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Erotic Interracial stories

A large collection of sex stories about mixed race sex with black, Asian, Indian, Caucasian, and others.

Sex With Mother

interracial bava12 2018-03-05

Since she had no idea they were being saved in the history file she could not know I knew what she was looking at the next week I paid a visit to my mom to have dinner with her and watch some movies. Now that I knew how bad she wanted to feel my cock in her, which turned me on even more.We ate some ice cream while we watched the movies and had a few drinks. I told her I was about to cum and she started talking even nastier, some words that came out of her mouth I have never heard her say before, but it sure turned me on.Finally, I busted a nut in her and it felt better than the first time.

Out of Control

interracial avrgblkgrl 2018-03-05

One of the girls that should have stopped drinking several drinks ago, turned, pulled down the band of her short skirt so that a good portion of her crack showed, while lifting the back of her shirt to show her “tramp stamp.” One girl had a tattoo on her breast and had no problem letting them see the series of butterflies that disappeared into her cleavage. He directed his attention back to Alaina, turning so that his back was to them and moved his seat a little closer. Alaina continued to smile, thinking to herself, “Yeah, you better act like you know.” Carter who had actually stepped back and was looking at the display, turned his attention back to Alaina when she started laughing.

Dirty Dog

interracial Burquette 2018-03-05

When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room. For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but, instead, his eyes fell back to the floor. Dante didn't look up as Sally approached, even though she wasn't exactly quiet. Dante sat there, his hands clasped in his lap, a fine sheen of sweat making him look polished. "Yes, Miss Sally," he said, hurriedly tucking himself away and pulling his pants up. His flannel shirt was pulled up over his head, but Sally could tell from the short stature and the dark complexion that it was Dante. Sally saw Dante's lips twitch, like he wanted to smile.

Fat Girl's Guide To Anal Sex

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

Eleanor smiled, and told me a bit about herself. I was lying on the bed when she took my ten-inch long black super cock and began sucking on it. I looked at the big woman on all fours with that fabulous bubble butt of hers sticking in the air. To Eleanor's credit, she did not scream when my thick black cock went up her ass. Nothing pleases me more than shoving my cock deeply into a big woman's tight ass. Also, the bigger the woman, the tighter her anus, and the more fun it is to invade it with thrusts of my cock like a Greek soldier at Troy. Her body almost went slack, and that ass of hers gripped my cock like a vise.


Watching Helena on a porn site

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-03-05

The camera moved to her ass as one guy pulled her cheeks apart and another produced a large butt plug; once oiled they shoved it deep into her ass. Again the camera did a close up of her open asshole before it was filled again with another huge black cock. The guy who had come in her ass moved round to her head and ordered her to lick his dick clean… Without a pause the dirty slut stuffed that wet dick into her mouth and started to lick it… In the next shot Helena was kneeling with all six guys stood around her; wanking their cocks, it wasn't long before they all started to come over her sensual face.

Black Cuckold Couple and White Bull

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

"Hmm, Rudolph, you like that big white cock up your ass, don't you?" Karma Jackson-Keller teased, stroking her husband Rudolph Keller's hard, dark dick while watching her Bull, Dwight Conrad, ram his cock up his ass. A professional Bull specializing in cuckolding and buck breaking scenarios involving black couples and brown couples, Dwight was thrilled when he received an email from Rudolph Keller and his wife Karma Jackson-Keller from Calgary, Alberta. Grabbing Dwight's cock, Rudolph began sucking it while Karma looked on, pleased by her husband's actions. Her husband Rudolph looked on, stroking his long, dark dick excitedly as he watched his sexy black wife get fucked by the same white dude who just fucked him up the ass...

Thomas meets Misty

interracial xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-03-05

She moaned softly as she felt his hands holding her ass and his mouth sucking her tongue hard. He began to slowly make love to her open warm pussy hole with his fingers, as he kissed her and pressed them inside her cunt as far as he could get them. He sucked and licked and finger fucked her pussy, as she held his head moaning and humping her body on his face. Thomas put his hands under her ass now and lifted her lower body up a he pumped into her with such desire, he wasn’t aware of how hard or fast he was ramming his cock into her.

A New Beginning

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

A chubby red-haired white guy who had a "I love Mississauga" T-shirt on him dared to look me in the eye and he told me with a smile that he wasn't sure where the bus station was. This seemed to impress Anneke, and she surprised me by giving me a brief hug before wishing me good luck and walking away. Anneke and I were all smiles as we talked, and people walking by in the library looked at us because, well, we're a tall black guy and a tall blonde white woman, and I wasn't phased by it. I was really surprised to be having dinner with a white lady who spoke Haitian creole and Anneke smilingly told me that she grew up around Haitians in the environs of Laval, near metropolitan Montreal.


Ethiopian Christian Warrior King

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

In the City of Debre Berhan, central Ethiopia, the General was forced to intervene when Youssef, an Arabian scribe attached to the entourage of Imam Ali Abdullah, got in a row with Laban, a young Ethiopian scholar who accosted Fatouma, a lovely young Arabian woman whom Youssef evidently considered his slave and concubine. Prince Bekeret crowed himself the new King of Ethiopia, and declared war on the Ethiopian Muslim community, whom he accused of wanting to enslave their fellow Ethiopians in order to sell out the country to their Arabian masters. General Abel, a Christian warrior from Ethiopia conquered the Kingdom of Mauritania, a Muslim realm which has been a stronghold of the Arabs since time immemorial.


Haitians at Carleton University

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

I was chilling in the Mac Odrum Library, wondering when my luck would turn when I ran into Marie Benoit, this chick I knew from class. I tried not to roll my eyes and told Marie Benoit that I came from the Republic of Haiti. Marie told me that she actually grew up in Montreal-Nord and had a lot of Haitian friends. Marie Benoit winked at me and asked me, in accent-less Haitian Creole, to watch her back while she went to the ladies room. When Marie Benoit came back to class, she gently touched my thigh and thanked me for looking after her stuff. Marie told me she loved fucking Haitian men, going on and on about how good we were in bed.


A Bisexual Somalian Stud

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

The name is Warsama "Sam" Osman, and I'm a tall, skinny and perpetually bald-headed young Black man of Somali descent living in metropolitan Calgary, province of Alberta. Look, I'm not going to start with the whole poor-me-I'm-Black routine, but folks living in the Great White North have got to stop fronting with their "multiculturalism" bullshit. One night I came home to find the plump, red-haired White chick on all fours, face down and ass up as Luther spanked her and slammed his dick into her from behind. Luther told me to mind my fucking business, at which point a third White dude who looked like the bouncer type walked up to us.


Quebec Women Are So Hot!

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

A big and tall Black man of Haitian descent who recently moved to the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec from the City of Boston, Massachusetts. They always treat a Black man like he's dirt and they view White men as kings. So when a friend from work introduced me to a lovely French Canadian woman, I actually went for it. Jacqueline told me that she began exploring her long-unacknowledged penchant for Black men after her divorce from her cheating hubby. Well, to be honest, I had felt attracted to White women before but repressed it because I felt that only a Black woman could love me as a Black male living in North America.


Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 2

interracial NVMii 2018-03-05

Curtis was fucking me as fast as his ass could move, back and forth, eleven inches of big black cock slamming into my wet hot white cunt. I wanted to see this so I quickly went to their bed and watch as my husbands cock slipped into Chelsea's slick wet cunt. Chelsea was now relaxing her pussy muscles and Derek kept fucking her deeper and deeper until he was fully inside her cunt. He and I discussed this beforehand that we would go slow so Derek and Chelsea could get a good closeup of his cock entering my cunt and then slowly he would sink all eleven inches into me. I overheard Derek whispering to Chelsea how hot it looked see my very white cunt stretch over his very large, very black cock.

The Awakening Part IV

interracial SpinDoctor 2018-03-05

Mandy turned her head again, seeking Marcus’s mouth and Tom watched as she moved her hips and ass against the large black man behind her. He watched, mesmerised as the large black hands enveloped Mandy’s lovely tits and kneaded the flesh, encased in her blouse and bra. Tom gasped as the top of Mandy’s stocking came into view and he watched mesmerised as Marcus’s dark, black hand slid onto the creamy whiteness of her thigh. Mandy thrust her mound onto the black hand which was now nudging her panties aside and she moaned loudly as she opened her eyes a sliver and caught sight of her husband sitting watching her.

Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 2

interracial edlangston 2018-03-05

Then, just as he began to fuck her again, Ben looked back at me and said, ‘I can tell that you really have a taste for man meat, and enjoyed sucking my cock and balls. I reached over to rub her breasts as I replied, “I told him that his cock really did look big, and then asked what would make him think that you, Jackie, would want to fuck and old guy like him. Then Ben rolled off to the side as Jackie looked down at me with her beautiful face and pleading eyes and said, “Clean me up, honey, I want to share this experience with you by having you clean Ben’s cum from my pussy.”

From Burkina Faso With Love Ch. 01

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

I looked at this handsome African brother, smiled and told him that I was headed there myself. For some reason, I didn't feel nervous around Aziz the friendly brother from Burkina Faso, even though he was six-foot-three, burly and tough-looking. Chaste and pious Muslim sisters have been known to notice tall, fine brothers with cute butts. Looking me in the eyes, Aziz told me that any man who ever laid a hand on me against my wishes would have it cut off by him. I, a Hijab-wearing, pious Muslim sister from Yemen kissed a tall, tough brother from West Africa. And I have chosen Aziz Kalenzaga, a West African Muslim brother, as my future husband and the father of any offspring I might one day have.


Doing Favors for the Black Foremen

interracial edlangston 2018-03-05

Luther smiled because he probably figured that if I wanted to see his cock, then he would likely have a chance to get me to suck it so he said, “No problem Ed. A few of the other white guys started out by just looking at my cock. Luther was just getting into a rhythm fucking my face, and he laughed a little and said, “I just knew you’d make a good cock sucker once you got a look at my cock. Bill and Luther got dressed and then Bill said, “Look Ed, the foremen and I will want you and another white guy to suck us off every day, and that will keep you pretty busy.

Black Man Marries Arab Woman

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

Right now, I'm lying in bed with my girlfriend Fathiyah Al-Fatah, a young Arab woman whom I began dating in September 2011. Fathiyah is a business administration major at Carleton University, a fact that doesn't sit right with her father Abdullah Al-Fatah, a wealthy and powerful Saudi businessman who frequently rubs elbows with the Canadian social and political elite in the major cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. It was a Friday night and the bus was packed with beautiful young women from schools like Algonquin College, La Cite Collegiale, Ottawa University and Carleton University. Everybody stared as the tall, beautiful, hijab-wearing Saudi gal kissed me, a Black guy from America, inside the campus library.


Maitresse Joanna of Ottawa

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

"Yeah, I like female domination, especially spanking and bondage and face-slapping," I whisper, and a thrill shoots through me as Joanna smiles, a glimmer of interest in her dark eyes. "Hmmm, oui, leche mon cul, mon beau, eat that ass, handsome," Maitresse Joanna coos softly, rocking back and forth, and I grin, and playfully smack her big white ass while tonguing her asshole. "Asseyez vous sur mon visage, ma belle, sit on my face, gorgeous," I said, after a few minutes, and Maitresse Joanna looks at me, shook her head and grinned. "Hmmm, c'est tres bon, this is fun," Maitresse Joanna said, moaning deeply as she rode my face, and I gripped her ass with one hand and stuck my tongue so far up her asshole, I think I tickled her guts.

Black Cuckolds of Today

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-05

"I came across a porno where a Black dude watched his Black wife get fucked by a White dude with a big dick, and afterwards, the Black dude licked cum off of the wife's pussy and then sucked the dude's dick," Luke Vincent said, and the good doctor cocked an eyebrow. "Give it to her, Doctor Latreille," Fantasyland-Luke said, and he pumped his hand up and down his long dark dick as he watched the good doctor slam his thick White cock into his gorgeous Black wife. "Join in on the fun, my man," Dr. Latreille said to Fantasyland-Luke, who came and positioned himself in front of his wife Natasha, who was moaning and groaning from the good doctor pumping his dick into her creamy Black pussy.


Wendy Learns About Culture

interracial Green_Man 2018-03-05

My business had booked a two-bedroom suite, but at the desk, while Wendy was wandering around the lovely courtyard, I had the clerk change it to just a room and bath with two large beds. I still had to find a good place for our phone-bank and Wendy had research to do on India. We thought Aashi might try to limp away and hide in the bathroom, but she surprised us both, happily. Wendy placed her freckled hand behind Aashi's head of black hair and pulled her face down. Wendy with her pale freckly skin and small perky tits, and Aashi with her dark exotic skin and long oiled hair. Daddy wants to fuck you while Wendy makes love to those huge tits."

The Neapolitan

interracial Buz 2018-03-05

As Naomi continued French kissing Logan Lee, Cai began kissing his chest and slowly running her soft wet tongue down his hard-muscled abdomen. Soon Logan Lee noticed Naomi’s thighs clench and her legs suddenly wrapped tightly around Cai. Naomi’s back arched upward and her hands grabbed Cai’s head as Naomi let out a loud moan and then loudly uttered,”Oh my God!” As Logan Lee felt Naomi’s warm juicy cunt tighten its grip around his engorged cock as she rode up and down and Cai rode his face, he realized that the two girls who were facing one another were deeply embraced and French kissing.

Carole The Library MILF

interracial Samuelx 2018-03-04

A while ago I met this tall, blonde-haired White chick named Brittany who has a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Ottawa, but she can't find a better job than security work. Nevertheless, it disturbed me greatly when a blonde-haired White chick of Polish descent named Brittany, who has a degree from the University of Ottawa, told me about her failures in the job market. Hell, man, if a hot-looking, blonde-haired White chick with a pretty face, a Canadian university degree and a really nice ass can't get a job in the City of Ottawa, what chances does a Black guy have? I go for the open-minded White chicks because a good number of them actually like Black nerds.

79% milf

History has never been so sexy

interracial Juicyme 2018-03-04

I felt his hard cock pressing against my leg as he leaned into my ear to whisper “I’ll show you why my Pi Kappa Alpha brothers called me “Big Dick Jeff” you ungrateful bitch.” I don’t know why I didn’t fight back or scream or even try to head butt him. I know you let it fall out to get better grade,” he said before sucking my nipple into his mouth. He grabbed my tits roughly in his hand, squished them together around his dick and began thrusting up in between my breast. My hands flew up to pinch my nipples as he held my hips thrusting like a crazy man and I began to orgasm like never before.