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Good Girl

lesbian AshSlave1995 2018-12-03

My breath catches at this point, knowing there is no return the moment you place the gag into my mouth. I can hear your soft chuckle as you watch me, helplessly craving your touch. My juices flow down my ass and onto the bed, making a pool beneath me. I move my mouth and drink every last drop of your cum, cleaning you up with my tongue as you come down from your high. You pet my hair and move, still breathing fast. You kneel and teasingly lick my lips, barely hitting my clit with your tongue. I softly moan, my head all the way back onto the bed.

Poetic Seduction

lesbian DarkSide 2018-12-03

Emma closed her eyes, and while holding the text in her left hand let her right wander up to her left nipple. Emma closed her eyes and rested the book on the table, her right hand snaked over her thighs as she lifted them onto the bench. Emma thought of all those naughty people in this little village, the married men with lovers, and wives, the young studs who would fuck their way through a host of rampant teenage women; all of them, ripe for the taking, under the Oak and Rowan trees of nearby forests. For Sarah, the minute Emma rested her head against the wall of ‘the snug’ the moment was lost. “Was it a good read?” Asked Sarah; the moment she uttered the words she thought, ‘fuck it’.


lesbian claire2013 2018-11-07

At that moment, now with my eyes almost closed and my mind fluid and floating as if held in the warm breath of a sea breeze, I felt Sarah’s fingertips brush the soft skin of my thigh and ease underneath the skirt of my dress. Sarah turned her head back to Emma, She surveyed her surrendering body, She knew that every movement of her fingers was moving Emma closer to the loss of control she so desperately craved. Her tongue was slithering in my mouth and between my legs her fingers were deep within the honey-drenched inferno, causing a raging fire that was beginning to melt every sane thought in my mind.

The Violet Coast: The Seduction of Melissa

lesbian Melissa999 2018-11-05

Melissa felt instinctively that I Desire offered her a life of pure kinship and sexual pleasure. There on the table between them was the leather box and the mystery of what will be. She knew their power came from her power and would only fade with her life. She dreamed of ending her physical existence in her prime and of capturing that vital essence forever as an empress of her first leather box. She dreamed of being an eternal servant to the goddesses of supreme power and to know their tender mercy and eternal love. As her legs began to buckle, Melissa looked into the eyes of Aphrodite, she felt the Goddess of love's presence. This Melissa knew as she fell, darkness clouding her eyes, she felt Desire's strong arms arrest her fall.

Two Dancers (from 'Light and Dark')

lesbian claire2013 2018-10-31

As she does so, Jana moves her hand to the hem of Sonia’s mint green dress, gathering it between her fingers and lifting it easily, rolling it up, gradually exposing Sonia’s firm, lightly bronzed thighs. Annalise watches as Jana lifts the skirt of Sonia’s dress ever higher until her glistening, smooth sex is now fully exposed. Curling them deep, probing and teasing. Jana now slowly withdraws them, leaving an almost audible moan of disappointment on Sonia’s lips, as the skirt of the mint green dress falls back down over her thighs. Jana turns to Annalise, smiles at her and slowly offers her two fingers, wet with sex, to Annalise’s mouth, sliding them between her still wine-stained lips and against the moist warmth of her tongue.


So Happy I Could Die

lesbian Nataliaquinlan 2018-08-22

I feel Casey part her lips, demanding that I come inside. "I could help you if you want." Casey says, staring down at my wet mound, eyes lustful. I rasp as I feel my clit expose itself from under its hood, now being gently grazed by Casey's probing fingers. There wasn't time for a slow, sensual build, so I used my index and middle finger to press/rub either side of my clit, moaning against Casey's mouth. Casey starts massaging my clit with her fingers, sending another shock wave of pleasure through me. My gaze shifts to Casey, who is licking my cum off her fingers, a look of satisfaction on her face. "Come on," Casey demands cooly, her lips sliding over the sensitive corner of my mouth.

Craving You Ch. 01

lesbian SEvans13 2018-08-15

As she looked back up at Sirena's face, a sly grin crept onto her own when she saw the girl signaling for Celeste to come join her on the crowded dance floor. Sirena remembered their first conversation like it was yesterday, she had followed Celeste on Instagram and thought nothing of it, just a pretty girl whose face she wanted to see more of. "God damn...If you get any sexier I'm going to keep you at my house and never let you wear clothes so I can fuck you whenever I want." Celeste whispered the words against Sirena's chest, her lips and hands feeling every inch of her breasts.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-08-11

One day, I was shopping at a high-end department store and saw this lovely jacket I wanted to get for some time. She masturbated, kissed my thighs, and fingered me so hard, I cummed onto her face, which she liked. I about faced and she kissed my butt cheeks, the best thing I have ever felt, as I held her breasts. Seeing she had her knees bent and legs spread, I leaned forward to finger her vagina until it got wet as she licked between my cheeks and sucked my anus. We shouted, then she lay face-down and I kissed her buttocks as she yelled, then licked between her cheeks and sucked her anus. When I got to her shoulders she turned face-up and we kissed and fingered each other.

The Return of Officer Kemp

lesbian lesbian_luvr 2018-07-13

Helen bent her knees as mom sat on her face to let her suck her vagina and grab her breasts. They kept kissing, then Helen sat on the floor in front of mom to kiss up her feet and legs before sucking her vagina and feeling her breasts. Mom kissed her legs before Helen got off and stood in front of her facing the same direction to let mom kiss her buttocks and stick a dildo into her vagina. She about faced, knelt on the sofa and held onto the top, as Helen knelt on the floor to put the dildo in her vagina and kiss her buttocks. Mom kept her legs up as Helen got on top of her to push the dildo in her vagina and kiss her lips, neck and breasts.

Rose in my Apartment

lesbian Kirsenne99 2018-06-12

The music keeps my body in fluid motion that syncs so well with the movement of my hands spreading soap across my soft, smooth flesh. Rose sharply inhaled as I slid my dripping fingers behind her neck and I didn't let her complete her breath before I kissed her hard. I could feel her thin tank top wicking away the wetness of my body and with my hands I could feel her shorts soaking with more than just water. Finally her splendid rack was out on display and heaving with uncertainty but I held my distance, I let her nipples rise and all the tiny hairs across her skin stand on end before I moved in to touch her, to press my naked chest against hers.

Sweet Revenge

lesbian NaomyJ 2018-06-03

She walked home and called her friend Jane, who came to her right away. "You look terrible." Jane said when as she entered the bedroom where Sheri had been crying. "Thanks, but I don't feel beautiful at this moment" Sheri said, smiling back at her friend. Suddenly, Joe walked into the two ladies snuggling in bed and he was more shocked that he had been when Sheri walked into Natalie and him making love in his office. "You aren't using me as a rebound though" Jane asked her friend. Sheri instead kissed her deeply and passionately that she got carried away.She had never felt so aroused and it surprised her. Don't you think I have always known you liked me?" Sheri said breaking away from the kiss.

Adult Education: Lay Me Raw

lesbian AnnieJMarshall 2018-06-02

You like red wine, don't you?" Then, she looks at me and squints as if thinking hard and says, "Yes. You are a red wine drinker." Without looking at me, and with the most nonchalant attitude imaginable, she replies, "You're here because I invited you and because you wanted to come." She pauses then continues, "It's that simple. I notice the wine swirling in the glass, the way it seeps down the sides, the way my hand looks clunky holding it. Katherine finishes getting the flowers just like she wants them, drinks the rest of her wine, then places the vase on the table. A few seconds later, she pulls back, looks into my eyes, and whispers, "Lick your lips." I do as commanded, then she asks, "Can you taste me?"

Rose and Olivia Pt. 01

lesbian kittykat14 2018-05-29

Slowly she got out of bed, covering her naked body with a lilac silk dressing gown. 'Hey I was just about to get you some coffee, I thought you were asleep,' she said softly, letting her gown fall open to expose her exquisite body. Sex with Rose was just like her – sweet, sensuous and left me wanting more. I'm Rose," She smiled at me, her pearly white teeth dazzling against scarlet lips. I drew it back, revealing her glorious naked body and watching in awe as the water ran over her smooth glassy skin, cleansing every inch of her. I kissed her again as our breasts gently touched, our bodies moulding together under the hot stream of water.

Rose and Olivia Pt. 03

lesbian kittykat14 2018-04-19

'Ah Rose, what a lovely surprise,' I said as I turned around to face her. 'Hey, I prefer to live dangerously,' said Rose as she strutted to the door and flipped the sign back around. 'Mmm yes Rose, don't stop,' I said, melting into the moment as I gripped the edge of the cool granite worktop. It sounded like you were having sex love,' she said with a conspiratorial smile. 'Right, cool you look very smart, what do you do Rose?,' asked Sarah, fiddling with a tea towel she'd brought in from the kitchen. 'Mmm God Olivia this is delicious,' said Rose as she eagerly devoured the food. 'Oh it's nothing, it's just, there's things I haven't told you Olivia,' she said still clutching my hand in hers.

Happy New Year

lesbian RedSoop 2018-04-04

"I don't like red wine", Charlie said plainly as she sat on the bed. Mac felt her weight double as the shock of Charlie's warm tongue sliding over her clit made her legs melt like snow drops. Charlie held Mac's hands against the door and let her dress fall over her head. Charlie pulled Mac's arms up behind her and, with the long ends of the tie, bound her hands as far up her back as she could. "Hmmm," Charlie sighed, smiling, "Do you want a glass for your wine?" She stood up and pulled Mac to her feet. The tie still tight around her arms and eyes, Mac managed to move to the sound of Charlie's voice and kissed her.

Amsterdam Prostitute: Client 02

lesbian AVaugn 2018-02-16

You like my cock pussy; I know you want me to fuck you.' I slightly fuck her face. You paid to get fucked.' I start rocking my pussy over her hand a little faster, and she glides her fingers wildly over my twat. Cara lies on the bed with her legs spread wide and my cock in her pussy. I want you to fuck me.' I know Cara likes to ride on top. Come on, fuck me like I'm a bad bitch.' I suck her tits wildly as I power thrust her ass with my finger. Cara fucked me hard, and I sucked her tits and bit her nipples. She sweetly smiled, raised up from my cock and said, 'I love fucking you.' Cara is cute.

Friends & Lovers

lesbian DevisPixi 2017-12-26

Joanne laughed as much at what Karen said as Joachim's unexpected arrival at the table with their entrees. "Your turn!" Karen conceded and moved aside for Joanne to clamp onto the younger man's darkly fleshy member with a hand on the shaft and the upper half in her mouth. Joachim shot his sticky cream in Karen's mouth first, then on her chin and Joanne's boob before shooting a stream at her waiting tongue. While Karen soaked Joachim's long-necked goose in the last drops of wine, Joanne retrieved two wrapped condoms from her handbag. Although it was much later than their usual girls' nights out, a little past one o'clock, Karen told Joanne she needed some more loving touches.

My Lactation Fantasy

lesbian BarbieLez 2017-12-01

And, given the intense crush I still had on my friend, being exposed to her boobs was a fantasy come true. Moments after my fantasy began, my friend returned. That was a good thing, because she yanked me to my feet as soon as she reached the couch and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. I nodded shyly and watched in giddy anticipation as my friend kneeled on the couch before me. Pulling away from her breasts for the final time, I tried to make my way down to her pussy, but she stopped me before I could. Maybe we wouldn't get to hang out after all, but at least my visit would give me a few fantasies to keep my busy until the baby was old enough to feed himself without his mother's breasts, her beautiful, milk-filled breasts.