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Midnight Meetings

lesbian Bewitched69 2018-08-16

I felt her hands grasp for the bottom of my sweatshirt and slowly pull it towards my head; I raised my arms in surrender and watched as the article of clothing fell silently to the floor. Swirling my finger gently, I watched as Rebecca stretched her body up to meet my hand. Pulling me wide open, Rebecca slid her tongue up and down me, flattening her tongue as she ran the length of my slit and gently flicked my sensitive clit. I could feel the wetness inside my pussy slowly leak out; Rebecca quickly licked me clean. Losing all touch with reality, I felt my hands reach down to her head, pushing her gently into me.

Sexy Coworkers Find Love

lesbian Amyboo 2018-07-14

When Kelly's hands reached Ann's little black lace thong she couldn't believe how wet her friend was. Kelly decided Ann needed a good fucking from her new hard cock. They both watched as Kelly stuck the plastic cock all the way inside Ann's pussy. Kelly took out her member and went between Ann's legs to lick every last drop of her friend's delicious cum. "Take off that costume and make yourself look like the sexy bitch I want to fuck every day." Kelly was shocked to hear this, she didn't think Ann was having those kind of thoughts. Kelly regretted that she hadn't fucked Ann like this, with her totally naked. She sucked Kelly's large tits, thoroughly enjoying her little pink nipples.

The Anniversary Present

lesbian kristepoo 2018-07-12

I'd lay on my back after he had spent hours with his head buried in my pussy and then he'd sit right beside me and put his middle and ring finger in my swollen and slippery pussy and just start moving them up and down on my g-spot and after about 10 seconds juices started gushing out of me, my whole body froze and I had the most amazing orgasm. He sat beside her and shoved his fingers in and moved his hand back and forth on her g-spot and her body convulsed and her juices started gushing out of her and made a huge wet puddle on the bed.

The Awakening

lesbian chateneau 2018-07-12

"Honey, women have a special way they like to be loved and sometimes a man just can't touch you the way another woman can." Her hand softly massaged Sally's neck and arms as she spoke. "Now,Honey, I'll show you how to make love to a woman," Michelle whispered into Sally's ear as she released herself from Sally's arms and moved down the bed until her head was resting near Sally's thigh. Putting her hands on Michelle's head, Sally's fingers disappeared in the blond hair moving between her legs as she almost involuntarily held the older woman's mouth captive against her sopping wet sexual center.

The Making of Megan

lesbian Meganreece 2018-06-25

Megan Reece had always done well at school and thus it was no surprise to her family and friends when she graduated as a teacher from university. Whilst her fellow students had enjoyed their newfound freedom Megan continued as she had during her schooling. As for the hockey she had played for her school a few years previous and kept continued her interest whilst at University. Anya started to explain how they had been walking along the alleyway beside the school, a shortcut to her home, when the Hazelmere girls has approached them and tried to push and pull them in to the undergrowth nearby. Megan would dress up in a school uniform and walk along the alley at about the same time as the previous incident.

The Seduction

lesbian laineylee 2018-06-05

As I let out an almost inaudible gasp, I felt her tongue probe my mouth, thrusting with reckless abandon, her full breasts and thick nipples pressing onto mine. As she led me slowly out of the kitchen, one of her prying hands reached underneath the silk blouse, pawing at my breasts, playfully squeezing and caressing my nipples. Aida wasted no time in putting in closing her mouth over a nipple her tongue tracing rings around it while her hand reached up my skirt and parted my legs, which felt as heavy as lead. Hiking up my skirt, she quickly slipped off the lace underwear and placed it over my mouth holding it in place with her left hand while her right furious rubbed my womanhood.

Playing with Shirley

lesbian Plautus69 2018-06-04

She turned to Guy 1 and put her hand on his leg and said softly, "Why don't we go to my room and fuck?" She continued to rub his leg and turned to Guy 2 and me and offered, "As a matter of fact why don't the four of us go upstairs and fuck till your balls fall off." Shirley pushed Guy 1 away and told him to sit on the bed and start taking off his clothes. I stood up and crawled onto the bed, lay on my back, spread my legs and said, "Okay big guy let's make use of that hard dick." Well, I got another after the guys left and Shirley said she wanted to even the score.

Prison Dyke

lesbian NellieMae 2018-04-04

On the advice of a lesbian friend, I replaced the pic of me with a shot gun (girls don't like guns??) with a black and white heat shot where just a small piece of hair fell right in to the corner of my mouth. When she sat back, she took my hand with her and placed it on the inside of her thigh. What washed over me when I read that text was fear that she knows where I live, a tug at my heart because I can feel she is a good person who just had a shitty childhood and most likely a really tough time growing up as a lesbian, and curiosity all the same.

One Night in Bangkok

lesbian Nicole99 2018-03-04

In Bangkok, the capital, we had a couple of days free, and I enjoyed the opportunity of looking around without having the tour guide or the rest of the group around. I was telling her how I had been to the Royal Palace the day before – it really is spectacular – and she told me she had a good view of it from her hotel room. Your lovely blonde cunt hair looks so beautiful." She said she had never been with a blonde girl, and when she met me in the coffee shop she got wet right away. And she loved my hairy blonde cunt because, she said, most Singapore girls shave theirs.

Maya's Story Ch. 09

lesbian JustLikeEwe 2018-03-01

I like her," Maya said shyly, raising her arm and smiling as Kyle rubbed soap in her furry armpits. "Sir said when he first met me that he found the hair on my arms sexy, and then when he found out that I did not shave under my arms, he showed me much affection there," Maya said, and looked a little concerned that Kyle might be jealous or something. "No, I think I like me the way I am," Maya said somewhat proudly, and stood up a little straighter as Kyle's soapy hand washed her titties. "Do you like me playing with your breasts, Maya?" Kyle asked, and Maya had a dreamy look on her face as she nodded.

The Other Woman Ch. 02

lesbian kandie 2018-02-28

Before she logged off, Ruth told Deana that she would email her the information about the vacation in the Bahamas. Deana sat straight up, her blue eyes flashing as a sly grin crossed her face. Deana closed her eyes as they kissed, thinking of how happy she was to have Jeff in her life. "I love you Jeff!" She then looked up into his face, batted her blue eyes at him and said, "Can I talk to you?" Trying to hide her emotions and not look too anxious Deana told Jeff about the offer. "Last night, Ruth and I were talking and she told me that they had won an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas for four.

Learning Experience

lesbian mariette 2018-01-09

She threw on the first matching outfit she pulled out of her closet and dressed as she ran into the living room to gather the papers she had been grading the night before, slipping her arms into the straps of her bra, hopping into her skirt, and fastening the last few buttons as she rushed down the steps to her car. With relief, Melissa slipped into the office, past the cluster of teachers at the mailboxes, into the empty copy room. Melissa looked up and saw six people in the office outside the copy room door--their principal, Steve, included. "Kate...Katie...stop, please," Melissa moaned, leaning back against the copy machine before her knees gave out. By the time Melissa came to her senses, Kate was wiping her hand on another tissue.

My First Lesbian Experience

lesbian BustyReds 2017-12-25

She called me over and told me type in a good porn site. I lay there watching the porn wondering whats gonna happen next.. Then suddenly she just pulled me in by my neck onto her and gently kissed me. She took of my top then the bra and just sucked my hard nipples. She squeezed, pinched, pulled and bite my breasts and nipples . She pulled of my shorts then kissed my pussy through my yellow undies. She came back up to kiss me and suck my breasts. I quickly took of her top and bra and was marvelled by her light firm dark nippled breasts. I sucked in her whole breast in my mouth while squeezing her nice round ass.

Aroused in Class

lesbian Lia Monde 2017-12-09

Since Dawn's eyes were closed, Talina continued staring at the erotic performance. Unlike Talina's casual attire, Dawn was dressed a little upscale for a class. Completely enthralled, Talina watched Dawn's hand caress her breasts. Dropping her head and sinking slightly more into the chair, Talina began moving the hand in her lap gently on the surface of her shorts. One part of Talina's mind was shocked by Dawn's openness and apparent lack of concern for their risk of discovery and embarrassment. Talina moved her right hand inside her shorts and beneath the scalloped trim of her panties. Talina blushed and thought, 'Spring Fling Weekend is going to be wilder than I dreamed.' She squeezed Dawn's hand back and said excitedly, "Mine."