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A wedding surprise

interracial paulaoflondon 2018-06-23

It was in that position that I felt Dave firmly, and with great deliberation, place the flat of his hand firmly against the round cheek of my ass. Without any instruction from the photographer, Dave turned his feet slightly so that his cock was pressed directly against the cheeks of my ass. Dave reached his hands behind my hair and drew me towards his crotch, I could smell his man scents as his dick stretched my lips wide, and then he found the back of my throat in a single shove. Dave's fingers left me feeling empty, for all of five seconds before he spread my ass cheeks and shoved the first four inches of his cock into my pussy.

cuckold lifestyle70

interracial woreout 2018-06-22

I of course watched, just as she got to the chair at her dressing table she put her right leg on it and pulled her skirt up so she could adjust the black garters that came into view. I told my wife that I couldn't tell if she had an admirer, she glanched up and smiled she said he is looking then she spread her legs apart so he could see her panties. Just as I was coming out I noticed my wife standing at the door of the shoe store looking for me. As soon as the video started my wife pulled down her skirt and leaned on the wall and spread her legs.

Debbie at a College house party

interracial KingStoryTeller 2018-05-20

Debbie continued dancing with no shortage of will partners bumping grinding, shaking her assets occasionally making her skirt flip up a little revealing her sexy smoothing lightly tanned thighs and if positioned just right a nice view of her sexy black thong. Damon hands slid further up her thighs until he was softly rubbing on her smooth pussy through her thong, this caused Debbie to moan and kiss and suck on Damon's tongue a little more passion. Debbie enjoying her buzzing alcohol and horny fever lay back causing her skirt to ride up higher and to give Damon's hand easier access to her now wet pussy. Damon moved Debbie's thong over to slide a finger into her causing her to moan and bite her lips enjoying every movement.

hot s****r

interracial manaliheel 2018-04-25

I was just doing the final rinse of the sheet when Susan entered asking what I wanted for lunch, then noticing that I was trying to hide the horny pictures asked When she didn't pull away, I got bolder and slid my hand under her skirt and between her legs, as she spread them slightly, and cupped her pussy in my hand. I handed her the sheet of pictures and watched as she tore it into little pieces and slipped them into the pocket of her skirt before walking out. She encouraged me to stroke it faster and told me that she wanted to see me cum, as she slid her fingers onto her pussy and started masturbating.

A Night with Noopur Ch. 01

interracial Irish Moss 2018-04-21

As she started riding me harder and faster while moaning more continuously, I ran my hands around to her ass and watched her tits bouncing again. I started caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits and running my palms over her hard nipples before lowering my head to lick and suck her nipples. I wanted to be able to enjoy the feeling of sliding my cock in and out of her hot pussy for as long as possible but I also was hoping to provide her with another long, intense orgasm without too much delay. Cumming in her mouth had felt extraordinary but I was leaning more toward fucking her tits right up until I came, since that was feeling pretty amazing, too.

Neighbour Teen

interracial rollinger 2018-04-09

One day while trying to catch the two s****rs with my eyes bound, my hand accidentally brushed against Anitas soft breasts. She only laughed and wanted to go home.The next day to my great surprise she turned up on time, alone in a discarded school dress, a red skirt which was a good four inches above the knee and a white shirt with the school monogram . I parted the lapels of the shirt and for the first time the little soft breasts were exposed to my eyes. With my other hand I lifted her skirt up to her thighs and began caressing the inner soft part.

Halloween Horrors

interracial satinlvr_mwf 2018-02-13

I had to admit that the white satin blouse and black satin mini circle-skirt really made my 38C chest, and 26 inch waist look good, and I used the red satin cummerbund to set the two together. As I stood, Tony grabbed my wrist and started off, nearly dragging me away from Brian! Tony kept fondling and groping me under my skirt and through my costume, whispering that I was going to have a good time tonight, and that I wouldn’t forget it! Tony yelled back, “Not a chance!”, and to show what he meant, he pulled me closer, then lifted my arm as high as he could, then used his free hand to reach under my skirt and push his finger into me, fully!

Fucking The Black Gurl Next Door

interracial KingPE 2018-01-21

To my surprise and delight, Jessica lowered her hands and lifted up the hem of her skirt, giving me a good view of her bare upper thighs and her skimpy thong. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her beautiful thick African lips conscientiously kiss and suck the length of my rock hard cock. “Mmm, very tasty.” She said looking up at me, wiping her face with her hand and licking my sticky cum from her lips and fingers. I was already missing the sound of her cute Kenyan accent, the smell of her dark skin and the erotic expression on her pretty young African face as she gleefully climaxed on my hard cock.

Asain Ass That Teases

interracial runho99 2018-01-17

Her B cup breasts look so firm and ripe through the clothes she wears, and her legs and ass just cry out to be felt, licked, kissed, and loved against those skirts and jeans she wears. "Damn I want to fuck you so bad." She opened my pants and my hard wet dick sprang up in her face. She slipped my dick out of her mouth and said, "I want you to come all over my ass, white boy." I just nodded, the thought making my dick seem to get even harder. I stood up and pressed my dick hard against her ass and finished my wonderful orgasm, squeezing her tits and kissing the back of her neck the whole time.


interracial 2017-12-21

She pulled her long skirt up exposing her thighs and I felt that she did not have any panties on. My hands were deep between her legs as she squirmed to pull the skirt higher so she could open her legs. As she started to move away I said, "You're not going to stop now are you?" She just scooted closer to the end of the tailgate and said, "Fuck me." Her skirt was up and her pussy was wet and ready. She gave me a deep thank-you kiss and looked up in my eyes and said, "Somehow I knew I could depend on you." I told her she was good and I sure would love to have some more of her sweet ass.

I Adore You

interracial AlexandraRasputinES 2017-12-17

I laid Lexi on the carpeted floor of the office continuing to administer to her breasts while my right hand was lifting up her skirt fingers going right for her warm sopping cunt. "Baby you want to watch me suck black cock, don't you?" she teased. I want to watch them fuck your mouth, cunt and ass while you jerk off two more with your hands." I replied. Lexi was on fire and I was nearly read to cum especially as I imagined a black cock fucking her doggy style while she blew me. She started moving her hips backwards simulating fucking that imaginary black cock while sucking me deep in her mouth and looking past the open office door down the hallway wondering if someone was going to see her.


interracial 2017-12-17

He pulled up into a car park and switched the engine off and lent across kissed me pulled my blouse open taking most of the buttons onto the floor, he started to maul and bite my tits, and my skirt was round my waist as he was fingering me and I came and screamed as I did so. He slapped my arse a few times and told me to turn over, which I did and was still hard, he put my legs on his shoulders and started to fuck me again I was so wet and horny. I got into bed, after having had a shower, I counted four neck bites, five bits on each tit, my nipples rock hard and bites around my pussy.


interracial maxbrick 2017-11-17


wifes wrap around skirt

interracial 2017-11-09

Being a lovely warm evening, Beth just had a black into the taxi her wraparound skirt opened completely to must have seen her shaved pussy when her skirt opened. of men could see her bare breasts and one guy was breast as the guy who had opened her blouse, bent that the guy who was fingering her pussy had started to access to her pussy and I am sure he was finger-fucking started fingering her pussy as two others sucked on her fucking the slut.' He said as he opened the office door handkerchief from her cunt and watched the cum start to 'Our turn now!' said the black doorman as he got on the The black guy came in her pussy but

Convention Town Girl Part 4

interracial alex_wd 2017-10-12

Well, it was actually more like, "If it moves, fuck it." He knows only a little about some of those kinky times, so some of this may come as a shock. I had to raise my skirt many inches to get the hem over the neck of the bottle, just like the girl in the film, but not quite up to the goodies, so the audience couldn't see anything, just imagine it. I can feel the hard neck of the bottle right behind it, going in and out slowly. I looked right in his eyes and pulled up until the bottle left me with a little sucking pop sound.

Italian Delight Ch. 01

interracial chineez_gal 2017-10-04

My nipples were hard against the confinement of my bra, and I was still feeling the wetness of my pussy as I pondered on Ric's proposition during the journey home. He got onto the bed and started kissing me first on my lips and slowly down my already hard nipples and towards my soaking pussy. Ric looked deeply into my eyes and while holding my hands, told me that after he has fucked me good, I wouldn't want to make love to anyone else but him. My G-spot was being continuously caressed and I had a blinding orgasm as I felt juices trickling down from deep inside my pussy, wetting his entire palm.

Teachers' Convention

interracial dollarbill365 2017-09-13

I walked down to the Jitney bus stop and waited for the little bus. She asked if I was waiting for the jitney and I told her that I was. She told me that she had parked her car a few blocks away and could I walk her there for safety reasons. She told me her name was Sarah and she was a home economics teacher. I put my hand up her skirt and rubbed her thigh. She smiled and said, lets have that drink. Then I put my hands on her ass and pressed her against my growing cock. I said lets have a drink and get naked. Skirt, white panty hose and then the bra.

Donna! You wait for me, here, outside the Men'

interracial SissyCharlie 2017-08-23

We arrived at the party and You whispered to me, in my ear, to wait for You, here, outside the Men's bathroom, with my bare arms folded behind my lower back, looking down at the carpet, with my legs close together, just like Your Friends Submissive Girlfriends have to do, till You got done in there. I kept looking down at Your Man Hands on my boobies and I wouldn't move, from the Pleasure from my stinging nipples, as You Rubbed Up on my back side, in front of Your Friends. I'll rub Your Wet Cream onto my white cotton Hi Cut Hanes, size 10, granny panties, till my skirt is clean and dry, but Your Man-Scent will still waft around my body, when Men smile and step up close to me, when You are away, Please?

My secret fantasy

interracial lovebisex 2017-08-16

They then got up and sat me down in the chair that they had placed at the bottom of the bed and lightly tied my hands to the arms of the chair, they said to stop me touching my cock as they were the only ones allowed to touch it whilst we were together. So I am sat in this chair naked and sporting the biggest hard on that I have ever had the privilege of owning, when Nong took the lead and started to kiss Nina hard on the mouth, tongues and saliva all over their faces. Nong took charge this time and licked the head of my penis as Nina licked and sucked my balls and as they met half way they would kiss very passionately with both mouths firmly around my cock.

Black Neighbor

interracial 12pillzz 2017-08-11

To my surprise and delight, Jessica lowered her hands and lifted up the hem of her skirt, giving me a good view of her bare upper thighs and her skimpy thong. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched her beautiful thick African lips conscientiously kiss and suck the length of my rock hard cock. “Mmm, very tasty.” She said looking up at me, wiping her face with her hand and licking my sticky cum from her lips and fingers. I was already missing the sound of her cute Kenyan accent, the smell of her dark skin and the erotic expression on her pretty young African face as she gleefully climaxed on my hard cock.

A Work Party- Ch. 2

interracial satinlvr_mwf 2017-07-25

My motor has been running since I got home last night.” I didn’t say yes, but then, I didn’t say no, as he leaned forward, farther, and this time put his arm around me, and pulled me to him, the silky skirt making my body slide easily on the supple leather of the couch, and in an instant, I was leaning back into him. I don’t know, but Ron then stopped, and I whimpered, a feline growl escaping my throat as he pulled me to his lap, and then slid his arms under me, his legs drawing him forward as he then stood, carrying me in his arms, the long hem of my skirt falling in a sexy display of femininity conquered.

A Hair Affair

interracial Irish Moss 2017-07-18

She moaned softly as I fingered her hot, wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit as she ran her fingers through my freshly shorn hair. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I easily slipped a second finger into her, which caused her to let out a moan that could have easily been heard by anyone right outside the bathroom door. I ended up bringing my hands around to her ass, which I had only felt through her skirt, not only so that I could appreciate the feel of her smooth cheeks, but also so that I could pull her down as I started pushing up into her.

Before the Wedding

interracial mantis414 2017-06-16

She’d always chastised me because I wanted every girl I was with to dress-up for me and she’d never be caught dead in a skirt. I handed her the water I’d gotten and went to sit, but that’s when I noticed I was still in my boxers. In that same instant her hand dropped down, grabbing at my hard cock, freeing me from my boxers, her fingers wrapped around my shaft, tugging up and down, while we kissed. I feel weird about it when I see them together, but that’s not to say that if she showed up knocking on my door again frantically, I wouldn’t try to console her again.

Naughty Stewardess

interracial 2017-06-04

I had just slid the zipper when the door knocked, interrupting my sexual thoughts about the bed-knob, and a tad angered, I opened it, holding my skirt band together, to stop it dropping to my ankles, and there stood a young black guy, offering to turn my bed down. I looked out the door, left then right and turned to come back inside, to see him staring at me, holding my skirt together. he fumbled as he undressed and I began to hump air, my ass acting as if I were impaled on the bedpost, I had never known such heat and as I looked between my legs my inner thighs were flowing from my secretions, it looked as if I were urinating.