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Taking Penny Home

lesbian naughtyannie 2018-06-26

I just kept going, her dress starting to slide up over her bare thigh until suddenly I felt the edge of her knickers. As she stopped coming, she reached up and pulled me down on top of her, kissing me hard on the lips, my firm little tits flattening themselves against her big ones. I felt my anus expand slightly to accept the next one, then another, and I began to feel the beads touching the inside of my anal passage. Then I let out a little squeal, as Penny pulled the probe part of the way out, and I felt my passage close up for a moment. Penny began to bum-fuck me properly with the beads, shoving them in, then pulling them out.

In the Dressing Room with Dr. Laura

lesbian Kariswitch 2018-06-26

As I walked out of the changing room, Dr. Laura eyes opened wide and she said, “You’ll have to wear that dress every day. Dr. Laura came back over to me and informed the sales lady that she would work on the zipper if she’d be so kind as to get me a nude color bra to try on with the clothes. And she says, “Oh, by the way I like to match my color of bra and panties as well.” I wasn’t sure, but I figured that when she pulled the zipper of my skirt down she saw my red thong as well.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 4

lesbian elspeth 2018-06-26

She glanced over at me with a question in her eyes. “Bree with two ‘E’s, not like the cheese. I just thought you might like to know the name of your research subject. We were standing very close to one another and I could sense the tenseness in Cassiopeia, like she didn’t know what to do or say next. Whoever designed the questionnaire had no idea what street girls thought. The questions were all worded to provide a narrow band of possible responses that the designer wanted to hear, not what the subjects actually thought. It’s obvious that you are biased and some of these questions...I’d have told you to go fuck yourself if you asked me.”

Sophie Part 4

lesbian bikerbear600 2018-06-25

Vicky clamped her mouth over my pussy and began licking at it, pushing her tongue past my outer lips and exploring the pink skin inside. Vicky pushed a hand up my body until she found a breast and gently pinched the nipple as she continued twirling her tongue around my clit. Her other hand moved to my pussy and her long middle finger pushed into me, slowly fucking me as her tongue sent me mad with pleasure. ‘Oh Christ Ali, I’m almost fisting you!’ Vicky said sliding her fingers rapidly in and out of my arse but keeping the hand in my pussy still. ‘Fucking hell, I’ve got my fist in you!’ Vicky said slowly fucking me with her hand and removing her fingers from my arse.

The Pale Lady, Part 1

lesbian grayfoxxxy 2018-06-25

I never saw Her before, and yet I know exactly how She will look like, long before I put my eyes on Her. She is beautiful. I can't see Her, but I know how She looks like, Her legs spread apart, Her strap-on hanging between them. My entire body is shaking, I feel my anus convulsing around Her cock, my juices are squirting from my pussy, and She keeps going, keeps fucking me like crazy. She lets out single deep moan of pleasure, as I feel Her pussy pulsating around my tongue and Her juices flowing into my mouth. Her entire body is shaking, and She has a look of pure ecstasy on Her face, Her eyes are closed and She is smiling.

What's Next?

lesbian Miriam1982f 2018-06-24

Sarah was bucking her hips in time with her moans and finally Joan leaned down and sucked Sarah’s clit into her mouth and attacked it with her tongue, never stopping the back and forth motion of her hands. Joan gasped is shock and her legs spread of their own accord and as Sarah continued swirling her tongue around the hardened nub, her hand found Joan’s pussy and began stroking the outer folds gently, teasing the lips and spreading the moist dew on them around the older woman’s mound. She stroked upwards and then downwards slowly, several times, and then smiled when Joan moaned into her mouth, breaking the kiss and embracing Sarah, holding her fast against her while her tongue played with Sarah’s ear.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 5

lesbian elspeth 2018-06-24

“We’re going shopping and then we’ll find a salon and get you a mani-pedi and a wax… I think a full-Brazilian will do nicely. When I confronted her, she just laughed and said, ‘A girl’s got to look out for Numero Uno, Bree. I laughed, almost spilling my coffee, when I heard a shriek and then another that sounded a lot like Cassiopeia and I imagined just what had prompted those lovely sounds. I didn’t look up from my lists but said, coldly, “I don’t think Emily would appreciate you soliciting business on her time, Larissa. Doc walked up, still a little sensitive in the groin area, and asked shyly, “What do you think, Bree?

Rachel Fucking the Intern

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-06-23

Lauren took it off, dropped it to the ground and her bra followed soon after revealing her erect nipples; making her let out a loud moan as I started to suck on them. As I did Lauren started to eat me faster, soon making me cum in a powerful orgasm. After a moment of her sucking on it, Lauren put the dildo into my tight pussy making me let out a loud moan and started fucking me with the dildo. I put my mouth on it and start to lick it clean when she suddenly turns it on high vibrating my mouth; making me pull away, as I did she laughed and giggled like a little kid.

Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 3

lesbian elspeth 2018-06-23

Bree leaned in and kissed her fully on the mouth and slipped her slim fingers inside the waistband of the blonde’s panties and down – until she encountered a veritable old growth forest of pubic hair. The older woman broke off the kiss, threw her arms around Bree’s neck and began nibbling at her ear and moaning as she felt her insides begin to coil. When she turned her hand over and started stroking the roof of Bree’s vagina and sliding over her g-spot the dancer pushed backwards until those fingers were deep inside. As if on cue, she slid a third finger inside and her thrusts in were faster and deeper and this increased the pressure on the g-spot and Bree began to cum, moaning and pushing back hard against her.

Arsenic and Esmeralda

lesbian Audrey_X 2018-06-22

It can bring a lot of drama and awkwardness into your life, especially with young girls who want to “experiment.” All gay women know the awful feeling of losing your heart to someone who isn’t serious or who isn’t comfortable with her sexuality. He moved it like a pendulum in front of her face, telling her in soft words that her body was relaxing, that her mind was becoming open, that all of her inhibitions were dissolving and she was becoming sleepy. I wanted to interrupt, to tell him to stop because clearly Sara was hypnotized and he had proven his point but I stayed silent and listened while Sara's warm voice talked gently of how she admired my beauty and had dreamed of belonging to me.

A Genny Story.... Bottom Baby

lesbian Gfire 2018-06-22

sure when the thought came into my head but I know I had been thinking gulped a little and said, "I want it in my butt." of her fingers felt like they had lives of their own. slipped in and Melly was watching my face to see if there was any pain. It actually felt very nice, and I pushed back a little just to let her With a little push the head slid in me. down on her hands and started to pull her hips out slowly. like in my ass (later she would tell me I had a look on my face that she I started telling her how good it felt. Fuck me.") Melly started worrying

Lacy's Awakening

lesbian Simplicity 2018-06-21

At that moment, I didn't care who would be my fuck partner as long as they had a big cock to satisfy me and take away the hurt I felt about Tammy. Tammy looked at me, slowly opened her mouth and bit the strawberry Chocolate spread onto her lips and I ran a finger across her them, removing the chocolate. Not yet wanting it to blossom, Tammy moved down the bed, kissing and licking the length of my body as she went, then along my legs to my feet.  As if she sensed my condition, Tammy raised her head and kissed her way back up my body: mound, tummy, breasts and throat until I felt her sweet lips on mine.

Fever Dream

lesbian MadMartigan 2018-06-21

She moves up my body, hot mouth alternating kisses with long sweeps of a cat-like tongue. So when a loud, husky giggle pierces the silence, I let loose a strangled yelp, my heart feeling like it wants to jump out of my mouth and run through the snow until it escapes into the night. She shimmies down my body with cat-like graze until her breath is warm on my cunt, her hands pushing apart my now unbound legs. I can feel the cold band of metal on her left ring finger as her hands clench tightly over my thighs, the only place on her body that isn’t superheated. That image puffs away like smoke when her tongue starts to trace lazy circles around my vulva before any second thoughts can solidify.

My Maria Scene 5

lesbian frogprince 2018-06-21

I quickly let all my clothes fall to the floor, kicked them aside and joined Maria in the shower. She came around in front of me, kissed me and bent her knees to join Maria in devouring my now very hard cock. CC, who was slightly larger than Maria, waited until her mouth was off my cock and pushed her aside sliding across the shower floor. Once in position, CC started to ride my cock slowly at first until Maria had found the right position where the dildo pumped her wanting pussy. Maria pulled the dildo out of her pussy and CC’s ass and came over to sit on my chest facing CC. We washed each other with a little grab ass, nipple pinching, cock rubbing and kissing.

The Derek Thompson Plan part 1

lesbian jesss 2018-06-20

“Sarah Griffin dated him last year, she said he is great in bed!” Kayley giggled, “she said his ‘you-know-what’ is 10 inches long and thick as a coke can and that his fingers and tongue are things of magic!” Then he is going to see how hot you look with his number on!” Kayley slipped a second finger into my pussy and I was sent into a small orgasm. “And after the game we are going to go to the Halloween party that Derek hosts every year and you can bring him into the back room and we can fuck him together!” My body was shaking out of control now.

Alisha, Chapter 2

lesbian Kim 2018-06-20

I was startled, as I felt her warm hand slid around my chest to cup my breast. I closed my eyes, as I felt her bubblegum pink tongue flick both nipples at the same time. Leaning in really close, she whispered, "You look good enough to eat." She slid her hand down my belly to my crotch. I felt her hands wrap around my thighs, and she dived into my pussy, like a starved person. I felt 2 fingers enter my sopping pussy. She grabbed my hip with one hand, and preceded to guide the head into my wet, waiting pussy. Positioning myself between her legs, I slipped 2 fingers into her hot pussy.

Training Cassiopeia Chapter 6

lesbian elspeth 2018-06-20

I settled back and ran down my mental shopping list idly watching the people walking on the sidewalks when I spotted none other than Sapphire Reynolds walking with a tall scrawny-looking girl, her arm around her waist and her hand in the girl’s back jeans pocket.  Leaning against the Doc’s truck was none other than Sapphire Reynolds with the scrawny geek girl nowhere to be seen. She looked at Sapphire like she was a roach and I almost laughed at the look on her face when Doc slapped my ass hard and gestured to the truck. Sorry.” I got in my side of the truck just in time to see Sapphire Reynolds storm away, obviously highly pissed and confused, and wondering where this new Cassiopeia Franklin had been hiding.

Mistress in the Sex Dungeon Part 1

lesbian thebigbeast 2018-06-18

Ashley pushed Olivia's head into the pool of pee and cum and forced her to lick it up. Ashley was now in control, so she placed a black rubber mask over Olivia's head, which had small zip holed for the eyes, as well as a zip over the mouth. "Do you love your mistress slave?" Ashley looked Olivia in the eyes through her mask. Ashley zipped up Olivia's eyes, but left the mouth open and then got off the bed. Pushing the tartan skirt up, Ashley found Olivia's tight red ass, ready for more punishment. Once finished, Ashley got down and licked the slave's pussy, which brought the feeling back and eventually a nice warm gush of cum.

Filling Her Holes in the Closet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-06-18

"Looks like you need to use your tongue to mop the floor," I said, "since my friend has grown very attached to your cleaning tools." She showed no reaction and so I got up on my feet, my wet dress clinging tightly to my tits as I stepped right in front of her. "Then Novella will give you what you need." I turned the girl over until she sat in the puddle on the floor, her legs spread wide towards the librarian, who knelt down on her knees, carefully moving the mop behind her so it would stay up her butt, but not get pushed in any further. I reached for the broom and handed it over to Novella, who looked at me puzzled, but soon understood and carefully tried to push the stick into the girl's hungry cunt, licking her all the way.

The Princess Chronicles - Playtime in the Guest House

lesbian TxPrincess 2018-06-18

She thinks I am going to wax her, and she starts begging me to stop and promises to go with me next time. She is so worked up I don’t think she could stop me if she wanted to. With the way her eyes are rolling back in her head, I am positive she doesn’t want me to stop. The honey she is giving my tongue is amazing, I don’t want to stop. I feel her tense and begin to pause, Sweets grinds her hips towards me so I don’t stop. my finger teasing Sweets clit, it wants me to rub it. My answer is to plow my fingers into her pussy harder and harder, my tongue enjoying her ass, pussy honey from my Sweets coating my tongue.

Kelly's Passion ch 4

lesbian Milik_the_Red 2018-06-18

Kari wanted to know everything about Kelly’s modeling career, and Kelly began to see just how hard it was going to be to keep the truth from her. Daniel watched as they moved in each other’s arms and his cock grew hard as Kelly rubbed May’s moistening mound through her dress. He was right on the edge and Kelly only needed to let his hardness slip all the way down her throat a few times before she felt his body quiver in response. “Oh you’re going to get it all right, but not the way you think.” Kelly squeezed a line of lube down the cocks’ length then stroked it into the shaft until it glistened with wetness.

Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 16: Hot talk With Mom

lesbian cdbottom2 2018-06-18

We rubbed and touched each other wildly and I could feel her big breasts press against mine as her hands rubbed my ass in a way that spread my pussy lips and drove me wild!” Mom stopped again as she opened her shirt and her pants to cool off from getting so hot and heavy. Then she sat back up and took off her robe as I sat up and undid her bra and giving her the same treatment she gave me.” Mom’s tone in her voice started to change as she leaned back in her chair again and wiggled her hips a little as she spread her legs and ran her fingers from through her hair, down her body to her thighs where I heard a click then a very faint and slow vibrating sound.

Wrist-Deep In The Cunt Hole - My Shy Friend Maria

lesbian Kathrin 2018-06-17

I forgot the crowd around us and only felt the beat, Maria's hands and her lips, as they started kissing my pubic hair. Surprised, I wanted to turn around to see, when Maria inserted a finger into my pussy and began fucking. I reached for Maria's hand and pulled it out while I grabbed her hair and pressed her face into my bush. Maria continued to rub and finally spread her legs to give me a good look at her pussy. Then she pulled her butt cheeks and labia apart with both hands and I looked deep into her twat. Look at my cunt how she comes!" Hastily I made some more pictures when she reared up, rubbing her clit as the knob slid out of her.

Rachel Fucking in the Lesbian Threesome

lesbian Scorpio2015 2018-06-16

As forced Amber to suck my plastic cock, Erica started to eat Amber’s pussy agai,n making her cum two more times in just a few seconds. “Turn around and please Erica while I fuck your pussy until you can’t stop cumming!” She turned around and started to lick and put the vibrating dildo in Erica’s pussy on high speed, as I put my plastic cock into her tight pussy making her moan loudly. After a half hour of small chat, I rolled Amber over and said, “Get ready, I’m going to make you cum again,” and I put my plastic cock back in her tight pussy, once again making her let out a loud moan.