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A ruined friendship?

lesbian Rubz 2018-06-27

Chloe danced facing them as I dropped low in front of her, slowly winding my way back up her body to wrap my arms around her neck and pull her close to me. When I started dancing with her I was just having a laugh, but as my leg touched her, I felt her g-sting move to one side by accident, letting her soft pussy lips brush along my thigh. She bit my bottom lip gently and I felt a throbbing in my pussy, which by now was wet enough that I thought it might start running down my legs. Moaning out loud at how hot she looked, I slid one finger half way into her opening, twisting as I pulled it almost all the way back out again before pushing it hard all the way in.

Lipstick Lesbian - Part One

lesbian Beckie2309 2018-06-26

You always jump to conclusions when what I have in my amazing mind could quite simply sort out your money problems, and social life,” she quipped before laughing. The client can’t touch and it’s the rules, agreed upon before the meeting even takes place. Trust me, Tee, I’m a part of that world and know it like the back of my hand. All you have to do is sit and watch.” Mona said, already stepping from her seat to embrace her client. I gawked at her and she just laughed, little did she know her client was the star of my wet dream and the reason I looked like crap.

Learning the Dance Ch. 02

lesbian klvyoenne 2018-06-22

Christy listened to Gloria's soft voice, as she explained that in some cultures the tribes would praise the gods through dance and song, and the women's undulating bodies, stomping feet, and ululating cries, were all a prayer to the tribe's ancestor gods. "People dance, I dance," commented Gloria, "in honor of my spirit ancestors." Christy shivered as she watched her friend's eyes look her up and down, appraising her. "My people celebrate with song, and with dances," Gloria said, quietly, watching Christy's reactions, reading her body language, sensing her excitement. Riveted, Christy watched as her friend danced in the center of the room, Gloria flung her head forward and backward, and her long black braids lashed against the smooth, dark, skin on her back, exposed shoulders, and breasts.

Neon light

lesbian Nina9 2018-06-15

You smiled lightly, your hand deftly sneaking up over her barely clad tummy, the silky material slipping over her brown skin with ease, her muscles rippling as she lowered her body to the floor in time with the beat, gracefully rising. You strode forward, and clasped your hands possessively around her waist, your bodies moving together, your crotch thrusting frantically at the curve of her ass as it bumped against you, her head craning back to meet your impassioned kiss, your tongues meeting. I simply stepped forward and kissed her again, hissing slightly as I felt her hands creep over my skin, surrounding my breasts, her thumbs working my nipples over, her fingers caressing lightly.

Truth Or Dare

lesbian AylaJ 2018-06-06

Slowly I start to move the swing back and forth when she breaks the kiss running her lips along my jawline and to my ear nipping the lobe and grabs my hair digging her nails into my scalp. Her hand moves back up, pushing my now soaked hair out of my face sliding back around grabbing a fist full, pulling my head back whispering in my ear, "Remember how they taught us to pump our legs?" I swing up watching her face against the stormy background; she bites her lip as her hand reaches for my shirt grabbing the fabric and skin as she digs her nails in.

Naomi gets her birthday present

lesbian Chimone001 2018-06-03

The ladies are kissing and sexy dancing to the funky tunes, Simone tugs at Naomi's top and the whips it over her head. The girls dance some more, Naomi is behind my beautiful girlfriend, her hands are around Simone's waist. I move onto the bed between Simone's legs, pulling her wet sexy black knickers to one side, She's wetter than I even seen her a this stage, I take no time in tasting a nights worth of flirting, wow she tastes awesome! I can hear both girls moaning, Naomi is louder and more often, I realise that she is close, so I stop and allow Simone to concentrate.

Quick Flash - I'm SO Happy My Date Didn't Show Up Last Night!

lesbian AJQuick 2018-05-28

I’m going to take you next week but we will wear loose fitting clothes!) While we were waiting for the waiter, Jennie asks me if I had done anything wild on a date before. I was trying to think how I would even manage to do that in that dress, when Jennie sat back and started to wiggle her hips. After doing our business, we were standing at the sink, checking our makeup and talking about how having no panties on was kind of liberating, when Jennie walks over to the stalls and starts to push on the doors. I let out soft moans as she started to softly kiss my chest and then down to my left breast.

Caught by a Kitten (Part 4)

lesbian tak0chan 2018-05-24

I was expecting that they would stay together after dancing like that – her partner was an attractive young woman – bur instead Cindy said something to her, she smiled and nodded, and the two hugged briefly, exchanged kisses on the cheek, and then Cindy turned away from her towards me, with a smile that melted me instantly. I had just about recovered my breath, and Ro had put her saxophone down and was singing the reprise of “Blue Moon”, when I felt Cindy’s hands grip my buttocks tight, pulling my hips towards her and pressing my right thigh against her sex, and heard her whisper quietly but urgently: “Hold me tight, please, Laura, I’m close, oh god I’m so close, oh darling, I’m going to cum – hold me!


lesbian BradleyStoke 2018-05-23

When Edie and Janine finally found their way into the dingy kitchen, at the back of the house, where all the alcohol was and where they could drop off the bottle they’d brought with them, what waiting for them was a real disappointment after the quite decent skank. Janine smiled conspiratorially, as Edie took her metal-bangled wrist in her hand and dragged her out of the kitchen, past the temptations of another roving joint, into the main room where the music was coming from. Janine took Edie’s face in her hands and pushed it to her lips, her tongue slotted into Edie’s mouth, and for a few ecstatic, liquid moments, the two of them kissed fully and slobberily, as the beat pushed up and up into the pit of their stomachs, finally, building up enough tension to push the two girls apart.

Liquid Courage

lesbian Bigbreasts22 2018-05-22

As Ronnie was swaying around I could not help but stare at the way her tight blue dress was clinging to the curves on her body and how her high heels made her legs look like they were a mile long. I pushed Ronnie up against the door; we just stared into each other’s eyes, breathing deeply. Her hands gripped my hair, my hands running all over her body, feeling her breasts and tight stomach. When I opened the door and was about to walk out of the bathroom Ronnie pulled me back slightly and whispered in my ear, “Just so you know, when we get the club, it’s your turn.”

Words Made Flesh Ch. 10

lesbian ungenderless 2018-05-11

Amelia wants us both." Estelle looked into Sophia's eyes and said "I want you both. After savoring the view for an extended moment that caused Sophia to squirm with anticipation, Estelle lowered her head onto her prisoner's chest and began leaving a trail of kisses on a random path between and around both breasts. In an unexpected, but arousing gesture, Estelle gave Sophia's mound a single kiss before pulling her panties all the way down, causing a small shiver to travel through her body. Estelle's wings rose and fell in time with their lovemaking, Sophia watched as the feathers shivered lightly and imagined that her lover was soaring in the celestial skies, holding her close as they made love hundreds of miles above the earth.

A Rhythm That Only She Can Hear

lesbian AmberMoore 2018-05-10

What if you got lonely?" I asked as I slid a hand into her front pocket and pulled her in tighter to myself, smelling her hair as I buried my face in her neck, suckling on her earlobe as she snuck a sip of my drink. Rubbing her pink spot with my right hand I began to run my left through her hair before letting it slide out at the nape of her neck and slowly run my finger down the line of her spine, tracing it until they reached the crack of her ass before bringing my hand back down twice, quickly, across each cheek.

Call Me Friday

lesbian aquaglide1 2018-05-01

Right now the beast is fucking alive and thinks it will live forever…just like a 23-year-old girl who’s got a cold beverage, shaved pussy and a hand between her thighs on a Friday night. I bet you need your nipples touched don’t you…tell me about it… yeah I wish you were nude so I could bite your hard little nipples while I’m fucking your sweet cunt with my fingers. Suddenly she’s at my clit with rapid strokes…I cum almost before I know it…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit oh yes ohh yes…I have my head on the table, my hands over my face…oooooooooooooooo…I shiver, tremble, sweating now more than when I was dancing…ahhh sweet.

Take it off. Take it ALL off!

lesbian kayc1996 2018-05-01

There's a huge bulky wool letter-sweater that's far too warm to actually wear inside here for very long, pom-poms, short white socks, saddle shoes, a sequined front-hook bra, super-skimpy white cotton panties that are actually a couple of sizes too small and barely cover the essentials, and a skirt. I cover myself self my hands, and back away slowly, wiggling my hips in time with the beat. Covering myself again with one arm, I turn back to face you, my hips keeping time with the music. I press my jeans-covered crotch against your face and run my fingers through your hair. Soon, I'm rubbing my purple satin panties on your pretty face and holding your hands firmly in mine, not letting you use them.

Bathroom Stall

lesbian PoignantPassion 2018-03-20

Jessie's hands had quickly wrapped around the woman, sliding briefly over the rounded bottom inside the jeans and back up to just beneath the short cotton top, tugging the fabric away from the wet skin to run her fingers along it. Liz groaned and hiked the girl's thigh up her side again as the other hand dove deeper into the pants, the tip of her middle finger sliding along the silky, sodden folds and down to circle over her entrance before pushing the tip inside. Jessie tore her lips away for a cry out and Liz's free hand swept up her back to grab onto the sweaty matted hair and pull it back.

flirting missus 2

lesbian oooodogoooo 2018-03-11

Most people had stopped dancing and were now watching the pretty young white girl gagging on the blokes black cock as he fucked it into her throat. One of the black girls walked past her and spat on her calling her a white whore as the next bloke got behind her and started to fuck her hard and another pushed his cock down her throat, until he pulled out and came in her face. Then you raised herself off slightly and said "this is what you are to us you fucking white whore bitch" and started to piss on Emma's face, who screamed and struggled to get away as the piss went in her mouth to the joy of everyone there who were clapping and cheering.

Cruising With Chrissie

lesbian chrissieCD 2018-02-04

Kelly on the hand preferred to spend most of her time in the less raucous lounges Kelly wound up spending the majority of her time in her preferred lounge chatting up the bartender, an early twenties Then pointing down toward her crotch, Kelly responded "You better hope I do bitch or your sweet little ass is going to I intended it to be just a quick little peck but Kelly placed her hand on the back of neck and held my lips against hers in a long passionate kiss. When our lips finally separated Kelly picked up her drink and headed I increased the pace of my tongue and she began to moan louder "FUCK ME CHRISSIE!!

When I first outed

lesbian Honeybabe 2018-01-20

I had spent the last several months haunting the website of the one bar in the city that had an exclusively lesbian night once a week. In groups or in couples, everyone had someone to talk to, dance with, and generally not feel like a loser with. It was like she saw all my insecurities and doubts about being gay and being loveable, not only in spite of, but because of that part of me which I had been unable to share with a soul until I set foot in that bar, that night. It was better that way, in fact, because I got to keep the memory of that night as a pure moment in time, untainted by future interactions.

Dancing Teacher

lesbian alex_wd 2018-01-20

costume?" she asked, and without waiting for an answer she said, "I did "You have beautiful breasts" she said as her hand reached to brush her "May I see your pussy" she asked as she pulled aside my leotards, and saw As she was rubbing my hot wet pussy and when her finger entered me I saw her pull aside her leotards and finger her own pussy, until she moved from to do what she was planning, and then I felt her mouth on my hot wet pussy found her soaking little fur covered pussy, and proceeded to finger fuck resting back on the couch I lifted her up so her hot little pussy was over

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 01

lesbian TheImaginator 2017-12-17

For her part, Cassandra had enjoyed Laura's presence in class, and had certainly noted the younger woman's admiration. Her friends laughed as they checked out the two girls dancing innocently -- Laura finally felt like she was having some fun. Cassandra had turned Laura around so they were face to face, just playfully gracing her butt through her tight jeans and working her hands up her sides. Laura giggled and shooed her hands away, so Cassandra moved elsewhere, slowly rubbing Laura's sides at the two girls got closer. Cassandra muzzled her old student's neck playfully and gyrated against her as Laura let her hands down. With a smile Cassandra stood up straight and took Laura's hand.

When I first outed

lesbian lonlymeem 2017-12-02

I had spent the last several months haunting the website of the one bar in the city that had an exclusively lesbian night once a week. In groups or in couples, everyone had someone to talk to, dance with, and generally not feel like a loser with. It was like she saw all my insecurities and doubts about being gay and being loveable, not only in spite of, but because of that part of me which I had been unable to share with a soul until I set foot in that bar, that night. It was better that way, in fact, because I got to keep the memory of that night as a pure moment in time, untainted by future interactions.

Just Lust

lesbian SweetCantatians 2017-12-01

"Hey?" I lifted her chin between my finger and thumb, making her look at me with her gorgeous eyes that have quickly turned an electric green blue. When I finally placed my hot mouth around her nipples and gently sucked while I swirled my tongue around the tip, she gasped, "Emmi!" I let my hands roam up and down her body expertly bringing her to chills. I kissed her sweet lips once more before making my way down, and removing her pants. She brought me to the edge multiple times but made me wait until I was about to burst, then pushed me over with a little suck and nibble on my clit, and a firm finger rubbing circles on my g spot.



lesbian 2017-11-29

"I'm going out dancing at one of the nearby bars after work, do you want to come?" Suddenly Sarah grabbed my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. "You have a nice apartment," I said, barely getting the words out before she muffled them with her mouth. "I know you want this." She quickly ripped down the top of my dress exposing my breasts and flicked her tongue over one of my nipples. Sarah pulled her damp fingers out of my pussy and lay back next to me on the sofa. She let go of my hand and I kept the rhythym going, tentatively bening my face closer to her clit.

Christy Pt. 02

lesbian EvenStarr1029 2017-11-09

Christy gave me a disapproving look, "Em" she started, "what do you make right now?" Then she said "Look-you want to know how I do it? By the third time she stopped my hands from wandering I felt like I was about to scream with frustration when suddenly she stopped and said, "What's wrong Emily?" Straddling her, I pushed both of her arms to the side and ran my fingers up through her hair and started grinding to the beat of the next song that came on, this one a little kinkier, "I'm a Slave for You" by Britney Spears. Right there." I could feel her smile against my folds and she went all in, kissing and sucking and fingering me with a renewed energy.