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Sex With A Stranger Ch. 2

lesbian leahharvey1821 2018-11-30

As Olivia started to turn toward her and lean up off the bed, AJ wrapped a hand around her mouth and slid behind her back. After watching Olivia’s pleasant torture for a while, AJ slid up the bed, laid the remote just out of the way and gently removed the first clothespin that she had placed on Olivia. AJ’s mouth was occupied but Olivia felt one of her arms move up and pull one of her hands around her side. AJ pulled her mouth away, slid two fingers through Olivia’s folds and pushed them inside of her pussy. Olivia’s finger rammed into her ass over and over again and sucked on her clit so hard that AJ knew any moment now she would be thrust over the edge and flying higher than she ever had.

Guest of Honor

lesbian leahharvey1821 2018-11-25

You don't have to do a thing but enjoy yourself." Sandra ran her fingers between her legs and got them nice and wet before pulling them back up and teasing them in front of Ashley's nose and mouth. The two women that lay at Ashley's shoulders kissed their way up the sides of her neck and then teased their tongues against each other right on Ashley's throat. She moved her face and hands back up to the woman in front of her, gripped her ass, and pulled her pussy back to her mouth. When the fingers pulled out of her, Ashley started to turn to see what the problem was, but then felt something else pushing against the relaxed opening of her ass.


lesbian Kim 2018-11-14

Jennifer, who had been staring off into space, noticed that Alisha's hand had begun to slowly rub up and down the inside of her thigh. As they kissed, Alisha rubbed her hands up and down Jennifer's arm, before pushing the woman flat on the couch. When her nose nuzzled Alisha’s clit, Jennifer opened her friend’s hot slit with her fingers and stared into the wet treasure. It had been so long since Jennifer felt a pair of lips on her nipples that she was disappointed when Alisha pulled her warm mouth away. With three fingers deep inside her, Jennifer pulled Alisha’s head down to her clit and begged her to suck on it.

Mila's Best Friend

lesbian nomnomdeplume 2018-08-25

Fuck..." Tia cried as Mila's tongue repeatedly thrust into her best friend, making her shiver in ecstasy. "Oh fuck," Tia moaned as Mila kissed and sucked the outer folds of her pussy, "I need you to eat me. Second, she felt Tia's tongue circling around and around her asshole, followed by a pop as her tongue made its way inside, causing Mila to push her ass back in to Tia's face, desperate to get her tongue as deep as possible. Tia began to dart in and out, tongue fucking her best friend's ass as Mila shook and yelled. When Mila finally quieted down and her body relaxed, Tia pulled out her tongue and kissed her ass, lightly sucking on it.

Raven Robinson Ep. 06

lesbian Iggy_Ego 2018-08-07

Sam still didn't know Raven was an actual lesbian, and not just a girl who occasionally got a little carried away when drunk. Raven again considered calling Sam, but she was supposed to be working today. Her sister Staci would likely be home to pick up the phone, she worked nights at some posh restaurant But Raven was worried that Staci would get suspicious of something so again she decided against it. This brought her mind around again inevitably to Sam. Her nice butt and soft coffee-toned skin – The way her toes curled just so when she came. An hour or so of tossing and turning in her bed had Raven really frustrated. Raven hadn't even thought to sweep them under the bed when they came in.

Holly Ch. 04

lesbian diamondph 2018-07-07

"O.K. don't say you weren't warned," said Debbie as she continued to lick me along the full length of my slit. My cunt got wetter and Debbie obviously enjoyed the taste because she was dipping her tongue into my cunt to lap up as much juice as she could get. As her tongue did it's work on my cunt and clit, I felt my orgasm starting to build. "Don't ever apologise for coming over me with your delicious juice," she said raising her glistening wet face to look at me. "I'll hold you to that, but I haven't finished with you yet" said Debbie, inserting two of her fingers into my dripping wet cunt, removing them and making a show of licking them clean of juice.

Erin Ch. 02: Erin's Anniversary

lesbian TessMackenzie 2018-06-12

Lauren licked a little more, and waited a little longer, before she kissed Erin's pussy. "I love going down on you," Lauren said, her mouth still against Erin. Lauren wriggled back a little on the bed, to reach more easily, and licked all the way down to the bottom of Erin. Lauren fingered Erin, and licked her ass, and was in love. Lauren started to lick more quickly, using both hands, sliding her tongue over Erin rather than pushing it inside. She bent a little, so she could reach all the way from Erin's clit to her ass in one go, lapping up and down and inside her pussy as fast as she could.

Sasha and Clair

lesbian tayla7 2018-05-19

I try so hard to suppress it, but sometimes late at night when I can't sleep, I pull out that memory of Dad's girlfriend, hair swinging, breasts bouncing, pounding into me. While they were there, I touched Heather's braless breasts inside her low-cut blouse as she sat next the Clair on the sofa or kissed her on the lips as if it were the most natural thing to do. At the door, I gave Heather one long last kiss with some tongue and saliva action as I moaned and rubbed her tits. Sasha pulled away and began sucking my breasts very hard as she rubbed my clit. I kissed and sucked every delicious inch of her-breasts, pussy, ass, the soles of her feet-everywhere.

Craigslist Girl

lesbian Sexiebatman 2018-05-09

Toni noticed her intentions and turned, placing Roxi's hands on her ass and giving her a small peck. In response, Roxi went for Toni's clit and shoved two fingers inside of the girl, almost coming herself when she felt the spasm. "Can I taste you?" She asked quietly, a hidden plea in her voice, She felt Toni shudder beneath her when she grabbed a handful of ass. It started to excite her, so she used a finger from her other hand and sucked on it, inserting just the tip in Toni's tight ass. She left it there for a minute, wiggled it around inside Toni while still finger fucking the girl's dripping pussy.

My PE Teacher Ch. 02

lesbian Dinew 2018-04-24

As our lips met and our tongues started to dance together I could feel her free hand on my breasts, squeezing, stroking, and gently pinching my nipples. I slid one hand under her top and felt her older, but very firm, boobs with their long, hard nipples growing even bigger with my attention. As her hands left my nipples I felt a brief tinge of loss, but only momentarily, as her fingers slid past my waist and reached the top of my slit. She moved back just a little, leaving my bum wanting to feel her pussy against me, and I felt her other hand stroke my neck and caress my back, from my neck to the swell of my cheeks.

Girl in Need

lesbian tayla7 2018-04-04

Slowly, I approached Nicole's sweet pussy with my tongue. I fucked that girl's pussy with my tongue as she moaned and screamed. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of that large pussy in as I could and sucked her like a vacuum. Mrs. Adams' pearls, the ones she always wore, brushed my pussy with each thrust of her tongue. Nicole would put her fingers in my scalp and pull my head into her as I fucked her with my tongue. "I feel so good and so nasty when you fuck me like this," she said when her ass hit my face. I could tell she was remembering when I took ice from a bucket just like hers and put it in her hot little pussy.

An Evening to Remember

lesbian secrets2729 2018-03-27

I pressed her slender arms over her head and gently held them there with one hand while I kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders, and rubbed our breasts together until both our nipples were hard and achy. "Oh, yeah, um…" Lauren moaned, and I sighed with her as she came, long and hard, arching her entire body upwards and tangling her fingers in my hair. Kira, beneath me, slipped her four fingers into my pussy and her thumb into my ass as she sucked my clit, shooting pleasure through me so intense that I screamed as I came and she smacked me, hard, with the other hand.

Erin Ch. 01

lesbian TessMackenzie 2018-01-29

It had only been a month, and a month was far too soon, but Lauren was staring to think about how to tell Erin she really liked her, that maybe soon she'd love her. She said things like that a lot, and every time Lauren heard it, she fell in love a little more. "Hey," Lauren said, startled, then kissed Erin back. Once you got past knowing where Erin's mouth was, where she was licking, that she was holding Lauren's ass apart and slipping her tongue inside. Lauren watched Erin look at tops, and after a while, thinking out loud, trying it out for size, she said, "Hey, I love you, okay?"

Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 02

lesbian Copious_Copulation 2018-01-28

She had time to notice that Lara was equally gorgeous, and had a fresh, clean, hairless pussy as well, before the older girl had her hands on Ali's cunt, parting her lips and using her fingers to draw the juice from her. Lara wrapped her arms around Ali's legs and placed one hand on each of her thighs, pulling the girl's cunt down to her mouth, sticking her tongue into her hole repeatedly, moaning, and sucking on her now throbbing clit. Keeping her knuckle lodged in her tight little ass, she once again pulled Ali's cunt to within inches of her mouth, but this time she used her free hand to hold open the girl's lips, and focused only on gently lapping at her exposed clit with a firm, hard tongue in one moment, alternating with flicking it sharply in another.

The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 03

lesbian hornyjohndoe 2018-01-24

She had pulled out a large pink vibrator from her bedside table and as she looked at her friend undressing her husband she started to rub her labia with the end of the dildo and teased her left nipple with her free hand. Tom approached Debbie and knelt before her and with his large manly hands he shifted her thighs apart and buried his face into her shaven flesh and licked and lapped at her. In order to make Tom cum Debbie opened her mouth as wide as she could and crammed his balls into her mouth and sucked hard on him and her fingers moved in between his arse cheeks and she probed his anus with her finger. Debbie lifted her face until she could close her lips over Jenna's pussy opening and she sucked the fluid into her mouth.

Love Beach

lesbian suziesdad 2017-12-17

"Do not be embarrassed," she said, "we are both females; where I come from we hardly ever wear clothes!" As if to prove what she was saying, Nahhruk stripped off the scraps of material which constituted her bikini; she stood in front of Laura, proudly naked, her breasts full and firm, her pussy shaved smooth like Laura's, and the twin globes of her ass firm and muscular. Kneeling between her legs, Laura lowered her face and mouth to Nahhruk's pussy, "well it looks the same, and it certainly SMELLS the same!" Laura said, "Let's see if it TASTES the same!" Laura put out her tongue and tasted Nahhruk's pussy, it tasted hot and sweet, not like either of the two women she had made love with previously.

Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 01

lesbian Copious_Copulation 2017-11-20

Lara wasted no time even though a large fire blazed in the giant hearth and the room and water were completely toasty warm, leaving Ali wondering what her hurry was. With that Lara lathered up the area between Ailis' thighs and began to shave the girl's thick pubic hair away, dipping the razor into the water with each stroke and being very careful near her lips not to cut her in any way. When she was fully bent over, Lara parted the cheeks of her bottom by way of inspection almost, and continued to the area she had just shaved and went over it again, making sure she didn't miss anything, opening Ailis' small, firm, lips and making sure they too were free of all hair.

Elli's First Time Ch. 02

lesbian callmQ67 2017-10-22

Melanie stroked Elli's smooth blonde hair then ran the tip of her finger down one arm until she reached my new lover's hand—the hand that was covering her pussy. I could only watch as Elli's sweet face moved closer and she took one of Mel's nipples in her mouth. "Oh god yes, eat my pussy little fuck doll," Melanie pleaded. The sexy blonde waif ate me just the way I like it, licking slowly from the bottom of my pussy to the tip of my clit and circling my little pink love button. The blonde Canadian's perfect round butt thrust high in the air, my cousin's tongue on her clit, and Elli's face, turned to one side, contorted with pleasure.

Never That Bold Ch. 05

lesbian JimBob44 2017-10-18

"Yeah, but I'm kind of seeing this woman, I mean, shit, Lilah, they hate Shaquisha and truth is, she wanted to kill Hannah last weekend," Brandon said. "We actually get all the high school children from Turning Point and East Turn, as well as Stepping Stone," the woman said as they toured the small cinderblock building. "Dinah," the woman smiled, not offended that Lilah did not remember her name, even though they'd just met two and a half hours earlier. Even as thick as the woman's pubic jungle was, Lilah could see that Dinah's fat pussy lips hung down out of the thicket, two dark pink meat curtains. "Aw yeah, going love having you as a tenant," Dinah said as she rolled off of Lilah's face.

The Perfect Treat

lesbian BetinaCipher 2017-10-12

"Okay, you first." Jordan sipped her beer while Marta told her about the sociopath boyfriend who had run a game on her and two other women that looked a lot like her. "Holy fuck, that is horrible, you might win this bet." Jordan told Marta about how she was about to ask her girlfriend to move in with her when she got dumped a week ago. Marta watched Jordan's lips as they wrapped around the chocolate, and her face relaxed and the flavors invaded her senses. "Okay," Jordan's laugh was incredulous as she took up Badger's leash and held the door open for Marta. "You taste like beer and chocolate," Jordan breathed, forking her fingers through Marta's glossy hair.