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Afterschool Lesson

lesbian SosaGood 2018-03-05

Walking around her heavy, black-wood desk, Ms. Boner carried a slim, leather whip. I mean, I didn't think I did anything to deserve that kind of punishment, but it sort of excited me just having something happening behind closed doors. Thrusting my hips back at an innocent moment, I found one of her fingers pushing into my ass, making me cry out in stinging pain that shot straight to my clit causing me to gush more in pleasure. Even though I begged to come, she held me near the tipping point until her mouth came down over my cunt and her tongue slipped inside. Feeling the inward thrust of fingers and tongue threw me over the cliff and I was screaming "FUCK" as I came all over her mouth and face.

A Hard Nights Work Part 2

lesbian leggielibby 2018-03-05

We don’t want to disturb the neighbours, do we?” As she speaks so she rhythmically swipes my ass, the light stings building into real pain as each new swipe hits a previously tenderised spot. A long groan escapes my lips as my ass is invaded, stretched, a sharp hot pain and then throbbing and a sense of being so, so full. “Turn to face me.” She sounds more tender and I turn in to a long tongue laden kiss, her hands caressing my sides, stroking my hot ass, still throbbing from the flogger and now full of cold steel. My senses are overwhelmed, my ass freshly flogged and bunged and now my nipples burning and all I want to do is cum, my clit throbbing, like toothache, with need.

SLUTS 1: The New Games Mistress

lesbian marie5555 2018-03-04

Karen's bum was trying to bounce up and down on the bed, her head went back, and she screamed softly as she came, and then again minutes later, as she was made to come more strongly, when Ginger and the girls carried on with the stimulation, until they were satisfied she had come hard enough.. No vibe was needed this time, as Jenny had Karen bouncing and thrusting up at her teasing tongue, the girl using just fingers and thumbs to rub, while her tongue probed and tormented, until Karen came for her, her scream muffled by Lynne's wet pussy over her mouth, as Lynn came too.

A Genny Story.... Bottom Baby

lesbian Gfire 2018-03-04

sure when the thought came into my head but I know I had been thinking gulped a little and said, "I want it in my butt." of her fingers felt like they had lives of their own. slipped in and Melly was watching my face to see if there was any pain. It actually felt very nice, and I pushed back a little just to let her With a little push the head slid in me. down on her hands and started to pull her hips out slowly. like in my ass (later she would tell me I had a look on my face that she I started telling her how good it felt. Fuck me.") Melly started worrying

M.Felix/Sprite present: Whores, Lies, and Sinker

lesbian sprite 2018-03-03

“Oh, god, fuck me you bitch!” Meggie cried out, her head rolling to one side, meeting Jack’s gaze with a wicked smile that left her face as quickly as it came, her eyes rolling back as Kate’s tongue delved into her wide open pussy.  Jack wondered if it was possible to cum without actually touching himself… he quickly decided that yes, it was possible, and that if they’d kept up their show too much longer, he would have been in danger of shooting his load inside of his jeans, a thought he almost voiced when Meggie wobbled over to him, her thighs slick, the lips of her swollen pussy parted like an obscene invitation, her swollen nipples looking angry in contrast to her fair skin, a dazed look on her face. 

Dannie and Steff: Teen Sleepover Experience Part 2

lesbian anna299 2018-03-03

I felt Danielle grab my legs and pull them apart, cool air hitting my pussy as she blew on it. Sensing I was going to lose control, she pulled away her face and shoved three fingers into my wet pussy. "Open your lips wide bitch!!" She shoved her cum soaked fingers (MY cum to be specific), into my mouth and I immediately begin sucking my juices off. I looked down just in time to see a huge pink cock pump right into my pussy! On the brink of an orgasm, I lift Danielle's legs over each one of my shoulders, and plunge my pussy deep onto her awaiting cock.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 3

lesbian elspeth 2018-03-03

Bree leaned in and kissed her fully on the mouth and slipped her slim fingers inside the waistband of the blonde’s panties and down – until she encountered a veritable old growth forest of pubic hair. The older woman broke off the kiss, threw her arms around Bree’s neck and began nibbling at her ear and moaning as she felt her insides begin to coil. When she turned her hand over and started stroking the roof of Bree’s vagina and sliding over her g-spot the dancer pushed backwards until those fingers were deep inside. As if on cue, she slid a third finger inside and her thrusts in were faster and deeper and this increased the pressure on the g-spot and Bree began to cum, moaning and pushing back hard against her.

Wrist-Deep In The Cunt Hole - My Shy Friend Maria

lesbian Kathrin 2018-03-02

I forgot the crowd around us and only felt the beat, Maria's hands and her lips, as they started kissing my pubic hair. Surprised, I wanted to turn around to see, when Maria inserted a finger into my pussy and began fucking. I reached for Maria's hand and pulled it out while I grabbed her hair and pressed her face into my bush. Maria continued to rub and finally spread her legs to give me a good look at her pussy. Then she pulled her butt cheeks and labia apart with both hands and I looked deep into her twat. Look at my cunt how she comes!" Hastily I made some more pictures when she reared up, rubbing her clit as the knob slid out of her.

Element's Surprise

lesbian boudica 2018-03-01

She longed for Boudica to touch her, to fuck her but Boudica was still teasing her, stroking her thighs stopping right before she reached her cunt, sucking her nipples, licking her stomach, it gave Element shivers every time Boudica’s tongue got lower than her navel but she kept coming back up. Element was practically hyperventilating at this stage and Boudica started gently sucking on her clit and then circling it, She then slid her hand down to Elements dripping cunt and lubricated her fingers in Elements juices.

Rachel and Sami have a sleepover

lesbian leggielibby 2018-03-01

Sami, Charlie and I while Aimee and Lisa spread towels and heated the wax. A beautiful warm clinging heat enveloped my mound as Aimee applied the wax, followed by the pressure of her fingers as she firmed the cotton square against my throbbing lips. As I looked they parted and Sami dropped her head to Charlie’s pussy, she pulled her dark lips open to reveal a bright pink core. Sami had the rabbit vibe deep inside Charlie’s pussy, each touch of the ears against her clit sending another wave of ecstasy through her toned body, her six pack rigid in her pleasure. Lisa used one hand to stroke from pussy to anus, smearing cum and lube between the two orifices as Aimee quivered and groaned.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 2 - The Offer

lesbian elspeth 2018-02-26

She wanted to finish the degrees she’d been working on part-time for what seemed like forever and then find a nice job in research. Bree wanted to regain some semblance of control so she smiled and said softly, “Turn on the radio, something slow and sexy.” She did say ‘right away’, didn’t she? Sighing loudly, Bree reached over to turn on the radio but she put her hand on Bree’s smaller one and stopped her. Again Bree felt the thrill of knowing her kiss and the rubbing of her wet pussy on the blonde’s thigh prompted her moan. Bree teased her lips with her tongue and the blonde gasped and opened her mouth and her tongue darted out, seeking Bree’s.

She Was Looking At Me - 2

lesbian monica3 2018-02-26

She wrapped her hand around her cock and crooked a finger at Georgie who let me go, slowly pushed the sheet away from her body, rolled onto her knees facing Lorna and crawled to her. Lorna moved so that Georgie had to turn sideways on to me and I could see that it was deep, her lips almost touching Lorna’s pale hair. The bed dipped as Lorna sat next to me and she slipped her hand across my shoulders, under my hair just as Georgie had. We’ll call you.’ I turned, dismissed and went to the door where I turned, looking back to see them, Lorna now on her knees facing me, Georgie behind her, hips pumping.


lesbian pskeepa444 2018-02-25

More confident than Amanda, Ebony lay on her back and opened her legs for her friend to feast her eyes on her own pussy, almost shaved except for a small strip of hair that, instead of hiding her cunt, seemed to show the way to it. Starting from Ebony's toes, Amanda kissed her way up her friends gorgeous long legs, past her knees, up her thigh, unable to take her eyes away from Ebony's beautiful pussy. Amanda ground her face into her, fucking her in both holes at once then hooked a finger of her left hand into her tight pussy until she found Ebony's g-spot and tickled it as she continued to lick and fuck her. As a huge spasm rocked Ebony's body, she came like she had never came before and gushed hot sticky girl cum all over Amandas face.

A Chance Meeting

lesbian Miriam1982f 2018-02-25

They were kissing softly by the third floor and by the tenth , Rose had both hands under the sweater and on the shorter woman’s breasts, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger and Natalie’s tongue was halfway down her throat and her fingers were combing though Rose’s closely cropped pubic hair, occasionally slipping deep between her moistened lips. When Natalie’s fingertips combed through her trimmed pussy hair, Rose bucked her hips up and Natalie laughed and then began slowly stroking her, enjoying the control she felt over the larger woman. Natalie collapsed against the girl, still between her thighs and Rose pushed her hair away from her face and covered it with soft kisses, enjoying how Natalie’s trembling made her clit tingle.

My Lesbian Slave Martina - Using my slave Martina with my boyfriend

lesbian Kathrin 2018-02-25

Ever since I met my boyfriend Triss and it got serious between the two of us, I had less and less time to meet my girlfriends, but somehow I always remembered Martina's words when she once said that I could not "cover her in jizz". I wanted Martina to enjoy him first, so I got next to her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, until her anus showed and gaped slightly. Triss understood immediately and brought his cock in position, oiled slick from my pussy juice, but Martina seemed to be lost to the world around her and groaned surprised when his thick cock head entered her ass. Martina seemed to notice it as well, and held her mouth right at my cunt to lick and suck it out of me.

The Pale Lady, Part 1

lesbian grayfoxxxy 2018-02-24

I never saw Her before, and yet I know exactly how She will look like, long before I put my eyes on Her. She is beautiful. I can't see Her, but I know how She looks like, Her legs spread apart, Her strap-on hanging between them. My entire body is shaking, I feel my anus convulsing around Her cock, my juices are squirting from my pussy, and She keeps going, keeps fucking me like crazy. She lets out single deep moan of pleasure, as I feel Her pussy pulsating around my tongue and Her juices flowing into my mouth. Her entire body is shaking, and She has a look of pure ecstasy on Her face, Her eyes are closed and She is smiling.

The Beltane Code Part 2 3: Air and Water

lesbian ByronLord 2018-02-23

Inside the book is divided into five chapters written in the same hand using what appears to be a fountain pen with a medium italic nib. Chapter 2: Latin alphabet employing a substitution cipher with linearly increasing character displacement, 5, 10, 15 characters. Eve brings coffee and orange juice and sits in bed watching me as I write. Eve turns on some music, places a little oil on her hands and touches every part of my body. I ask why Eve shaves her hair and she tells me she doesn’t shave it and I will soon know the answer. Eve joined us, sitting astride Sue’s face to let her kiss her cunt. Eve held me close against her body and finger fucked my arse while Sue licked my cunt.

Living out my dream 2

lesbian Kim 2018-02-23

I wanted to push her over the hood, open her legs and tongue fuck the shit out of her. Tracing the crack, I wiggled my way inside and rested my middle finger against her hole. Ashley squirmed, as I pushed my other middle finger inside and pulled her hole open. Ashley started to lick the sides of my hooded clit, as she pushed two fingers from her other hand deep inside my slick sheath. As she held it open, I stepped in, and Ashley pulled it up and over my hips. By the time I twirled my wet tongue over her trembling clit, she was moaning loudly; her hips starting to buck against my mouth.

The New Toy

lesbian ColletteXx 2018-02-22

Lucy’s legs moved to open further as my fingers brushed against her outer lips, and my tongue got busy on her clit. I shifted up the bed, closer to her, being careful not to hurt her, but she spread her legs wider, one hand holding her cunt lips wide, one finger on her clit. I gripped her just below the knees and pulled her legs up, moving my hands to her ankles, holding her wide open. Lucy’s legs buckled and I held her tight by the waist for the last few final strokes, pressing the Feeldoe as hard as I could into me, the vibrations pushing me over the edge.

office daydream

lesbian tamtoad 2018-02-21

My mind returns to Phoebe we are working late trying iron out some of the details of the largest new account the clock ticks towards eight thirty we look at each other as if to say enough’s enough I look down at her boobs and notice here nipples are stuck out like Scammel wheel nuts, its not cold as I look up to make eye contact I’m busted but she smiles and says “lets get some dinner, if you’re free I’m starved.” As we pack up she stands behind me reaching across and I feel her rock hard nubs rub across the thin material of my blouse sending a shiver into my groin, as she moved away I turned round to look at her; maybe just a little the wolf who has just entered the sheep fold.

Mira - 6

lesbian monica3 2018-02-21

Sitting up and still in that beautiful nightgown, Mira took the phone from Ivanova and spoke. Ivanova sat in a chair at the end of the bed and looked at me, smiling like a cat. Mira does not like to be kept waiting.’ She did not leave the chair and when I got out of bed to shower and dress she remained there, studying me, her hand under her skirt lasciviously and openly stroking her pussy. The bed was covered in dramatic red spreads, similar in colour to her dress and looked like silk. I rolled those beautiful nipples between my fingers and felt her hands slide up my body to do the same to me.

Rachel Fucking in the Lesbian Threesome

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-02-21

As forced Amber to suck my plastic cock, Erica started to eat Amber’s pussy agai,n making her cum two more times in just a few seconds. “Turn around and please Erica while I fuck your pussy until you can’t stop cumming!” She turned around and started to lick and put the vibrating dildo in Erica’s pussy on high speed, as I put my plastic cock into her tight pussy making her moan loudly. After a half hour of small chat, I rolled Amber over and said, “Get ready, I’m going to make you cum again,” and I put my plastic cock back in her tight pussy, once again making her let out a loud moan.

A New Master

lesbian violettespruce 2018-02-21

Alex opens her desk drawer and withdraws a black tube which Kelly thinks is a vibrator, but when she glances over her shoulder she sees it’s only a tube of deep red lipstick, and for a moment, she feels relieved. Alex licks and kisses Kelly’s star, and Kelly imagines the red kiss from earlier smearing around, coating the inside of her ass even as Alex’s fingers slowly circle her clit. Kelly begins to shake, but she barely has time to worry because Alex retrieves it and, holding the leash firm so that Kelly must arch her back to breath, slides the vibrator mercilessly into Kelly’s throbbing wet pussy.

Kelly's Passion ch 4

lesbian Milik_the_Red 2018-02-20

Kari wanted to know everything about Kelly’s modeling career, and Kelly began to see just how hard it was going to be to keep the truth from her. Daniel watched as they moved in each other’s arms and his cock grew hard as Kelly rubbed May’s moistening mound through her dress. He was right on the edge and Kelly only needed to let his hardness slip all the way down her throat a few times before she felt his body quiver in response. “Oh you’re going to get it all right, but not the way you think.” Kelly squeezed a line of lube down the cocks’ length then stroked it into the shaft until it glistened with wetness.