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Erotic Interracial stories

A large collection of sex stories about mixed race sex with black, Asian, Indian, Caucasian, and others.

My San Francisco Treat, Chapter 2

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-01-14

I gave her four good swats, two on each cheek alternating and she wriggled her ass and moaned a little louder. It was as deep and tight as any pussy, and I fucked her up her cleavage like that for some time. I told Kiyomi that I wanted to fuck her tight ass, that I wanted to cum in her ass this time. With a mutual scream of pleasure, we both erupted at the same time, my hot seed filling her ass and her pussy spewing its own juices out onto the already soaked bed. But like the trooper she was, she pulled herself around to suck the last cum from my cock, tasting her own ass as well but leaving me spotlessly clean.

Candy Ch. 01

interracial Karenkay 2018-01-14

David built a nice little wooden patio right smack in the center of the back yard so Candy could sit and lay in privacy in her bikini on those hot summer sunshiny days. Candy learned of David's fetish while they discussed the men that drooled over her body during their intimate evenings. It seemed more lately that David would only obtain an erection when she started talking about her making love to black men. Candy turned over in the lounger pulling her bikini bottom down to expose her lovely little round ass to the sun. Ginger went on to explain on the site how her husband fantasized about seeing her make love to a black man.

Calling My Bluff

interracial EroticCop 2018-01-14

I don’t know how to start so I’m just going to lay it out and be honest--I’ve got to have you. “Yeah, prove it.” I drove out of the parking lot and headed back to my apartment by Midway Airport. As I tongued her finger clean, my free hand slipped down to her pussy and I pulled the moist panties aside. Her pussy was even more swollen and wet by the time we got to my place. I licked her neck and let my hands glide down her stomach, over her pussy, onto her thighs. Her lips parted and she licked the head of my cock. She worked my length with her hands and her lips.

A Very Lebanese New Year!

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

As for myself, people often think I'm either totally Arab or Hispanic, but I remind them that my mother is of partial African descent. I was twirling a copy of the Andromeda Season One DVD in my hand, and smiled innocently at the tall, broad-shouldered young Black man who was eyeballing me. Eugene Bertrand asked me where I was from, and I told him I came from two places, Senegal and Lebanon. Arab father and Black mother, that's the magic combination which brought me into this world, read it and weep. I told Eugene that I was a Criminology major at Carleton University and asked him what brought him from the beautiful City of Montreal to the dull little hamlet of Ottawa.


Housewife Fantasy

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-01-14

Devon took the glass out of my hand we kissed and circled his big arms around me as I held his shoulders. Devon slipped his thong down his legs and stepped out from under the little thing as he kissed my neck and backed me toward the kitchen table and quickly lifted me up and put me on the edge. A few moments later, Devon was licking my pussy and dropped my legs over his big shoulders as I put my fingers near his forehead. He kissed my legs as I reached out and held his hands as he kept pumping that big black cock inside my belly.

Quick Flash - I May Need To Get Another Job Part 2

interracial AJQuick 2018-01-14

I then took a step back and grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both hands, I pulled it up slowly, and then I grabbed the bottom of my bra, and pulled it up over my breasts, letting them fall free, exposing them to Jamal. Jamal shook his head slowly and pulled the front of his jeans open with his left thumb, and with his right hand he pulled out his hard, black cock. I know because I reached between my legs with my left hand and slowly rubbed my pussy as I sucked on that massive cock. My orgasm quickly approached, but I ached so bad for Jamal’s cock that I pushed two fingers inside of my soaking wet pussy and started to fuck myself.

Biracial Prince of Coral Gables

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

Jayson identified as biracial while attending private school, but while at Florida A & M University, he fully embraced his identity as a black man. I live two blocks away, I used to babysit you way back when," said the curvy, blonde-haired, thirty-something woman who stood at the door, a bright smile on her lovely face. Jocelyn Stein, a statuesque five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with blonde hair and green eyes has always been known as the Temptress of South Coral Gables. As Jocelyn sucked his dick and fingered his ass, Jay thought of times not too long ago when he and Cecilia got kinky. Jocelyn smiled at him, and then got on all fours, shaking her thick white ass at him like a pendulum of temptation.

My 30th Birthday pt 2

interracial NastyDog 2018-01-14

His sweat covered my hands, as my own sweat began began to trickle from my inner thighs. Closing my eyes, I pictured him placing his cock in my tiny mouth, and then fully taking me with his big black tool. "Have you ever taken a cock this big" my ebony dancer asked as he worked his black tool towards my mouth? "What, you think you want to do more than just suck on these big black dicks" he asked me while  pressing his swollen head against my wet entry hole. I leaned forward wrapping my hands around his neck and started pumping my wanting to fuck pussy up and down his long thick black dick, while his hand were holding my ass cheeks apart.

The Inner Sanctum

interracial rafael 2018-01-14

She was small and very delicate looking, more like a schoolgirl than a twenty year old woman, with long golden hair half way down her back, large brown eyes and a smile that could make a man incorrect in believing he was her special one. Jennie unbuttoned her blouse baring naked breasts to the hot woodland air and looked away up to the dark sky through the branches. In his passion he had taken Jennie to the ground and was kissing and touching her as they writhed on the mossy patch, feeling with his strong hands the soft feminine form of the petite white woman, her bottom, legs and breasts.

82% love

A Lebanese Christian Princess

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

When Canada held a referendum on same-sex marriage, Imam Ahmed Al-Sharif surprised many Muslims by supporting the right of gays and lesbians to marry. Confronting his detractors, Imam Ahmed pointed out to them that a certain Italian church allowed Muslims to use its building on Friday nights while they went looking for a place to build their own mosque. Imam Ahmed Al-Sharif finished his evening prayer, and nodded respectfully to the men and women praying in his Mosque. Imam Ahmed Al-Sharif thought about his darling wife Jennifer Suleiman. The Powers That Be in the Muslim world didn't want progressive men like Imam Ahmed Al-Sharif to change the Muslim faith.


Black Women Cuckolding Black Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

The macho Jamaican dude would tie me up and then fuck me up the ass after making me suck his dick. Conroy is sitting there naked, stroking his big ole White dick while watching me fuck Khalid Hussein up his tight Black ass. I finger my pussy as I watch Khalid on his knees, sucking on Conroy's dick. I looked at the tall Somali dude and told him I was going to fuck Conroy in front of him. Conroy fucked me good, thrusting his short but thick White dick deep into my cunt. Conroy licked my tits while fucking me, and Khalid gave my big butt a good spanking even as his long dick filled my asshole.



interracial luxerotica 2018-01-14

He only looks up the prices on the internet to determine how much its value is!” “That vintage of Pomerol goes at about $1000 us, if I’m not mistaken.” “How do you know so much about wine?” “I’ve spent a lot of time with Milos !” We both laughed and Helena touched my hand. “You hold the car and I will meet you there with the wine.” “Deal.” I opened the bottle of wine as Helena readied the glasses placing them on the coffee table in the living room area of the suite. “I want to see you stroke it Preston .” I stood up from the chair, peeled my Armani Exchange boxer-briefs off sat back down, legs spread, robe open and continued stroking my stiff nice inch dick.

Muslim Lesbians of Albania

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

I continued licking the hell out of her sweet-tasting ass, and got a pleasant surprise when Kendra leaned over and started rubbing my pussy. We got it on in our room at the Quality Hotel downtown, and I swear, Samira's shrill screams during that memorable ass-fucking session still echo in my mind to this day. When Kendra Jones hot pussy squirted delicious girly cum all over my face, I welcomed it and delighted in the way my sweetie tastes. I was mad at Kendra Jones for a long time but she explained to me that until she graduated from Humber College and got herself a job, coming out to her conservative Jamaican family was not an option.


Getting Away

interracial xhardx13 2018-01-14

Nancy sat on my lap and gave me a little peck on the cheek, saying, "That's sweet of you, Jim, but I can't walk around nude with lots of people looking at me." Clarissa moved the camera closer to show Logan's cream covered cock as he pulled out from my wife's pussy. Nancy said she had always fantasized about having sex with a black man, and Logan told her how nice it is fucking white pussy. What they wanted was to video us having sex, so Logan said to me, "You are the stud tonight and Nancy is your whore. It was a good angle to film Logan when he swung around and savagely drove his cock into Nancy's cum filled pussy.

The Morning After

interracial Lonelymommy 2018-01-14

For Haley, it had been a moment of reawakening, a renewal of the satisfaction that she craved as a woman, Anthony had taken her in ways that now other lover had ever done. Slowly Haley took more and more of him into her mouth, allowing him to slip in and out with little resistance. In response to her efforts, Anthony began to caress Haley's shapely ass. As Haley parted her legs for him, Anthony gently moistened a finger with the juices that once again flowed freely from her pussy. Haley continued to suck his huge cock, combining her oral efforts with the pumping of her hand. For the first time Haley felt a finger slide up her ass.

From Persia With Love

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

"Excuse me lady, are you from Ottawa?" I asked her sexiness when I saw her standing in line at Manchu Wok. The pretty-faced, dark-haired young woman looked me up and down, and smiled hesitantly. "There, we're on time, just like I knew we would be," I said smugly, and Farzana shot me a look as we strolled into the Accounting For Business class near the Transportation Technology Center. "Looks like it, Mr. Chan," I said with a shrug, and told him that Farzana was at work. Looking into Farzana's lovely eyes, watching her hesitant smile, I kissed a path from her breasts to her slightly rounded belly, and finally buried my face between her legs.


My Big Black Cock Slut Adventure - Part 2

interracial Kee 2018-01-14

The sex was becoming even better, if that was possible, as we learned more about each others little likes, dislikes, kinks, special sensitive places and personal feelings. Come here and let me hold you.” He picked me up and spun me around, stopping and then standing behind me so he could get a good feel of my boobs and rub my nips a bit. I locked my legs around him and we held each other in tight and quiet appreciation of what we had found in each other; both giving little caresses on our cheeks until we worked around to a full mouth, long deep kiss. “As much as I want to stay right here, we need to go see how Sara is doing and if I can hold it, I am going to feed her our combined cum juice.”

Lebanese Christian Dominatrix

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

It's a good thing the public library doesn't have cameras, I thought to myself as I greedily sucked on Steve Armand's dick in the basement. I feel Steve's dick shudder and I know that the Haitian stud is about to cum. Moments later Steve's knees buckle and he shouts as he finally does cum, shooting his load all over my face. Steve sticks his tongue into my cunt and works his fingers inside of me, causing me to moan in pleasure. Like a madwoman I howl as Steve inserts a fourth finger inside my pussy, followed by a fifth, and begins fisting me in earnest. It doesn't take Steve long to cum again and he shoots his second load deep inside my cunt.


Black Guy/White Girl: South Africa

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

There is a growing class of wealthy Black men and rich Black females in the big cities of South Africa and many of these wealthy Black men and Black women want a taste of white female booty. The President and Chief Financial Officer of the Manelesi International Banking Corporation of Metropolitan Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. I gently begin making love with Mr. Bonginkosi, and I thank my lucky stars that I landed a client like him. I was walking through Pretoria when I saw a trio of young white men attacking a well-dressed Black man. The three white men saw me, laughed, and continued beating on the Black guy.


Muslim Lesbians Of Saudi Arabia

interracial Samuelx 2018-01-14

"Fuck it Stephanie, you're so damn tight," Afaf said to me, a wicked grin on her pretty face, as she laid me on her bed, stark naked, in the master bedroom of her Bronson Avenue apartment. "Fuck it, you're in my sweet spot," I all but cried out, as Afaf teased the hell out of my clit with her tongue, stabbing at it like a little spear, while her sleek fingers slid into my core, causing me to moan and writhe in pleasure. "Stephanie, you're a cool chick, I'd like us to be friends, even if we don't sleep together again," Afaf said, and I nodded, even though I knew I definitely wanted to hook up with her again.


Taking One For The Team

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-01-14

Slowly her mouth opened. I moaned deeply as she slid her mouth over and down my dick. Slowly her head went back and forth. Both of us were moaning. I was so glad the room was sound proof. She began to go faster. “You like sucking dick, don't you!” I said down to her. I watched my boss suck my dick, like it was the last one on the planet. She took it out of her mouth and began to give me a hand job, as she licked and sucked on my balls. Sucking your black dick?” she said looking up at me. I nodded and held the back of the chair as I began fucking her huge tits. She kept them clamped around my dick.

Benefits to Breaking Down in a Storm

interracial storyo 2018-01-14

He woke up shortly after falling asleep, freezing. He almost jumped when he heard the high pitched voice. "Hey boy, whatch'all doin in there? "Uhh, no. "Whatchyou gon' do? You freeze." "You ain't gon' be OK out here tonight. It be gettin down below zero tonight. I can't afford a motel room." "Who say anyting bout a motel? "I don't have much money to pay you, but I'll give you what I can." "Keep your money. "Boy...You cute as a muthafucka. We'll think of somethin." "You all about dumb ain't you?" "I guess not." She turned heading into the living room. "Uhh..Sure. "What you think of that?" "I'm gon take real good care of you baby." "Take your clothes off sugar.

Mandy Ch. 04

interracial Karenkay 2018-01-14

Mandy stood and watched the couple talk and saw Abu's sister reach out and place her hand on her husband's shoulder for some reason as she said. Mandy than started to kiss her way down his body leaving little kisses along his chest than his belly until she reached his pubic hair and took hold of his cock in her tiny hand and placed a gentle kiss on the large mushroom head. Abu shot his seed deep inside Mandy's belly as he held his hands under her ass cheeks and held her tight against his cock making sure none of his potent black seed escaped her pussy.


Hershey’s Kisses

interracial Buz 2018-01-14

She pulled her suit jacket off and tossed it over on his desk before she stretched out her hand to his head and tussled his short curly red hair. Hershey grabbed Nathan by the tie, pulling him up from his chair and led him to the office couch. Hershey kept her eyes peeled on his and her head continued to bob up and down as he watched his throbbing cock slide in and out of her mouth. She squinted her eyes angrily at the two of them still lying on the couch, cum on Hershey’s face and hair, one hand still wrapped around Nathan’s cock which was just beginning to go flaccid.