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A spanking for a naughty girl

lesbian thesexualself 2018-12-04

Before she went on her way, Jessica whispered to Sammy “A naughty little slut like you deserves a spanking.” She loved the way Jessica had taken control of her, she'd been such a naughty little slut and now she was learning a very pleasurable lesson. Sammy wanted to scream Jessica’s name as Jessica took control of her pussy and brought her to mind blowing orgasm after mind blowing orgasm. Right before the wave of orgasmic euphoria crashed over her, Sammy screamed out, “Oh God yes…fuck me Jess, fuck me, oh God” and then she came, squirting all over Jessica and creating a big puddle on the bed. Jessica tasted like Sammy’s pussy juice but Sammy didn’t mind.

The Complete Submission Ch. 05

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-11-30

The waiter looked at my mother, cum still all over her face, smiled and said, "I think I will probably take option two," and left us. Carla kept her gaze until the woman looked back and said to me, "Get under the table and lick my pussy, honey." "Really," Carla moaned, then lifted up the table cloth and said, "Slut, slow down." I knew that she did not really mean that, as she was clearly playing the seduction game with the Governor. Carla pulled it out and said, "Now Governor, get your assistant over here to clean the cum of my slut's face or leave now."

Charlotte takes her first female sub

lesbian gstringslut 2018-11-29

With an excited look in her eyes and a smile on her face, Emily works both hands on my right foot softly caressing my entire foot; from my ankles to my toes. Emily is riding my left foot really hard, she’s trying desperately to get my big toe into her hot little hole. I decide to buy a few things for little Emily – a black half cup pushup bra will accentuate her young breasts, a red leopard print gstring that is barely big enough to cover that sweet pussy, and a black pair of seemed thigh high stockings and matching black garter belt.

Carla's Interview - part 3

lesbian DeviousDave 2018-11-27

"Now Carla," said Michelle in a matter-of-fact manner, as she stepped away from the girl she'd just help bring to an incredible orgasm, "let me make one thing quite clear. "Yes, come on boss," urged Michelle, "I want to see you fuck this cute little thing. "Come over here boss," said Michelle, "I want to watch you fuck her throat again." "Oh yes, I could get used to this," said Andrew, as he stood and slowly fucked Carla's mouth. "Go on," teased Michelle, "Ram you cock deep into her throat." Andrew obliged and Carla had no choice but to take it, her head held firmly against the back of the desk.

Extreme Measures

lesbian leahharvey1821 2018-11-22

Gwen’s hands came up and cupped Megan’s ass as she slid her tongue forward for her first taste. As Gwen’s tongue moved forward and the fingers finally pulled almost all the way out, Megan knew that real pleasure was about to begin. Gwen slid her other hand down between Megan’s legs and ran her finger across her clit. She continued to rim Megan’s ass as she pulled her other hand up and pushed a finger against the opening. She continued sucking and teasing Megan's clit until her finger was all the way in Megan’s ass. Gwen continued circling around her clit as she started moving inside of Megan’s ass and pussy.

A Late Night Call

lesbian BradLee 2018-11-21

“I dream of sinking my fingers deep into your wet pussy in a crowded lift as we travel upward, and feeling you shudder in silent climax as you try desperately not to cry out.” “I dream of making you paint my toenails while a roomful of men watch, wondering if we’re lovers, dreaming of us naked, grinding our pussies together. I make you kneel down with your legs so wide that your pussy lips almost touch the white tiled floor. “No. I pull my short skirt up around my hips, and fuck myself with a big pink dildo while I watch you soak. “I’m wearing a tight rubber dress which shows each of my curves perfectly and I’m holding a lighted candle.

The Stewardess Became My Toilet

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-21

I must've looked a little lost, as a stewardess asked me right away: "Can I help?" I explain that the bathrooms in the other sections are all occupied and I was just looking for a free one. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: "I need to pee." My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she's about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside. The rest of the flight I keep wondering if she's got any dry clothes to change into or needs to continue working soaked in my juices.

In the heat of the moment

lesbian lovingshai 2018-11-20

My best friend and I were having a conversation about her not driving my car the next day to do something for her ex, Mike. But then I found myself laying across the bed with Jay holding my arms down, and Tiffany tickling my feet. Then Tiffany began tugging at my pants, but I got loose from Jay's grip and grabbed my pants holding them so that she was unable to get them off. Tiffany stood up over me as she was lifting my shirt and began sucking my breasts. As soon as I began to moan and squirm, Tiffany stopped licking me and began to rub my clit in a soft circular motion.

Inside Secret

lesbian goober631 2018-11-12

She said that Katie was waiting for me in the conference room. I said ok and started to head to the conference room. I opened the door to the conference room and Katie was sitting in her chair. Her mouth went to my left breast and her hand kept playing with my right. Then she stuck practically my whole breast in her mouth, sucking it hard. Then she stuck her head right between both of my breasts and jiggled them against her face. She said, "What the hell is going on in here?!" Then I said, "I thought you went home..." She told us how she left her laser pointer in the conference room and came to get it. I was so embarrassed.

The Restaurant

lesbian deviantsusie 2018-11-11

A simple black dress, mid thigh with long sleeves, tight fitted, high necked, puritanical almost, though not puritanical enough to hide my 34C breasts which I ran my hands over, feeling the nipples harden through the material at the thought that Susie might do the same. I felt Susie remove her feet and raised my eyes to look at her as she leaned over and refilled my wine glass and put her hand over mine on the table. She ordered me to spread my legs and moved her stocking covered feet around my pussy, at one stage I felt a toe inside me while her other foot drew circles over my clit, the heel resting on the chair as her big toe rubs my clit every time it circled.

Piss Whores in Training: Auditioning Helga

lesbian Kathrin 2018-11-09

Please write back if you're interested." Attached was a picture of a pair of pink, wet pussy lips spread wide, while on the thighs next to them someone wrote "for Kat" with the date of the email. I leaned back and lifted up my legs, my fingers frantically running hard and fast across my pubes, rubbing my poor clit with both hands until it felt glowing hot. Since I've already started playing with electronics, I reached for the mouse, opening the other two pictures she'd sent before inserting it into my wet fuckhole, replacing the remote. It was Helga, kneeling on the floor, the bottle still sticking out between her legs, opening her mouth obediently as she looks up at the camera.

Cruel Wednesdays

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-11-03

Tiny wrinkles spread from the corners of her eyes and mouth, and for a long, intense moment that caught me completely unawares, I felt compelled to just walk over and ask if I could run the tip of my tongue over them. But again, I couldn’t extricate myself from the lust that saturated the air, and I watched on, nipples hard like steel and my pussy leaking on the glass table, while she brought the blonde to the edge and held her there with small, teasing nibbles on her pussy lips until she begged for relief with the most vulgar expressions.

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

lesbian Poppet 2018-11-01

I feel her mouth bite over my bra, tugging on my already hard nipple. Paula throws her head back, bucks a little faster on my fingers, and moans an orgasm. I feel her leave feather light kisses down from my lips, between my breasts, over my soft stomach, until she reaches my mound. No word is spoken, she moves and climbs off the bed before coming back just a moment later. I am biting at my lower lip as I know she is going to drive me mad waiting for her. I feel my chest pound hard, my body shake uncontrollably as I orgasm for her. It’s her breath that quickens before mine, pushing inside me with a hungry need.


lesbian EmiliaFoxton 2018-10-31

Sandy moaned helplessly above her as Laurel licked and suckled her aching flesh, her tongue responding to Sandy’s garbled cries and the urgent pressing of her pelvis into her mouth by increasing the pressure of it against her clit. Sandy’s eyes widened at the glint in Laurel’s eyes as she walked around the side of their bed and bent over to whisper once more into Sandy’s ear, “You look beautiful like this, I think I’ll leave you gagged and bound to our bed for as long as I please…” Sandy gasped and pulled futilely at her restraints as Laurel stepped back, her hands trailing down the length of her trembling body as she sauntered away and left Sandy unsure and aching for more…

Captured In Sin

lesbian vanessa26 2018-10-31

I went to my usual bathroom to find that it was out of order, leaving me with only one other option - to walk all the way down the long winding hall to the next to one which I scarcely used. I was so lost in myself that I did not notice the tall brunette that had appeared in the mirror until I felt her hands on me, cupping my breasts and caressing them with fervour. I felt her right hand slowly releasing my breasts from her firm grasp on them as she trailed slowly downwards all the way to my legs. I let out a long moan and my breath fogged up the mirror slowly as I watched myself being taken from behind.

A Late Night Out

lesbian whisperofwords 2018-09-22

When there was the slightest lull in the conversation, I leaned over to kiss her softly and placed my hand on the said of her face with my fingers in her long, blonde hair. She leaned back down to kiss my lips and moved down to my neck then down to my breasts, moving my shirt and bra aside to suck and bite my nipple. I was leaning on one elbow with my hand behind her head wrapped in her hair to keep her under control; she kept trying to pull me to her the closer I got to going in her pants. We kissed hard and I took my hand away from her clit and ran my fingers through her hair.

For Just One Day Pt. 01

lesbian blondsubles 2018-09-12

When Katy said that she wanted to collect on my debt this weekend, I thought it was just going to be a day of cleaning her apartment or driving her around. It will just be for one day and I promise that it will be just between you and me." Katy gave me the pleading look that she knew I couldn't resist. I remember being reluctant to shave my mound at first but Katy gave me the look and I tried it. But, instead, left looking downright amazing as I just said to hell with it and let Katy do her magic. I was reluctant until she gave me the look and said that if I didn't like it, she would never bring it up again.

New Play Thing Ch. 02

lesbian LuvLongNails 2018-09-11

Nancy pulled off away the top sheet that Denise was using to cover her naked body, "Let Momma see those big beautiful tits," she said, as she reached out with both hands and started to lightly scratch Denise's breasts with her nails. Maybe the thought of taking Mommy's big pink cock excites her more than she admits," Nancy said, as she ran her index fingernail up and down Denise's moist slit. Nancy grabbed onto Denise's hips and picked up the pace, "So, my little slut, do you like Mommy's big cock in your pussy?" Mommy's cock feels so good in babies sweet little pussy, doesn't it?" asked Nancy.

For Just One Day Pt. 02

lesbian blondsubles 2018-09-02

But I'm sure that we will never get that far, will we?" Her finger touched the screen again and instantly, my ass and pussy began to vibrate, causing pleasant sensations to travel through my body. Katy began petting me and I stretched my legs out, putting my feet on her lap and curling my toes in pleasure. Katy started petting my head again, pressing the pleasure button on her phone. I closed my eyes and smiled, purring contentedly, enjoying the feeling of her petting my fur as much as the vibrations from my ass and pussy. Come lick mommy clean." Before reaching down and spreading her pussy wide for me, she pressed the good button on her phone screen.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-08-11

One day, I was shopping at a high-end department store and saw this lovely jacket I wanted to get for some time. She masturbated, kissed my thighs, and fingered me so hard, I cummed onto her face, which she liked. I about faced and she kissed my butt cheeks, the best thing I have ever felt, as I held her breasts. Seeing she had her knees bent and legs spread, I leaned forward to finger her vagina until it got wet as she licked between my cheeks and sucked my anus. We shouted, then she lay face-down and I kissed her buttocks as she yelled, then licked between her cheeks and sucked her anus. When I got to her shoulders she turned face-up and we kissed and fingered each other.

For Just One Day Pt. 03

lesbian blondsubles 2018-07-27

I was on all fours still, arching my back, enjoying the orgasms that mommy had given me with her toys when she leaned up and started petting my fur, from my head all the way to my tail. Well, more accurately, she watched TV and I took a little catnap as mommy petted my head. I licked my paw and gave myself a bath as mommy's hands started stroking my titties. I stopped bathing my face and began licking mommy's titty tips, stroking her breast with my paw. "Oh mommy," I said, choking back the tears, "I don't want this day to ever end!" It was true. She held me close, petting my head gently as the tears continued to flow from my eyes, unabated.

Best Friends, Maybe

lesbian BlueHeart55 2018-07-24

Or how she loved to slowly lick your bottom lip right after kissing. Her perfect manicured finger nail was pressed against my lip, as she whispered in my ear, "No, need to be a chicken." Her hands were now resting on my hips as she dragged the shirt up with her fingernails. Her lips trembled against my lower ear "You know Alex, I always wanted to see you naked." Her fingernails run down my sides, "You are so damn sexy... Her lips found my bottom ear and slowly sucked, only to make a trial of kisses down my neck. Her fingernail pinched my nipple at the same moment she bit my bottom lip.

Giving What I Need

lesbian lauren84 2018-07-17

I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, her hands running down the sides of my body. Whenever things feel good, my body doesn't know what to do. She moves her thumb in faster circles now, as I softly scream out, trying to keep still, my body fighting with my mind. She lets go of my hand and I feel a finger circling my pussy, and slowly siding in. I try to move, but she knows that her holding my thigh down is the reminder I need to be her good girl. She knows I want to cum, making me be her good girl and submit to the feelings running through my body is all I've ever wanted.

Becoming Lisa's Pet Ch. 03

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2018-06-27

I tried to gently extricate myself from Lisa's – no, from my Mistress', just thinking that brought a blush to my face – embrace, but the moment I moved, her fingers wrapped around my boob and softly squeezed it. I jumped up from the bed, quickly fetched something to wear from the wardrobe and went into the bathroom, but just when I was about to close the door, Lisa commanded with a sweet voice: "Leave it open, pet!" "I'll stop once I've rinsed away all the soap, silly," she answered me in a patronizing voice while the shower head delivered thousands of painful needle pricks to my breasts, "now hold still, and it will be over in the blink of an eye." She pointed the spray to my pubes, and it felt even worse.