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Best Friend's Girl Part 3

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-06-26

Plus I know you have a thing for big boobs, and I got em," she said letting go of the steering wheel and giving her breasts a squeeze. "Beep that fucking horn, one more time," Andrea said getting out of the car and walking towards the back of the car. The bouncer shook his head then opened the rope letting the two of them inside.Once they got inside the club, Andrea and her cousin gave each a big hug. Maybe you can help him grow up and realize people eventually go their separate ways," Roxy said giving Andrea another hug. "One thing," Chris said as he nodded towards Martin. "You can stop now," Chris said as he started walking away.

When In Florence...

interracial Lauradj 2018-06-24

“That was a nightmare to get through customs,” Florence said, laughing as she came into the living room with the vase of flowers, which she placed in the centre of the small round dining table. They were both eighteen years old at the time and madly in love.” Florence smiled warmly and with longing, her brown eyes lit up when she spoke of her family. This became faster as she built up to an orgasm, and as it washed over her she opened her mouth and moaned audibly, clenching her muscles as I felt them spasm around me, but I stayed in the same position, hitting the same spots, moving inside Florence slowly and deeply.

Thomas meets Misty

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-06-18

She moaned softly as she felt his hands holding her ass and his mouth sucking her tongue hard. He began to slowly make love to her open warm pussy hole with his fingers, as he kissed her and pressed them inside her cunt as far as he could get them. He sucked and licked and finger fucked her pussy, as she held his head moaning and humping her body on his face. Thomas put his hands under her ass now and lifted her lower body up a he pumped into her with such desire, he wasn’t aware of how hard or fast he was ramming his cock into her.


interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-06-17

With closed eyes, leaning that perfectly shaped bald head back against the wall, he takes a long drag from his cigar and then slowly releases it, as if deep in thought. I want to give him the one thing I know he craves, that which allows him to be mine for just a moment, to see that look on his face and in his eyes. Each time the sex is over, when he slips from within me or his lips leave my skin and the cool air drifts in with a chill, when his eyes lose that wildness and that teasing easiness resumes its place, I feel a little part of myself dissipate.

Kendra's Way - Part I

interracial Bullwhip 2018-06-15

Clive shoved Daniel roughly onto the bed and began to undress, revealing the extremely well-muscled body of a man who worked hard to remain fit and strong. I want you to suck this motherfucker until your nose starts running." Clive was holding Daniel by both wrists now and was intimidating the smaller much weaker man, “Go ahead white boy, start sucking the big black dick like a little sissy bitch!" Clive relented and Daniel picked up his swelling penis with both hands and gently took the massive head into his mouth, swallowing his pride and any doubt that he would suck his first cock in an effort to help his wife become black pregnant.

Love Don't Run ch 3

interracial HisAngelBeauty 2018-06-12

Joy sucked his finger in her mouth as her tongue licked the tip tasting the slightly sweet and salty flavors not really sure she liked the taste, “Hmm you Joe,” she answered. Looking over at Joy laying on the bed her eyes still covered by the blindfold, her lower lip sucked deep in her mouth as his other hand continued to rub her wet slit. Then with Joe’s guidance, Joy laid her body over Joe’s muscular thighs and started to shake with anticipation as Joe placed his hand on the curve of her ass. Joy wanted to reach out and touch it with her fingers, but Joe left her hands tied behind her back.

Roommates With Benefits: Snowed In

interracial LadySharon 2018-06-11

Peeling off my panties and laying spread eagle on the bed, I placed the dildo at my opening and rubbed myself against the rigid toy. I shiver as I feel his thick head spread my labia open and then when he thrust sharply sending his length right deep inside of me, I moan out loud and wrap my legs around his waist. “Oh fuck Ebony girl, you’re always such a delight to screw… Mmmm.” Jayson moans as he pounds my sex, enjoying the squeezing of my walls around his girth. He pulls back a notch and then takes his body a little lower; I was still wondering what the hell he was up to when I began to feel the head of his penis rub me at a different angle inside.

Jacksonville Or Bust

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-06-04

"What part of fuck you, don't you understand?" Jessie said as he reached the bar. "Sorry Okay, things got a little out of hand," Jimmy said. "Okay, but this town is small, not like we wouldn't know what the other was doing," Jessie said. "Where the fuck do you think, you're going?" Jimmy said standing up from his chair. "Bye Jessie," Jimmy said his eyes were filled with tears. "Well look at you," the man behind the register said as Jessie put the two bottles of water down on the counter. "Well look what we got here," a truck skidded to a stop as she began to head for a motel off the interstate.

Roommates With Benefits: The Working Vacation

interracial LadySharon 2018-05-28

After the concert, I talked to more people and shot more pictures until it was time to meet Dante and Amber Lynn at the hotel bar. Dante and Amber Lynn came into the bar, and began to converse with Jayson and Justine. Sensing that I was about to come hard, Jayson tugged at my nipple piercings and Dante tongued my swollen clit harder and faster. Dante kissed me hard to counter the searing pain I felt from taking Jayson in my ass. Dante’s married, Jayson’s getting remarried in two weeks, Amber Lynn and Justine were glowing with excitement, and I’m without a fuck buddy, a fiancé, and a great friend.

Thomas meets Misty -part II

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-05-28

Within minutes of watching her head move up and down his cock and feeling her hand and mouth working hard on him, he knew he was going to cum. He smiled and then moaned as he felt her slowly lifted her pussy up his thick hard cock. He didn’t know if he wanted to shoot a load all over her tits and face, or do what she asked and put his cock inside her and cum in her pussy! They rolled over and she straddled his hips She sat up on him and he put his hands under his head and watched his beautiful dark skin woman begin to ride his cock and fuck him again!

The First One

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-05-24

The lovely young girl was struggling as a single mother, attempting to have a better life, trying to keep a decrepit car going and doing an excellent job of raising the sweetest little boy. “It really does look pitiful, but he loved it,” Simone was telling Frances. When Simone saw Gary with his little brother, she just looked at Frances, who was sticking closely to the rail, and simply shook her head. Gary and Simone set up the new tree and took out the decorations, laughing and flirting playfully. Gary knew his way around a woman’s body and he had Simone squirming, moving her hips into his mouth and moaning with pleasure.

Good Bye Promise Ch. 02

interracial RawAppetite 2018-04-29

I immediately looked at Tyler to see his reaction: a big, warm smile spreading across his face for a moment before he turned his attention to me to help me take off my coat. We know how you can't keep your hands off of each other, but at least tonight let's keep it minimal!" Lena was walking towards us, her tall frame almost reaching Tyler's six foot four height and towering over my small five foot three frame. Tyler and Erick gave each other a big hug before we walked towards the other guests and sat down, ready to order food and talk. But I won't be another forty-five minutes, okay babe?" Tyler said, looking at me. "You know, I hear that he wants to ask you to move in with him," Lena said, raising her eyebrows and smiling.

ABDC Ch. 09

interracial mercy2122 2018-04-26

I forgave him for playing the graduation pomp and circumstance during the "ceremony" in my living room and he forgave me for not actually knowing the Girl Scout code. "The judges have spoken." Art grabbed the bottle of vodka and poured two shots "AND you have to do a little dance while you take it, but that's just for me." I winked at him as smirked picking up both shots and began shaking his hips. I readied myself for whichever punishment I would get next, whether it was truth or dare, get real time means it has to be go hard or go home- wasted. I took my shot and slowly began to tell a truth I've wanted to say for a long time.

Ken Ch. 02

interracial Zariyi 2018-04-12

She could throw in some extensive hair washing as well, Kendra figured, because she had all the time, space and comfort she needs to be taking care of those disobedient curls of hers - the shower and bathroom's size was logically much more to her liking compared to that of her dorm. He was actually akin to Mike in mentality; he was poise and held an unbound state of mind, which made him likeable and approachable to people who just wanted to enjoy themselves, like Nick himself did. But I feel like going with you, because you know these people better than me, some of them went to your high school.

In Paradise Ch. 02

interracial Ashes1990 2018-04-11

Jennifer Harding and Dexter were point blank unaffected by each other, they were like the way fire and ice communicated. He looked at Jennifer, Charles, Dexter and a few others in the room, just the subordinates who proved useful from time to time when troubleshooting. He's not doing the shooting so he gets the pity, we have a relatively consequence free publicity wave for at least 3 months and as it dies down, Dexter allegedly dating A-listed Sophia Stone in their movie together Along the Pink Sand will bring him to new heights and close to cement his position in the A-List if he doesn't do anything to mess it up of course"

Melody's Day At The Office

interracial RobinTVDaniels 2018-03-31

He then sat down in his office chair in front of her and spread her sexy black pussy lips open to see the hot wet pink insides dripping with Melody's hot juices. They walked around the desk and Melody got on her knees and took Danny's hard dripping cock in her mouth and starting sucking on it. Danny knew he was getting close to cumming again and he pulled his cock out of Melody's sexy ass and slid it back into her dripping wet pussy. Melody walked back out to her office with a smile on her face and Danny sat back down at his desk equally pleased with his new secretary and with visions of future encounters in his head.

ABDC Ch. 12

interracial mercy2122 2018-03-27

Growing up her world revolved her children, she gave up her friends who couldn't handle her motherhood lifestyle, sacrificed higher paying jobs to be able to spend more time with us and attended every school event, meeting, and club we ever had. Plus I really don't feel like hearing you and Thomas debate football versus soccer again." "Listen I like the boy and all but he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about when it comes to sports. "Y'know soccer is played in every country in the world, football is only in America." Thomas continued the conversation, oblivious to the storm raging in my head. I'll never know if you really were going to tell me if I didn't find out, but I have to forgive you either way."

ABDC Ch. 10

interracial mercy2122 2018-03-11

Art was holding the party hostage to classic 90's music because "everyone loves the 90's", people were either dancing or reminiscing to their favorite song, but they weren't leaving. "If you ever want to end a party quietly, play crooning country love songs." Art mumbled as he adjusted his iPod on the stereo switching the fast paced dance music to a 'boots, babes, and bullshit' playlist. The slow country song oozing through the surround sound embraced us into an intimate moment, not realizing we both stopped talking a while ago and are now just gazing into each other's eyes. "I know you stash bottles of water by your bed like some weird little forest nymph." He looked up and I watched his eyes sweep my body, I had forgotten I was still indecent.

Rendezvous Ch. 02

interracial liljean 2018-03-05

And Violet..." Carlyle looks at her, she knows she looks like a deer caught in headlights, "He'll be working closely with you on the Tri-Gear/Swisz Athletics merger since one of the companies is Swiss owned and we need his international law expertise." She can feel her eyes visibly expand into saucers. She sits behind her desk and thinks, "what am I going to do, I have to work with this man." Pam walks in with Violet's legal secretary and part time drag queen, Leonard toddling behind. So I went into the Borders to..." Violet sighs, this is so embarrassing, "...pick up some books on sex." Pam doubles over with laughter, Leonard laughs so hard he spits out most of his drink, Nedra just chuckles and shakes her head.

Carolyn and John Ch. 01

interracial JohnFranks 2018-03-01

We sat on the blanket, me in my boxers, her in a pair of skimpy white cotton panties, and began to stroke each other gently, her fingers combing through my chest hair, me stroking her arms, neck, hair, and then cradling and caressing her full breasts in my hands, rolling the hard little nipples between thumb and finger. For a moment I looked down on her, feasting my eyes on her brown body, the black pubic hair short and wiry and neatly trimmed to a small triangle, her pussy damp and open, pink showing through the swollen brown lips, then I slid down beside her and gave her clitoris a few last gentle caresses as she stroked my swollen cock between her fingers.

Dana's Leak

interracial justboycrazy 2018-02-27

Dana Stevenson, a fresh-from-a-divorce Black woman, stood by the kitchen sink as she called a plumber because the pipes were leaking. Once Peter started working on the kitchen sink, Dana began working on her project in the home office. Peter then got up and said, "Miss Stevenson, you're sink is officially fixed.Wanna check it out?" As they finished quenching their thirst, Peter then made the first move by taking Dana's hand and kissed it. As soon as they entered the bedroom, Peter gently lowered the straps of her long, white satin-and-lace gown while he kissed her neck. After that, he deeply kissed her lips and said, "Miss Stevenson, thanks for letting fix your plumbing, among other things.

In Paradise Ch. 04

interracial Ashes1990 2018-02-25

My body had thought of betraying me as soon as I felt the electricity he had started but as he brought his hand up closer and closer, I began to see the few instances of people who stared at me with envy. The sand would feel like a million tiny granules of sugar as I weaved my toes through it and I suddenly was hit with the realization that my friends wouldn't know where I ran off too so I had reluctantly sat up and began to return. In some occasions I'd get his head but it had done nothing, every muscle in his body was stronger than my legs combined and my squeezing thighs simply kept his face where it wanted to be in the first place.

In Paradise Ch. 01

interracial Ashes1990 2018-02-24

"I could have sworn I crushed you in the sand" he finished as he began to kneel in closer inspecting my head for cuts and bruises. He began with a few stretches here or there and started jogging on the farthest part away from the dry sand on the beach where most of the people laid soaking in the sun. Her smile had him lost for words, how it danced on her face like faeries in the spring, almost touching her doe eyes that had more depth to them than the deepest ocean. He kneeled in closer inspecting her head for cuts and bruises, but in reality was looking for the right moment to hold her head in his palm and claim her lips as his own.

ABDC Ch. 05

interracial mercy2122 2018-02-21

In the early morning hours when Tony and Nicky were still passed out from the previous night adventures, I would lay on the sofa and watch D as he'd rise for his daily wake and bake. "I can help you if you want?" A familiar voice spoke up "you know if you want to finish it tonight, I'm pretty good with literature and I can edit the hell out of a paper." Hearing D's voice sent a familiar tingle down my spine. "I don't intend on suffering, I'm sure we can knock this paper out, two heads are better than one." Before I had a chance for a second rebuttal D was tossing Tony the keys to the car and simultaneously grabbing my hand walking towards my apartment.