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Orgasmic Sex With Son And Ass Bang

interracial bava12 2018-11-12

His pre-cum was getting high and it was making more slippery in my hand so that i was enjoying rubbing his hard big wet slippery cock. Then he kissed my navel and belly and then as he moved i took his cock in my mouth and moved my tongue on it, licking his pre-cum. My pussy was now wet and after 10 min, i sucked his cock so hard taking it full in my mouth that Rahul made a loud sound and said i m going to cummm…. We were holding each other and he said u look so hot and wild with cum on ur face. He inserted his hard cock inside my pussy and poised for some seconds and then his hips started moving forward and backward.

Olya's Indian Adventure

interracial azzkikr2k 2018-02-26

Rahul couldn’t believe his luck; he secretly thanked the traffic that had held up his driver, without which he would not be here on the early hours of a warm January morning with his cock in the mouth of this beautiful Russian blonde. She felt his strong arms around her waist, and before she knew it, Rahul had twisted her upside down while standing up, so that her legs were d****d around and just dangling off his shoulders, her pussy was in his face, and her head was upside down next to his rock-hard cock. Olya had felt an initial stab of pain when Rahul’s cock entered his ass, but now the sensitive nerve endings of her ass were working overtime to send waves of pleasure through her body.