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Erotic Interracial stories

A large collection of sex stories about mixed race sex with black, Asian, Indian, Caucasian, and others.

Sucking Mexican Cock in a Pickup Truck

interracial edlangston 2018-06-27

He is a 43 year old, married Mexican man and said that he wasn’t getting enough sex at home and would like a good blowjob from an older white cock sucker who would worship his cock and swallow his semen. He said that he just loved to fuck a white mouth, and watch a cock sucker suck and struggle to swallow when he filled their mouth with his big cum loads. I kept sucking his cock even after the flow of cum stopped and he started to soften, Angel looked back at Tony again and said, “Fuck man, this cock sucker can’t seem to get enough.

Doing More then the Job Description

interracial lovelyvampire 2018-06-27

I kind of doubt that.” He continued, “So go home, talk it over, and then just let me know.” He smiled at me, that smile that made my insides quiver, and then reached over and kissed my cheek. Right now, what I do know is that I want to be fucked.” My pussy was soaking wet, my clit had a gentle throb to it, and my nipples were hard as rocks, and sensitive as ever underneath the fabric of my bra. “Not completely, but he told me he’s above average, and if I may be blunt, he’s more than likely going to be large anyways, and he will fuck your ass like it’s actually his.

Good Sam's Reward

interracial Luckymann 2018-06-27

The next time I moved to kiss her cheek, Jay turned her head and our lips met. Firmly massaging her tits and gently pinching their hard nipples, brought moans and groans from Jay. When I sucked her right nipple into my mouth and tongued it, she arched her back as if to offer me more of her tender flesh. Jay gasped as my cock’s head spread her nether lips and slipped into the entrance to her pussy. If you’re sure.” I continued my shallow strokes trying to get Jay as hot and horny as possible before taking her cherry. After giving Jay some time for her tender pussy to get accustomed to my invading cock, I began slow but full strokes in Jay’s speared flesh.

Shanghai, a Camera, and a Blow Job

interracial laoshi1000 2018-06-27

Chinese men won’t go into a shop like this!” “They don’t know what they’re missing!” “Do you really want to go in?” “Why not?” I ask. “I want to give you pleasure too.” As your hand continues to pump up and down the length of me, your mouth retreats only a few inches from the tip of my cock. I want to watch as your cock pumps out its juice into my hands, over my breasts and tummy and into my mouth.” I pull you away and look into your eyes. I wanna watch you come.” My cock continues to pulse and another hot burst of cum streams through the air splattering your sweet breasts.

Black Cuckoldress Tales

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

"Malvern, I like the way your big White cock tastes," Ahmed paused to say, and I smiled, feeling a tingle deep inside my tight pussy as I watched Ahmed deep throat the hell out of Malvern's dick. I watched as he dutifully sucked Malvern's big White cock while I began drilling his cute Somali ass with my thick strap-on dildo. "Malvern, I want to watch you fuck Fouzia, let's get this Black cuckolding thing under way," Ahmed said, sitting on the couch, a wicked smile on his handsome face as he stroked his big Black dick. "Damn, now I want some dick," Ahmed paused to say, and he looked at Malvern's big White cock sliding in and out of my creamy Black pussy, and licked his lips.

Afrikaner Woman Into Black Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

A lot of people in my family don't think the legally mandated integration of the Republic of South Africa is a good idea. Look, I'm not saying that injustice wasn't done to the Blacks in the Republic of South Africa and Zimbabwe. A lot of students from places like Nigeria, Japan, the Republic of Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Brazil come to study at Canadian colleges and universities and for the most part, Canadian institutions don't recognize degrees from schools outside North America. I always imagined that men of African descent were roughnecks, at least that's what Afrikaner men said to discourage us white women from dating outside the race back in South Africa.


hostel friend fucked mom and made her a slut

interracial bava12 2018-06-27

one day he brought his cam cell to hostel and it had bluefilms in it we used to watch together and chatted on ladies we saw during day .a couple of times mom forgot to cover her boobs and when she bent to take her soap from bag exposed her milky white cleavage . I stared her waist region and then fondled it for 2mins then licked her birth hole (place umbilical cord attaches to body) and then let ramesh do the same we both were excited and I started squeezing her boobs hard . I let her lie down on the bed and turned her around , lifted her saree up to expose her back ramesh started kissing it and pated thenm and licked her ass .

From Lebanon With Love: U Of T

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

The first time I spotted Mira Nazeem I went to the graduate student lounge to make a copy of a document and fax it to the social services department. You got some nerve lady, I said, smiling thought I wasn't the least bit amused. You waltzed into my place of work like you owned the place and thought I'd forget it, Mira said, rolling her eyes. Tell me more about Mira Nazeem, I said, staring into those dark eyes of hers. We've been refugees for so long no place can ever feel like home, Mira said, a haunted look upon her face. Hollywood has a way of excluding us minorities and we let them get away with their bullshit too often, Mira said.


Auctioned Wives Ch. 03

interracial Karenkay 2018-06-27

Stella glanced up at the camera's to make sure they were capturing every moment for the show as she took hold of Jeanette's hand and placed its palm on Curtis's chest and said, "I want you to get accustomed to touching his firm body. Curtis was getting her aroused with his licking movements on her pussy and Stella smiled to herself watching the way Jeanette's body began to respond and waited as Jeanette took the large cock into her mouth and tried to repeat what she had done a few seconds ago. It only took a few more minutes before Curtis began to tighten his body and Stella watched as the man shoved himself into Jeanette a couple more times than let out a loud scream that he was going to cum

Anita used and abused in a Jamaican beach

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-06-27

"Ana, I am going to fuck your sweet little pussy if you don't tell the truth" After his three friends were done with Ana, Jordan fucked her again and allowed her to cum loudly before he emptied another load in her sloppy cunt. I dropped to my knees between her legs and pulled Ana by her hair, as I shoved my hard cock in her asshole; I sodomized her with no mercy, very rough, as my sweet wife screamed in pain and made squeaking noises, feeling my rock hard dick buried in her sweet tiny asshole… Then Ana looked up and saw the black bunch standing down the path and watching us fucking like crazy… she smiled at them and started began to cum.

Tightly Thai'd Part 1

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-06-27

Lawan stopped bobbing her head and began pumping her hand up and down my shaft rapidly and my dick pumped into her waiting mouth. “Did you have a nice rest?” Pulling her left hand from between her thighs, she brought her sticky cum-soaked fingers up to her mouth and started to lick and suck them clean. Lawan smiled at me again, “Yes, Master,” she said, dropping to her knees and sitting on her heels with her head lowered and her hands in her lap. She shoved her face into a handy pillow as she continued to scream her pleasure out, her legs quaking and her pussy contracting and squeezing my cock for every drop of it's white sticky load.

That Awkward Question

interracial blackmerida 2018-06-27

“Um,” Jeremy said, eyeing the doctor, who also happened to be black, “I don’t mean to sound racist or anything, but, that baby can’t be mine. Jackson, fully believing Farrah was a single girl looking for a good time, had casually started his inside hot tub and suggested a drink in the bubbles. She was making her way down the home stretch towards her cul de sac where she and Jeremy lived when she passed Jackson’s house, like she did most mornings, only this time he happened to be in the yard, watering his plants when she came running by.

wife gives me an early birthday present.

interracial woreout 2018-06-27

Just about the time the site opened on my screen my wife came in the den wearing just her blouse and was pulling up her pantyhose. She lifted the computer so she could cross her legs and said OK thank you, I want to look at this for a little bit. I said I brought you a drink, she never looked up from the screen but told me to set it on the coffee table. She saw me looking and said if you don't stop looking at my legs you are going to get another one of those little hard ons. She parted her pussy lips and said I'm so horny I want to have sex right now.

Moor King and German Amazon

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

As the son of a legendary Arabian warrior prince who married a beautiful African Muslim woman from Somalia, Omar Hafiz knew he was different. Omar Hafiz, the son of legendary Arabian sheikh Hussein Hafiz, took the Teutonic barbarian woman Hilda Hauser as his wife. Omar Hafiz, the son of two worlds, neither fully African nor Arabian, yet a blend of both, always felt like an outcast everywhere he went. He'd known glory on the battlefield and won countless honors for the royal house of Hafiz in which he was born, he'd even been compared to Saladin himself, one of Allah's finest warriors, but he had never known happiness or love until he met Hilda Hauser, the wild blonde woman from Germany.


Jewish Boys For Muslim Girls

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

Like I said, I was in a strange new place, meeting all kinds of people. Elijah was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Ephraim Bernstein, an Israeli Jewish father and an African Christian mother, Elisabeth Kagame. Even if I were born into a family with money, I would have endured prejudice at the hands of a people who prized lighter skin tones and non-African features, especially when it comes to their women’s standard of beauty. Israel never felt like home, Elijah said with a sad little shrug. I threw my arms around Elijah like I’d seen men do to women in the movies ( and on Rideau street in downtown Ottawa at night ) and kissed him full and deep.


Pudgy Neighbor Gets Dark Fucked

interracial dr13bone 2018-06-27

John and James got up and Eric sat down next to Sue. He held his fat black cock up by the base, "Get on it now! Sue looked like she was going to run, then she got on the couch squatting over his dick, and with Eric guiding her lowered herself onto his cock. Looks like your wife is getting into the life man." Said James who, along with John went up to Sue. "Open up there, don't keep a black man waiting." John said she leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth and gave James a hand job at the same time.

Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 1

interracial edlangston 2018-06-27

When we got home one night, after Ben’s comments had been especially rude, I told Jackie, “Damn honey, you couldn’t have missed those suggestive comments that Ben was making to Judy, and the way he treats Eric so dismissively. “Judy recognized my acquiescence and enjoyment in my submissiveness to her, and she began to exploit it by becoming verbally demeaning to me, teasing me about my little dick, and how much more of a man Ben was with his big cock stretching and pounding her pussy. He continued, “Judy said they just talked about mundane things, like the weather, for a couple of minutes, and then Ben, true to form, said, ‘Damn, Judy, your body looks even better in that bikini than I thought it would.

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 05

interracial eeric_stories 2018-06-27

“Oh, yes thank you." Thomas saw Joana smile up at the black man, and hand him the remaining balls. "I still can't fathom how you could take Dwayne up your butt like that." Joana had been on her knees in front of Trevor when she had looked over and see Dwayne bury his black cock in Matilda's butthole. “I just love it when a black guy takes me in my butt like that." Matilda looked up at Joana. “Oh, yes, I’m… ready.” Joana turned to Thomas, though she kept glancing back at Arthur’s black cock. “No, I really want to catch the end of Caspar’s Triumph.” Joana looked over at Thomas and saw his considerate smile.

My Wife Sherry Ch. 03

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-06-27

Sherry lay on her side and took hold of Rob's cock in her hand and began stroking it. Sherry starred at him knowing that he wouldn't stop begging so she quickly got on her knees and straddled his chest and scooted her butt forward until her pussy was near his mouth. Sherry's body finally relaxed as she caught her breath and quickly got off his face and kneeled down next to his waist and grabbed his cock and began sucking on him as fast as she could. Sherry kept wiping her breasts and Rob couldn't tell at first if she were ignoring his question or trying to think about an answer. Rob was feeling jealous as he sat knowing that Sherry was getting ready for her boyfriend.

C.R.A. Lady Becomes An Escort

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

The moment I decided to sell my body for money I became a prostitute in the eyes of most men and women, never mind that I am educated, middle-class, and work for the Canadian government. Prior to starting the festivities, I spoke with Mohammed, and the handsome young Somali guy politely told me what he liked. The handsome brother had a government worker's ID hanging around his neck on a lanyard, and I noticed that all the middle-aged white guys on the bus looked at him angrily. I don't know why but I struck up a conversation with Ismail, while the middle-aged white guys on the bus looked on disapprovingly.

From Saudi Arabia With Love

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-27

I thought Bernard's wife was Canadian but as it turns out, she's an immigrant from Berkshire, England, whom he met while attending the University of Alberta a long time ago. I applied for OSAP, the government financial support system for college and university students, and didn't get as much as I thought I would because I've got a job and apparently, my parents back in Alberta made too much money. Abraham attended Calgary's very own Mount Royal University and earned his degree in sociology there, then moved to Ontario, where he studied social work. We just sat in Abraham's parents basement, smoking a blunt ( yes, hijab girls smoke blunts too, we're not saints ) and talking...and then this passion got hold of us and we started doing it.


FTM Stud Discovers Black Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-06-26

My pussy was already wet with excitement and I toyed with the idea of pressing my cunt against the glory hole and letting the brother stick his dick inside of me. Grinning, I stroked the brother's dick, and pressed my asshole against the glory hole. I loved the feel of the dick in my ass and if loving it was wrong, then this female-to-male transsexual didn't want to be right. I hid in the bushes and about ten minutes later, the tall, well-dressed Somali brother emerged from the wooden shed and smiled as he walked up the road, headed for Carleton University. The brother's dick got my pussy wet and my ass a bit sore, but in a good way.


Coffee and Photographs Ch. 02

interracial gracesnowpaw 2018-06-26

"Show me your mine Carlee." Derek stood holding his cock at its base with one hand while the other gently held a handful of her hair and guided her to her knees. "Are you my girl Carlee?" Derek pulled his cock from her mouth. Carlee gagged and choked as Derek ravished the opening of her throat with his cock. "Tell me you want my black cock cum in your mouth." Derek stroked his cock an inch from her lips. Derek fed his hungry girl what she needed and watched as she stroked and sucked his cock feverishly trying to make him cum, "Put that cock down your throat girl!" He plunged his cock holding her head causing her to gag violently.

Best Friend's Girl Part 3

interracial Shadowforce1 2018-06-26

Plus I know you have a thing for big boobs, and I got em," she said letting go of the steering wheel and giving her breasts a squeeze. "Beep that fucking horn, one more time," Andrea said getting out of the car and walking towards the back of the car. The bouncer shook his head then opened the rope letting the two of them inside.Once they got inside the club, Andrea and her cousin gave each a big hug. Maybe you can help him grow up and realize people eventually go their separate ways," Roxy said giving Andrea another hug. "One thing," Chris said as he nodded towards Martin. "You can stop now," Chris said as he started walking away.