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Charlotte takes her first female sub

lesbian gstringslut 2018-11-29

With an excited look in her eyes and a smile on her face, Emily works both hands on my right foot softly caressing my entire foot; from my ankles to my toes. Emily is riding my left foot really hard, she’s trying desperately to get my big toe into her hot little hole. I decide to buy a few things for little Emily – a black half cup pushup bra will accentuate her young breasts, a red leopard print gstring that is barely big enough to cover that sweet pussy, and a black pair of seemed thigh high stockings and matching black garter belt.

Charlie and Cassandra Part One

lesbian timeflys 2018-11-29

Then I saw her, a tall and shapely woman with long dark brown locks of hair flowing down her back and bouncing as she approached her seat, she had large but very shapely breasts I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She gently rubbed my ass and said, “lift it up pet.” I obeyed without hesitation. “Now baby girl I’m going to take a quick shower I want you to get some rest, I’ll be out to check on you shortly,” she murmured. “I know what’s best for you my pet, because your mistress loves you very very much and doesn’t want anything to happen to her sweet little fuck toy.” “Arms up baby girl,” she said and she began to remove my work clothing and dress me in the mid-length nightgown she had picked out for me.

Restraining Amy

lesbian SapphicWriter 2018-11-28

Amy couldn’t help but giggle through the ball gag as Tracy started sucking on her right nipple, lathering it in saliva. Looking further downwards, Tracy enjoyed the sight of Amy’s tight, wet butthole wrapped around the base of the butt plug. Amy tried to pull herself away but Tracy was too fast, engulfing Amy’s lips with her mouth. Tracy’s got the craziest BDSM fetish, thought Amy, as she felt the cool metal sliding across her urethral walls, the thickness of the metal filling and stretching her delicate urethra. Amy wrapped her legs around Tracy as she started grinding her pussy on top of Amy’s. After a few moments, Tracy leaned forward until her upper body was resting directly on Amy’s, and they started kissing passionately.

An Unexpected Night In

lesbian nethervoid 2018-11-24

“Well, anytime you want to try, you’ve got two sources living right here with you,” Kati said as she cupped and lifted her breasts. Kati watched Becky close her eyes as she traced her jaw line with her right hand. She wanted to unbutton Becky’s jeans and plunge her hand underneath her panties, to feel her wetness, to smell her scent, to see if she was clean shaven or had pubic hair. Kati smiled in resignation, then leaned backward against the toilet seat cover, placed her hands on each of her breasts and started to squeeze gently. Finally she released her squeeze on Becky’s head and Becky pulled away, her mouth wet.

A rough night at work

lesbian castlequeen 2018-11-20

The thigh highs excite as they always do, and I lovingly run my fingers across the bands and up and down her legs, and I lift her left leg to caress it softly and then I gently kiss my way from her toes all the way up and plant a soft kiss on her neatly trimmed patch, I lean back and do the same on the other leg, and I'm getting so wet now, but I don't care if she knows I have a fetish for stockings, I've actually come from just caressing myself in them without even touching my pussy, that's how deep my little thrill runs.

Vanessa And The Girl Next Door II

lesbian LadySusanX 2018-11-19

I felt randy before you got here and the sensation of your warm piss trickling down onto my cunt was just one of the sexiest feelings I’ve ever had.” I opened my eyes and saw Julie standing there in front of me, her skirt hitched up and her panties dripping onto my soaking wet clothes. “Oh fuck your piss tastes good,” said Julie. I grasped the chair, raised my bum and Julie pulled my tights and panties down to my knees in one movement. Then her fingers began to play with my cunt lips as she started to ease her tongue in and out of my tight, but loosening, bum hole.

Alicia's Sin

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-11-18

Desire snuck up behind me and before I knew what was going on she said, "Aren't you hot in this thing!?" and she unzipped me all the way down to just above my crotch. The cat suit was almost completely unzipped now and this guy I was dancing with had his cock glued to my ass crack and his hands working my tiny little breasts. "But, it looks like you are having fun." She said her eyes locked on my exposed breasts. I sat there and let them look but guys don’t know how to let a good thing be so the started crowding in and trying to push Alicia out of the way.

Playing Pee-Games on a Train

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-11-17

how?" Martina got up and smiled at her, pulling her slowly inside our cabin as she brushed the hair out of Gianna's face, helping her unbutton her shirt. Martina straddled her chest as I began thrusting in and out of Gianna's pussy, watching the dildo get soaked from her cunt juice until it slid all the way in. Martina made her lick her pussy, determined to give the horny conductor a good mouthful of lesbian cunt, while I fucked her pussy in long strokes, going all the way up inside her. Martina looked back at me, then said: "Let's do her ass too, mistress?" She turned to Gianna underneath her.

Tina and Paula - The Final Party

lesbian fetishdoll 2018-11-14

I have to sound cool, like I don't want it, when really, I'm already dripping just thinking about Tina in my house. I've been so worked up all day because Tina would be coming over; now I just feel like crawling away and hiding under my bed. I think for a moment she is going to kiss me, but she says, “You just sucked four guy’s cocks, what makes you think I would want to kiss you?” “I didn’t know if you had a system, and the guys are into making sure every party kicks ass,” Desire says. Amber pulls away, leaving my little mouth open and searching for cock. "Doesn't she look sweet?" Amber says to Persia, "She looks just like a little girl, sweet and innocent and so cute."

Visiting the Doctor's Ch. 01

lesbian ReepsTheOne 2018-11-07

Again the nurse would watch lustfully, just wishing she could be in the doctors position so she could be in Amanda's pussy. Amanda pulled into the parking lot of the doctors office, she sat in the car and went over all the possible ways to get the nurse alone in the room with her. Dr. Anna ruthlessly used her other hand to spread Amanda's now soaking pussy lips. Dr. Anna couldn't resist anymore, she'd been thinking about this since the first time she lay eyes on Amanda, she replaced Amanda's hands with her own, and started rubbing Amanda's perky breasts. when Anna had practically licked Amanda dry she started to rub Amanda's pussy. Anna let Amanda lick her hand clean of all juices.

I'm Going To Make You Feel Amazing

lesbian MissCheryCrush 2018-10-30

"Oh my God, you're definitely a wet one, aren't you?" She said with a hint of tease in her voice. She ran her hand up my thigh, and over my pulsating, wet (almost dripping) pussy. I bit my lip, and let out a small moan. She pulled down my shorts, and moved her tongue up my thigh too the side of my wet pussy, just on the edge of my panties. She shoved it into my tight little pussy, going faster and faster, and sucking on my clit at the same time my pussy got used to the feeling of the 12 inch dildo being slammed in my pussy. The coolness of it feeling good on our hot, cum and sweat covered faces.

Vanilla Essence

lesbian Marie Marshall 2018-10-01

When we arrived back at her flat, out came a present she had been saving for me, and when I saw that it was merely a pair of shoes I remember thinking, "What an anti-climax!" But what I actually said was, "Darling, they're lovely, but I simply couldn't walk down the street in heels that high!" She said that they weren't for street wear, and it began to dawn on me where her suggestion was about to take us. A touch of the crop to her naked flank now and then brought a flicker of fear to her eyes, but only a flicker, for she knew that her mistress, her Venus, was pleased with her today, and might allow her a little treat...

Fetishville Ch. 01

lesbian shakenmartini55 2018-09-23

I wanted to know about whatever the hell I'd seen because I was almost positive that it was Emma in the picture. I took another sip of wine, "Gawd Emma, you are fucking gorgeous and all of the guys and girls in those pictures are awesome. Without realizing it, my hand was cupping my left tit, squeezing it softly and my fingers drew small circles around my nipple. When she was satisfied with the way the garments fit, she handed me a pair of black leather heels with ankle straps like hers. I think my eyes were closed, because I didn't see Emma grab the leather hood which she was sliding over my head. My clit was throbbing and I could feel the special tingle begin, "I'm going to cum, Emma.

Animal Farm

lesbian SavannahNights 2018-09-17

Judith and Mira both turned out to be stunning women in their early thirties, Judith was a pale red head, as slender as a leaf with wide soulful green eyes and a sweet inviting smile and Mira was her tall Amazonian partner from South America, with olive skin and wild curly hair and flashing dark eyes the both of them made a captivating couple and soon enough Yelene was invited to move into their house. "Sophine my kitten, show this little cow how your wonderful tongue works." Commanded Judith, the Asian cat eagerly approached and bent low, sniffing the musk of their new playmate and her tiny tongue came out and took a tentative taste, liking what she tasted her tongue dug deeper, licking in a wide flat line across the pink puffy lips of the tall blonde in front of her.


lesbian Crew Cut 2018-09-11

So my China Doll, my Amy, would push the fat aside and, after applying hot-as-I-could-bear towels, lather me up, then with an expert touch, hold the blubber at bay as she would shave with one-hand. One soft, pink Spring day, as I slipped through the water, oblivious to any other swimmer, I reached the end of the pool and prior to making my customary tumble turn, I noticed another woman had dropped into my lane. I gasped as my body responded instictively, and the daisy print of her bikini top emerged from the ultramarine blue of the water as she stood in front of me, gripped my face between her hands, pressed her tits against mine, and opened my mouth with her tongue .

Carpet Soaker Ch. 01

lesbian Spiewgels 2018-09-08

"Jessica, you need to get undressed for bed so we can both get under the covers." She stirred a bit and turned on her back, thumb still in her mouth, her eyes barely able to stay open to look at me. Before I got the mask all the way on, I saw Jessica get back in the fetal position, sucking on her thumb once again, right before I lay down. On the one hand, I didn't want to wake her up and go, "Could you kindly take your thumb out of my mouth?" That might cause a lot of embarrassment if she happened to not be as drunk as before and everything got all awkward.

The Launching of Slave Georgina

lesbian Slave_Georgina 2018-08-05

I finally plucked up the courage to go to a few fetish nightclubs but unfortunately, being a pretty girl alone at these places and complying with the required erotic or explicit dress codes, I attracted the attentions of a lot of lewd males and creeps and I was quickly put off as it seemed obvious to me that they were all out for themselves and wouldn't care about the woman they were abusing. I expected to see a lot of fetish clothing, people being tied and teased, perhaps some seriously constrictive rope bondage, various items of equipment (racks, crosses, chairs, stools, etc.) and maybe even some exhibitionists having sex, most of which I had already seen in passing as I had crossed the main chamber.

An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 01

lesbian femadorer 2018-06-14

The moments of tenderness and/or finesse had long been forgotten - right now the both of us were just passengers riding the waves of our lust, pure, primeval lust, each rubbing and humping like dogs in heat, constantly moaning, thrusting hard against quivering thighs, the scent of our overheated sexes overwhelming, thus heightening our needs even more, my sopping cunt violently riding the tensed, protruding muscle-bundle on top of her thigh, the crotch piece of my thong had long ago disappeared inside my labia, constantly stirring my throbbing clit and my pucker with each and every movement, creating the friction that finally sent me over the edge, "Ooouuuhhh ...

Carpet Soaker Ch. 02

lesbian Spiewgels 2018-05-30

"I see that you're finally awake, Syl. I've been waiting..." Jessica took her spittle-covered thumb out of my mouth and stroked some of my hair behind my ear. Her fingering became frantic and I broke free of the spell of her eyes and looked over to watch the golden stream trickling down her legs, down our joined hands, traces of it following my arm all the way down back to the bed. That's exactly what happened." Jessica leaned in towards my face and, while still staring me in the eyes, kissed me on my lips parting my mouth with her delicate sweet tongue. "Whenever you get ready to let loose, release into me." I held onto the shower walls and, with the water cascading over my back, I relaxed myself and gently began to stream myself into Jess's waiting mouth.

Resisting Temptations Ch. 01

lesbian ireckomable 2018-05-09

Allison stood up and touched her ass very tenderly with her right hand, then she pressed her palm on Jill's pussy from behind very hard and kissed her on her lips. Normally Allison wouldn't even think of doing such thing but now she was burning with passion, her whole body was almost shaking even at the thought of Jill's asshole, pussy, feet, breasts, her whole body. "You are an amazing woman," said Allison as she was sniffing Jill's ass, kissing her asshole passionately. "Pussy also, huh?," asked Allison and couldn't help but chuckle, Jill was very cute and she kissed her ass one more time. Allison touched Jill's pussy with her palm, left it there and softly kissed her ass.

The Uninvited Ch. 04-2

lesbian elausente 2018-05-03

She worked her hands down across Jen's breast and across her stomach, then reaching down a little further she began to tease slightly with her fingers, making her whole body shake and tremble with anticipation. She continued to please her with her tongue and slowly began to work her fingers in and out of Jen's slippery pussy, this time she could not hold back her moans, her body almost convulsing under her movements. Starting from the bottom of the bed where her feet were, kissing the inside of her leg all the way up until she reached her inner thigh, her body quivers with every touch of Jen's lips to her creamy skin.


lesbian faustina 2018-04-22

They weren't typical high school girls the one furthest from me had a black shirt restraining large breast along with a denim skirt that showed off her creamy thighs and long legs, her dark brown hair went almost to her ass which was also quite gorgeous. She seemed so possessive of the sprawled out blond whose small feet and pedicure were almost encroaching on my seat making my brain melt from the intense aroma of sweat and female odor. The blonde girl began thrashing her legs and body with pleasure which wafted the scent of her feet into my nose. The brunettes face was beginning to flush either from the heat of the blondes' horny body or the pleasure of having her smelly foot sucked.

Friends Ch. 03 Pt. 2

lesbian FantasyMan021 2018-04-22

As she continued to suck each finger into her mouth slowly to clean it off, Jill reached forward with her other hand and began to pinch and pull on her left nipple. Jane who had thrown her head back as soon as her nipple entered Jane's mouth looked up made a brief eye contact with Jill before she went under the water and began to suck on Jane's pussy lips. Jill had to use her right hand to steady herself as they kissed deeply and with her left hand she slipped two fingers deep inside of Jane's pussy and began to finger fuck her in long slow strokes.

A Halloween Dream

lesbian YourMistress 2018-03-29

She looked up at me with those dark, kohl-lined eyes and moved her face closer until her cherry mouth was mere centimeters away from mine. I moaned into her mouth as we removed each other's costumes and ran our fingers over the warm flesh that was no longer covered. I let my hand glide down the golden skin of her stomach until it rested on her swollen vulva, glistening with her desire. A sigh escaped her mouth as I let two fingers slip inside to caress her hot spot. She came hard and soaked my hand, biting and scratching whatever parts of me she could reach in her ecstatic fervor.