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Gaydar? What gaydar?

lesbian monica3 2018-11-10

And so it was that Saturday that I was leaning against the back of a large sofa clinging to a glass of wine which was by no means my first of the evening and rather wishing I could have taken my ex to the cleaners in similar fashion when an Indian woman of about forty five years and wearing a stunning saree of blues, reds and golds wandered past. She led me up the wide staircase to a landing and we wandered along it until she opened a door and closed it again, but not before we had both glimpsed Lilly astride a pair of male legs with trousers at the ankles and Lilly’s dress lifted just enough for us to see her bum.

A First Time

lesbian Ariel21 2018-11-05

As Lacy's gaze moved slowly down Gaby's body, she could see that Gaby had one hand bracing herself on the side of the tub as the other rubbed her pussy in slow circles. Lacy started to eat Gaby's pussy furiously, pushing her tongue deeper and moving it faster over her hard clit. Lacy never stopped lapping up her cum; she just slowed her tongue and began kissing Gaby's pussy lips softly. Gaby could taste her own pussy on Lacy's lips and pushed her tongue into the other girl's eager mouth, starting to remove her shirt. Gaby ran her flattened tongue over Lacy's pussy and then began to lap at her clit. Lacy began to rock against Gaby's mouth faster, grinding her pussy hard on Gaby's increasingly wet face.

Chapter 01: The First Encounter

lesbian Caeytlynn 2018-06-14

I don't even pay attention as I press the button that takes the elevator to the fifth floor, having worked in the same place for about three years, there are things that I just do out of habit, not really needing to process what I'm even doing. And right in front of me was the one thing I try to avoid as I go through each work day. "Well, aren't You early today Caey." She smirked, the look in her eyes sent chills down my spine and my jaw clench. "People aren't going to be arriving 'till noon, and according to my watch, that's more than a half an hour away. The only thing that scared me more than The Bitch herself; was her darkened office.