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Erotic Interracial stories

A large collection of sex stories about mixed race sex with black, Asian, Indian, Caucasian, and others.

African Prince Comes To Boston

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

The son of Jacob Al-Sharif, a Lebanese merchant who married Fatima Teshale, a Burkinabe woman whom he brought to Lebanon, he was made painfully aware of how different he was as a biracial guy in this small west African nation where he was born. Constantine had lived in places like Lebanon, Jordan, Ghana, Burkina Faso, South Africa and even Brazil before. Constantine politely declined their invitations to join their association, proudly stating that he was the son of a Maronite Christian man from the Republic of Lebanon who married a Catholic woman from the Burkinabe people of Burkina Faso in western Africa. He'd been all over the world, dated Brazilian women, west African women, Arab women and even Asiatic women from places like India and China, and while he had a lot of fun, he also felt...incomplete.


Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 06

interracial dr13bone 2018-12-04

I felt like I was going to cum, she laughed at me and told me this time she was going to bring me all the way through to orgasm, "But you have to do something for me first," she said. You look like such a perfect little cuckold," she said as she took my cock back into her hands. "You know there are points of no return in every story that I have read and me getting my boobs done is one of them, me fucking another man was another, and now this is yet another," she said as she slowly pushed the cock head against my asshole. Take my big black cock you pathetic little bitch!" she said as she took away my last bit of pride.

The Librarian: Part 1

interracial Handydandy14 2018-12-04

I'd wanted to get back out there and find love or, these days, just have a man touch me. I had about an hour until I needed to be at work, but I wanted to enjoy a nice breakfast along with a nice cup of coffee. I usually work our libraries reference desk, and what that really means is I sit in a somewhat comfy chair for eight hours and help people find books. If I had a genie and he or she could grant me one wish for my birthday, it would be to have a hung black man fuck my brains out all night long while I scream his name and have him cum on my naughty face and tits.

Afrikaner Women Into Black Guys

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

I'm studying civil engineering at the University of Johannesburg, and much to my amazement, I've fallen in love with Amos Dikotsi, a handsome young Black man from the Kingdom of Lesotho. The first time I went to the Sandton City Mall, the Republic of South Africa's richest square mile, with my boyfriend Amos Dikotsi, people definitely stared. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw a certain vaguely familiar tall, handsome and well-dressed young Black man walk into the University of Johannesburg library, where I work part-time. Nice place you got here, Amos Dikotsi said, looking at the surly White male patrons of this little South African restaurant and shaking his head. Let them stare if they want I'm proud to be with you, I said, looking into Amos's dark brown eyes.

Pharaoh's Willing Slave

interracial BrandonSP 2018-12-04

Pharaoh Hatshepsut reclined on her wooden bed, laying her frizzy hair over a curved headrest while her crown hung on the wall overhead. “Busy day again, I presume?” Mikha’El took a seat next to Hatshepsut on her bed. “Sounds like you have a lot pent up inside of you, Your Majesty.” Mikha’El rested an arm over her shoulder. Mikha’El fell backward onto the bed so that Hatshepsut lay on top of him. You want this, this slave to defile you like a common whore, my Pharaoh?” Hatshepsut turned her head briefly to smile and wink at Mikha’El. “He shall be a slave no longer. None of the Hebrews shall; I, as Pharaoh Hatshepsut of Egypt, shall proclaim them free.”

Graduation of a Cuckold Pt. 02

interracial dr13bone 2018-12-04

Had you kept doing that I would not have done this..." I don't know what came over me but I kissed Eric's cock again, then nerving myself a bit more I opened my lips and took his shaft into my mouth. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror over the mantle place and it looked so sexy, me dressed like a slut, fat tits hanging out sucking off this black man's big cock. Does it turn you on to see me suck this fat black cock with the lips I kiss you with?" I got down on my knees in front of Eric in the classic position and started to suck on his shaft some more.

Interracial Cuckolding Twist

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

"Hmm, I never get tired of fucking Black men up the ass in front of their wives or girlfriends, still, this is a first," Tyler Shore said, smirking as he worked his big White cock up Stephen Cutler's tight Black ass, and Stephen's girlfriend Jennifer nodded in approval, fingering her pussy while watching the hot man to man interracial fun. As it happens, Tyler Shore also liked sexual encounters with both women and men, and he was that rare White bull who didn't harbor racist tendencies and didn't mind playing with an interracial cuckold couple. "Hmm, Steve, now be a good black cuckold and suck Tyler's big White cock," Jennifer said, while looking at her hubby Stephen, after Tyler the Bull beat her pussy up with his cock, leaving her pleasurably sore.

Pimped Housewife

interracial Karenkay 2018-12-04

Kelly repeated this technique several times then allowed her saliva to drip down on the floor while she peered up into his eyes looking for mercy as she flicked her tongue around his cock head. Mark quickly grabbed the material and pulled it swiftly over her head and tossed it onto the floor and backed her up against the bed until her legs gave way and she fell backwards bouncing on the mattress. She closed her eyes and pulled her legs back holding onto her knees as she felt his cock press a little more then plopped inside making her body stiffen. Kelly still had her eyes closed as she held onto his back and waited until she felt him throbbing inside her pussy a few more times.

A new Job for Wendy 4

interracial davedax97 2018-12-04

“Sounds like Al Capone stuff.” Brad laughed as the cab pulled up outside the pub. Paul went with Brad to the bar and we heard loud laughter coming from them both, looking round we saw them in the middle of a group of people trying out their new found rhyming slang. We began swaying sexily in time to the music and just as Brad and Paul turned away from the bar with our drinks, she kissed me slipping her tongue between my teeth. Sitting at the table next to us, Brad was checking out Jane’s tonsils, from the inside, so they barely acknowledged us when I told Paul I’d show him round the club.

Karen's first pre-planned gangbang, Conclusion

interracial utman 2018-12-04

Earlier in the evening, Karen had her dress pulled off her as she danced with the three young men that we always sat with. Our three young friends were so excited that they were finally going to get to fuck Karen that they did not want to give her time to back out. He told her that he, "had wanted to fuck her since the first night she entered his club." He knew she would enjoy the rest of her evening. After they had all fucked her and planted their seeds deep inside her, they thanked her for a very enjoyable night and they hoped that she had enjoyed it as much as they did.

Melina's New York Weekend

interracial moormansbabygirl 2018-12-04

He was holding a vase with a dozen light pink roses, and Melina thought to herself "He remembered my favorite flower." She started walking toward him, she got close enough then jumped in his arms. Anthony looked at her and said "I told you I would catch you." Melina started bouncing harder, until he screamed in pleasure, she could not help but cum for her man. She whispered in Anthonys ear, "Fuck my ass, and do it hard." Anthony turned her over and rammed his dick in her ass, she screamed in pain, but soon started moaning in pleasure.. Anthony pulled out and asked her where she wants his cum, she looked at him and said "My pussy, baby love." Anthony turned her over and entered her wet, juicy pussy.

My First BBC

interracial saucywildcat 2018-12-04

He leaned over in the car and started kissing on my neck, pulling my hair a bit in the back with one hand, while barely touching my pussy lips. He started whispering in my ear, saying how beautiful my pussy was, how much he wanted to fuck me, how sexy I am, how he's constantly thinking about me. He shifted a bit, taking his hand from my hot pussy, to unzip his pants and free what is just about the biggest dick I've ever seen, in person or on porn. I wanted to fuck that big cock more than I've wanted anything in a long, long time. "You said no fucking the first time we meet.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 03

interracial dr13bone 2018-12-04

Part of me wanted to slug him but my wife instead greeted him with a smile and spent just a bit too much time talking to him and laughing at his jokes. He said something to her, then it looked like he was jerking himself off while she watched. "I kissed him and then he said it was going to get bigger still and he started to jerk it off right in front of me. He stopped and took his hand away and looked at me, then I reached forward slowly put my fingers around his cock. I really don't think it would fit inside of me," my wife said blushing though I knew it would as my own cock throbbed at the thought of that happening.

Bisexual Butch Women Rock!

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

Always wanted to visit the great white north, Amber said, grinning. Rainbow-flag sporting Butch chick or not, the way her big round ass looked in them blue jeans had my full attention. You've got sweet lips Captain Canada, Amber said, grinning, when we came up for air. My turn, the sexy butch gal grinned, and I nodded happily as she got on her knees and grabbed my average-sized, uncircumcised black dick. I'm going to show what you've been missing, I said, and gently bit Amber's nipples, eliciting a surprised cry from her as I continued fucking her hard, ramming my dick into her pussy while smacking her ass.


Unlucky Number

interracial Tuppie 2018-12-04

Before Brian could respond and as if to disprove the point about Brian’s suggestion of money, Jarrett asked, “May I buy you another drink?” Ten minutes later they left the bar and began to make their way to Brian’s apartment. As Jarrett commenced with his work, Brian could feel a heavy long snake slithering over his butt cheeks and lower back. “Take it, baby, take it all,” Jarrett began to intone, as he unremittingly excavated Brian’s manhole. As if reading Brian’s mind, Jarrett began to tug his snake vigorously in order to quench Brian’s thirst. As far as Brian was concerned, given his new lucky number, he no longer had to suffer from horny frustration disorder or spend his evenings sitting at the bar, bored out of his mind.

Lebanese Diva For Haitian Stud

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

They see that I dress like a businesswoman and I work in an office, so they assume that I'm happy since I've got a desk job. Nathaniel Bonheur showed me his McGill University student identification card, along with his Quebec provincial health card and his social insurance card as proof of ID. Once Nathaniel Bonheur's business with CIBC was completed, I told him that I loved helping out new clients and gave him my card. So I got loud with Nathaniel, telling him to fuck me hard, like he was paying for it. Nathaniel is smart, sexy, ambitious and can fuck me real good the way I like it, when I want it and however often I want it.


Asian Wife Pays the Loan

interracial dr13bone 2018-12-04

"I have had to hang my ass out there for you at work, taking shit from the company auditor, just to have you laugh at me and say..." Sue's mouth dropped open about a foot as Ed repeated back word for word what she had said in her own language. Sue braced herself, she felt his cock spasm twice and then she tasted his juice flooding her mouth, she gagged again a little when it hit the back of her throat but she kept swallowing, it was at least twice the amount her husband came and it tasted saltier. With his hands he pushed her legs slightly apart and kissed her well-trimmed bush, going lower he kissed her pussy lips, then she felt his tongue slide into her and start to lap.


Kinky Love in Black and White

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

Yes, I'm a white chick fucking a black man in the ass with a strap-on dildo. He's really into female domination and likes watching women wearing strap-on dildos fucking guys. He especially likes watching blonde-haired white chicks sodomizing black guys with dildos. In most interracial porn videos, some burly black guy fucked the hell out of some blonde-haired bimbo. I never thought there were black guys out there who dreamed of getting fucked by white women wearing strap-on dildos. A lot of black guys have a hyper-masculine image mainly because North American society tries to put them down in spite of their contributions to society in sports, entertainment, science, education and politics.


Aboriginal Princess of Winnipeg

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

"Excuse me please, do you know where the library is?" I asked a tall, dark-haired and bronze-skinned, kind of curvy young woman with lively brown eyes. "Here you go, you're the first person in ages to pronounce my name right," Sooleawa said with a smile, as she handed me a thick black stapler. "Thanks again for showing me the way, my name is Brandon," I said with a smile, holding my hand for Sooleawa to shake. I'd gotten a flyer from a Caribbean buddy of mine about a slam poetry event happening off campus, and held it in my pocket as I stood in front of Sooleawa, trying to work up the guts to ask for her number.


Dirty Dog

interracial Burquette 2018-12-04

When Sally let herself into the house, her mother pushed open the door to the bookkeeping room. For a moment, he looked like he wanted to say something but, instead, his eyes fell back to the floor. Dante didn't look up as Sally approached, even though she wasn't exactly quiet. Dante sat there, his hands clasped in his lap, a fine sheen of sweat making him look polished. "Yes, Miss Sally," he said, hurriedly tucking himself away and pulling his pants up. His flannel shirt was pulled up over his head, but Sally could tell from the short stature and the dark complexion that it was Dante. Sally saw Dante's lips twitch, like he wanted to smile.

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch.01

interracial eeric_stories 2018-12-04

“They are, my grandmother had really huge boobs,” Joana told him as Thomas started looking for a seat at the back of the bus. As Thomas stood there, he looked up and saw Joana lean over and give the black guy she had traveled with a big kiss. “Hey Marc.” Karen looked over at the handsome and half-naked black man who sat on the couch in his underwear watching sports. “Bill, I’m about to suck Marc’s big black cock here with our daughter's help, so why don’t you go out and make sure that his Cadillac is pristine.” Karen looked up at her husband.

FTM Stud Discovers Black Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

My pussy was already wet with excitement and I toyed with the idea of pressing my cunt against the glory hole and letting the brother stick his dick inside of me. Grinning, I stroked the brother's dick, and pressed my asshole against the glory hole. I loved the feel of the dick in my ass and if loving it was wrong, then this female-to-male transsexual didn't want to be right. I hid in the bushes and about ten minutes later, the tall, well-dressed Somali brother emerged from the wooden shed and smiled as he walked up the road, headed for Carleton University. The brother's dick got my pussy wet and my ass a bit sore, but in a good way.


Bachelorette Party

interracial cindy_4u 2018-12-04

During the evening, I kissed Jerome often, felt his cock, let him feel my wet pussy and once managed to sneak him into the corner while other girls danced and made him finger fuck me. Ugestra talked dirty all the way telling me how he likes small white sluts like me and how he will fuck my white pussy with his black African cock. At the edge of the bed, he pulled my thong, leaving it on one ankle, made me spread my legs a little more and pushed his cock in my pussy. His cock was completely lubed by my juices and as he fucked me, a couple of his fingers started to open my ass hole.

Bisexual Somali Men Today

interracial Samuelx 2018-12-04

Last year, when he was dating Veronique, that tall, big-booty Jamaican chick whose family weren't keep on her having a Muslim dude in her life, I stepped in and saved Ismail from the sound beating that Veronique's brothers, Andre and Raymond, dished out. "Fate sent me to you sweetie," Zainab said, and then the tall, gorgeous Arab sister took my face in her hands and kissed me full and deep. "You are amazing," I said to Zainab, and then I took her hand in mine, looked at it and then, hesitantly I brought it to my lips like I'd seen Idris Elba do to ladies in the movies.