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Lingerie Delivery

lesbian naughtykellypreston 2018-11-17

I smiled when I saw how well made they all were and felt a warm feeling begin to grow inside me as I ran her fingers over the exotic lace, smooth satin and neatly stitched straps of my purchases. She leaned forward and kissed me, her lips were soft, and I could feel her tongue sliding into my mouth. I buried my head between her legs kissing, licking and sucking on her open pussy. I pushed two fingers deep inside her as my spare hand rubbed her clit. Julia's body started to shake and I could feel the telltale signs that she was about to cum. Her pussy contracted, tightening around my fingers.

My First Lesbian Encounter

lesbian LindaLove 2018-09-14

"Dear Linda Love (Nickname my parents actually gave to me), Daddy and I went shopping for your present and we're getting you a birthday cake. We'll be home soon in time to make sure you have a wonderful birthday Love Mom & Dad" When her hand came out of my soaked panties she moved her finger to my mouth and licked off the juice. I FUCKIN' LOVE YOU!!" and those screams seemed to encourage her even more because she stopped eating my snatch and moved down to my anus where she licked and fucked it till I came really hard. She continued to lick my asshole and soon rammed her middle finger inside then went back to eating my cunt, licking up all the left over cum.

The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 07

lesbian sugarisnice 2018-07-30

I like to look at a Cunt and Pussy Whore." The girls stripped off their tops and skirts, and sat naked across from Joyce, with Katie still wearing her Pussy Whore collar and Sarah her Cunt collar. Neither Katie nor Sarah knew what that meant, but about 20 minutes later their was a knock at the front door, Jackie left the room and returned with Alexis and Karen, two girls from the house who used them the other day and were daughters of women already at the house. "Jackie told me all about the fun you two girls had with Joyce today," just as the tip of her strap-on tapped Katie's pussy.

High and Low Ch. 02

lesbian bisexualsmoker 2018-06-28

"Come on Babe,let's sit down, " she said to her friend, who wore agonizingly tight faded super low rise jeans, spike heels and a pink blouse. Karen then placed one sultry cheap bejeweled hand on Brenda's breast and the two locked lips in a passion kiss. "Let me fuck you baby, " said Karen breathlessly, reaching into her handbag and grabbed a thick 9 inch black dildo. Karen screamed in delight while reaching over and massaging Brenda's ultra sexy ass cheeks. " said Karen breathlessly lighting another cigarette and affectionately rubbing Brenda's breast with her other hand. Simon went red in the face and pulled out three twenties.Karen grabbed two of them then picked up her handbag and boots with one hand, and with the other grabbed Brenda's hand.

Words Made Flesh Ch. 06

lesbian ungenderless 2018-06-15

"As a matter of fact, yes I am," retorted Amelia in a voice that slightly mocked Sophia's, "that boy-toy was broken and it was time to throw him out!" While Amelia and Estelle had agreed to share their usual favorite (a slice of hot apple pie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled hot caramel), Sophia was fretting that she didn't get to look at the menu long enough to decide. "We weren't sure how you'd take to what I'm about to tell you, so we figured we'd, you know..." Amelia searched Sophia's face for a glimmer of understanding, but continued upon finding none, "...seduce you."

Closing Time

lesbian Milene 2018-05-06

I looked at her sexy feet, her calves, and the little bit of thigh exposed beneath her skirt and tried not to show what I was thinking. I let it move ever so slightly against her skin as I looked her straight in the eye and said "Julie, these shoes are the ones. Finally, Julie looked up at me with a kind of silly grin and said, "Well, that was a surprise!" I guess it broke the tension, because we both started laughing like crazy. Getting serious, Julie looked me in the eye and said, "I hope you know I don't do this sort of thing all the time."

Enslaved Roommate

lesbian LeashedSub 2018-04-26

"Sorry," she said turning towards me in my chair, "I needed to check my email in a hurry and yours was already on." She cocked her head sideways and pouted a little with a look that I'm sure would get her anything she wanted from men. Women on women flogging, foot-worshipping, strapon-fucking, cunt-licking; picture after picture before coming to rest on one of busty brunette smothering a redhead beneat her ass. "I want my Tina-bitch to get as close as you can, then grope your tits and beg 'Please, Mistress Diana, fuck my cunt with your foot."

Visiting the Doctor's Ch. 02

lesbian ReepsTheOne 2018-03-16

Anna moaned louder this time and said, "Amanda I need you now." She used both hands to press Amanda's face into her dripping pussy. Suddenly she opened her eyes as every muscle in her body tensed, she knew she was about to squirt, but all she managed to say was a high pitched, "Oh" before she knew it she heard Amanda moaning as Anna's warm juices flooded her mouth. Anna removed the heel and licked Amanda's pussy, she spread her pussy lips and thrust her tongue in as far as she could. Amanda began using her hips to thrust her pussy against Anna's face while screaming wildly.

The Twenty

lesbian Flashlight7.5 2017-12-16

Alice's head snapped to the left, toes still in her mouth and fingers still in her pussy. Alice brushed back her dark red hair and suddenly slid her warm mouth over Shelley's big toe. Her legs kicked a bit to get away from Alice, but she held fast, biting on the arch of Shelley's foot and grabbing her by the calf. "You told me to stop licking your foot, right?" Alice wiggled atop Shelley's instep and bit her bottom lip. Shelley grabbed Alice's foot and pulled her big toe into her mouth. Shelley jerked back a bit in surprise at first and watch Alice kiss and lick at her own toes.