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interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-12-03

With closed eyes, leaning that perfectly shaped bald head back against the wall, he takes a long drag from his cigar and then slowly releases it, as if deep in thought. I want to give him the one thing I know he craves, that which allows him to be mine for just a moment, to see that look on his face and in his eyes. Each time the sex is over, when he slips from within me or his lips leave my skin and the cool air drifts in with a chill, when his eyes lose that wildness and that teasing easiness resumes its place, I feel a little part of myself dissipate.

Jacksonville Or Bust

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-28

"What part of fuck you, don't you understand?" Jessie said as he reached the bar. "Sorry Okay, things got a little out of hand," Jimmy said. "Okay, but this town is small, not like we wouldn't know what the other was doing," Jessie said. "Where the fuck do you think, you're going?" Jimmy said standing up from his chair. "Bye Jessie," Jimmy said his eyes were filled with tears. "Well look at you," the man behind the register said as Jessie put the two bottles of water down on the counter. "Well look what we got here," a truck skidded to a stop as she began to head for a motel off the interstate.

When In Florence...

interracial Lauradj 2018-11-27

“That was a nightmare to get through customs,” Florence said, laughing as she came into the living room with the vase of flowers, which she placed in the centre of the small round dining table. They were both eighteen years old at the time and madly in love.” Florence smiled warmly and with longing, her brown eyes lit up when she spoke of her family. This became faster as she built up to an orgasm, and as it washed over her she opened her mouth and moaned audibly, clenching her muscles as I felt them spasm around me, but I stayed in the same position, hitting the same spots, moving inside Florence slowly and deeply.

Thomas meets Misty -part II

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-11-27

Within minutes of watching her head move up and down his cock and feeling her hand and mouth working hard on him, he knew he was going to cum. He smiled and then moaned as he felt her slowly lifted her pussy up his thick hard cock. He didn’t know if he wanted to shoot a load all over her tits and face, or do what she asked and put his cock inside her and cum in her pussy! They rolled over and she straddled his hips She sat up on him and he put his hands under his head and watched his beautiful dark skin woman begin to ride his cock and fuck him again!

The First One

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-11-17

The lovely young girl was struggling as a single mother, attempting to have a better life, trying to keep a decrepit car going and doing an excellent job of raising the sweetest little boy. “It really does look pitiful, but he loved it,” Simone was telling Frances. When Simone saw Gary with his little brother, she just looked at Frances, who was sticking closely to the rail, and simply shook her head. Gary and Simone set up the new tree and took out the decorations, laughing and flirting playfully. Gary knew his way around a woman’s body and he had Simone squirming, moving her hips into his mouth and moaning with pleasure.

Kendra's Way - Part I

interracial Bullwhip 2018-11-11

Clive shoved Daniel roughly onto the bed and began to undress, revealing the extremely well-muscled body of a man who worked hard to remain fit and strong. I want you to suck this motherfucker until your nose starts running." Clive was holding Daniel by both wrists now and was intimidating the smaller much weaker man, “Go ahead white boy, start sucking the big black dick like a little sissy bitch!" Clive relented and Daniel picked up his swelling penis with both hands and gently took the massive head into his mouth, swallowing his pride and any doubt that he would suck his first cock in an effort to help his wife become black pregnant.

Love Don't Run ch 3

interracial HisAngelBeauty 2018-11-11

Joy sucked his finger in her mouth as her tongue licked the tip tasting the slightly sweet and salty flavors not really sure she liked the taste, “Hmm you Joe,” she answered. Looking over at Joy laying on the bed her eyes still covered by the blindfold, her lower lip sucked deep in her mouth as his other hand continued to rub her wet slit. Then with Joe’s guidance, Joy laid her body over Joe’s muscular thighs and started to shake with anticipation as Joe placed his hand on the curve of her ass. Joy wanted to reach out and touch it with her fingers, but Joe left her hands tied behind her back.

Thomas meets Misty

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-11-10

She moaned softly as she felt his hands holding her ass and his mouth sucking her tongue hard. He began to slowly make love to her open warm pussy hole with his fingers, as he kissed her and pressed them inside her cunt as far as he could get them. He sucked and licked and finger fucked her pussy, as she held his head moaning and humping her body on his face. Thomas put his hands under her ass now and lifted her lower body up a he pumped into her with such desire, he wasn’t aware of how hard or fast he was ramming his cock into her.

Best Friend's Girl Part 3

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-11-09

Plus I know you have a thing for big boobs, and I got em," she said letting go of the steering wheel and giving her breasts a squeeze. "Beep that fucking horn, one more time," Andrea said getting out of the car and walking towards the back of the car. The bouncer shook his head then opened the rope letting the two of them inside.Once they got inside the club, Andrea and her cousin gave each a big hug. Maybe you can help him grow up and realize people eventually go their separate ways," Roxy said giving Andrea another hug. "One thing," Chris said as he nodded towards Martin. "You can stop now," Chris said as he started walking away.

Roommates With Benefits: Snowed In

interracial LadySharon 2018-11-03

Peeling off my panties and laying spread eagle on the bed, I placed the dildo at my opening and rubbed myself against the rigid toy. I shiver as I feel his thick head spread my labia open and then when he thrust sharply sending his length right deep inside of me, I moan out loud and wrap my legs around his waist. “Oh fuck Ebony girl, you’re always such a delight to screw… Mmmm.” Jayson moans as he pounds my sex, enjoying the squeezing of my walls around his girth. He pulls back a notch and then takes his body a little lower; I was still wondering what the hell he was up to when I began to feel the head of his penis rub me at a different angle inside.

Roommates With Benefits: The Working Vacation

interracial LadySharon 2018-10-30

After the concert, I talked to more people and shot more pictures until it was time to meet Dante and Amber Lynn at the hotel bar. Dante and Amber Lynn came into the bar, and began to converse with Jayson and Justine. Sensing that I was about to come hard, Jayson tugged at my nipple piercings and Dante tongued my swollen clit harder and faster. Dante kissed me hard to counter the searing pain I felt from taking Jayson in my ass. Dante’s married, Jayson’s getting remarried in two weeks, Amber Lynn and Justine were glowing with excitement, and I’m without a fuck buddy, a fiancé, and a great friend.

Expectations Ch. 02

interracial LiquidFyre 2018-10-04

Brian looked at Aisha for a moment before shaking his head and walking into the house. He looked at Aisha and for a moment considered waving Marnie and Brian away, taking Aisha into the bedroom and loving her until she purred. As Aisha was pulling away from the hotel in her taxi, Ewan and a strikingly beautiful woman stepped out of a car and headed into the lobby of the hotel to wait or the rest of the wedding party. Ewan returned to his bedroom and stripped all his clothes off, turning back the covers, he slid into bed, curving around Aisha and pulling her tight against him. Ewan rocked his hips, his cock filling her and Aisha wrapped her legs around him, meeting his thrusts, over and over.

Crazy Friendship

interracial Czyswt1 2018-10-04

You are just too damn stubborn to realize that right now," Mike stated, finally letting go of Meka's arm and walking into his office. I just want to know why you always take care of me and don't just leave me where I am at all times," Mike asked, while inching closer to Meka, making her back into the wall. I can think of a few ways you can help me out right now," Mike stated as he put his arms around Meka and pulled her even closer to him, so he could feel the full length of her body, molded to his. Mike started to whisper in Meka's ear saying "The thing is, would you honestly help me out in every way or are you just saying it, 'cause it makes me feel better?

ABDC Ch. 11

interracial mercy2122 2018-10-02

After a few slaps and cathartic talks we decided the final thing I needed to clear my head was a ride on the Ferris wheel. "There he is" I turn Tamberlyn around to watch as this [person] strides through the crowd with his acoustic guitar crooning his version of Miguel's 'Sure Thing' to passersbys. "Nonsense, I said I'd take you and I keep my word." He smiled as he took my hand and ushered me into the empty Ferris wheel seat. "Ah so this is like a routine then-" I chuckle as the grey in his eyes become brighter "You serenade girls, stalk them and get them alone on the Ferris wheel." I wasn't sure if it was for watching his guitar or stopping the Ferris wheel, maybe both.

Chelsea Ch. 03

interracial evil_in_the_flesh 2018-09-23

"Hmmm!" moaned Dave, as he felt his cock growing hard again from watching Chelsea's gigantic breasts sway back and forth while she bended over. Dave kissed Chelsea's thighs before standing up and leveling his big hard cock at her pussy entrance. Both of her legs were now on Dave's shoulders and Dave's hands gripped tightly onto Chelsea's large jiggling asscheeks and squeezed them as he drilled his cock in her pussy. Dave pulled and sucked on Chelsea's hard nipples as he pushed his cock as deep as it could go inside her swollen cunt. "Ohhhhhh!!" moaned Chelsea as she hit her climax and her creamy cum blasted around Dave's thrusting cock and out from her cuntlips. "Oh god!" moaned Dave as he buried his sweaty face between Chelsea's big 34JJ's and began sucking on them.

Danielle and David

interracial vickivale 2018-09-12

I watched the commercial and decided to give it a try; I walked over to my purse on the kitchen table to get my cell phone out and pressed the numbers. "Aw hell I'm bored." I said to myself and walked over to the table and picked up my cell phone, this time I pressed send. Then the recorded voice said "If you like to talk to this caller, press 1 to send then a request for live conversation, press 2 to just send them a flirty message. I wanted to know what he looked like when he would chuckle after I said something funny. If David was in the place, he knows there is a Danielle there and could get a good look at me while I would still be at a loss.

Melody's Day At The Office

interracial RobinTVDaniels 2018-09-09

He then sat down in his office chair in front of her and spread her sexy black pussy lips open to see the hot wet pink insides dripping with Melody's hot juices. They walked around the desk and Melody got on her knees and took Danny's hard dripping cock in her mouth and starting sucking on it. Danny knew he was getting close to cumming again and he pulled his cock out of Melody's sexy ass and slid it back into her dripping wet pussy. Melody walked back out to her office with a smile on her face and Danny sat back down at his desk equally pleased with his new secretary and with visions of future encounters in his head.

NBWO - 10 Phases

interracial iceubmit 2018-08-29

These are the 10 phases of BIG BLACK DICK addiction that every white male goes through once he discovers the power of the BIG BLACK DICK. Check out these phases and you will see exactly what the Power of the BIG BLACK DICK will do to you if it hasn’t done it already! I’m completely obsessed with BIG BLACK DICK interracial porn. It’s incredible how much these women love BIG BLACK DICK! I love it so much that I’m even more attracted to the BIG BLACK DICKS than I am to the women serving them. The Beautiful BIG BLACK DICKS and the entire BLACK MALE body are the most perfect, powerful, and superior things in the world.

Late Night at the Office

interracial Cassie864 2018-08-13

We would talk during work, and I would notice him looking intently at my full lips, probably imaging how good they would feel around his thick white cock. The thought of fucking my boss was naughty and illicit I would start to get wet just imaging Carlos taking me roughly on his desk. My breasts were perfectly positioned in front of his face, and Carlos wasted no time cupping my tits and then slowly using his tongue to draw circles around my right nipple, then left. He pulled my hair as he started really pounding my wet snatch, I could feel the orgasm build up in me, I was so fucking turned on.

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 03

interracial liljean 2018-08-12

"We have to depart Doug," she said looking around at the girls at the table, Zoe immediately got up gathering her things, "I'm rather tired myself and need to get some rest." Naomi turned to her sister and trained her glare on her, "He wasn't asking you Zoe," she turned back to Doug and said, "yes, they sounds great. After the kiss, Naomi was little shaky on her legs and Doug looked liked he wanted to rip her clothes off and have sex with her in the middle of the square. "Naomi, would you like for me to take you back to your hotel and we'll just see each other tomorrow." Doug thought if he didn't get her away from him right now, he was going to lose his mind.

ABDC Ch. 06

interracial mercy2122 2018-08-08

We have the same cafe-au lait skin and chestnut eyes, but the Italian heritage my mother passed onto us is definitely more evident through the guys. As I looked upon my mother's face of concern I noticed the gray creeping through her curly black hair, and the wrinkles aging her peaches and cream skin. "I know it has something to do with that boy that Nicky and Tony hang out with. "Thank you for the advice mama," I took her hand "just try not to worry too much, I am my mother's daughter and you are the strongest woman I know."

Isolated Love

interracial GiveMeLove 2018-08-08

Ina watched as Arabeth changed into her work clothes and chewed on her lip as she debated on whether or not to say what was on her mind. Arabeth, who was about to slide on her pants paused and threw Ina a look that said 'if you say one more word, I swear to God I'll kill you'. And since you're always doing things your way without thinking about it, I'll call you that." Grayson thought it was cool that his best friend had learned a word and given him a nickname, but then it became somewhat of a stigma. " or "See, this is why I tell, Rash." Over time, Grayson had mentioned to Alex about how stupid he felt the nickname was, but Alex never let up.

Good Grief Ch. 05

interracial partial2passion 2018-07-30

Antonio kissed the back of Sienna's hand and said, "You are exquisite madam. When Antonio wouldn't let go of her hand, Jason said, "Alright, alright enough with the touching, old man. Jason led Sienna to their seat by placing his large protective hand on the small of her back. There was a note attached to the box that said "Enjoy!" Sienna figured that was what Antonio and Jason were whispering about in the restaurant. Sienna felt Jason's hard muscles and dick on her back and let out a whimper. Jason took his time licking and sucking the dessert off of Sienna's body with his warm meaty tongue. Jason and Sienna groaned together as her pussy suctioned his dick in, finally sliding it home.

Danielle and David Ch. 02

interracial vickivale 2018-07-28

Peter reached across the table slightly touching my hand, most likely sensing my emotional breakdown, and said, "If it helps, I really enjoyed talking to you and would love to do it again." Peter and I had started talking more and meeting at Starbucks once a week until one night he asked me if I would like to go get something to eat after our Starbucks rendezvous. Peter looked at me and smiled, "You know people say I look like a nerdy Adam." He said with a bit of pride. I was so wound up at this point, that she barely even registered that Peter had started lightly rubbing my thigh, causing my skirt to raise more.