throat. It took a long time to order, and yes, we all called Val 'cunt,' as ordered to by Charles. Even though Val was being fucked, I knew Charles wanted to belittle me, being the cuck that I am. Val: Sir, from now on, I only want and need Black, nigga cock in this, your cunt, Sir. Charles: You are a Black cock whore pain slut wife, Val. That's what you are.

Hot Wife’s Interracial Rest Area Fantasy

interracial njdom 2018-11-18

I get to my knees and start to suck your cock, you face fuck me really hard; you are standing and in total control, the way I love it. You start fucking me so good and so deep that I cry out over and over how much I love your black cock in my ass. The two joggers, one white and one black, get close and pull out their cocks and start to jerk off. You tell the white guy to go next, and he gets behind me, as his friend moves to the other end of the picnic table and shoves his cock into my waiting mouth. You watch with a big smile as this white stud fucks my ass hard, giving me his huge cock to the hilt.


interracial TrinityX 2018-11-14

Hundreds of hours of cyber-sex logged, mutual masturbation sessions, countless pics and naughty messages shared, and now I’m holding my itinerary in my hand which feels like a winning lottery ticket. He lifts my shirt slightly and slips his Ivory fingers between my brown skin and the waist band of my pants, and easily brushing pass my panties. “Ahhhhh baby, you smell so fucking good,” he moans into my ear with his eyes closed. “No shame here baby,” he says, his fingers blatantly pressed against his philtrum. Silently, he reaches his hands up to my waist and wraps each of his index fingers snugly inside the band of my panties, and gently tugs them down.

Game Day

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-14

But with new lives, families and jobs we hardly ever got to say hi, let alone get together so when Howard sent a group email that said he had tickets to a home football game. “Four times that brunette down there has looked up this way.” he said motioning his head down close to the field. “Maybe she was looking at something else,” Howard said as he turned around and laughed. She put the phone back in her back pocket, then said something to the big guy, who nodded, then gave her a kiss. “They're up here,” she said between our kisses as she took my hand from her waist, planting it on one of her huge tits.

Lauren wanted adventure...

interracial thedarkersex 2018-11-09

“We don’t have time to go anywhere Lauren.” Malik opened his suit jacket and looked over at her expectantly. “Are you telling me you’re going to jump on my cock right here, in the middle of downtown?” Once he was shining and standing at full mast, Lauren pulled down her panties and drove two fingers deep into her pussy to retrieve the devilish device. In one smooth motion she dropped the silver vibrator onto the seat and straddled her lover’s muscular thighs, gasping as she sunk her hot cunt onto his steel-hard black poker. The back of the town car was rich with the smells and sounds of sex as Malik’s big hands grabbed firm hold of her full white ass cheeks and furiously fucked into her overheated tunnel.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 10

interracial justalilfun 2018-11-09

You are a student staying at my camp, it would not be right for me to do anything like that.” John said, trying to send Becky back to her classes. Your cock likes me, and I want it.” Becky said as she walked over to John. I love eating pussy while I get my cock sucked.” John said as he lay on the bench in the middle of the room. Becky had barely knelt on the bench, when John put his hands on Becky’s sweet ass and pulled her to his eager tongue. Becky reveled in the awesome feeling of his large cock inside her and caressing John's muscular arms. As John thrust into Becky's sweet young pussy, he could feel his scrotum tighten around his balls.

Out of Control

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-11-01

One of the girls that should have stopped drinking several drinks ago, turned, pulled down the band of her short skirt so that a good portion of her crack showed, while lifting the back of her shirt to show her “tramp stamp.” One girl had a tattoo on her breast and had no problem letting them see the series of butterflies that disappeared into her cleavage. He directed his attention back to Alaina, turning so that his back was to them and moved his seat a little closer. Alaina continued to smile, thinking to herself, “Yeah, you better act like you know.” Carter who had actually stepped back and was looking at the display, turned his attention back to Alaina when she started laughing.

Caroline's Sweet Revenge Ch. 02

interracial HerLittlePiggy 2018-10-05

She was well aware that his cock was not indicative of all black men, but her boyfriend was packing a big beautiful cock and she loved it. Carole felt a powerful climax approaching like a freight train and she clutched at his strong body. Her body quivered and quaked and her pussy gripped his thrusting cock, milking it as intense waves of pleasure washed over her. She had never willingly swallowed her husband's cum, much less Jeremy's cum mixed with her juices, but she had ingested more than a half dozen of Harold's loads in just two weeks and he'd cum inside her pussy more than that in their short time together. Later that evening Carole let Jeremy unknowingly lick Harold's cum from her well fucked pussy.

Public Love

interracial the_shires 2018-09-21

He saw the curl of her soft lips as they reacted to a song she liked, the gentle way she ran her fingers through her auburn curls, and the look of satisfaction on her face with every sip of wine she took. Donald shook Marie's hand and then pulled her toward him as he leaned close to her face. Donald gently pulled her hands away and gave her a smile as his eyes moved to her lips. His hand felt good on her naked skin as he moved up and down her thigh feeling her body start to move seductively. When she felt like she couldn't take it anymore, Marie stopped and whispered into Donald's ear.

Philippines Vacation Pt. 01

interracial MrsYoung 2018-09-01

The week went by quickly and the morning of his arrival I woke up early and got myself to the airport early to wait for his plane to come in. He looked down at me and smirked, I felt his fingers slide out then back in, my pussy squeezed down tight. Mmmmm...if the ride and been longer I'd have pulled his cock out and sucked him until he couldn't elevator doors opened and we got to our condo. "Baby I want nothing more than to screw your gorgeous brains out again in this shower, but I just got off the plane, spent 2 hours in a taxi and then spent however many hourssss fucking you just then.

Ashlee, JD, the White Girl Buffet

interracial DrHuge 2018-08-28

He didn't drop their pizza, like some of the other delivery boys did when they saw her large freckled breasts jutting out at a perky angle, then glanced down at her bush of orange-red pubic hair. JD cupped her bottom with the hand that wasn't writing, giving the guy a good look at his large black hand, engulfing her milky white ass. Kelli and Ashlee began moving their hands up and down, pulling on JD's rapidly hardening cock while watching the pizza guy descend the stairway leading to their townhouse door. When he was finished, Ashlee nudged him out of the way, cupped Nicole's ass gently, and leaned forward to lick JD's cum off her lower back.

ACD (A Confederated Dick-Down) Pt. 02

interracial ChokoLitStixxx332 2018-08-23

"The kind where I get to suck my boyfriends dick...while he licks my pussy...while you pulverise me up the ass," Cheryl Anne licked her tongue up the side of DeQuan's handsome face. Cheryl Anne got goosebumps from the crazed look in DeQuan's eye, but it also made her pussy wet. Ryan lustfully smiled as DeQuan pushed Cheryl Anne's body forward like a man pushing a lawn mower. DeQuan and Cheryl Anne then wobbled forward, straddling the bench, until her boyfriends dick was in line with her seeping pussy. And here Ryan was, only inches away, as his black friend banged in and out of his girlfriends ass at the same time she plunged her pussy over his dick.

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 10

interracial Satisfyable 2018-05-31

"I don't feel damaged, either," he said cutting her off and looking away. "Stop Diesel, this isn't the time," she said. "Diesel, that plane sounds low," she said breathlessly as she stared up into the overcast sky. "Wow, that plane's got the right idea," he said, pausing his strokes long enough to cast her a crooked grin. Madison disengaged herself from Diesel and walked on weak legs to where the ring box lay. I love you, Diesel, and yes I'll marry you," she said. The sun came out, the clouds cleared, and they lay entwined, Diesel's mind blank and content, Madison's thoughts moving a mile a minute as she held her hand up to the sun and watched the sunlight glint off her engagement ring.

My First Flight

interracial Blackdogg0 2018-05-26

I moved down and spread her legs wider, then I licked the outer lips of her pussy as she moaned, "Mmm I love when you do that." Smiling to myself, I slowly parted her lips with my tongue, licking the outer walls and working my way deeper in to her. I licked long slow strokes over her pussy lips and before I even returned to her clit she removed the panties from her mouth. "Mmm, Kim baby I love the way your pussy feels around my cock," I said. I stood up and moved behind her and slid my cock deeply in to her pussy "Mmm Eric fuck me," she kept saying as I pounded harder and harder.

Melting the Ice

interracial darkknight01 2018-05-22

I ran my hands up her smooth thighs under her dress and when I squeeze her tight little ass for the first time, my cock pulsed in my jeans. I took her hips into my hands and pressed her body into me as I tongue-fucked her pussy and super-tight ass hole. I pulled my cock out into the damp night air and slapped the head against her juicy pussy lips. Julie uncoiled her legs and slid down my body like a gymnast, she settled on her knees in front of me, and firmly took hold of my iron-hard cock into both of her hands. Julie moved closer to me, and then licked her lips and mouthed the words, "I want you to fuck my ass."

Black at Last

interracial Amandarunning 2018-05-09

Looking up, Ami saw a tall, African-American man extending a joint her way. Watching Ami take a drag, made the tall man's cock start to rise. One hand pulled her ass up and back while the other grabbed her neck. It looked so tight and undisturbed, he wanted to shove his fat nine inch cock into her. Feeling her tight virginal ass constricting around him, he paused as her body relaxed, he started moving. As her ass continued to be abused, another cock nudged her lips. Ami felt her virginal ass filled with hot cum. Just as she started to relax, the cock in her mouth began demanding attention. Ass throbbing and mouth stretched, Ami sprawled on her knees just feet from a bustling crowd.

Desperately Seeking Blaine

interracial MarieProvost 2018-04-24

My shaking hand brought the phone over the bar to the owner, and after this Dwight took it from my I grabbed the glass and downed it in one swallow, causing the guys around me to chuckle as one. "Blaine wants to know if you did what he told you to do," Dwight asked, and when I shrugged my shoulders in confusion he clarified for me. "Is Blaine coming?" I asked, but Dwight held up his hand as he kept his phone conversation going. I heard Blaine chuckling just before he hung up, and after staring at the phone I looked at the door of the Crystal Palace for a moment before starting the car and beginning the long drive home.

How Cara Learned to Stop Worrying Ch. 02

interracial phlight 2018-03-13

As I stepped out of the shower my answer to Evan's inevitable questions came to me -- I heard Keiji's voice telling me about Sachi's bad cough. He was here last night to rah-rah-rah for Hana in my place, but I'm taking these crazy pills for my cold and the bottle says you shouldn't drive and to be honest I feel like I could nod off any second. I'd like to actually see you a little bit this weekend, Shakespeare." When Evan's brow furrowed in response to my gentle chiding I held up both hands and backed away, laughing. The first time I did it gave me the reason to be at this school today." He stared at me like I was speaking in tongues.

Ashlee, JD, the Anniversary Dinner

interracial DrHuge 2018-03-01

And when Ashlee finally laid face-down on her bed and allowed JD to enter her from behind, moving his cock a tight, painful inch at a time up her asshole while she grabbed fists full of the sheet and buried her face in the pillow, an hour later, JD got his second white ass of the morning. Any threesome was enough to get him hard, even after a long morning with Ashlee, then Kelli, but the idea of having the competitive roommates, one blonde and one ginger, sharing his cock and working to satisfy him, was enough to drive him crazy. "Do what you want," Ashlee said, and just like that, JD's cock was in the hostess's mouth.

Obeying Master

interracial RUlookingup 2018-02-07

Petite Justine followed her large black Master into the supermarket wearing only a white blouse and red plaid skirt and high heels. Her boyfriend stood and watched as Justine ran her tongue along Patrick's shaft looking up into his beautiful brown eyes. She made love to Patrick's cock, never once looking to her boyfriend. As Patrick started to come, Justine stroked her hand along his shaft as she arched her head back with her mouth wide open. It started with Justine applying lubricant to his cock in long slow strokes, as the awe struck girls sheepishly watched. Justine loved obeying Master Patrick, it had been two full years since she met him and was always ready to serve his wishes.

Not What I'd Expected

interracial flcouple4yall 2018-01-15

This feels too good to worry about some nigger watching me finger fuck myself. Thank god...I don't want to know anything about you. Spread your legs know you want this. Yes, I want more you dumb shit!'s getting close...your first orgasm form someone's cock other than Jim's. He's really pounding you now girl, move with him, rub that clit against his pubic bone...feel that huge clack cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy. Grab his cock, pull it to your lips you fucking slut. I fucked my first black cock, that's what happened! What a stupid fucking thing to don't carry rubbers with you...and you know deep down inside you didn't want him to wear one anyway.